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10/23/2009 1/10/2011

Anne Chion (c.1635 - 1704)

12/5/2010 1/10/2011

Agnes Crockett MP (1726 - 1767)

Birth: 1726, Ireland Death: 1767 Augusta County Virginia, USA Agnes and William were the parents of: Alexander/abt 1760 m. Elizabeth Watkins William/ Sarah/16 Dec 1762 (Mrs James Cardwell) Mary/ ...

9/1/2007 1/10/2011

Elizabeth Crockett MP (1730 - 1778)


Birth: 1730, Ireland Death: Aug., 1777 Rogersville Hawkins County Tennessee, USA Elizabeth and David were the parents of five children: William/abt 1748 m. Catherine Hawkins John A/1754 Robert/12...

8/24/2007 1/10/2011

Ann Gandovin (Goodwin) (c.1672 - c.1755)

"Gaudwin", "Goodwin", "Goodwin or Gaudovin", "Gandovin", "Ann Godwin"

Her husband Mathieu Agee was the first of the family to come to America. A Huguenot, he left France in 1688, went to Holland and with some two thousand Huguenots joined the ranks of William of Orange a...

5/12/2008 1/9/2011

Parish Garner (c.1722 - 1790)

need to check death date...could be 1790: It is assumed that Parish Garner died some time between 1790 and 1800, since he is enumerated in the 1790 census but not in 1800. In 1759 Parish Garner was o...

8/29/2007 12/12/2010

Jesus Christ MP 100 (c.-4 - c.33)

"Christ", "Emmanuel", "Gesù Cristo", "ha-Notzri", "Isa", "Jesus bar Joseph", "Jesus Christ", "Yeshu ben Pantera", "Yeshua bar Yosef", "Yehoshua", "Yoshuea", "عيسى", "ישו", "Mesjasz"

Parents, marriage and other relations: Jesus . Genealogy of Jesus . What is Jesus' birthday Jesus in Islam . For speculative genealogies of Jesus, please see the project: Jesus of Nazaret...

2/26/2007 11/10/2010