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  • Cornish Miners

    This project will gather information about Cornishmen who mined metals and minerals like copper, kaolinite, and tin. Young Cornishwomen who worked at the mine surface may be added to the Bal Maidens project. Featured Profiles William Carbines 1893–1912 Second Class Passenger on the RMS Titanic Richard Trevithick 1771–1833 Developer of the First High-Pressure Steam Engine ...

  • Cornish in Colorado

    This project will gather information about people who were born in Cornwall and who died in Colorado. Cornwall is one of the Celtic nations. Many Cornish people came to Colorado during the mining boom. They were called "Cousin Jack" or "Cousin Jenny". Featured Profiles Levinia Champion 1837–1912 Subject of the Book No Wealth for Levinia John Johns 1839–1876 Killed in the N...

  • Historical Cornwall

    Historical Cornwall History of the County of Cornwall - England Please join the project and add information if you can. Contributions welcome - but please do not copy and paste Wiki!! The purpose of this project is to give a historical background to Cornwall, to provide information about those individuals of Historic importance linked to the county and to add links to any profiles o...

  • Cornish People

    Projects Cornwall Bal Maidens Cornish Miners Cornwall - Family Heads Cornwall - Famous People Historical Cornwall America Cornish in Colorado Notable Cornish Americans Australia Cornish settlement in Australia Notable Cornish Australians

  • Notable Cornish Pitcairn Islanders

    C Betty Christian Brenda Christian Gerard Christian 1870–1919 Ivan Christian 1919–1991 John Lorenzo Christian 1895–1984 Tom Christian 1935–2013 Warren Clive Christian 1914–2003 M Matthew Edmond McCoy 1868–1929 Q Arthur Quintal I Arthur Quintal II 1816–1902

  • Notable Cornish New Zealanders

    B Hector Bolitho 1897–1974 Henry Braddon 1863–1955 C William Colenso 1811–1899 T Edward Robert Tregear 1846–1931 W George Marsden Waterhouse 1824–1906 Wikipedia New Zealand people of Cornish descent

  • Notable Cornish Australians

    B Thomas Blamey 1884–1951 John Langdon Bonython 1848–1939 John Langdon Bonython 1905–1992 John Lavington Bonython 1875–1960 Edward Braddon Henry Braddon 1863–1955 C Joseph Edmund Carne 1855–1922 Benjamin Carvosso 1789–1854 D Don Dunstan 1926–1999 E John Earle 1865–1932 F John Pascoe Fa...

  • Notable Cornish Canadians

    G Wilfred Grenfell 1865–1940 L Arthur Lobb 1871–1928 R Robert Terrill Rundle 1811–1896 Y James Yeo 1789–1868 John Yeo 1837–1924 Wikipedia Cornish Canadian Canadian people of Cornish descent

  • Notable Cornish Americans

    C John Marshall Clemens 1798–1847 F Edie Falco G George St. Leger Grenfell 1808–1868 Edward Burd Grubb, Jr. 1841–1913 Edward Burd Grubb, Sr. 1810–1867 Henry Bates Grubb 1774–1823 Ignatius Cooper Grubb 1841–1927 Margaret Grubb 1907–1963 Nathaniel Grubb 1693–1760

  • No Wealth for Levinia

    Levinia Perry arrived in Mountain City, Colorado Territory, from Cornwall, England, on September 21, 1863. The day she stepped off the stagecoach, she married her sweetheart Hugh Champion, who had waited for her for two long years. This book, authored by her granddaughter Amy Hoskin Hill and adapted by the author's grandson Dennis Mayfield, tells the true story of Levinia's struggles in the m...