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  • Crime and Punishment - Portal

    This is a global portal page similar to the Occupations Portal , with two seperate lists, Crime and Punishment.When we work in migration areas, often the occupation, place born and in many cases in Australia the crime and punishment. At this stage it would be desirable to record all of this in lists, which projects provide for us. Combined with the interactive project The History Link we can se...

  • Environmentalists

    Environmentalists support the goals of the environmental movement, "a political and ethical movement that seeks to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment through changes to environmentally harmful human activities". Environmentalists engaged in or believes in the philosophy of environmentalism. External Links Environmental History Timeline 12 Environmentalists You Sh...

  • Geni's Global Plaza

    Welcome to Geni's Global Plaza pick your table and read through this special menu full of Global ingredients from all over the Big Geni World Tree Bon Appetit! Connecting to the Big Tree The goal of Geni is to create a single, accurate family tree that connects all members, with no duplicates. project manager: Erica Howton

  • World War One - The last Veterans (global)

    World War One - the last veterans This is a list of the last surviving World War I veterans by country. The total number of participating personnel is estimated by the Encyclopædia Britannica at 65,038,810. There were approximately 9,750,103 military deaths during the conflict. Veterans, for this purpose, are defined as people who were members of the armed forces of one of the comb...