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  • DNA Primer - A portal for genetic genealogy

    Genetic genealogy is a hot topic, but many people are put off by the learning curve. This is a place to get answers to your questions. This project is sponsored by Geni's curators to provide a very brief introduction to the complex field of genetic genealogy. There are three sub-projects: yDNA Haplogroups for paternal tests mtDNA Haplogroups for maternal tests DNA Testing for more i...

  • International Projects Index

    International Projects International Help Portal Civil Registry and Church Records around the World Wonders of the World Ode to Joy - Anthem / European Union Listen to 10 Top Anthems 
1- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 2- Republic of South Africa
 3- French Republic 
4- United States of America 
5- United Kingdom of Great Britain...

  • Norgesprosjektet DNA FTDNA

    Nå har samarbeid med FTDNA om DNA-testing for slektsgranskere . Tester kan bestilles her om du ikke allerede har testet. Mål Dette prosjektet samler i utgangspunktet ikke profiler, men skal være en portal for å vise til andre prosjekter for haplogrupper, finne informasjon og lenke til de riktige nettsidene. Målene til Norgesprosjektet er todelt,...

  • G-U1 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup G2a3b1a1 (U1) and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants. Defining Mutations U1 G2a3b1a men will be positive for other genetic markers: G (M201), about 17,000 years ago G2 (P287), about 15,000 years ago G2a (P15), about ...

  • Jamaica Family DNA

    "No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place." -- Maya Angelou Geni Subgroups Resources Dowie DNA -Genetic Genealogy Explained Jamaica DNA Project recommends the 67-marker test.