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Shimon Luria, [of Padua - Medico] (deceased)

"Simon of Padua"

Source: "The Luria Legacy", Dr. Neil Rosenstein. Chart: page 305

3/2/2009 1/7/2015

R' Elimelech of Lizhensk MP (1717 - 1787)

"R' Elimelech Weisblum", "R' Elimelech Lipman of Lizhensk (Weisblum)", "Noam Elimelech Wajsblum from Lizensk", "Noam Elimelech Lipman of Leżajsk", "R' Elimelech of Lisenzc", "Reb Meilech of Lizhensk", "Great Reb Elimelech Lizhensk", "Noam Elimelech Mi'Lizhensk", "רבי א..."

Family Tree , Family Tree Chart Hachnasas Orchim Lizensk Bio - Wikipedia

9/25/2007 10/6/2014

Rabbi Gaon, Yechiel Michel Spira (Shapira) (c.1530 - 1598)

"Jechiel Michl Shapira", "Jechiel Mechel", "Jehiel Mich"

If anyone has information or sources regarding this profile, please send a message to the managers, or add a note in this section. PLEASE NOTE: Further investigation is required to verify Jehiel ...

6/23/2008 9/3/2014

Rav Yisroel Spira, Bluzhever Rebbe (1891 - 1989)

"Bluzhever Rebbe", "Rav Yisroel (Bluzhev) Spira"

Hebrew Books Hebrew Books * Bluzhever Rebbe on Pesach in Bergen-Belsen

12/9/2008 5/18/2014

7/18/2012 11/10/2012

JEWISH KINGDOM OF KHAZARIA Khazaria accepted Judaism c.740CE [KHAJ341] King Nisi of Khazaria m. ? . [KHAJ351] King Aaron I of Khazaria m. ? *. . [KHAJ361] King Menahem of Khazaria m. . ...

12/29/2011 11/10/2012

Rabbi Aharon Moshe Teomim MP (c.1550 - 1608)

"Hechassid", "Moses Aron Theomim", "Aaron"

birth year disputed - 1560, 1550, 1585, 1521???* listed as c1550 - 1608 (Feldblum Yolles Family Tree) , lso called Aaron Munk, Rabbi in PragueDie Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924pg.111

8/27/2007 11/6/2012

Samuel ben Kalonymus he-Hasid of Speyer (Hebrew: שמואל החסיד‎) was a Tosafist, liturgical poet, and philosopher of the 12th ...

8/11/2008 11/5/2012

Kalonymus ben Todros was a Provencal rabbi who flourished at Narbonne in the second half of the twelfth century. He bore the title Nasi, and was the leader of the community when Benjamin of Tudela visi...

11/3/2009 11/5/2012

Eleazar ben Yehudah of Worms (Rokeach) (c.1170 - c.1236)

"Eleazar Rokeach", "Eleazar haHazzan of Erfurt"

Eleazar's mystical works are: (1) "Yir'at El," still extant in manuscript in the Vatican Library, containing mystical commentaries on Psalm lxvii., on the Menorah, and on Sefirat ha-'Omer. (2) "Sef...

11/3/2009 11/5/2012

Jakob Jankele Szpiro (1840 - 1933)

"R' Jakob Szpiro of Będzin"

A wealthy man, Reb Jenkele Szapiro, was known in Bendin as a gentle man and a very charitable man. Reb Jenkele Szapiro kept five young boys in his house that learned Torah; lived in this home on th...

10/7/2010 11/5/2012

Rabbi Pinchas Schapiro הרה"ק מקאריץ MP (1726 - 1790)

"הרב פנחס שפירא מקוריץ", "R' Pinchas SHAPIRA of Koretz", "Koritzer - המלמד השחור(לפני שנהיה חסיד) הרב פנחס הגדול(אחרי שנהיה אדמור", "Reb Pinchos Koritzer", "Pinchas of Koritz"

Rebbe Pinchas of Koretz, a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov. The Baal Shem Tov once remarked of him, "A soul such as that of Reb Pinchas comes down to this world only once in 500 years." According to th...

7/30/2007 11/5/2012

R' Judah Meir Shapiro of Shepetovka (1760 - 1829)


According to Dynner, Men of Silk: "... of Szepetowka, son of R. Phineas of Korzec."

2/22/2008 11/5/2012

בי דב בערצ'ה מטלוסט. היה חתנו של ...

12/11/2007 11/5/2012

רבי יהודה מאיר משאץ.

11/19/2009 11/5/2012

הרב יעקב שמשון שפירא – נישא למ&#x...

10/5/2009 11/5/2012

Harav Meir Yehuda Schapiro (Daf Yomi) (1887 - 1933)

"דף יומי", "Yehuda Meir Shapiro", "יהודה מאיר שפירא", "The Admor from /Lublin/"

Rabbi Shapiro the founder of Daf Yomi, and founder of Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva was considered a gaon in his lifetime. He descended from a line of renown Rebbes, a great-grandson of Reb Pinchas of Koretz...

1/11/2009 11/5/2012

1/15/2009 11/5/2012

R' Chaim Meir Yechiel Schapiro (1789 - 1849)

"Saraph of Maglinitza", "Haim Meir Shapira", "חיים מאיר יחיאל שפירא", "חיים מאיר יחיאל שפירא ממוגלניצא השרף ממוגלניצא", "R' Chaim Meir Yechiel Schapiro", "Rebbe from Maglinitza"

Founder of the Chassidic Dynasty of Mogielnica . Hasidim In Kozienice Jewish Dynasties

8/20/2009 11/5/2012

Rabbi Elimelech Szapira of Grodzhisk (1823 – 1892) was the leading Hasidic rebbe of his time in Poland. He was a chosid (follower) of the Rizhiner Rebbe.After the death of his father, the Sorof ...

2/7/2009 11/5/2012

No. 94 Adar 5727Great hassidic rabbi Israel Szapiro was born in Grodzisk Mazowiecki to Khaim and Sara. He was a great hassidic rabbi and married to Nekhama. Prior to WWII he lived in Grodzisk Mazowieck...

8/23/2007 11/5/2012

Ri ha-Zaken הזקן ר"י MP (1120 - 1189)

"הר"י בעל התוספות", "Yitzhak Ha Zaken", "R. Isaac of Dampierre", "Ri", "Ri Ha Zaken"

----------------------------------------------------------------Isaac ben Samuel the Elder, also known as the Ri ha-Zaken, was a French tosafist and Biblical commentator. He flourished at Ramerupt and ...

8/26/2007 12/23/2010

Yehuda ben Yom Tov of Falaise MP (c.1115 - 1155)

Rabbi Yehuda of Paris (c.1130 - c.1155 or much later) married the widow of RIBAM (who died young) See

6/27/2007 12/22/2010

Rabbi Yom Tov Ben Yehuda of Falaise [RASHI Gr.Son] MP (1090 - 1140)

"יום טוב מפלזיא"

R' YOM TOV OF FALAIS (1000's - 1100's) - He was a Tosafist. He was the son of Miriam who was the daughter of RASHI, and R'Yehuda who was the son of R' NATHAN who was known as the R'BAN. R' YOM TOV WAS ...

6/27/2007 12/22/2010

Rabeinou TAM Klonimus MP (1096 - 1171)

"Rabenu Tam", "רבנו תם", "Ribam", "ר"ת", "Jacob Tam"

Most prominent of French tosafists; born at Ramerupt, on the Seine, in 1100; died at Troyes June 9, 1171. His mother, Jochebed, was a daughter of Rashi. Rabbenu Tam received his education from his fath...

6/27/2007 12/22/2010

Traditionally - TWENTY THIRD GENERATION progeny of Yokhanan haSandlar ?, although a gap of ca. 900 years would span more than 23 generations.------------------------------------------------------------...

10/11/2007 12/21/2010

Family tree (in Hebrew):

10/11/2007 12/21/2010

6/27/2007 12/21/2010

Elisha ben Yosef (deceased)

Family tree (in Hebrew): author of Lulaos Hashir.

6/27/2007 12/21/2010

Family tree (in Hebrew):

10/11/2007 12/21/2010

Family tree (in Hebrew):

10/11/2007 12/21/2010

lived in Constantinople Famili tree (Hebrew):

6/27/2007 12/21/2010

Ahadham Tzarfati MP (deceased)

Family tree (in Hebrew):

6/27/2007 12/21/2010

3/5/2009 12/21/2010

10/11/2007 12/21/2010

Miriam Luria MP (c.1403 - c.1450)

"Miriam Speyer (Schapira", "Shapira)", "Spira"

Used to teach students Torah while sitting behind a curtain."Jewish Life in the Middle Ages"by Israel Abrahams p. 343 - 344

3/23/2007 12/21/2010

Chana de Vitry, Rashi Gd.dau. ("Hanale Lady of Vives") MP (1080 - d.)

"Hanale Lady of Vives"

Yocheved's daughter, Chanah, was a teacher of laws and customs relevant to women. Controversy exists whether women taking up the obligation to light Shabbat candles along with a bracha originated wit...

1/22/2008 12/21/2010

Elvina wife Shmuel bar Natrony MP (c.1090 - c.1196)

Rashi's grand-daughter Alvina was a learned woman whose customs served as the basis for later halakhic decisions. Elvina (Alvina), the daughter of Miriam and R. Yehudah ben Natan, taught some of Rash...

10/11/2007 12/21/2010

Yocheved bat RASHI Kalonimus MP (1065 - c.1139)

"יוכבד קלונימוס בת רש"י", "RASHI daughter", "Yocheved bat Kalonimus", "Yocheved bat Shlomo ben Yitzhak (RaSHi)"

Yocheved married Meir ben Samuel of nearby Ramerupt. They had four sons: Isaac ("Rivam"), Samuel ("Rashbam") (1080–1174), Solomon the grammarian, and their youngest child, Jacob ("Rabbenu Tam") ...

6/27/2007 12/21/2010

Vergentlin (Chana - Hana) Shapira (Treves) was the sister of her mother-in-law Julia Sapira (Treves) - both daughters of Matityahu Treves. Hana Vergentlin Treves (daughter of Matityahu Ashkenazi Trev...

1/19/2008 11/22/2010

Jechiel "The Posek" Ben Matityahu Ashkenazi-Treves MP (c.1110 - 1189)

"Posek Yechiel", "יחיאל הפוסק"

Dear Yigal,Asher אשר Klein קליין has sent you a message (May 31, 2011): Jechiel Ashkenazi (son of Matityahu Hagadol Ashkenazi) died 1189 in Paris...

6/27/2007 11/7/2010

"RIBAM" Rabi YITZHAK II ben Meir Klonimus, RiBam [Rashi Gd.son ] MP (c.1090 - c.1130)

"ריב"ם", "The RIVAM", "RIBAM"

Harivom Baal Hatosfos RivamFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Ribam (c. 1090 – c. 1130), Rabbi Yitzchak ben Meir, was one of the Baalei Tosafos.He was the grandson of Rashi, and brother of...

6/27/2007 11/7/2010

Yehuda Azriel ben Nathan (RIBAN), - MP (c.1065 - 1105)

"ריב"ן", "Rivan", "Ryban", "Riban", "R'Ban", "חתן רש"י", "Yehdah (Rivan) Ben Nosson", "R Yehuda mi bnei R'Noson?", "RINA"N rishon m'balei tosfos", "Yehuda Bar Natan", "RIBAN"

Judah ben Nathan (RIBaN)Son-in-law and pupil of Rashi, and to a great extent his continuator. It was Judah who completed Rashi's commentary on Makkot (from 19b to the end) and who wrote the commentary ...

6/27/2007 11/7/2010

Source: Different sources quote different years of birth and death within 20 yrs of the quoted ones There is another profile for this man, they should be united.

6/27/2007 11/2/2010

Shimshon pre-Luria [of Erfurt] שמשון פרה-לוריא מארפורט MP (1325 - 1417)

"R'Shimshon (pre)Luria of Erfurt", "ABD Dachtita", "שמשון לוריא מערפורט"

(See 6 source documents loaded 8/10) See also bottom of Rashi page at * * Physician in Orlëans. Cured Count Etampes of gout. Flourished about 1360-1370. He probably li...

3/23/2007 11/2/2010

Rabbi Samuel Zalman Shapira, [1st Shapira - of Speyer] MP (c.1345 - 1414)

"Head of the Shapira Family", "ראש משפחת שפירא"

According to Finding our fathers: a guidebook to Jewish genealogy by Dan Rottenberg he was a descendant of RIVAM _____________________________________________ Read the interesting article on Speyer...

6/27/2007 11/1/2010

Rabbi Aharon ben Nethanel Luria, [the 1st Luria] ABD Heilbronn MP (c.1413 - 1478)

"Aaron Luria", "Aaron Luria ABD Heilbrun", "לוריא הראשון"

R. Aharon was the first of his family to become known in the responsa literature by name of "Luria" (or Lorjo or Loria). He seems to have been sent back to Germany where he soon was selected by the alr...

3/23/2007 10/23/2010

Rivkah wife of Rashi Abun MP (c.1040 - 1096)

Not much is known about her. She might have been Bat (daughter of) Yitzhak Benabun or bat Yosef Klonimus? See

8/27/2007 10/13/2010

Aharon Hagadol Tzarfati [RASHI] MP (deceased)

"Harofeh", "הרופא", "סבי סבו של רש"י"

Family tree (in Hebrew):

6/27/2007 10/12/2010

Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Shlomo Tzarfati [RASHI father], - MP (1010 - 1060)

"Yitzchak ben Shlomo", "/Yitzchak/", "Rashi father"

Family tree (in Hebrew): Rashi's father, Yitzchak was a great scholar, but very poor. He made a meager living from the sale of wine. Legend has it that he once found a rare diamond and thought to s...

6/27/2007 10/12/2010

Or born in1015 Rashis parents lived in Worms while his mother was expecting. As she walked down one of the narrow streets in the Jewish quarter, only 8ft wide, she was imperiled by two oncoming carri...

8/25/2007 10/12/2010

Solomon of Orleans MP (deceased)

7/9/2007 10/12/2010

Av Beth Din Orleans

7/9/2007 10/12/2010

RaM, Rabbi Meir "HaYashish" [of Ramerupt] MP (1055 - c.1134)

"Hayashis", "הישיש", "R' Hayashish Meier", "Meïr ben Samuel RaM"

Meir ben Samuel Meïr ben Samuel, also known by the Hebrew acronym RaM for Rabbi Meir, was a French rabbi and tosafist, who was born in about 1060 in Ramerupt, and died after 1135. His father was...

6/27/2007 10/12/2010

Rashbam רשב"ם MP (1085 - 1158)

"Rashbam", "Samuel"

Rashbam ' (רשב"ם) is a Hebrew acronym for רבי שמואל בן מאיר (Rabbi Shmuel s...

6/27/2007 10/12/2010

Marona wife of RASHBAM MP (deceased)

6/23/2008 10/12/2010

10/11/2007 10/12/2010

Rabbi Yochanan Hagadol Treves Ashkenazi MP (c.1265 - c.1314)

"Trevesian Yohanan Ashkenazi", "Hagadol"

He was a descendant of R' Itzhak ben Meir, grandson of Rashi and the first to be called "Treves".Immigrated to Trier, Germany in 1306 Dear Yigal,Asher אשר Klein קל&#x...

3/23/2007 10/12/2010

Rabbi Yosef V Treves, "HaGadol" MP (c.1304 - c.1370)

"Rabia Joseph Treves of Marseilles", "The Great", "Yosef HaGadol Treves", "Joseph Ashkenasi", "R. Joseph of Marseilles"

Death year was reported also as: 1360 or 1375 ABD in Marseilles, Paris. Known as "Yosef Treves the Great." In 1343 was a rabbi in Marseille, France. He is known as "Yosef HaGadol" (Josef the great)...

3/23/2007 10/12/2010

{Rabbi Avraham Ashkenazi Treves} MP (c.1240 - 1310)


1210-1270?Some sources skip this generation - ישנם המדלגים עליו Dear Yigal,Asher אש...

3/28/2007 10/12/2010

Matityahu (III) Ashkenazi Treves, [Chief Rabbi of France] MP (c.1325 - c.1387)

"Paris Fra Mattityahu V of Provence"

MATTITHIAH B. JOSEPH THE PROVENÇALChief rabbi of Paris and of France from 1360 to 1385; son of Joseph b. Johanan of Treves, rabbi of Marseilles;pupil of Perez b. Isaac ha-Kohen and of Nissim b. ...

7/14/2007 10/12/2010

Rachel bat Rashi MP (1069 - 1105)

"Rachel Belle Assez", "Rachel the Quite Beautiful"

Firstborn daughter of RASHI Rachel was divorced from her husband, Eliezer. Judy Chicago, in her compendium of significant women in history, lists Rachel (b. 1070), daughter of Rashi, as a learned wom...

8/25/2007 10/12/2010

Miriam Bat RASHI Ben Natan MP (1062 - 1090)

"Miriam bat RASHI"

Miriam married Judah ben Nathan and had a daughter, Alvina, a learned woman whose customs served as an example for other Jewish women. Miriam’s son, Yom Tov, later moved to Paris and headed a ye...

6/27/2007 10/12/2010

Rashi רש״י MP (1040 - 1105)

"Rashi", "רש"י", "Rashi of Troyes", "Rachi", "רבי שלמה יצחקי"

Rashi was the outstanding Biblical commentator of the Middle Ages. He was born in Troyes, France, and lived from 1040 to 1105. He is considered the "father" of all commentaries that followed on the Tal...

6/27/2007 10/12/2010