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  • Gardeners: Architects, Designers and Landscapers

    Gardeners: architects, designers and landscapers This project is an extension of the "Gardeners: Horticulturists, Nurserymen and Agriculturists" project. Those listed here were people who were well known garden designers, architects and landscapers, although they may also have had other strings to their bows - gardeners, botanists etc. The aim is to in time have all profiles linked to a pro...

  • Architects

    Architects List of Architects An architect is a person trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. To practice architecture means to offer or render services in connection with the design and construction of a building, or group of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their principal purpose human occupancy o...

  • Famous architects

    Objective This project will lead you to the profiles about the world's greatest architects. List of Architects Wikipedia Architectural style Ancient World Imhotep (2650 BCE - 2600 BCE ) Considered to be the first architect, and engineer, and physician in early history. Old Masters Filippo Brunelleschi Michelangelo Giovanni Pisano Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) Vict...

  • Eesti arhitektid

    Siia projekti soovime Genist kokku koguda tuntumaid Eesti arhitekte läbi kõigi ajajärkude. Eesti arhitektide loend Vikipeedias Estonian architects

  • Historic Buildings of Berkshire, England

    Historic Buildings of Berkshire, England See Historic Buildings of Britain and Ireland - Main Page Image right - Windsor Castle HELP is always welcome!! If you have information about any of the Buildings mentioned below please share it here. If you have ancestors linked to any of the places please add them to the project. The object of this project is to provide information about ...