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  • Geni's Project Concept Plaza

    Welcome fellow Geni’s to this Project Concept Plaza pick your table and read through this special menu full of Project Concept ingredients from project makers all over the Big Geni World Tree. Bon Apetit! For table reservations please contact the project manager (for Project makers ONLY!) : Dimitri Gazan

  • Pretty Projects

    Project Design Gallery Copy the various lines and dots, paste them into your project. Right-click on the images below and copy the image url. Paste it into your project edit field. Enclose the image url, minus http: in {{ image url }} gradient line vertical + drop shadow: gradient line horizontal + drop shadow spray strokes: accented edges:

  • Geni's Project Plaza

    Welcome to Geni's Project Plaza pick your table and read through this special menu full of Project ingredients from all over the Big Geni World Tree Bon Apetit! Geni project guidelines This project sets out advice on how to create an effective project, including information on layout, style, and how to make a project clear, precise and relevant to the reader. The following guideline...

  • CUZZIN - Project Index

    Project Aim To provide an Index list of projects relevant to South African users. Use the Related Projects In built GENI Site Index to provide a full Index of all South African Projects. To propose a Project Naming Structure to make searching easier and more efficient. To propose a Basic Project Structure so as to keep them clean and structured. TIP 1: Select Show All (next to R...

  • CUZZIN - Research Log

    South Africa's Research Log The purpose of this project is to: Log or register your areas of interest and research, so project initiators can target the relevant people to collaborate with. Bring people who have similar interests together. Identify projects that require help and areas that need researching. To list new ideas for projects. Stimulate interest in dormant projects. ...