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  • R1a-L260 (R-L260) (Y-DNA)

    R1a-L260 (R-L260) – West Slavic This project includes people who belonged to Y-DNA subclade R1a-L260 (R-L260), which is "clearly West Slavic," with a peak of frequency in Poland (particularly southern Poland), the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is commonly known as the West Slavic branch of R1a. It is the most distinctly Polish Y-DNA subclade and is far more common in Poland than anyw...

  • R-M17 (Y-DNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all people with the genetic marker M17 . This marker defines the y-DNA haplogroup currently designated R1a1a . Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades of R R - R-M207/UTY2 R1a1a - R-M17 R1a1a1 - R-L448 R1a1a1h - R-L176.1/S179.1 Fa...