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  • Members of the Canadian House of Commons from Yukon

    This is the sub-project for all Canadians with a district in Yukon, who have or currently hold the position of MP (Member of Parliament) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All members of this sub-project should be added to the master project as well.

  • Canadian Senators from Yukon

    This is the master project for all Canadians, who have or currently hold the position of Senator from Yukon in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All Canadian Senators are able to serve up and till the day that they turn 75, at which point they have to retire. They can retire from the job at any time before their 75th birthday.All members of the sub-projects should be added to this project as well.

  • Commissioners of Yukon

    This is a list of Yukon Commissioners from 1897 to the present. The Commissioner is appointed by the Government of Canada, but a Commissioner, in contrast to the Governor-General of Canada or the Lieutenants-Governor of the Canadian Provinces, is not a Viceroy and therefore Commissioners are not direct representatives of the Monarch in the territory. Commissioners (1897 to 1918) James Mor...

  • Premiers of Yukon

    The Canadian territory of Yukon has had a responsible government since 1978. In the 19th century, Yukon was a segment of the Hudson's Bay Company-administered North-Western Territory and then the Canadian-administered Northwest Territories. The territory only obtained a recognizable local government in 1895 when it became a separate district of the Northwest Territories. In 1898, Yukon was made...

  • Pioneers of Canada - Yukon

    Pioneers of Canada - Yukon History Aboriginal Settlement While it is one of the youngest parts of Canada in terms of European settlement, the Yukon (along with Alaska) is the oldest continuously inhabited part of North America. The earliest human inhabitants arrived via a land bridge across the Bering Strait from Asia. The date this occurred, however, is subject to considerable debate amo...

  • Members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly

    This project has been created to house all current and former members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Sources Official site Assemblée législative du Yukon, Wikipédia

  • Pioneers of Canada

    Pioneers of Canada This project will act as an umbrella project for all province's pioneers. The Settlement of Canada: An Overview By Ève Préfontaine North America was inhabited when Europeans first officially arrived in the 16th century. About 300,000 Aboriginal peoples were living in different areas of this vast territory at that time. The first inhabitants Abori...