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Trevor Wallace Howard MP (1913 - 1988)

Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith Best known as Trevor Howard From Wikipedia: Trevor Wallace Howard-Smith (29 September 1913 – 7 January 1988), known as Trevor Howard, was an English actor. After ...

1/14/2016 1/14/2016

William Kitchiner (1775 - 1827)

William Kitchiner From WIkipedia: William Kitchiner M.D. (1775–1827) was an English optician, inventor of telescopes, amateur musician and exceptional cook. His name was a household word dur...

1/6/2016 1/6/2016

Ben Stokes From WIkipedia Benjamin Andrew "Ben" Stokes (born 4 June 1991) is a New Zealand-born English cricketer who, at county level, plays for Durham. Born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealan...

1/4/2016 1/5/2016

Gerard James "Ged" Stokes is a New Zealand rugby league coach and former player who represented his country. He is currently the coach of the Serbian national side. He is the father of English Internat...

1/4/2016 1/5/2016

Amethyst Amelia Kelly (born 7 June 1990), better known by her stage name Iggy Azalea, is an Australian recording artist and model from Mullumbimby, New South Wales.

5/17/2014 12/27/2015

Benazir Bhutto MP (1953 - 2007)

"Benzair Bhutto"

Benazir Bhutto (Sindhi: بينظير ڀٽو;Benzair Bhutto ; 21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007) was a Pakistan-born politician, with Pakistani...

1/29/2011 12/20/2015

Desiderius Erasmus MP (c.1466 - c.1536)

Desiderius Erasmus From WIkipedia: Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (/ˌdɛzɪˈdɪəriəs ɪˈræzməs/; 28 October[1] 1466[2] ...

12/18/2015 12/18/2015

Raimundo Gonçalves de Figueiredo no site da CEMDP

11/30/2015 11/30/2015

Maria Regina Lobo Leite de Figueiredo no site da CEMDP

11/30/2015 11/30/2015

Manoel Custódio Martins MP (1934 - 1978)

Manoel Custódio Martins no site da CEMDP

3/13/2009 11/30/2015

Mary Gernat MP (1926 - 1998)

Mary Gernat From Jane Badger Books: Mary Gernat (1926 - 1998) was probably one of the most prolific cover artists of the 1960s. She was born in Ewell, Surrey in 1926, and trained at the Central Sch...

11/30/2015 11/30/2015

Marcus Gheeraerts, III MP (1602 - 1654)

11/26/2015 11/26/2015

Harold Speed MP (1872 - 1957)

Harold Speed From Wikipedia Harold Speed (11 February 1872 - 20 March 1957) was an English painter in oil and watercolour of portraits, figures and historical subjects. Born in London, the son of...

11/13/2015 11/13/2015

John Grisham MP

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

John Grisham is an American bestselling writer, attorney, politician, and activist best known for his popular legal thrillers. His books have been translated into 42 languages. Grisham graduated from...

11/1/2015 11/1/2015

John Leslie Prescott, Baron Prescott From Wikipedia: John Leslie Prescott, Baron Prescott, (born 31 May 1938) is a British politician who was the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 19...

10/30/2015 10/30/2015

Anthony van Dyck MP (1599 - 1641)

Anthony van Dyck From Wikipedia: Sir Anthony van Dyck (Dutch pronunciation: [vɑn ˈdɛi̯k], many variant spellings;[2] 22 March 1599 – 9 December 1641) was a Flemis...

10/24/2015 10/24/2015

William Stone MP (1857 - 1958)

William Stone William Stone (1857-1958), Scholar and famous bachelor, known as 'The Squire of Piccadilly'. The William Stone Society The William Stone Society was established in 2011 to recognize...

10/20/2015 10/20/2015

Stanhope Alexander Forbes RA From WIkipedia Stanhope Alexander Forbes RA (18 November 1857 – 2 March 1947), was an artist and a founding member of the influential Newlyn school of painters. ...

10/18/2015 10/18/2015

Stephen Switzer MP (1682 - 1745)

From Stephen Switzer and Garden Design in Britain in the Early 18th Century by WILLIAM ALVIS BROGDE Chapter 1: Biography Stephen Switzer was a native of Hampshire' and was brought up at Stratton near...

10/16/2015 10/16/2015

William Kent MP (c.1685 - 1748)

William Kent (born Cant) From Wikipedia William Kent (c. 1685 – 12 April 1748) was an eminent English architect, landscape architect and furniture designer of the early 18th century. Kent ...

10/16/2015 10/16/2015

James Gibbs MP (1682 - 1754)

James Gibbs James Gibbs (23 December 1682 – 5 August 1754) was one of Britain's most influential architects. Born in Scotland, he trained as an architect in Rome, and practised mainly in Eng...

10/16/2015 10/16/2015

Jeffrey Glenn Miller MP (1950 - 1970)

"Jeff Miller"

Jeffrey Glenn Miller (March 28, 1950 – May 4, 1970) was an American student at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, when he was shot and killed by Ohio National Guardsmen in the Kent State shoot...

10/14/2015 10/14/2015

Hugh Scully (1943 - 2015)

Hugh Scully From Wikipedia: Born in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, he spent much of his childhood in Malta and Egypt, where his father was stationed with the Royal Air Force. He was sent to boarding ...

10/9/2015 10/9/2015

Henry Tonks MP (1862 - 1937)

Henry Tonks From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Henry Tonks Henry Tonks, photograph by George Charles Beresford, 1902 Henry Tonks, photograph by George Charles Beresford, 1902 Born 9 Apri...

10/8/2015 10/8/2015

Sarah Malcolm (c.1710 - 1733)

"Mallcom", "Mallcomb"

Sarah Malcolm From Capital Sarah Malcolm is the third in this series of educated, middle class young women who met her death at the hands of the “common hangman”. She...

10/7/2015 10/7/2015

John Kay (b. - 1826)

John Kay (caricaturist) [ ) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia] John Kay (1742 – February 21, 1826) was a Scottish caricaturist and engraver. He was born near Dalkeith, where his father...

10/7/2015 10/7/2015

Florence Susan Harrison Florence Harrison (born as Florence Susan Harrison) was born on board the Windsor Castle, a ship bound from London to Brisbane, Australia, on 2 November 1877. She was the seco...

10/7/2015 10/7/2015

David Peters-Hughes (1810 - 1898)

"David Hughes Peters"

7/5/2008 10/6/2015

Flavia Pennetta (Italian pronunciation: [ˈflaˑvja penˈnetta]; born 25 February 1982) is an Italian professional tennis player. She became Italy's first top-10 female singles player...

9/25/2015 9/25/2015

Ameen was born in London, to Jamaican and Vincentian parents. He learned his acting craft at the Barbara Speake Stage School, an independent school in London. As a child he appeared in West End in show...

9/25/2015 9/25/2015

Ashley Victoria Benson (born December 18, 1989) is an American actress and model, known for her role as Hanna Marin on the mystery-thriller television series Pretty Little Liars. She has also portrayed...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Boyce Avenue is an American rock band formed in Sarasota, Florida, by Alejandro Luis Manzano and his brothers Daniel Enrique Manzano, Fabian Rafael Manzano. The band is named after a combination of two...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Arden Cho (born August 16, 1985) is an American actress, singer and model, best known for her role as Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf. She starred in the 2011 feature Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. As a model sh...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Ryan Higa (also known by his YouTube username Nigahiga /ˈniːɡaːhiːɡaː/) is a Japanese American YouTube personality and actor. He is known for his YouTub...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

David Choi (born March 22, 1986 in Anaheim, California, US) is an American musician and YouTube video producer based in Los Angeles. Choi's original songs and pop covers have been heard on NBC, FOX, VH...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Kina Kasuya Grannis (born August 4, 1985) is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter. She is half Japanese and half European American.[citation needed] Grannis was the winner of the Doritos Crash t...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Christina Victoria Grimmie, (born March 12, 1994), known on YouTube as zeldaxlove64, is an American singer-songwriter known for participating in The Voice and for her covers of hit songs by contemporar...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Samuel "Sam" Story Tsui (born May 2, 1989) is an American singer and songwriter. He rose to fame as an internet celebrity and is known for covering songs by popular artists like Adele, Britney Spears, ...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Holland Marie Roden (born October 7, 1986) is an American actress, best known for her role as Lydia Martin in MTV's teen drama Teen Wolf.

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Daniel Andrew Sharman (born 25 April 1986) is an English actor from Hackney, London best known for his role as Isaac Lahey in the MTV supernatural drama series Teen Wolf and as Kaleb Westphall/Kol Mika...

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

Tyler Garcia Posey (born October 18, 1991) is an American actor, musician, and producer. He is best known for his role as Scott McCall in MTV's show Teen Wolf.

9/12/2015 9/12/2015

9/11/2015 9/12/2015

Haro MP

Watlington, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Watlington, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Haro Hodson Biography Haro Hodson was born in Glasgow on 9 February 1923, the second son of Canon R.V. Hodson, a hunting parson who was rector of Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire. He went to the King'...

9/1/2015 9/1/2015

Elizabeth Osborne Hodson MP (c.1927 - 2013)

Elizabeth Mavor From Telegraph Elizabeth Mavor, died aged 85. She wrote novels and biographies of unusual, adventurous women; her A Green Equinox was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1973, thoug...

9/1/2015 9/1/2015

Philip Speakman Webb (1831 - 1915)

Philip Speakman Webb From Wikipedia: Philip Speakman Webb (12 January 1831 – 17 April 1915) was an English architect sometimes called the Father of Arts and Crafts Architecture. Biography ...

8/31/2015 8/31/2015

James Patrick "Jimmy" Page OBE From Wikipedia James Patrick "Jimmy" Page, OBE (born 9 January 1944)[1] is an English musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer who achieved in...

1/3/2009 8/30/2015

William Smith MP (1769 - 1839)

William Smith - Geologist William Smith: From WIkipedia William 'Strata' Smith (23 March 1769 – 28 August 1839) was an English geologist, credited with creating the first nationwide geologic...

8/28/2015 8/28/2015

William Moorcroft MP (1872 - 1945)

William Moorcroft Wikipedia William Moorcroft (1872-1945) was an English potter who founded the Moorcroft pottery business.[1] He was born in Burslem, Staffordshire. He studied art at Burslem the...

8/14/2015 8/14/2015

Thomas Cowper (deceased)

Thomas Cowper From the History of Parliament: Family and Education bap. 3 Nov. 1670, 2nd but 1st surv. s. of Thomas Cowper of Overlegh by Elizabeth, da. of John Baskerville of Old Withington Hall...

8/12/2015 8/12/2015

Edward Blore MP (1787 - 1879)

Edward Blore From Wikipedia Edward Blore (13 September 1787 – 4 September 1879) was a 19th-century (Victorian) British landscape and architectural artist, architect and antiquary. Early ca...

8/10/2015 8/10/2015

George Edward Cole, OBE MP (1925 - 2015)

George Edward Cole OBE From Wikipedia George Edward Cole, OBE (22 April 1925 – 5 August 2015) was an English film and television actor whose career spanned more than 70 years in show busines...

8/6/2015 8/6/2015

Thomas Harrison MP (1744 - 1829)

Thomas Harrison Thomas Harrison (7 August (baptised) 1744 – 29 March 1829) was an English architect and bridge engineer who trained in Rome, where he studied classical architecture. Returning ...

7/28/2015 7/28/2015

Luiz Hirata MP (1944 - 1971)

Luiz Hirata na Wikipedia

7/22/2015 7/22/2015

Luiz Fogaça Balboni MP (1945 - 1969)

Luiz Fogaça Balboni no site da CEMDP

7/22/2015 7/22/2015

James Hargreaves (c.1720 - 1778)

James Hargreaves James Hargreaves (c. 1720 – 22 April 1778)[2] was a weaver, carpenter and inventor in Lancashire, England. He was one of three inventors responsible for mechanising spinning. ...

7/16/2015 7/16/2015

Lauriberto José Reyes MP (1945 - 1972)

Lauriberto José Reyes na Wikipedia

7/14/2015 7/14/2015

Home of James Cornwell at risk James Cornwall From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia James Kennedy Cornwall Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta In office June 30, 1909 – M...

7/11/2015 7/11/2015

Slovenski matematik. Križanič je diplomiral leta 1951 in doktoriral leta 1955 na Prirodoslovno-matematični fakulteti v Ljubljani pod Vidavovim mentorstvom. V doktorski disertacij...

6/11/2015 7/10/2015

José Júlio de Araújo MP (1943 - 1972)

José Júlio de Araújo na Wikipedia

7/2/2015 7/2/2015

Val Doonican MP (1927 - 2015)

Michael Valentine Doonican From Wikipedia: Michael Valentine Doonican (3 February 1927 – 2 July 2015) was an Irish singer, of traditional pop music and swing who was well known for his novel...

7/2/2015 7/2/2015

Rolando Fratti MP (1912 - 1991)

Rolando Fratti Em 21 de fevereiro de 1912, nasce no bairro Pinheiros, em São Paulo. Foi secretário-geral do Partido Comunista em S. André, em 1969, um dos 15 presos político...

6/30/2015 6/30/2015

Aloysio Raulino MP (1947 - 2013)

Aloysio Raulino na Wikipedia

6/30/2015 6/30/2015

Aderval Alves Coqueiro MP (1937 - 1971)

Aderval Alves Coqueiro na Wikipedia

6/21/2015 6/30/2015

João Domingues da Silva MP (1949 - 1969)

João Domingues da Silva na Wikipedia

6/30/2015 6/30/2015

Roque Aparecido da Silva em depoimento à Fundação Perseu Abramo.

6/30/2015 6/30/2015

João Bosco Penido Burnier MP (1917 - 1976)

João Bosco Penido Burnier na Wikipedia

6/29/2015 6/29/2015

Elisabeth de Meulan (deceased)

8/3/2013 6/25/2015

Hiroaki Torigoe MP (1944 - 1972)

Hiroaki Torigoe na Wikipedia

6/24/2015 6/24/2015

Richard Crispin Armitage (born 22 August 1971) is an English actor famous for his roles as John Thornton in North and South, Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, and Lucas North in Spooks. He is currently ca...

4/5/2012 6/24/2015

Hélcio Pereira Fortes MP (1948 - 1972)

Hélcio Pereira Fortes na Wikipedia

6/23/2015 6/23/2015

Elson Costa MP (1913 - 1975)

Elson Costa na Wikipedia

6/22/2015 6/22/2015

José Miguel Wisnik na Wikipedia

6/22/2015 6/22/2015

Vandick Reidner Pereira Coqueiro no acervo da CEMDP

6/21/2015 6/21/2015

Dinaelza Coqueiro na Wkipedia

6/21/2015 6/21/2015

Carlos Roberto Zanirato MP (1949 - 1969)

Carlos Roberto Zanirato na Wikipedia

6/20/2015 6/20/2015

Carlos Alberto Soares de Freitas na Wikipedia

6/20/2015 6/20/2015

Helen Duncan MP (1897 - 1956)

"Hellish Nell"

Helen Duncan Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan (25 November 1897 – 6 December 1956) was a Scottish medium best known as the last person to be imprisoned under the British Witchcraft Act of 1735. Sh...

6/17/2015 6/18/2015

Antonio Benetazzo MP (1941 - 1972)

Antonio Benetazzo na Wikipedia ... no site Tortura Nunca Mais ... no site Desaparecidos Políticos

1/22/2007 6/16/2015

Marguerite Patten MP (1915 - 2015)

Hilda Elsie Marguerite Patten CBE aka Marguerite Patten Hilda Elsie Marguerite Patten, CBE (4 November 1915 – 4 June 2015), née Brown, was an English home economist, food writer and bro...

6/10/2015 6/10/2015

Johann Dieterich Eichbaum (1701 - d.)


Germany, Select Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 Record Image Index-only record Report issue Name: Johan Dieterich Eichbaum Gender: Male Baptism Date: 26 Mrz 1701 (26 Mar 1701) Baptism Pla...

6/6/2015 6/6/2015

Marc Bolan (1947 - 1977)

A correspondent writes: Marc Bolan was one of pop music's most enigmatic figures and had reached a critical point in his career. After shrewdly adapting his early folk style to the needs of "heavy meta...

7/17/2012 5/24/2015

Enya MP

Enya (born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, anglicised as Enya Brennan; 17 May 1961) is an Irish singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter.

4/18/2015 4/18/2015

Bárbara Heliodora MP (1923 - 2015)

Barbara Heliodora , nascida Heliodora Carneiro de Mendonça (Rio de Janeiro, 29 de agosto de 1923 — Rio de Janeiro, 10 de abril de 2015), foi uma ensaísta, tradutora e crític...

5/10/2013 4/15/2015

Telesforo de la Crux Trinidad (November 25, 1890-May 8, 1968) was a Filipino[fireman 2nd class in the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor for actions, in Mexican waters near La Paz, on b...

6/24/2011 4/9/2015

Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662)

Blaise Pascal (/pæˈskæl, pɑːˈskɑːl/;[1] French: [blɛz paskal]; 19 June 1623 – 19 August 1662) was a French mathematician, physicist...

8/28/2013 3/26/2015

Otto Karpfen, Otto Maria Carpeaux MP (1900 - 1978)

"Otto Maria Carpeaux"

Otto Maria Carpeaux (Viena, 9 de março de 1900 – Rio de Janeiro, 3 de fevereiro de 1978), nascido Otto Karpfen, foi um ensaísta, crítico literário e jornalista austr&...

2/25/2015 3/5/2015

Vladimir Herzog MP (1937 - 1975)


Vladimir Herzog, nascido Vlado Herzog (Osijek, Reino da Iugoslávia, 27 de junho de 1937 — São Paulo, 25 de outubro de 1975), foi um jornalista, professor e dramaturgo brasileiro. N...

2/14/2015 3/5/2015

Jules Janssen (1824 - 1907)

Jules Janssen est un astronome français.

2/22/2015 2/23/2015

Ryan Kwanten (born 28 November 1976) is an Australian actor. He played Vinnie Patterson from 1997 to 2002 on the Australian soap-opera Home and Away. After his stint ended he joined the American teen-o...

2/13/2015 2/13/2015

10/5/2013 2/13/2015

10/19/2013 2/13/2015

3/14/2014 2/13/2015

Cory Allan Michael Monteith MP (1982 - 2013)

As an actor based in British Columbia, Monteith had minor roles on television series before an audition tape of him singing "Can't Fight This Feeling" helped to land him the most significant role of hi...

7/26/2013 2/13/2015

Shane Withington (born 22 August 1958 in Toowoomba, Queensland) is an Australian actor best known for playing surf live guard John Palmer in Home and Away on the Seven network. and his former role in t...

2/8/2015 2/13/2015

Mitch joined the Adelaide 36ers prior to the 2010/11 season, and was a former scholarship holder at the Australian Institute Sport. In 2010 he played 14 games for the AIS in the SEABL averaging 14.4ppg...

3/14/2014 2/13/2015

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3/14/2014 2/13/2015

Mindy Kaling MP

"Mindy Kaling"

Born Vera Mindy Chokalingam on June 24, 1979 Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. Nationality American Education Buckingham Browne & Nichols Alma mater Dartmouth College Occupation Actress, comedia...

11/1/2014 2/13/2015

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10/5/2013 2/13/2015

Axel Merckx (born 8 August 1972 in Uccle), is a Belgian former professional road bicycle racer. In his professional career that began in 1993 and ended in 2007, he has won an Olympic Bronze medal and c...

8/9/2013 2/13/2015