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Victims of the Nazi Holocaust - קרבנות הנאצים בשואה

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  • Friedrich Eisler (1901 - 1944)
    Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Friedrich Last Name Eisler Date of Birth 10.11.1901 Place of Birth Wien Residence Wien 2, Mohapelgasse 4 Deportati...
  • Eduard Wechsler (1901 - 1942)
    DOW: First Name Eduard Last Name Wechsler Date of Birth 07.11.1901 Place of Birth Wien Residence Wien 14, Ullmannstrasse Date of death 27.05.1942 Place of death Gurs
  • Wilhelmine (Mina) Bär (1859 - 1942)
    Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bär, Mina Minna geborene Rothschild geboren am 21. Dezember 1859 in Nordstetten / Horb a. Neckar / Württemberg wohnhaft in Karls...
  • Rosalie Bär (1896 - 1942)
    Rosalie came first to Gurs and from Drancy she had to go to Oswiecim. -------------------- Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Bär, Rosalie geborene Rosenberger geboren ...
  • Rudolf Bloch (1901 - 1941)
    Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Rudolf Last Name Bloch Date of Birth 03.11.1901 Place of Birth Wien Residence Wien 7, Seidengasse 29/28 Deportatio...

Victims of the Nazi Holocaust around the World ------ קרבנות הנאצים בשואה

This project's mission is to list the names of the victims of the Nazi Holocaust to show that they all live on in our hearts and minds---We will Never Forget, to Remember them forever!

This project hopes also to serve to as a warning to the world, that if good men do nothing, we can all become victims of systemic Atrocities and Genocide.

Please also see the Master Project Holocaust - The Final Solution and add profiles to the appropriate camp and ghetto projects listed there.

El Male Rachamim Holocaust Prayer - אל מלא רחמים, תפילת אזכרה לקרבנות השואה

Dieses Projekt

Dieses Projekt versucht die Namen der Opfer des Deutschen NAZI Holocaust aufzulisten um aufzuzeigen, dass diese Opfer nicht nur eine anonyme Masse, sondern Millionen Menschen mit Namen, Verwandtschaftsbeziehungen und eigenen Biographien waren und z. T. noch sind. Ausserdem soll es als Mahnung dienen, dass in einem faschistischen und totalitaeren System jeder zum Opfer werden kann.

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The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Museum has compiled a list of 4 million confirmed names of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. In the last 10 years the names of 1.5 million Jewish victims have been added to the list. Of the 4 million confirmed names, 2.2 million belong to victims whose relatives and acquaintances filled out testimonial pages.

Avner Shalev, Yad Vashem chairman, said "It is a moral imperative, an obligation for us, to retrieve information and commemorate each and every individual who perished."

Yad Vashem researchers add that the main challenge in the obtainment of additional victim names pertains to Jews murdered in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Mass executions committed in these areas at the start of the genocide were seldom documented. Also, the researchers say, the liquidation of entire communities makes it difficult to obtain additional names.

In general, the ability to obtain victim names rises as Holocaust researchers move westward in Europe. With regard to countries such as France, Holland, Italy and Germany, virtually all the names of Holocaust victims are known and confirmed.

Yad Vashem has stepped up efforts to identify victims on the basis of lists accessible in the European archives. In Hungary, for instance, Yad Vashem operates a major project for the systematic obtainment of documents from local archives, in the effort to confirm additional names. A similar large-scale project should be launched next year in Poland.

In addition to information which can be obtained from Yad Vashem, there is an excellent search engine sponsored by the German Government listing many hundreds of thousands of Holocaust victims of German origin.

Visit > click on 'English' on the right hand top > click on 'Search in the directory of names' on the far left > enter preferably only a family and no first names > remove tick on 'First name' > scroll to 'Begin search' at bottom and click > go through alphabetical first names and click on likely persons. Keep in mind that spellings vary: there are different lists for Furth, Fürth and Fuerth. Same may apply to other names.

If assistance is required, send message > Georges Teitler.


In their memory : Add this project title: Victims of the German NAZI Holocaust to the Geni profiles of the victima, and their profiles will show up here.



Dr Geza Fischer and his wife - beaten up and died [1] Getzel Frenkel - Shot, Sieradz, Poland [1] p 88 Yakov and Dvoira Gorodetsky - both murdered 30 October 1941 [1] Asscher Gitter - 1938. Murdered in Przemyst [1] p 87 Helmut Hirsch - executed with an axe, 4 June 1937 [1] Sohpie and Isaac Lucas - 1942/43, place unknown [1] p 98 Stefan Lux - one of 2,000 Jewish film producers, suicide, Geneva 3 July 1936 [1] Liebe Lewi - Wieruszow, Poland [1] Adolf Lipschitz - Poland [1] p 95 Abraham Lefkowitz - Wieruszow, Poland [1] Moshe Moses - Poland [1] Usiel Banmatz - Poland [1]