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  • Vrbanj, Hvar - Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija

    Vrbanj was recorded as an existing, long established settlement in the 1331 statute of the Hvar Commune. The statute mentions a "Fons Varba", so it is possible that this is the origin of the settlements name. In the document, written in Latin by Gabriel Gazzarus "canonicus pharensis", which recorded the benediction of the church of St Nikola, built at the highest point above Starigrad, ( crkv...

  • Hvar - Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija

    First census in Hvar 1673 (*1) ALFIERI Luka 6. ANGELINI Gabrijel 6, Jelena 4. ANTIGO Ivan 3. BALETTA karmerlengo 3. BARBARIĆ Jerolim 4, Kata 2. BARBIS Glorija 2. BARIŠIĆ Frane 5, Nikola 4. BENEDETTI Marieta 3. BERSILAVIĆ Ivan 3. BERTO Nikola 9.

  • Stari Grad, Hvar - Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija

    History Stari Grad (Pharia) is the oldest settlement on the island, and was founded by Greeks from the island Paros in the Aegean around 385 BC. In 219 BC, the Roman consuls Paulus and Marcus Livius defeated the locals, who were henceforth subservient to Rome. In the 7th century, after the fall of Solin (Salona), the capital of the province of Dalmatia, it seems that its people sought refuge ...

  • otok Hvar

    Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija / Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje Hvar is part of Split-Dalmatia County in Dalmatia, Croatia. The island has four municipalities (općina), namely Hvar (city) (pop 4138), Stari Grad (pop 2,817), Jelsa (pop 3,656) and Sućuraj (pop 492). Population figures as of 2001.[2] Hvar (city) is the ...