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Leonard Norman Cohen MP

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah A Song of Love and Memory for Leonard Cohen . . . “Though I let my heart get frozen,” Cohen sings, “to keep away the rot / my father says I...

Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport (1790 - 1867)

Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport:Austrian rabbi and scholar; born at Lemberg June 1, 1790; died at Prague Oct. 16, 1867. Thrown upon his own resources about 1817, Rapoport became cashier of the meat-t...

Aaron MP (c.-1397 - c.-1274)

Exodus 6:16-23. * 1 Chronicles 23:13. * Aaron In the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, Aaron (Hebrew: אַהֲרֹן‎ Ahărōn, Arabic: ه&...

Prophet Habakkuk (deceased)

Hebrew to English TranslationProphet HabakkukHabakkuk was one of the prophets of the Bible, the first Temple period. Prophecies of Habakkuk Book of Habakkuk year are three chapters, one of the prophets...