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  • Jesus of Nazareth - Speculative Genealogy

    This project is to collect together the profiles speculated to be part of the genealogy of Jesus, which lack the minimum source proof typically required by genealogists. Please do not create relationship links to Jesus's profile on the world tree.

  • Jesus Ancestors

    This is a working project intended to help coordinate discussions about cleaning up the ancestry of Jesus of Nazareth on Geni. How to Participate You can participate by following the project and contributing to the discussions. Please note that theological disputes are "off topic". Documenting Different Theories Please remember that theories are not facts. There are dozens of theories a...

  • Herod & the Hasmoneans in the time of the biblical Jesus

    I'm trying to trace the degree of interconnection that occurs in the biblical genealogies across the Rome-Jerusalem-Alexandria axis at the time of the inception of Christianity. This is something of a personal sketch-pad for an aspect of my PhD on the 'Name of the Father' so it's not a show-case project. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in help researching or analyzing. Sharon Doubell Mar...