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  • Early and Notable Families of Charlestown, Massachusetts 1629-1818

    Early History of Charlestown Thomas Walford and his wife Jane Walford (Guy) were the original English settlers of Mishawaum (later Charlestown); they settled there in 1624. They were given a grant by Sir Robert Gorges, with whom they had settled at Wessagusset (Weymouth) in September 1623. John Endicott, first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, had sent William, Richard and Ralph Sprague t...

  • Jews of Vermont

    Vermont Jewish History Who was the first Jew in Vermont? Jacob Rader Marcus "The careful historian soon comes to the unfailing rule that no Jew is ever the first Jew in any town: there is always one who had been there before him. " However, Myron Samuelson lists the name Samson Simson first in his discussion of speculators in the lands of the Hampshire Grants in the 1760s. Simson and Myer...