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  • Canadian Mayors

    This is the master project for all of the projects that are created to keep track of the Mayors in Canadian cities or towns.

  • Mayors of Montréal, Québec

    This is a list of mayors of Montreal, Quebec, since the city was incorporated in 1832.==List of Mayors==* Jacques Viger (June 5, 1833 – 1836)* Peter McGill (born Peter McCutcheon) (1840–1842)* Joseph Bourret (1st term) (1842–1844)* James Ferrier (1844–1846)* John Easton Mills (1846–1847)* Joseph Bourret (2nd term) (1847–1849)* Édouard-Raymond Fab...

  • Mayors of Ottawa, Ontario

    This is a list of the mayors of the City of Ottawa , Ontario, Canada. Until 1854, Ottawa was known as Bytown. Over the course of Ottawa's history, the borders of the municipality have greatly expanded through annexations. This most recently occurred in 2001 when a number of neighbouring communities were amalgamated with Ottawa, resulting in a new legal entity that took the name of one of its mu...

  • Burgemeesters in GELDERLAND nl.

    NLD: Politiek ‧ Bestuur ‧ Rechtspraak BURGEMEESTERS in Gelderland ‧ Nederland ‧ Voor Nederlandse burgemeesters van andere provincie zoekt u in Burgemeesters IN • Groningen nl. • Friesland • t Drenthe • Overijssel • FLEVOLAND nl. • Gelderland • Utrecht • Noord-Holland • Zuid-Holland • Zeel...

  • Mayors of Edmonton, Alberta

    This is a list of mayors of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Prior to September 1, 1905, Edmonton was in the Northwest Territories, and prior to 1904, Edmonton was a town. Matthew McCauley (10 February 1892 to 14 January 1895) Herbert Charles Wilson (14 January 1895 to 6 October 1896) Cornelius Gallagher (27 October 1896 to 14 December 1896) John Alexander McDougall (1st time) (14 December ...

  • Mayors of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

    This project will list all the mayors of the city of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. 55 T. Roy Adams

  • Mayors of Calgary, Alberta

    This a list of all of the mayors of Calgary, Alberta, Canada starting with its formation as a town on December 4, 1884. George Murdoch (4 December 1884 to 21 October 1886) George Clift King (4 November 1886 to 16 January 1888) Arthur Edwin Shelton (16 January 1888 to 21 January 1889) Daniel Webster Marsh (21 January 1889 to 20 January 1890) James Delamere Lafferty (20 January 1890 t...

  • Tallinna juhid - Stadthaupter von Tallinn/ Reval (Eesti)

    Siin grupis on kõik isikud, kes on juhtinud Tallinna linna an dieser Gruppe bestehen allen Stadthaupter von Tallinn (ehemalige Reval) Gouverneur von Reval Bürgermeister Stadthaupt Tallinna TSN Täitevkomitee esimees Linnapea