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Marie de Grave MP (c.1654 - c.1730)

"Maria", "de Graaf", "de Graeff", "de Brave", "le Febre", "Lefebre", "Lefebur", "Fijever"

Marie DE GRAVÉ was born about 1662 in Fleurbaix, Pays de L'Alleu, France. She married Pierre LE FÈVRE about 9 May 1677 in Fleurbaix,Pays de L'alleu, France. More about Fleurbaix here Th...

9/1/2007 9/24/2014

Catherine le Fébre, b4 SM MP (c.1688 - c.1760)

"Catarijn; Catherine Evert; Catherie Smit; le Fevre"

French Huguenot Project: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Source: The First Fifty Years Project Catharina le Févre F, #6924, b. before 27 August 1688 ...

8/24/2007 9/24/2014

Engeltje Cornelisz van der Bout, SM/PROG MP (c.1661 - c.1722)

"Engeltjie", "van den Bosch", "Koopman"

Engletjie was one of the eight orphan girls from Rotterdam brought to the Cape on a five year contract. They were choosen as being familiar with farm work and the cultivation of the soil. They left fro...

8/18/2007 9/22/2014

Marianna Dietrich (deceased)

5/8/2008 9/28/2012

Elin Hansdotter MP (1645 - 1709)

Elin's mtDNA (and all descendants along purely maternal lines) is U5a1a1c. U5 is one of the older European haplogroups. Elins mtDNA (och alla ättlingar längs rent maternella linjer) �...

6/15/2008 2/27/2012

Marit Eriksdotter Lianes MP (b. - c.1705)

Marit Eriksdotter, ukjend opphav, gift på Lianes. Haplogruppe U5.

8/19/2011 8/19/2011

Synneve's mtDNA (the DNA the mother passes on to her children) was U5a1b1e. Description of this DNA haplogroup: Specific mitochondrial haplogroups are typically found in different regions of the world,...

9/25/2008 5/28/2011