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  • South Africa - Profile Guidelines

    Conventions for Profile Management on the South African branch of the "World Family Tree" (WFT) The Naming Conventions outlined in this project, with the supporting documents and images, are currently in format (ver 3-2) . These are in line with: Coalition for the Standardization of GENi Naming Conventions Naming Conventions Wiki They follow the method suggested by GENi head - Noah ...

  • Williams Family of Jamaica

    (This project is to research and find out more about the Williams and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. This project is associated with the Jamaica "Out Of many, One People" master project.) All Williams from the West Indies are encouraged to participate in this Project, your input is welcome. also Adding your family Son or descendant of Guillemin, a pet form of Gu...

  • Grande famiglia Ferrari

    Ferrari Family Global project page Per tutti quelli di cognome Ferrari, ed i loro parenti più stretti. For all people named Ferrari, and their close relatives. Per ritrovarsi. conoscersi, condividere le proprie origini genealogiche e la propria vita. To find and share Ferrari genealogy and get to know distant relatives around the world. [ ]

  • Jamaican Surnames

    JAMAICAN SURNAMES ARE HERE History, Family, etc Collaborators with knowledge on the origin of Jamaica surnames, especially of those who migrated from other countries to Jamaica, Join and share. Subgroups Jamaica - Lost Traces Jamaica Graves Famous Jamaicans Irish in Jamaica Petticoat Rebellion Jamaican Planters Jamaica Family DNA Jamaica Sports Links