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Emma Stephanie Poznanski (1889 - 1941)

7/23/2011 8/19/2015

Meche Deutscher (1905 - 1942)

4/1/2009 2/24/2015

Owner of a textile business on the Jews Street of the Vilna Ghetto.

3/27/2009 9/27/2014

Owned a wholesale and retail chinaware store on Niemetskaya Ulitza (German Street) in the Vilna Ghetto.

3/27/2009 9/27/2014

Ruven Ruvim Rolnik (1935 - 1943)

In the Vilna ghetto. Murdered with its destruction.

5/12/2010 4/7/2014

Saul Trotsky (b. - 1941)

In later August 1941 the Gestapo appeared at 6 Strashuna Street in the Vilna ghetto and arrested Saul Trotsky, Chairman, with sixteen others of the Judenrat and sent them all to be executed. Source ...

5/18/2012 5/18/2012

Yitzhak Wittenberg MP (1907 - 1943)

Yitzhak Wittenberg (1907—July 16, 1943) was a Jewish resistance fighter in Vilna during World War II. He became famous as the leader of the Fareynikte Partizaner Organizatsye - FPO , a resistanc...

4/24/2012 4/24/2012

? Jakobowitz (b. - 1942)

8 January 1942, Jacobowitz was one of twenty five people gassed in a truck in the forests outside Vilna. Michael Podklebnik was taking the gassed bodies from the truck and happened to notice one pers...

4/17/2012 4/17/2012

Mania Liff (b. - 1941)

Mania Liff was Reuben Ainsztein's sister, also in Vilna. Among the Jews from Vilna, driven to clear snow from train lines in a blizzard, was Mania Liff. She saw a Jew give a piece of bread to a Rus...

4/17/2012 4/17/2012

? Kosherowsky (b. - 1941)

? Kosherowsky was one of twelve Jews who had been tortured for more than two months. They were all members of the Jewish Council of Piotrkow. Jacob Berliner had avoided capture and gave himself up ...

4/12/2012 4/12/2012

A. I. Goldschmid (b. - 1941)

A.I. Goldschmid was murdered in the Ponar prison. He was a Yiddish writer, who had been brought to prison with his friend, the Yiddish grammarian, Noah Pilutzki. Each day the two scholars had been ...

4/12/2012 4/12/2012

Noah Prilutzki (b. - 1941)

Noah Prilutzki was murdered in the Ponar prison. He was a Yiddish grammarian, who had been brought to prison with his friend, the Yiddish writer, A. I. Goldschmid. Each day the two scholars had bee...

4/12/2012 4/12/2012

Pinkus Kohn (b. - 1941)

Pinkus Kohn was a young Jewish historian, deported to Ponar on August 31 1941, at the same time as Dr Jacob Wigodsky They were taken from Vilna in trucks to the pits at Ponar and murdered. Source ...

4/12/2012 4/12/2012

Jacob Wigodsky, Dr (b. - 1941)

For twenty years Dr Jacob Wigodsky had been the leader of Vilna Jewry. He was arrested on 24 August 1941 and held in prison. He was eighty six years old. A week later he was killed at Ponar. So...

4/12/2012 4/12/2012

W. Sakowicz (b. - 1941)

W Sakowicz was a Polish journalist. He lived at Ponar, and was himself killed during the last days of German rule in Vilna. He had noted in his diary that shooting was carried on every day. The execu...

4/11/2012 4/11/2012

Abram Wolf Mackiewiecz (c.1938 - c.1942)

"2/6/1938 in Eisiskes Lida Vilnius"

3/29/2012 3/29/2012

Judah Leib Mackiewiecz (1934 - 1942)


Judah Leib Arie Mackiewicz (Motzkevitch)was born in 1934 to Shalom and Sara nee Ruzanski. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Eszyszek, Poland. During the war he was in Eszyszek, Poland. Leib was...

3/29/2012 3/29/2012

Mordechai Sholom Mackiewiecz (c.1906 - 1942)

"Szolom", "Sholom"

Motel Mackiewicz was born in Ejszyszki. He was a saddler/leather worker and married to Sara nee Rushanski. Prior to WWII he lived in Ejszyszki, Poland. During the war he was in Ejszyszki, Poland. Motel...

3/28/2012 3/29/2012

Sara Gitel Mackiewiecz (1908 - 1942)

Her surviving sister gave testimony twice, once that she died in Auschwitz and once that she died in Vilna. Since she lived near Vilna, that may have been what the family believed or it may be that sin...

3/28/2012 3/29/2012

Pinchas Hofenberg was a Hebrew teacher in Lithuania. He died of natural causes in ghetto Vilna during the war. His daughter lived in a kibbutz in Israel (Daphna?). The family found out about him from a...

7/23/2010 3/28/2012

Avraham Elliott Eli Milikowsky (1915 - 1942)

"אלי Eli"

אליוט Milikowskyמקור: Pages of Testimonyשם משפחה: Milikowskyשם פ�...

3/1/2009 3/28/2012

Yacha Grodzinski (c.1900 - 1941)

Grodzenski Yacha Yacha Grodzenski nee Atlas was born in Lithuania to Meyer. She was married to Chaim Ozer Grodzenski. Prior to WWII she lived in Wilna, Poland. During the war she was in Wilna, Gh...

5/2/2009 3/28/2012

7/31/2009 3/28/2012

Reichel Berkman (1873 - c.1941)

Reichel Berkman was born in Smargon in 1873 to Yerukham and Sara. She was married to Shmuel. Prior to WWII she lived in Wilno, Poland. During the war she was in Wilno, Poland. Reichel perished in 1941 ...

12/28/2008 3/28/2012

This profile photo :Page 330 of 628 shows the picture of Mendel and his younger brother Yechezkel. Mendel the Partisan, is the older brother of the two. See his profile photo here.Photo of Miriyam Bore...

7/28/2011 3/28/2012

Shmuel Poss/ Rakower (1916 - c.1944)

Shmuel Rakower was born in Krakow in 1916 to Getzel and Reizl. He was a student and single. Prior to WWII he lived in Krakow, Poland. During the war he was in Wilna, Poland. Shmuel perished in Wilna, P...

2/6/2009 3/28/2012

Devorah Swirski (1893 - c.1943)

5/8/2008 3/28/2012

Frida Rakover nee קיגלהיים was born in Lubaczow. She was married to Shmuel. During the war she was in Wilna, Poland. Frida perished in 1944 in Kl...

3/5/2010 3/28/2012

Sonia Sheina Durmashkin (1890 - 1943)

Sheine Durmaszkin was born in Mogilev. She was a housewife and married to Akiva. Prior to WWII she lived in Wilno, Poland. During the war she was in Wilno, Poland. Sheine perished in 1943 in Ponary, Po...

5/31/2010 3/28/2012

Akiva Durmashkin (c.1887 - 1943)

Akiva Durmaszkin was born in Mogilev. He was a composer and married to Sheine. Prior to WWII he lived in Wilno, Poland. During the war he was in Wilno, Poland. Akiva perished in Ponary, Poland at the a...

5/31/2010 3/28/2012

Fania Beker (deceased)

7/19/2007 3/28/2012

Wolf Durmashkin (c.1913 - 1944)

Wolf was a child prodigy who began performing piano at young age. He studied composition, performance and conducting at both the Vilna and Warsaw Conservatories, and while still a young man, he became ...

5/31/2010 3/28/2012

Henny Durmashkin Gurko (1924 - 2002)

Henny Durmashkin (Gurko) Singer. Born 1924- Died, 2002 in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Sister of pianist Fanny Durmashkin and conductor Wolf Durmashkin. Henny was the youngest. Her grandfather, Akiva, was ...

5/31/2010 3/28/2012

Chaim-Iser Kogan (1859 - 1944)

7/11/2009 3/28/2012

Yosef Kavalski (c.1941 - c.1943)


5/8/2008 3/28/2012

Shaina Levitin (Margolis) (1883 - 1943)

"Sheine", "Shaindel"

1897 Lithuanian Census Name Sheina Father Osher Age 16 Born and living in Rokiskis (where her father was the rabbi) Registered in Kalvarija (her father's hometown) The following may not...

7/10/2007 3/28/2012

Frumit Leah Garber (c.1941 - c.1943)

5/8/2008 3/28/2012

10/24/2007 3/28/2012

Sima Garber (c.1911 - c.1943)

5/8/2008 3/28/2012

Chaim Garber (1887 - c.1943)

5/8/2008 3/28/2012

Feige-Blume Glasser (1855 - 1943)

10/29/2007 3/28/2012

Hershel Garber (1912 - c.1943)


5/8/2008 3/28/2012

Isaac Dobkes (1893 - 1943)

There is a family listed in Jewish Generations--the Vilna ghetto, which looks like it is Isaac and Rachel and then a boy, Shimon. DOB are 1893, 1894 and 1930 respectively

4/10/2010 3/28/2012