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  • Jewish Community of Brody

    A city, where wisdom and wealth, Torah and understanding, commerce and faith are united Nachman Krochmal , in a letter to Isaac Erter 1961 Please add your ancestors or heroes from Brody to the project. You can do so by "following" the project first, then "add a profile to project" from the "more actions" menu. 'In celebration of the town of Brody, Austria , present day Ukraine , and...


    KATZ SURNAME Katz-geni-profiles Katz Surname DNA Research Group FamilyTree DNA Katz Surname Wikipedia Katz Name Katz is a common German surname. It is also one of the oldest and most common Ashkenazi Jewish surnames. THE OLDEST SURNAME IN WORLD IS KATZ (INITIALS OF THE TWO WORDS KOHEN TSEDEK). EVERY KATZ IS A PRIEST DESCENDING IN AN UNBROKEN LINE FROM AARON THE B...

  • Jaffe Rabbinical Family Tree

    Lineage of the Jaffe Rabbinical Family - Levush Malkhut Levush Ateret Zahav Levush Ohr Yekarot   Levush HaOra JAFFE RABBINICAL FAMILY Profiles on Geni 1. Aaron Jaffe of Uman (1568-1652) - Rabbi at Uman, escaped Cossack uprising (1648) to Glusk. 2. Abraham Abba ben Israel Jaffe - Rabbi at Ponevezh, author of 'Sfatayim' & 'Bet Yisrael'