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  • American Old West

    Designed to capture contributors and participants in America's expansion westward from the east coast. Including politicians, newsmen, explorers, founding fathers, frontiersmen, mountainmen, railroadmen, lawmen, outlaws, gunfighters, etc. Notable people of the American Old West Artists Frederic Remington - Artist who specialized in the American Old West Explorers Sacajawea , Sho...

  • Nevada Legislature

    The Nevada Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Nevada. The Legislature is a bicameral body, consisting of the lower house Nevada Assembly, with 42 members, and the upper house Nevada Senate, with 21 members. All 63 members of the Legislature are elected from an equal amount of constituent districts across the state. The Legislature is the third smallest bicameral state leg...

  • United States Senators from Nevada

    United States Senators from Nevada United States Senators from Nevada (U.S. Senate website): List of United States Senators from Nevada (with wikipedia links):

  • Nevada in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865

    This project is used to relate all units from Nevada who served in the Union Army.

  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-Southwest

    North American Tribes Southwest Includes the Following States Arizona | Nevada | New Mexico Includes the Following Native American Tribes Apache Awatobi Chemehuevi Coahuiltec Cocopa Comanche Havasupai Hopi Jemez Keresan Family Kiowa Kiowa Apache Lipan Manso Maricopa Mohave Navaho Paiute Papago Panamint Pecos Pima Pueblo Pinal Pueblos Coyotero Piro Pueblo Quahatika Shoshonean Fam...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Nevada

    Links Naming Conventions

  • Western Television Shows

    Televisions shows that depicted the Old West that ran approximately 1940-1975. The studio and network (NBC) were set on ending the Vriginian series, as evidenced by rivals CBS and ABC making demographic moves away from rural oriented shows (see "rural purge" for more information). The final episode aired on March 24, 1971 ending its 9-season run. Bonanza ended its 14 season run on January 16,...

  • Donner Party

    A project to document the Donner party and their rescuers. Feel free to join in and help. List of Donner party members: George Donner Elizabeth Graves James Reed Levinah Murphy Patrick Breen William McCutchen

  • Pony Express

    A project based around the history and genealogy of the people involved in the Pony Express, a relay mail service of riders on horses, established in 1860 between Missouri and California, through the Rocky Mountains. It became the west's most direct means of east-west communication before the telegraph and was vital for tying California closely with the Union just before the American Civil War....