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  • Mogilev Region (Belarus)

    The Mogilev Region is a province (voblast) of Belarus with its administrative center being Mogilyov (Mahilyow).Important cities within the voblast' include: Mogilyov, Asipovichy, and Babruysk.

  • Beshenkovichi, Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus

    Documents pertaining to Beshenkovichi, Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus which was decimated by the NAZI's in 1942. The Road to Beshenkovichi Holocaust in Beshenkovichi

  • Notable Russian Jews - ידוענים יהודים ילידי רוסיה

    The Russian Empire at one time hosted the largest population of Jews in the world. Within these territories the Jewish community flourished and developed many of modern Judaism's most distinctive theological and cultural traditions. Jews have been present in contemporary Armenia and Georgia since the Babylonian captivity. Records exist from the 4th century showing that there were Armenian cit...

  • Stolin, Belarus

    This project seeks to increase cooperative research concerning past residents of the town of Stolin, Belarus (formerly part of the Russian and Polish Empires). Please join us and feel free to add any relatives who were born in or lived in Stolin to the project. For more information on Stolin, visit ------------------------------------- Karlin-Stolin Chasidim ...

  • Jewish Communities of the Borisov District, Belarus

    This is an umbrella project, listing all of the sub-projects on Jews from towns in the Borisov uezd (county) of the Minsk District of Belarus. Our goal is to set up a project page for each of the communities, and include links to families from those communities on the particular project page. For a good example of what can be done, see [ TBD ]. Shtetls of Belarus - Borisov JewishGen Bor...