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  • Historic Buildings of Cumberland, England

    Historic Buildings of Cumberland England Today Cumbria, ...(embracing Westmorland and parts of Lancashire) See Historic Buildings of Britain and Ireland - Main Page Image right - Holker Hall

  • People Connected to Cumberland

    People Connected to Cumberland Historic County of England See also Cumberland - Main Page Cumberland Genealogical Resources Historic Buildings of Cumberland Cumberland Cumbria Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries & Graveyards HELP is always welcome - Please get involved!!

  • Cumberland - Famous People

    Famous People Connected to Cumberland Image right - Sir William Henry Bragg Please add information about people of renown connected to the former county of Cumberland, England. If the person has a profile on Geni please add their profile to the project and add the link in bold . To participate in any project - you do need to first be a collaborator - so please join the project using t...

  • Cumberland - Main Page

    Related Projects People Connected to Cumberland Cumberland Famous People Cumberland Genealogical Resources Historical Cumberland Historic Buildings of Cumberland Cumberland Cumbria Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries & Graveyards

  • Historical Cumberland

    Historical Cumberland History of the County of Cumberland - England Please join the project and add information if you can. Contributions welcome - but please do not copy and paste Wiki!! The purpose of this project is to give a historical background to Cumberland, to provide information about those individuals of Historic importance linked to the county and to add links to any prof...

  • ENGLAND, United Kingdom - Place Projects

    ENGLAND, United Kingdom - Place Projects This is a sub-project of International Places Project Index Every person is born somewhere, marries, lives, works and dies somewhere. Places are a key component to family history research. This project aims to be the starting point in your search for a place in ENGLAND on Geni to discover more about your ancestors. If a place you are looking for in E...