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Donald III "Bane", King of Scots MP (1032 - 1099)

"Donald MacDuncan", "Donald Bane", "Donald the Fair", "Donald III", "Bane", "Domnall mac Donnchada", "nicknamed Domnall Bán", ""Donald the Fair" (anglicised as Donald Bane or Donalbane)", "Domnall Bán", "Donald III King of Scotland", "/Donald/ III"

Domnall mac Donnchada (Modern Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Dhonnchaidh),[1] anglicised as Donald III, and nicknamed Domnall Bán, "Donald the Fair" (anglicised as Donald Bane or Donalbane), (died ...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Malcolm III, 'Canmore', King of Scots MP (1031 - 1093)

"Malcolm III of Scotland", "Máel Coluim mac Donnchada", "Ceanmor (Longneck or Bighead)", "Malcolm Canmore", "Malcolm of Scotland", "King Malcolm III of Scotland", "Canmore", "King Malcolm III of /Scotland/", "Malcom III", "King of Scotland", ""Long /Neck"/", "/Longneck/", "Ca...."

Máel Coluim mac Donnchada (Modern Gaelic: Maol Chaluim mac Dhonnchaidh), Anglicised Malcolm III, in later centuries nicknamed Canmore, (c.1031[6] - 13 November 1093), King of Scots. Parents:...

2/25/2007 11/24/2013

Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin, King of Scots MP (c.1030 - 1058)

"Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin", "Tairbith", ""the Unfortunate" and Fatuus", ""the Simple-minded" or "the Foolish""

Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin (Modern Gaelic: Lughlagh mac Gille Chomghain,[1] known in English simply as Lulach, and nicknamed Tairbith, "the Unfortunate"[2] and Fatuus, "the Simple-minded" or "the...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Macbeth, King of Scots MP (1005 - 1057)

"Mac Bethad mac Findlaích", "The Red", "Mac Bethad /mac Findláich/", "nicknamed Rí Deircc", ""the Red King"", "Maelbeatha", "Macboeda Macbeth /Finlay/", "Macboeda Macbeth Fionnladh /Finlay/", "/Macbeth/", "Macbida Fionnladh /Mcfinlay/", "Macbeth Mormaer /Moray/", "Macbeth..."

Macbeth , Mac Bethad mac Findlaích , son of Findlaich and Donada (daughter of King Malcolm II). Born c 1006 Mormaer of Moray. Served as military general for King Malcolm II & later King Duncan. ...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Duncan I, King of Scots MP (1001 - 1040)

"Duncan I", "Donnchad mac Crínán", "the Gracious", "An t-Ilgarach", "the Diseased", "Donchadd l", "King of Alba", "He is the historical basis of the "King Duncan" in Shakespeare's play Macbeth.", "/Donnchadh/I", "King of Scotland"

Donnchad mac Crínáin (Modern Gaelic: Donnchadh mac Crìonain) anglicised as Duncan I, and nicknamed An t-Ilgarach, "the Diseased" or "the Sick" (died 14 August 1040) was king of Sco...

3/8/2007 11/24/2013

Malcolm II "The Destroyer", King of Scots MP (954 - 1034)

"Máel Coluim mac Cináeda", "Malcolm MacKenneth", "Maol Chaluim mac Choinnich", "Melkolf", "King Malcolm II of /Scotland/", "o Destruidor", "Malcolm II // K of Scots", "Mael /Coluim/", "Máel Coluim /Mac Cináeda/", "MacAlpin", "Máel Coluim mac Cináeda (Gaelic)", "8955", "The Des..."

Máel Coluim mac Cináeda , Malcolm II, King of Scots Parents: Kenneth II and his wife the Lady of Leinster Spouses: (name unknown - Ælfgifu "Edith" Sigurdsdóttir of Oss...

3/8/2007 11/24/2013

Cináed III 'An Donn' mac Dubh, King of Scots MP (962 - 1005)

"Cináed mac Duib", "nicknamed An Donn", ""the Chief" or "the Brown"", "Kenneth /Scotland/"

Cináed mac Duib (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Dhuibh)[1] anglicised as Kenneth III, and nicknamed An Donn , "the Chief" or "the Brown",[2] (before 967–25 March 1005) was King of Scots fro...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Causantín III mac Cuiléin, Rí na h'Alba MP (c.971 - 997)

"Causantín mac Cuiléin", "Còiseam mac Chailein", "Constantin III"

Constantine, son of Cuilén (Mediaeval Gaelic: Causantín mac Cuiléin; Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Chailein), known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine III[1], (before 9...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Kenneth II, King of Scots MP (932 - 995)

"Cináed mac Maíl Coluim", "An Fionnghalach", "The Fratricide", "King of Scotland", "King Kenneth II of /Scotland/", "o Fraticida", "Kenneth II // K of Scots", "Kenneth /MacDonald/", "/Cinaed/", "Cináed Mac Máel /Coluim/", "Cináed Macmáel /Coluim/", "Cináed mac Maíl C...", "899..."

Cináed mac Maíl Coluim, (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Mhaoil Chaluim) anglicised as Kenneth II, and nicknamed An Fionnghalach, "The Fratricide" (before 954–995) was King of Scotlan...

3/8/2007 11/24/2013

Cuilén mac Ilduilb, Rí na h'Alba MP (966 - 971)

"Cuilén mac Ildulb", "nicknamed An Fionn", ""the White""

Cuilén mac Ildulb (Modern Gaelic: Cailean)[1], sometimes anglicised as Culen or Colin, and nicknamed An Fionn, "the White"[2] (died 971) was king of Scotland (Alba) from 967 to 971.[3] He was on...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Dubh "the Vehement' mac Máel Coluim, King of Scots MP (935 - 966)

"Dub mac Maíl Coluim", "sometimes anglicised as Duff", "[2] called Dén", ""the Vehement"[3] and Niger", ""the Black""

King Dub Dubh Duff of the Scots ruled Scotland from 962 to 967 He followed Indulphus as King of Scotland. Malcolm I & his wife had two children: 1. DUBH [Duff] (-killed in battle Forres [19/20 Ju...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Ildulb mac Causantin, Rí na h'Alba MP (954 - 962)

"Ildulb mac Causantín", "anglicised as Indulf", "[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh", ""the Aggressor""

Ildulb mac Causantín, anglicised as Indulf,[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh, "the Aggressor"[2] (died 962) was king of Scots from 954. He was the son of Constantine II (Causantín mac ...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Malcolm I, King of Scots MP (c.900 - 954)

"Maol Chaluim mac Dhòmhnaill", "Malcolm I", "An Bodhbhdercc", "the Dangerous Red", "King Malcolm I of /Scotland/", "o Perigoso Vermelho", "Mael Coluim mac Domnaill //", "Malcolm I // King of Scotland", "Malcolm /Macdomhnull/", "10968", "Máel Coluim mac Domnaill", "Máel Colui..."

Máel Coluim mac Domnaill (anglicised Malcolm I) (c. 900–954) was king of Scots (before 943 – 954), becoming king when his cousin Causantín mac Áeda abdicated to becom...

3/8/2007 11/24/2013

Constantín II mac Áeda, Rí na h'Alba MP (874 - 942)

"nicknamed An Midhaise", ""the Middle Aged""

Constantine, son of Áed (Mediaeval Gaelic: Constantín mac Áeda; Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Aoidh, known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine II[1], nicknamed An Midhai...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Constantine I, King of the Picts and Scots MP (c.836 - 877)

"Causantín", "Constantín", "mac Cináeda", "King of Alba", "King Constantine II of /Scotland/", "The Wine-Bountiful", "King of Scotland //", "Constantine II // King of Scotland", "Constantine", "son of Cináed", "nicknamed An Finn-Shoichleach", ""The Wine-Bountiful"", "Const...", "..."

Constantine spent most of his reign fighting to consolidate and expand upon the Kingdom of Scotland created when Kenneth I had brought together the crowns of the Scots and the Picts to form the beginni...

3/8/2007 11/24/2013

Giric mac Dúngail (Modern Gaelic: Griogair mac Dhunghail)[1] known in English simply as Giric, and nicknamed Mac Rath, ("Son of Fortune")[2] (floruit circa 878–889) was a king of the Pict...

5/9/2007 11/24/2013

Domnall mac Ailpín (Modern Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Ailpein), [1] anglicised sometimes as Donald MacAlpin, and known in most modern regnal lists as Donald I (died 13 April 862), was king of t...

3/26/2007 11/24/2013

Kenneth I mac Alpine, King of the Picts MP (c.810 - 859)

"Cináed mac Ailpín", "Coinneach mac Ailpein", "An Ferbasach", "The Conqueror", "Kenneth MacAlpin", "Kenneth I", "King Kenneth I of /Scotland/", "Kenneth I /MacAlpin/ King of Scotland", "Macalpin", "Cruaidh", "/Macalpi", "The Hardy/'The Conqueror'/'Kenneth I", "Cináed mac Ai......"

Kenneth I (a.k.a.Cináed mac Ailpín, Kenneth Mac Alpin, and Kenneth the Hardy) lived from 810 to 859 and was arguably the first King of the Kingdom of Scotland, which he ruled from 843 to ...

2/16/2007 11/24/2013

Donald II "The Madman", King of Scots MP (c.862 - 900)

"Donald II // King of Scotland", "Domnall mac Causantín", "Dásachtach", "the Madman", "King of Scotland", "King of Alba", "Donald", "King Donald II of /Scotland/", "o Louco", "/Dasachtach/", "Dasachtach", "Donald'/'The Madman", "Domnall mac Causantín (Gaelic)", "Donald II", "10969..."

Name: King Donald II of Scotland Father: King Constantine I Mother: unknown Relation to Elizabeth II: 31st great-grandfather House of: MacAlpin Ascended to the throne: 889 Married: unknown ...

3/8/2007 11/24/2013

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor MP (1896 - 1986)

"Wallis", "Duchess of Windsor (previously Wallis Simpson; previously Wallis Spencer; born Bessie Wallis Warfield", "Bessie", "Wallis Simpson"

Bessie Wallis Warfield, later Spencer, then Simpson. Wikipedia: Nascimento: ou 1895; nasceu no "Square Cottage at Monterey Inn". an American socialite who married, as her third husband, Prince ...

5/4/2007 8/11/2013

Richard Mead, MD DM FRCP FRS MP (1673 - 1754)

Richard Mead (11 August 1673 – 16 February 1754) was an English physician. His work, A Short Discourse concerning Pestilential Contagion, and the Method to be used to prevent it (1720), was of h...

5/13/2009 8/11/2013

From Wikipedia: Sir Edmund Plowden (1518 – 6 February 1585) was a distinguished English lawyer, legal scholar and theorist during the late Tudor period. Life Plowden was born at Plowden Hall...

5/15/2008 8/11/2013

Robert de Vieuxpont MP (deceased)

Robert de Vieuxpont AKA Robert de Veteripoint From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert de Vieuxpont or Robert de Veteriponte was an Anglo-Norman landowner and administrator in the north of Englan...

5/21/2008 8/11/2013

William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke MP (c.1190 - 1231)

"the Marshall", "Earl of Pembroke", "Marshall", "le Mareschal"

The eldest son of William Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke, and Isabel de Clare. Died without heirs. An excellent biographical article on this family by Catherine Armstrong (1999) may be found here: . ...

11/17/2007 8/11/2013

Gilbert Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke (1194 – 27 June 1241) was the third son of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke and Isabel de Clare, 4th Countess of Pembroke, the daughter of Richard de C...

11/17/2007 8/11/2013

William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke MP (1147 - 1219)

"William le Mareschal", "the Protector", "William the Marshal", "Guillaume le Maréchal", "Greatest Knight who ever lived"

"Sir William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1147 – 14 May 1219), also called William the Marshal (Norman French: Williame le Mareschal), was an English (or Anglo-Norman) soldier and statesman. ...

6/22/2007 8/11/2013

Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton (6 October 1573 – 10 November 1624), was the second son of Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of Southampton, and his wife Mary Browne, Countess of Southamp...

6/13/2007 8/11/2013

Ruprecht von der Pfalz, Duke of Cumberland MP (1619 - 1682)

"Rupert the Cavalier(der Kavalier)", "Prince Rupert of the Rhine", "Rupert of the /Rhine/"

Rupert, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria (German: Ruprecht Pfalzgraf bei Rhein, Herzog von Bayern), commonly called Prince Rupert of the Rhine, (17 December 1619 – 29 November 1682),...

6/16/2008 8/11/2013

Robert II "Curthose", duke of Normandy MP (1051 - 1134)

"Robert I", "Curthose", "comes from the Norman French Courtheuse", "meaning as it is sometimes translated", "Shortstockin..."

Robert "Curthose", Duc de Normandie, born 1051 or 1054. s/o William I "the Conqueror" Husband of Sybilla Conversano Children: Henri de Normandie Guillaume de Normandie Illigitimate children: Daught...

5/31/2007 8/11/2013

8/3/2007 8/11/2013

Napoleon III, 1er Président de la République française, 3rd Empereur des Français MP (1808 - 1873)

"Napoleon III", "Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte", "Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte", "Шарл Луи Наполеон Бонапарт (Наполеон III)", "Carlos Luis Bonaparte", "III", "Emperor of France"

Napoleon III , ne Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, born in Paris, France, 20 April 1808, died 9 January 1873, Chislehurst, Kent, England, age 64. 1st President of the French Second Republic, term 20 ...

3/20/2007 8/6/2013

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester (23 May 1208? – 4 August 1265), was a French-English nobleman, notable as the principal leader of the baronial o...

6/23/2007 8/6/2013

James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth, 1st Duke of Buccleuch MP (1649 - 1685)

"James Fitzroy", "James Crofts"

"James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth, 1st Duke of Buccleuch, KG, PC (9 April 1649 – 15 July 1685), was an English nobleman. Originally called James Crofts or James Fitzroy, he was born in Rotterda...

6/23/2008 8/6/2013

Mary I, Queen of Scots MP (1542 - 1587)

"Mairi Stiùbhairt", "Mary I.of Scotland", "Marie Stuart", "Mary Queen of Scots", "Marie Queen Consort of France", "Mary", "Queen Of Scots", "42nd Queen of Scots"

Mary Stuart Mary I Stewart, Queen of Scots was born on 8 December 1542 at Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow, Scotland and was executed on 8 February 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle, Northampton...

5/2/2007 8/6/2013

a short summary from Wikipedia; John of Gaunt (Ghent), 1st Duke of Lancaster, KG Successor: Henry IV Bolingbroke, King of England (2nd Duke of Lancaster and of Aquitaine) Spouse: Blanche of Lan...

1/30/2007 8/6/2013

Joan of Navarre, Queen of England MP (1370 - 1437)

"Juana de /Navarre/"

Joanna of Navarre From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joanna of Navarre (c. 1370 Pamplona – 10 June 1437 Havering-atte-Bower) was a daughter of Charles the Bad, King of Navarre and Joan of...

10/22/2007 8/6/2013

Queen Jane Seymour MP (1508 - 1537)

a short summary from Wikipedia Jane Seymour Queen consort of England Tenure 30 May 1536 – 24 October 1537 Proclamation 4 June 1536 Spouse Henry VIII of England (1536-1537) Issue ...

5/1/2007 8/6/2013

Isabella of France, Queen consort of England MP (c.1292 - 1358)

"The Fair", "She-wolf of France", "Isabella of France", "The She-Wolf"

Isabella of France (c. 1295 – 22 August 1358), known as the She-Wolf of France,[1] was the Queen consort of Edward II of England and mother of Edward III. She was the youngest surviving child ...

3/11/2007 8/6/2013

Isabella of France, Queen consort of England MP (1389 - 1409)

"Isabelle de France"

5/3/2007 8/6/2013

Gundred de St. Omer, Countess of Surrey MP (c.1063 - 1085)

"Gundred Of /Flanders/", "Gundred", "Gundreda", "Gundrada", "the Fleming", "Gundred of England Countess of /Surrey/", "Countess of Surrey", "5th desputed daughter of King William I of England"

_________________________________________________________________________________ Gundred, sister of Gerbod the Fleming Parents: unknown, NOT Matilda of Flanders, see evidence below. Decisive negat...

5/20/2007 8/6/2013

Married Gytha Thorgilsdottir GODWIN, son of WULFNOTH & his wife --- ([993]-Winchester 15 Apr 1053, bur Winchester Old Minster[398]). According to Florence of Worcester, Earl Godwin was son of W...

3/3/2007 8/6/2013

Piers de Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall MP (c.1284 - c.1312)

"Peter", "Gascon", "Gabeston"

Piers Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall (c. 1284 – 19 June 1312) was the favourite, and probably lover, of King Edward II of England. On 1 Nov 1307 Piers married Margaret de Clare, niece of King ...

10/4/2007 8/6/2013

"Major General Miles Francis Stapleton Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk, KG GCVO CB CBE MC DL GCPO (21 July 1915 – 24 June 2002), was the eldest son of Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 3rd Baron Ho...

10/26/2009 8/6/2013

The Princess Elizabeth of England and Scotland (28 December 1635–8 September 1650) was the second daughter of King Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria of France. From the age of six until h...

5/2/2007 8/6/2013

Eleanor of Castile, Queen consort of England MP (1240 - 1290)

"The Hardy", "The Faithful", "Eleanor of Castile & Leon", "Leonor", "Alienor", "Alianor", "Eleanor of Castile", "Countess of Ponthieu", "Eleanore of Castile", "Leonor (Spanish)", "Alienor (English)", "Eleanor Of Castile", "Leonor (Her Castilian name) / Alienor / Alianor (in En..."

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find a grave Genealogi4u Wikipedia Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 28 November 1290) was the first queen consort of Edward I of England. She was also Counte...

1/25/2007 8/6/2013

Edward, the Black Prince MP (1330 - 1376)

"the Black Prince"

"Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Aquitaine, KG (15 June 1330 – 8 June 1376) was the eldest son of King Edward III of England and his wife Philippa of Hainault a...

3/11/2007 8/6/2013

Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland (Royal Mistress of Charles II) MP (1640 - 1709)

"Barbara", "Palmer", "Villiers", "1st", "Duchess", "of", "Cleveland", "Lady Castlemaine"

Wikipedia: English: __________________ Barbara Palmer, 1st Duchess of Cleveland (27 November [O.S. 17 November] 1640 – 9 October 1709) was an English courtesan and perhaps the most notor...

2/28/2008 8/6/2013

6/11/2007 8/6/2013

Catherine Parr was born between 1512 and 1514 at Kendal Castle, Kendal, Cumberland, England.3 She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and Maud Green.2 She married, firstly, Sir Edward Burgh , son o...

5/1/2007 8/6/2013

Catherine of Aragon: Daughter of a Spanish King - was the youngest daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and his wife, Isabella. She became a political pawn for the ruling monarchs, as did all daughters for ...

5/1/2007 8/6/2013

"Catherine Howard (c.1523 – 13 February 1542) was Queen of England from 1540 until 1541, as the fifth wife of Henry VIII; sometimes known by his reference to her as his "rose without a thorn". ...

5/1/2007 8/6/2013

Caroline, Queen Consort MP (1683 - 1737)

Name/Title: Wilhelmine Charlotte Karoline Princess(Prinzessin) von Brandenburg-Ansbach. Usually went by her middle name of Caroline. She was a member of the House of Hohenzollern. Queen Consort Car...

5/5/2007 8/6/2013

Anne of Cleves (1515-1557), Fourth Wife of Henry VIII ------------------------------- Known for: safely divorcing from Henry and surviving Also known as: Anna von Jülich-Kleve-Berg -----...

5/1/2007 8/6/2013

Prince Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha MP (1844 - 1900)

"херцог Алфред", "Alfie"

Alfred Ernest Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Went by the nick-name of Affie. Knight, Order of the Garter (K.G.). 1st Duke of Edinburgh [U.K.] o...

8/13/2007 8/6/2013

Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort of England MP 100 (1501 - 1536)

"Nan", "Annie", "AB", "The Happy One"

"Anne Boleyn (/ˈbʊlɪn/, /bəˈlɪn/ or /bʊˈlɪn/); (c. 1501 – 19 May 1536) was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of...

5/1/2007 8/6/2013

Diana, the Princess of Wales MP 100 (1961 - 1997)

"Lady Di", "Princess Di", "The People's Princess", "Diana", "Princess of Wales"

"Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances;[fn 1] née Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997), was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Eli...

2/22/2010 8/6/2013

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother MP (1900 - 2002)

"Queen Mum", "''The Queen Mother''"

=The location of her birth remains uncertain, but reputedly she was born either in her parents' Westminster home at Belgrave Mansions, Grosvenor Gardens, or in a horse-drawn ambulance on the way to a h...

4/1/2007 8/6/2013

short summary from Wikipedia Princess Margaret Countess of Snowdon Spouse Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon (m. 1960, div. 1978) Issue: David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley L...

4/18/2007 8/6/2013

George VI of the United Kingdom MP (1895 - 1952)

"Bertie", "the Stammerer"

a short summary from Wikipedia: George VI King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions (more...) Reign: 11 December 1936 – 6 February 1952 Coronation: 12 May 1937 Predecessor: ...

4/18/2007 8/6/2013

George V of the United Kingdom MP (1865 - 1936)

"Sailor Prince", "Georgie"

George Frederick Ernest Albert By the Grace of God, king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India R...

5/4/2007 8/6/2013

Royal house House of Wettin Titles and styles Royal styles of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom Reference style: His Majesty Spoken style: Your Majesty Alternative style: Sir 23 Ju...

5/4/2007 8/6/2013

Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom MP (1841 - 1910)

""Bertie" "Uncle of Europe""

Titles: Duke of Rothesay on 9 November 1841 Duke of Cornwall on 9 November 1841. 1st Earl of Chester [U.K.] on 8 December 1841.3 HRH Prince of Wales [U.K.] on 8 December 1841. 1st Earl of D...

5/4/2007 8/6/2013

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom MP 100 (1819 - 1901)

""the grandmother of Europe""

Victoria Alexandrina Princess of Hanover. HM Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom on 20 June 1837. Crowned Queen of the United Kingdom on 28 June 1838 at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, Eng...

4/20/2007 8/6/2013

William IV of the United Kingdom MP (1765 - 1837)

"The Sailing King"

a short summary from Wikipedia: William IV King of the United Kingdom Reign: 26 June 1830 – 20 June 1837 Coronation: 8 September 1831 Predecessor: George IV Successor: Victoria Kin...

5/7/2007 8/6/2013

King George IV of the United Kingdom MP (1762 - 1830)

"Prinnie", "The Prince Regent", "König zu Hannover", "Herzog zu Brunschweig IV", "George Augustus Guelph"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch George Augustus Frederick Prince of United Kingdom und Hannover 1st Earl of Carrick on 12 August 1762. 1st Baron Renfrew on 12 August 1762. 1st Lord o...

5/7/2007 8/6/2013

George III of the United Kingdom MP (1738 - 1820)

"The Mad King", "The King Who Lost America"

Predecessor: George II Successor: George IV ===================================================================== George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738– 29 January 1820) was Ki...

5/31/2007 8/6/2013

George II, King of Great Britain and Ireland MP (1683 - 1760)

"''Prince Of Great Britain''"

George Augustus Hanover, Naturalized as a British subject in 1705. Knight, Order of the Garter (K.G.) on 4 April 1706. 1st Viscount Northallerton, co. York [Great Britain] on 9 November 1706. ...

5/5/2007 8/6/2013

Anne, Queen of Great Britain MP (1665 - 1714)

"Good Queen"

Anne Princess of Great Britain Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on 8 March 1702. Links: The Peerage Geneall Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland 1702-1714 Predecessor: William III...

5/2/2007 8/6/2013

William III, King of England, Ireland, and Scotland MP (1650 - 1702)

"Prince William of Orange-Nassau"

King of England, Scotland and Ireland - Prince of Orange - Stadtholder of Guelders, Holland, Zealand, Utrecht, and Overijssel William III (14 November 1650 – 8 March 1702)[1] was a sovereign P...

5/2/2007 8/6/2013

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Find a Grave Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland: Reign13 February 1689 – 28 December 1694 together with her husbond William of Orange

5/2/2007 8/6/2013

Richard Cromwell, 2nd Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland MP (1626 - 1712)

"Lord Protector of England"

CROMWELL Richard Birth : 1626 Death : 1712 Lord Protector 1658 - 59 Father : CROMWELL Oliver ( 1599 - 1658 ) Mother : BOURCHIER Elizabeth ( 1598 - 1665 ) Union : MAIJOR Dorothy ...

5/13/2007 8/5/2013

Oliver Cromwell (born April 25, 1599 Old Style, died September 3, 1658 Old Style) was an English military and political leader best known for his involvement in making England into a republican Commo...

3/20/2007 8/5/2013

Charles II of England MP (1630 - 1685)

"The Merry Monarch", "Prince Charles James", "King of England", ""Öld Rowley" / The Merry Monarch", "King of Scotland", "King of Ireland"

a short summary from Wikipedia : Charles II King of Scotland Reign: 30 January 1649 – 3 September 1651 Coronation: 1 January 1651 Predecessor: Charles I Successor Military government...

5/11/2007 8/5/2013

Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland MP (1600 - 1649)

"Charles Ier d'Angleterre", "Charles I Stewart /King of England (1625/", "The Martyr", "Károly", "King of England", "Knight of the Garter", "Duke of York", "King Charles the 1st of England", "Scotland", "and Ireland"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Français Norsk King of England and Ireland: Reign 27 March 1625 – 30 January 1649 Coronation 2 February 1626

5/2/2007 8/5/2013

Elizabeth I of England MP (1533 - 1603)

"Good Queen Bess", "Gloriana", "The Virgin Queen", ""Good Queen Bess""

"Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) was queen regnant of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death. Sometimes called "The Virgin Queen", "Gloriana" or "Good Queen Bes...

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Mary I of England MP (1516 - 1558)

"Bloody Mary"

Mary I (18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558) was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. She was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and only surviving child of Catherine of A...

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Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England (disputed) MP (c.1537 - 1554)

"The 9 Days Queen; "Lady Jane"", "The Nine Days Queen", "Jane Grey Dudley", "Jane Dudley", "The Nine Day Queen"

[ ] Lady Jane Grey was born in October 1537 at Bradgate Manor, Bradgate, Leicestershire, England.3 She was also reported to have been born in 1536/37.4 She was the daughter of Sir Henry Grey, 1st D...

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Edward VI of England MP (1537 - 1553)

Edward VI was the 3rd of the five (or 6 if you count the disputed Lady Jane Gray) monarchs from the House of Tudor. History of the House of Tudor and a list of the monarches:

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Henry VIII, King of England MP 100 (1491 - 1547)

"King Hal", "King Harry", "Defender of the Faith", "Henry The Eighth", "Henry VIII", "King Henry VIII"

Henry VIII of England Henry VIII was King of England from 21 April 1509 until his death. He was also Lord of Ireland (later King of Ireland) and claimant to the Kingdom of France. Henry was the secon...

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Henry VII of England MP (1457 - 1509)

"Harri Tudur"

"Henry VII (Welsh: Harri Tudur; 28 January 1457 – 21 April 1509) was King of England and Lord of Ireland from his seizing the crown on 22 August 1485 until his death on 21 April 1509, as the fir...

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Richard III of England MP (1452 - 1485)

"Old Dick", "Crookback"

Richard III of England Richard III (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485) was King of England from 1483 until his death in 1485, at the age of 32, in the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was the last k...

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Edward V, King of England MP (1470 - c.1483)

another possible birth date is 4 November Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

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Edward IV of England MP (1442 - 1483)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward IV King of England (first time) Reign: 4 March 1461 – 3 October 1470 (9 years,182 days) Coronation: 28 June 1461 Predecessor: Henry VI Succes...

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Henry VI of England MP (1421 - 1471)

"Henry VI (6 December 1421 – 21 May 1471) was King of England from 1422 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471, and disputed King of France from 1422 to 1453. Until 1437, his realm was governed by ...

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Henry V of England MP (1387 - 1422)

"Henry the V"

PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT REGARDING HIS BIRTH DATE; "Henry was born in the tower above the gatehouse of Monmouth Castle and for that reason called Henry of Monmouth, son of Henry of Bolingbroke, later...

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Henry IV, King of England MP (1367 - 1413)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Henry IV Reign: 30 September 1399 – 20 March 1413 Coronation: 13 October 1399 Predecessor : Richard II Successor: Henry V Spouse: Mary de Bohun J...

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Richard II of England MP (1367 - c.1400)

"Richard II (6 January 1367 – c. 14 February 1400), also known as Richard of Bordeaux, was King of England from 1377 until he was deposed on 30 September 1399. Richard, a son of Edward, the Bl...

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Edward III of England MP 100 (1312 - 1377)

"Edward III (13 November 1312 – 21 June 1377) was King of England from 1327 until his death; he is noted for his military success and for restoring royal authority after the disastrous reign of ...

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Edward II of England MP 100 (1284 - 1327)

"Edward of Caernarfon"

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward II King of England Reign: 7 July 1307 – 20 January 1327 Coronation: 25 February 1308 Predecessor: Edward I Longshanks Successor: Edward III of ...

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Edward I "Longshanks", King of England MP 100 (1239 - 1307)

"King Longshanks", "Hammer of the Scots", "Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots", "Edward Longshanks", "Edward Longshanks or Hammer of the Scots", "longshanks", "the Hammer of the Scots", "Longshanks", "King Edward I", "The Hammer of the Scots", "Edward "Longshank..."

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward I Longshanks Reign: 16 November 1272 – 7 July 1307 Coronation: 19 August 1274 Predecessor : Henry III Successor: Edward II Spouse: Eleanor of C...

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Henry III of England MP 100 (1207 - 1272)

"Henry of Winchester"

a short summary from Wikipedia: Henry III Reign: 19 October 1216 – 16 November 1272 Coronation: 28 October 1216, Gloucester 17 May 1220, Westminster Abbey Predecessor: John Successor...

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Svend I Haraldsen «Forkbeard» Tveskæg MP 100 (960 - 1014)

"Sweyn I Forkbeard", "Sweyn the Dane", "Swegen and Tuck", "Sveinn Tjúguskegg", "Svein Tjugeskjegg", "Sven Tveskägg", "Svend Tveskæg", "Svend Tjugeskæg", "Svend Tyvskæg", ""Tveskaeg""

Sweyn I Forkbeard Svend I Tveskæg Links: The Peerage Geneall Kings of Denmark Wikipedia: English Dansk

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Eadgar Æðeling, Uncrowned King of England MP (c.1051 - 1126)

"Edgar Atheling", "Eadgar Ætheling", "Edgar the Exile", "Atheling", "The /Atheling/", "Edgar the Outlaw"

Edgar or Eadgar Ætheling (c. 1051 – c. 1126) was the last male member of the royal house of Cerdic of Wessex (see House of Wessex family tree), the original ruling dynasty of England. He ...

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John Lackland, King of England MP 100 (1166 - 1216)

"Johan sanz Terre", "Lackland", "Softsword", "Jean sans Terre", "Sword of Lat", "Soft-sword", "Jean Sans Terre", "John Softsword", "John Lackland"

alternate birth location details Kings Manor House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England several sources also give his birth year as 1167 other possible death date ; 19 October 1216 ===================...

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Richard "the Lionheart", king of England MP 100 (1157 - 1199)

"Richard I "the Lion Hearted" King of England", "Ricardo I "Corazón de León"", "Richard d'Angleterre", "Richard the Lionheart", "Coeur De Lion", "Malek-Ric", "Malek al-Inkitar (King of England)", "Coeur de Lion or Richard the Lionheart", "King Richard I", "The Lion Heart..."

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Richard I (8 September 1157 – 6 April 1199) was King of England from 6 July 1189 until his death. He also ruled as Duke of Normandy (as Richard IV), Duk...

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Henry II "Curtmantle", king of England MP 100 (1133 - 1189)

"Henry", "Curtmantle", "Fitz-Empress", "Henry Planagenet", "Henry FitzEmpress or Henry Plantagenet", "Henry Pl...", "King Henry the second plantagenet King of England", "Henry Plantagener", "Henry Curtmantle", "Henry FitzEmpress", "Henry II", "King of England"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Pipe Rolls of Norfolk, during the reign of King Henry II, The Builder of Churches, 1154 - 1189. Read more: King of England reign 1154–1189 wi...

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Stephen I, King of England MP (c.1097 - 1154)

"Stephen of England", "Stephen de Blois", "Stephen of Blois"

Stephen of England Stefan av England Esteban de Blois Estêvão I de Inglaterra Étienne d'Angleterre Stephen often known as Stephen of Blois (c. 1096 – 25 October 11...

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Empress Matilda MP (1102 - 1167)

"Matilda", "Mathilda", "Mathilde", "Maud", "Adelheid", "Adelaide", "Alice", "Beauclerc", "Plantagenet", "Anjou", "Matilda of England", "Maude", "HR Empress Matilda of England and Queen of Germany", "Holy Roman Empress", "Queen of Germany", "Empress Matilda", "Lady of the English (disp..."

Empress MATILDA born Adelaide from Medlands 2. MATILDA (Winchester or London 1102-Abbaye de Notre-Dame des Près, near Rouen 10 Sep 1167, bur Abbaye du Bec, Normandy, later moved to Rouen C...

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Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England MP 100 (1068 - 1135)

"Hendrik I van Engeland"

Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England Called "Beauclerc because of his study habits (Beauclerc meaning well-learnt, scholarly, erudite) Il est aussi connu sous le nom de Henri Ier de Normandie, roi d...

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William II "Rufus", King of England MP (c.1056 - 1100)

"Rufus", "The Red", "William II of England", "William Rufus"

William 'Rufus' II of England Never married No children NOTE Do NOT mix with William Peverell who was NOT related to William Conqueror. From Medlands: GUILLAUME de Normandie ([1056/60]-ki...

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