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  • Creole families of New Orleans

    From Louisiana Creole people . As a group, the mixed-race Creoles rapidly began to acquire education, skills (many in New Orleans worked as craftsmen and artisans), businesses and property. They were overwhelmingly Catholic, spoke Colonial French (although some also spoke Louisiana Creole), and kept up many French social customs, modified by other parts of their ancestry and Louisiana culture...

  • Jazz Greats

    Jazz Greats - Discussion for the Jazz greats of yesterday. The Jazz Greats The Roots of R&B Female Lucille Dixon Robertson Sarah Vaughan Dinah Washington Ella Fitzgerald Anita O'Day Nellie Lutcher Janet Brace Polly Bergen Peggy Lee Jean TV Mama

  • Norwegian Jazz

    Norwegian Jazz Background In recent years Norway has also become a major force in world jazz. Pioneers of Norwegian jazz include Jan Garbarek . His cool, almost ambient approach is typical of Norwegian jazz, although recently there have been moves to build bridges with electronica and post-rock. He, too, has linked jazz with traditional Norwegian music, as evidenced in his recording Rosenfo...