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  • Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

    Bring your precious metal working ancestors on over to this project. Project collaborators, feel free to update the overview, especially the "notables" and "sources" sections. I hope from use of this project to see a human family history of working with gold and silver, through history and around the world. Profiles must be set to public. Goldsmiths from Wikipedia A goldsmith is a...

  • "All That Glitters..." MINING the world

    This is intended to be the Over-Arching Site Index of Geni projects about Mining across the world and across human history. America The California Gold Rush South Africa 'Diamonds & Dust; Gold & Ganja' - Mining South Africa Pilgrim's Rest History and Families of Kaapsehoop The Oppenheimers in SA British Isles the Bevin Boys Canada Fraser River British Columbia

  • Mining Idaho ~ The Gem State

    Gold Rush When gold in California began to peter out, miners sought gold in other places, including Colorado, Nevada, Montana … and Idaho. Idaho’s rugged mountains presented a real challenge to prospectors and travelers alike. Still, by 1860, a man named Elias Davidson Pierce asked the Nez Perce natives if he could prospect on their lands. They said no, so in true prospector tra...

  • Congressional Silver Medal

    Congressional Silver Medal A Congressional Silver Medal is an award bestowed by the United States Congress. They have been made in either non-portable (not designed to be worn) or decoration (designed to be worn) form. Congress has been authorizing gold medals since George Washington received the first one in 1776. Occasionally Congress will authorize a silver medal in conjunction with the ...