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  • Art Collectors

    Art collecting was common among the wealthy in the Ancient World in both Europe and East Asia, and in the Middle Ages, but developed in its modern form during the Renaissance and continues to the present day. This project is to showcase the showcasers. Please add your profiles: must be set to public. Project collaborators, please feel free to update the project page, add resources, documents,...

  • National Baseball Hall of Fame inductees

    The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is an American history museum and hall of fame, located at 25 Main Street in Cooperstown, New York, operated by private interests serving as the central point for the study of the history of baseball in the United States and beyond, the display of baseball-related artifacts and exhibits, and the honoring of persons who have excelled in playing, mana...

  • Contemporary artists

    For modern artists prior to World War II, please see Modern artists . For all artists prior to the 19th century, please see: Old Masters . Contemporary artists are artists that have produced art in painting, film, photography, sculpture, and other visual media from World War II to the present. List of notable contemporary artists Ansel Adams (1902 - 1984) Francis Bacon (1909 - 1992) ...

  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

    The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum identifies and preserves the evolving history and traditions of country music and educates its audiences. Functioning as a local history museum and as an international arts organization, the CMF, located at 222 Fifth Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, serves visiting and non-visiting audiences including fans, students, scholars, member...

  • Museum Bredius ‧ 's-Gravenhage ‧ Nederland

    Collectie Museum Bredius ‧ 's-Gravenhage ‧ —A— Hendrick AERTS ‧ c.1570-1603 ‧ w:1602 Stockholm ‧ ☰ ‧ Jacopo AMIGONI ‧ Napels 1682-1752 Madrid ‧ Philips ANGEL ‧ Middelburg? 1616 | 1639-Haarlem-1644 | 1662-1683 Middelburg ‧ ☰] ‧ ANONYMOUS ‧ ‧ Aniello ASCIONE ‧...

  • Small Jewish Historical Museums, Synagogues and Other Sites in the Czech Republic

    Purpose: To highlight lesser known Jewish historical sites and projects in the Czech Republic. Mountain Synagogue in Hartmanice : Since 1883, it has been a house of prayer for more than 200 citizens of Jewish faith, later a carpenter’s workshop, and even a warehouse for used truck tires... Now, after almost 70 years without dignity, the Hartmanice Memorial Association has reopened the ...

  • Museum de Lakenhal - Leiden

    Museum de Lakenhal - Leiden Museum de Lakenhal bezit een groot aantal voorwerpen die te maken hebben met de geschiedenis van de stad Leiden, of voorwerpen die gerelateerd zijn aan de stad, bijvoorbeeld schilderijen die geschilderd zijn door Leidse schilders. Zo is één van de pronkstukken van het museum een historisch tafereel geschilderd door Rembrandt van Rijn , de beroemde bro...

  • Old Masters

    The great painters from mid 13th century to mid 19th century For great painters from mid 19th Century - see: New and Modern Masters Incomplete list ( ONLY public profiles , please): • GOTHIC - INTERNATIONAL GOTHIC - PROTO-RENAISSANCE Cimabue (Cenni di Peppi) (1240-1302). Frescos in the Church of S. Francesco in Assisi . Duccio di Buoninsegna (c.1255-1319). Greates...

  • Stadsmuseum Harderwijk ◦ Gelderland ‧ NL

    Stadsmuseum Harderwijk ◦ Gelderland ‧ NL Koloniaal werfdepot 1815-1910 : vertrokken c.150.000 militairen vanuit Harderwijk naar het Oost-indische leger om het Nederlands gezag in Indië te handhaven. Zij werden in Harderwijk getraind in het vrm. Muntgebouw, vanaf 1844 'Koloniaal Werfdepot', Recruten waren 'gewone', maar ook gestrafte militairen, gevangenen, bedelaa...

  • the J. Paul GETTY Museum ‧ Los Angeles ‧ USA

    the J. Paul GETTY Museum ‧ Los Angeles ‧ USA history collection chronological p:portret French - Italian - Dutch - Spanisch - Swiss - German - English - Unknown Ⓘt © 1450-1500 p:Young Man p: Isabella of Portugal Ⓥl © c.1450 WEYDEN p: Man with a Pink Ⓥl © c.1500 SITTOW p: Young Man in Red Ⓘt © c.1505 Circle ...

  • the FREUD museum ◦ london

    FREUD museum ◦ london staff chronologisch Sigmund FREUD - etc. historisch alfabetisch etc.

  • Musée du Louvre ‧ Paris ‧ France

    Musée du Louvre ‧ Paris ‧ France Ⓥlemish 21x - Ⓢpanish 14x- Francisco de GOYA Y LUCIENTES The Countess del Carpio, Marquesa de La Solana 1794-95 Ⓕrench 81x - Jean-Antoine WATTEAU (Valenciennes 1684- Nogent/Marne, 1721 Eugène DELACROIX (Charenton-Saint-Maurice 1798 – Paris, 1863) Fouquet Poussin Le Brun...

  • National Gallery ‧ London ‧ England

    National Gallery ‧ London ‧ England since .... Collections Early Italian b.1500 Early Northern European Painters b.1500 Italian Painters 1500-1600 Italian-French-Spanish Painters 1600-1700 Holland and Flanders 1600-1700 Dutch & Flemish 1600-1700 Gerrit von HONTHORST : 1617 Utrecht - Christ before the High priest Rembrandt van RIJN : 1630 Leyden - Belshazzar...

  • Westfries Museum ‧ Hoorn ‧ Nederland

    Westfries Museum ‧ Hoorn ‧ Nederland

  • Stedelijk Museum ‧ Amsterdam

    Stedelijk Museum ‧ Amsterdam collection

  • Museum Het Prinsenhof Delft

    Museum Het Prinsenhof Delft NOU SJENNIE & SJORS, PLAKKEN MAAR ! En pas weer terugkomen als dit album helemaal VOL staat, ok? maar niet op de hoofdpagina, want die is voor de juffrouw, maar met linken en dokumenten, ok? Oh, jullie weten nog niet wat 'documenten' zijn? Ik zal de DIKKE van DAELE wel voor jullie uit de BIEB halen, ok?