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  • First Ancestor to Immigrate to U.S.A.

    Purpose A project intended to list ancestors that were the first to immigrate to the United States of America. Many managers place a profile picture similar to the one on the right on their ancestor that emigrated from another country and arrived in U.S.A to build a new life. This project creates a data base of those pioneers. Links History of Immigration to the United States

  • Emigrants from Åland Islands

    List of persons from Åland islands that moved out before 1920 to Sweden, USA, Australia, Finland, Canada or unknown places. Looking forward to get in contact with the desendants of thise persons. Om ni vet om någon peson som emigrerade från Åland så är ni välkomna att ansluta personen till detta projekt. Åland Islands Emigrant Instit...

  • Caribbean Migration To and From U.S. Prior to 1900

    This project covers Caribbean peoples migrating to and from the United Colonies (U.C.)/ United States (U.S.), prior to 1900. Starting about 1500. A time-line of Latin America Arrivals in Caribbean from Europe Jews from Spain, Portugal, Holland, and Britain See Albion's Seed project Scottish and Irish prisoners and indentured servants Cromwell's fleet arrived in Jamaica,1654-55...