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  • Pioneers of Canada - Quebec

    Pioneers of Canada - Quebec Pictured right: Victor Begin was the only French Canadian officer serving in the NorthWest Mounted Police. and he had been with them for 15 years. If you would like to know a bit more, please consult the Skagway Historical Society which has posted a brief biography of Joseph Victor Begin. History: From New France to Confederation French colonization started w...

  • Québec, Canada

    This project is to explore the families and people who lived in the Province of Quebec, Canada. Directory of Locations in Québec (including naming convention and list of all projects associated with cities in Québec) Sources: Census: Federal (see Canada) census records are available for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911. They can be accessed online at familysearch....

  • Members of the Canadian House of Commons from Québec

    This is the sub-project for all Canadians with a district in Québec, who have or currently hold the position of MP (Member of Parliament) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All members of this sub-project should be added to the master project as well.

  • Canadian Senators from Québec

    This is the master project for all Canadians, who have or currently hold the position of Senator from Québec in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All Canadian Senators are able to serve up and till the day that they turn 75, at which point they have to retire. They can retire from the job at any time before their 75th birthday.All members of the sub-projects should be added to this project as well.

  • Rebellions of 1837 - Lower Canada

    The Lower Canada Rebellion (French: La rébellion du Bas-Canada), commonly referred to as the Patriots' War (French: la Guerre des patriotes) by Quebecers, is the name given to the armed conflict in 1837-38 between the rebels of Lower Canada (now Quebec) and the British colonial power of that province. Together with the simultaneous Upper Canada Rebellion in the neighbouring colony of Upp...

  • Portail français

    Bienvenue sur le portail français de Geni ! For an introduction in English, please go to the International French Portal . Objectif L’objectif du portail se résume en quatre points… Faciliter la coopération entre francophones dans la recherche généalogique L’amorce de nouveaux projets communs qui concernent la communaut...

  • Catholic Clergy in Québec

    Introduction Préambule Introduction Le projet « Clergé Catholique du Québec » réassemble les membres du clergé catholique de la province de Québec, depuis la découverte du Canada par Jacques Cartier jusqu'à nos jours. Méthode Methodology La méthode est très simple : Dans ce répertoire, les ...