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  • Fake Profiles

    Purpose NOTE: This project was formerly known by the name: "Fake and Pretend Profiles on :) For the purposes of this project, " fake profiles " are defined as profiles that are fictional characters. Examples are characters from cartoon, movies, books, video games, TV, corporate advertising or other media. This project also includes profiles created by real users claiming to be fi...

  • Geni as Illusion?

    This Project sheds light on who we are as a civilization. It illuminates the world tree on where some profiles in it are fictional. The persons' names are added to profiles in the tree. When we also read the links Connected to this Project one will get a meaningful Learning. Contents: 1. Geni as Illusion ? 2. Fictional profiles 3. Profiles without written Sources 4. How to ...

  • Fictional Genealogy

    Many invented and fictional people have been inserted into genealogical collections, generally as part of an attempt to fill in the blanks, but also to connect cultures and justify claims to an ancient history. Profiles for invented and fictional people often become battleground among genealogists. Purpose This project collects and identifies people for whom no...

  • Provenance and Images

    To investigate and cleanup images which may or may not actually depict the purported subject. © © 1909 : Jan Pieter VETH ‧ 1864-1925 ‧ kunst-schilder ‧ & ‧ © year : Tom HAARTSEN ‧ w:Ouderkerk a/d Amstel -NLD ‧ fotograaf ‧ || ‧ Coll.ABN‧AMRO ‧ Hist.Archief A'dam ‧ eigendom onbekend ‧ prov...

  • Gustav Anjou, Fraudulent Genealogist

    This project documents lineages where information is circulating that was taken from the work of Gustav Anjou (1863-1952), sometimes spelled Gustave Anjou, an infamous genealogical inventor whose meticulous but fraudulent research influenced the family "histories" of many prominent American families in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Add profiles to this project if you know that the p...

  • Imposters

    Imposters An impostor (also spelled imposter) is a person who pretends to be somebody else, often to try to gain financial or social advantages through social engineering, but just as often for purposes of espionage or law enforcement. Aim of this project The aim of this project is to create a collection of profiles of all international imposters , feel free to add names and profiles to t...

  • Harry Potter Tree {Fictional}

    Description: This is a sub-project of the FAKE Profiles. The main goal is to merge all of the Harry Potter profiles & maintain them, while keeping this tree DISCONNECTED from real profiles Main Harry Potter Tree: Link to Main Tree Note to those wanting to manage these profiles You are most welcome to come & help us keep them accurate & prevent them getting smerged into other tre...

  • Renaissance Kingdoms

    Fake trees made for the Roleplaying game Renaissance Kingdoms. Should not be connected to the big tree (even though we use historic names on occassion). The game is set in the end of the 1450s, so the profiles are all pre-1460.

  • Tolkien's legendarium

    The aim of this project is to merge all duplicate profiles of Tolkien characters, keep the trees as accurate as possible, and keep them DISCONNECTED from fan-fiction characters and real people. It is a sub-project of the "fake profiles" project.