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Benedict Dysart McMullen MP (1882 - 1973)

"Benedict (Dysart ) McMullen"

From his unpublished manuscript, courtesy of Valerie Baugher: Along with the fact that the McMullen House in Sinking Valley had been built of logs and loop-holed for rifle fire against Indians. Thi...

8/15/2013 11/6/2015

Machumps (deceased)

"We know the names of many of Powhatan’s wives and children by the testimony of Machumps, the brother of Winganuske." ... The True Story Of Roanoke Who told the men in London that t...

7/12/2015 7/12/2015

12/5/2008 5/30/2015

Winganuske MP (1571 - 1618)

"Nonoma of Powhatan"

NONOMA MATATISKE WINANUSKE The Wise County Historical Society has Chief Powhatan listed as marrying Wahunsonacook but the research I have found suggests that was Powhatan's name until he was made Chi...

6/27/2007 5/29/2015

Information from Arnold gedcom, JD Watson: Opechancanough, the celebrated chief of the Powhatans, was brutally murdered while a prisoner in 1644. He left a lovely young daughter, the child of his old a...

11/21/2007 5/22/2015

Matachanna "Cleopatra" Powhatan MP (c.1610 - 1684)

Gayle Prettyhawk Phillips Bausmith Chief Nemattanon Don Luis de Velsco Japasaw my 15th great grandfather YESTERDAY · FRIENDS Nemattanon alias Don Luis de Velasco, Chief Powatan, taken by the Spa...

2/23/2007 5/22/2015

Opechancanough Mangopeesomon Stream Powhatan, Chief of the Pamunkey MP (c.1545 - 1645)

"Mangopeesomon", "Chief Eagle Plume", "Young Cornstalk Wind Clan Powhatan", "Young Shewanee Cornstalk", "Eagle Plume/Eagle Feather"

Brother of Chief Powatan (real name Wahunsonacock) When Powatan died in1618, Opechancanough took over. he was much more violent than his brother. in 1622 he invaded Jamestown. Brother Wahunsonacock was...

2/23/2007 5/22/2015

Japasaw Iopassus Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (1590 - c.1620)

"Chief of the Powhatan", "proper name: Wahunsenacawh - paramount chief of Tsenacommacah"

Japasaw (aka ioppasus) King of the Patawomeck and Paupauwiske Japasaw (aka ioppasus)is recognized as the brother of the great Chief Powhatan, father of Pocahontas, although researchers feel he is...

3/2/2008 3/24/2011

Keziah Bryant MP (c.1635 - 1690)

"Princess of the Potomacs"

Ja11 Keziah Arroyah Ja11 Keziah Arroyah was the daughter of (Ja12) Wahanganoche and possibly an unnamed daughter of Ka-Okee and granddaughter of Kocoum and Pocahontas Born: about 1640 Married: Richard ...

7/25/2008 3/24/2011

Pocahontas MP (1595 - 1617)

"Pocahontas", "Pocohantas", "Powhattan", "Princess Matoaka", "Matoika / Wrolfe / Lady Rebecca Rolfe / Matoaka Pohatan / Lady Rebecca / Amonute / Rebecca (Christian Name) / born as Matoaka", "Rebecca Rolfe", "powhaten", "Matoaka", "Lady Rebecca Rolfe", "Rebecca"

A note about names and titles from : Although Pocahontas was not a princess in the context of Powhatan culture, the Virginia Company nevertheless presented her as a princess to the English public. ...

2/23/2007 10/28/2010

Wahunsonacock Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (1545 - 1618)

"Emperor Wahunsomacock Powhattan", "Powhatan", "CHIEF HILL POWHATAN"

Powhatan. The ruling chief and practically the founder of the Powhatan confederacy (q. v.) in Virginia at the period of the first English settlement. His proper name was Wahunsonacock, but he was commo...

2/23/2007 10/28/2010