John Winton, Lieutenant (1683 - 1767)

Please take note of the Londonderry, Ulster Northern Ireland records that are accompanied with this profile. 1740 Tax Records-Ireland, County Londonderry, Parrish- Aghadowey, John Winton, James Winton,...

Calvagh O'Donnell (deceased)

Calvagh O'Donnell (d. 1566), eldest son of Manus O'Donnell, in the course of his above-mentioned quarrel with his father and his half-brother Hugh, sought aid in Scotland from the MacDonnells, who assi...

William Hugh Patterson (1835 - 1918)

William Hugh Patterson William Hugh Patterson was born in Belfast in 1835. His family had been linen merchants and ironmongers for at least two generations; he was educated at Inst and Queens Univers...

Robert Patterson (1750 - 1831)

Robert Patterson (1750-1831) Owner of a mill-furnishing business in Belfast established in 1786 The Pattersons were of Scottish Plantation stock, who settled around Coleraine in the first decade of...