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Stories about Norwegian immigrants to USA and other Norwegian stories.

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  • Ole Sivertsen, Severson (1864 - 1940)
    Ole Sivertsen født 21. 5.1864 Alta reiste til United States 17.4.1886. Marriage 1887 Calumet Houghton Michigan United States: Ole Severtsen born ca 1864 Norway and Emelia Johansen born ca 1868...
  • Emelia Hansina Johansdatter, Severson (1867 - 1949)
    Bildet :Emelie Severson,Ronald Johnson og May Roberts i 1947.
  • Col. George Sinclair (c.1587 - 1612)
    "In Chambers's Domestic Annals (vol. i. pp. 445-6), it is stated that in the Pass Kringelen there is a tablet with the following inscription: -- 'Here lies Colonel Sinclair, who with nine hundred Scots...
  • Johan Reinert Reiersen (1810 - 1864)
  • In this project one find stories about different people mostly in the US who immigrated from Norway. It is added stories from Norway and Norwegians abroad.
  • In the different profiles added to this project one find the stories about the specific person. Each person has his or her own story, and this story is unique for each and personal. The story tells us about what the person is known for in his lifetime.
  • Goldminers in Alaska born in Norway will be added to this project. - *Alaska, wikipedia - *Leonhard Seppala, wikipedia
  • Reindeerherders in Alaska 1894 and 1898 born in Norway will be added to this project. *polarlitteratur, samer
  • In "Profiles" one will find stories about Norwegian immigrants to US. Other stories about Norwegian will also be added to this project.


Shipwrecks along the Norwegian coast:

  • Shipwrecks in Norway *Kategori Vrak, dykkepedia
  • Site to search for shipwrecks *
  • "Akerendam" built 1724 in Netherlands, found 1972 near Rundø. (Captain) Nicolaas de Roy. *Rundeskatten, wikipedia
  • "Akerendam" *,Akerendam
  • Pietro Querini, Sandøy - Røst - Lofoten- Norway 1432 *Pietro Querini
  • "De Fiire Gode Frynde" a German ship, shipwreck 1777 Fugløy - Gildeskål- Norway. From Archangelsk to Hamburg. (Kaptein) Joost Albers, Germany. (Styrman) Johan Friderich Koopman, (passenger) Jochum White, (tømmermann) Jacob Dieks (from Olland), (båtsmann) Martin Boust (from Stetin), (kokk) Wilhelm Vey (from Wasunge), (kipper) Jochim Sommer (from Hamburg), Gerhardt Niclas Scomacher (from Hamburg), Hans Christian Hansen (from Hamburg), Claus Sietman (from Kuxhaven), Johan Forsman (from Gothenborg).

Immigration from Norway to Canada:

Immigrants from Norway to USA:

The reindeerproject in Alaska 1894 and 1898 (reindeerherders) and goldmining in Nome:

The people who emigrated from Finnmark in Norway to Alaska in USA 1894: Aslak Somby,Berit Somby, Fredrik Larsen, Per Aslaksen Rist, Berit Anne Andersdatter Spein, Marit Persdatter Spein, Inger Persdatter Spein, Johan Svendsen Tornensis, Marit Grete Salamonsdatter Näkäläjärvi,Berit Johanadatter Tornensis, Mikkel Josefsen Nâkkälä, Berit Anne Klemetsdatter Hætta, Samuel Johnsen Kemi, Kirsten Persdatter Bals, Samuel Samuelsen Kemi, Karen Samuelsdatter Kemi, Mathis Aslaksen Eira, Berit Johnsdatter Hætta, Aslak Mathisen Eira,

The people who emigrated with the s/s "Manitoban" from Alta in Finnmark in Norway to Alaska in USA 1898 "Manitoban expedition": Jafet Lindeberg (1873-1962), Anders Aslaksen Bær (Andrew Bahr) (1871), Nils Sara, Isak Tornensis, Jacob Hætta, Lars Larsen Hætta, Otto Greiner (1871-1953), A. Klemetsen Biti, John Eriksen Eira, Per Mathisen Spein, Aslak Larsen Bals, Per Larsen Anti, Hans Samuelson, Per Josefsen Porsanger, Nils Klemetsn, Ole Olesen Bær, Karl Johan Sakariasen (1875), Ole Krogh, Jeremias Abrahamsen, Rolf Wiig, Th Kjeldsberg, Alfred Hermansen, Ole Rapp, Erik Wilhelm Basi (1869), Karl O. Suhr, Ole G. Berg, Magnus Kjeldsberg, Ole Johnsen Stensfjeld, Hilmar Hansen, John M. Johansen, Lauritz E. Larsen, Isak Andersen Bongo, Beret Eira, Ida J. Hætta, Sofie Andersen, Marit Persdatter Biti, Per Andersen, Samuel J. Balto, Otto M. Leinan, Anders Balto, Johan Peter Persen Rista, Aslak Aslaksen Gaup, Amund Hansen, Ole Olesen, Johan Petter Johanesen Nango, Peder Johanesen, Samuel Josefsen, Anders Johnsen, Ivar Persen West, Johannes Aslaksen Rauna, Johan Olsen Pulk, Lars Larsen Anti, Ole Johannesen Pulk, Lauritz Stefansen (ca 1877), Peder Berg,O. Paulsen, Johan Andersen, Mathis Klemetsen, Ole Klemetsen Hætta, Alfred Nilima, Nils Persen Bals, Anders Persen Utzi, Klemet Nilsen, J. P. Johanesen Stalogargo, Per Johannesen Hætta, Per Nilsen Siri, Klemet Persen Boine, Hans Andersen Siri, Emil Kjeldsberg, Johan I. Tornensis, Isak J. Hætta. The leader: William Alexius Kjellmann (1861 Talvik).

Indigenous peoples of the Americas:

Svalbard / Spitsbergen:

Whaling by the Netherlenders on Vardø island and on Sørøya, Finnmark, Norway:

  • Whalestation at Skagen on Vardø island, Finnmark ca. 1550 to 1600. This whalestation was the main workplace.
  • Whalestation at Hollenderbakken, Hasvik, Sørøya, Finnmark ca. 1550 to 1600. This whalestation was the livingplace for the whaleworkers. It is 20 site of houses from the whaling-time.

Goldmining in Finnmark 1898:

  • In Tana-river, Sargejokka, 11 mil (110 km) from Karasjok, 40 persons from Norway. 4 of them was Hans Larssen - from Leirbotn near Alta, Ole B. Karlsen - from Leirbotn, Jens Arild - Leirbotn and Karesius Jonasen - Leirbotn. The boss for this company had been in Alaska for goldmining about 1896.

Missionaring in sameland (North Norway):

Roald Amundsen, exploring of polar regions:

Kon Tiki expedition 1947:


Illerup Ådal, Danmark: arkeologi

  • Det var et stort slag i Illerup Ådal, Jylland, ca år 200 etter Kristus. Deler av hær var fra Norge.
  • Illerup Ådal, wikipedia

Battle of Kringen 1612.

Norwegian migration to New Zealand 1872