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van Deventer Family - Jan or John Pietersz van Deventer of New Amsterdam

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  • Gerald Floyd Vandeventer (1937 - 2006)
    Monday, August 7, 2006 Greene County Daily World Gerald F. Vandeventer, 68, of Bloomington, passed away at 5:03 p.m. on Aug. 3, 2006 at Bloomington Hospital. Born Oct. 5, 1937 in Greene County, h...
  • ----- van Deventer (deceased)
    The following have been used to add to and verify this Vandeventer Tree: "The Van Deventer Family" compiled by Chirstobelle Van Deventer and published in 1943 by E.W. StephensCompany, Columbia, Misso...
  • Christopher van Deventer (1731 - 1798)
  • Ira Van Deventer (1843 - d.)
  • John W Van Deventer (1858 - d.)

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The family research was fist gathered and printed in the 1940's

Van deveneter family -  by Cristobelle Van Deventer 1949  E. W. Stephens Co
Columbia, Mo 

and then by:

Paul J.. Vandeventer, Van Deventer Family 1550 - 1977, The, 1978 McClain Printing Co. Parsons, W. Va

Vandeventer Meaning: one who came from Deventer, in Holland

Name Variants:

Deventer, Devennter, Deventter, Deventers, Deventor, Deventere, Deventerre, Deventeres

Van Deventer, Van Devanter, Vandevender, Van Devander, Vanderventer, VanDeventer, Vandevanter, Vandevander, Vandeventer, Van De Venter

The orgin of the name -  was the locale of Deventer, Holland  -  Deventer is a municipality and city in the Salland region of the Dutch province of Overijssel. Deventer is largely situated on the east bank of the river IJssel, but also has a small part of its territory on the west bank.  more at: @

First found in Holland, where the name became noted for its many branches in the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied by the princes of the region.

The name was first recorded in Utrecht, a city and capital of the province of Utrecht. The ramparts of this ancient city were destroyed in 1830. The Domkerk (1254) is on the site of the original church of St.Willibrord in 720. In the crypt are the hearts of Conrad II (1039) and Henry V (1125) two German Emperors. The Museum is notable for its relics and artifacts. Its tumultuous history was strongly influenced by religious conflict. In their later history the surname became a power unto themselves and were elevated to the ranks of nobility as they grew into this most influential family.

Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants   were: 
  • Jan Pietersen VanDeventer, who arrived in New Netherland(s) in 1620-1664
  • Pieter Jansen VanDeventer, who landed in New Jersey in 1662
  • Pieter Jansen VanDeventer, who came to New Jersey in 1662
  • Jan VanDeventer, who came to New Jersey in 1662
  • Jan Pietersen VanDeventer, who arrived in New Netherland sometime between 1620 and 1664
  • Cornelius Vandeventer, who came to New York in 1776
  • Abraham Vandeventer, who arrived in New York in 1776
  • Wernard Vandeventer, who settled in 1854
  • C. VanDeventer, who came to Texas in 1881
  • C VanDeventer, who landed in Texas in 1881

Some noted people

  • Marie Van Deventer, Actress
  • Danny van Deventer, Cinematographer
  • Willis Van Deventer, Honorable - Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America
  • Jacob Louis Van Deventer "Sir Jaap"
  • Hendrik van Deventer - was breaking new ground with his work for the obstetrician and the midwife. This became the first work on obstetrics to be written in the Dutch language and was to have a considerable influence on the practice of obstetrics in the 18th century


First Generation

1. Peter Vandeventer-2208 was born before 1550. He died before 1574 in Deventer, Netherlands.

He had the following children:
  • +2 M i. Jan Peters Vandeventer-2209 was born about 1574 and died 1601.
  • +3 M ii. Herman Pieters Vandeventer-2207 was born about 156.
  • +4 F iii. Petertje Vandeventer-2212 was born after 1576.

Second Generation

2. Jan Peters Vandeventer-2209 (Peter) was born about 1574 in Deventer, Holland. He died 1601.

Jan married (MRIN:1060) Adriaentje Jans-2210, daughter of Jan Jansen Stoel Van Gile-2874 (MRIN:1354), on 1594. Adriaentje was born about 1576 in Utrecht. She died before 1653.
They had the following children:
  • 5 F i. Pietertje Jans Vandeventer-2211 died before 10 Apr 1655


3. Herman Pieters Vandeventer-2207 (Peter) was born about 156 in Deventer, Netherlands.

Herman married (MRIN:1058) Mayke Hermans-2218.

They had the following children:

  • +6 M i. Pieter Hemans Vandeventer-2219 was born about 1660.

4. Petertje Vandeventer-2212 (Peter) was born after 1576.

Petertje married (MRIN:1061) Elias Breck-2213.

They had the following children:

  • 7 F i. Peterken Breck-2214. Peterken married (MRIN:1062) Herman Gerrits-2216 on 4 May 1619.
  • 8 F ii. Willemke Breck-2215. Willemke married (MRIN:1063) Casper Van der Lippe-2217 on 9 May 1626.

Third Generation

6. Pieter Hemans Vandeventer-2219 (Herman Pieters, Peter) was born about 1660 in Twello, Gelderland Netherlands [Holland].

Pieter married (MRIN:1057) Fenneke or Josephine Hendricks-2220 on 2 May 1626. Fenneke was born in Weseke, Westphalia.

Pieter and Fenneke had the following children:

  • + 9 M i. Jan or JohnPietersz Vandeventer-2206 was christened 24 Apr 1627 and died about 1692.
  • 10 M ii. Dirck or RIchard Vandeventer-2221 was christened 16 Sep 1628 in Deventer, Overyssel, Holland.
  • 11 F iii. Merritge or Maria Vandeventer-2222 was christened 16 Sep 1628 in Deventer, Overyssel, Holland.
  • 12 M iv.Hendrick or Henry Vandeventer-2223 was christened 14 Aug 1631 in Deventer, Overyssell, Holland.

Fourth Generation

9. Jan or John Pietersz Vandeventer-2206 (Pieter Hemans, Herman Pieters, Peter) was christened 24 Apr 1627 in Deventer, Overyssel, Holland. He died about 1692 in New Utrecht, Long IslandNew Netherlands.

Jan married (MRIN:1056) Maria Hoogeboom-2224, daughter of Rochus Rutgers] Ardiaens Hoogeboom-2225 and Maria Willems van Odyck-2226 (MRIN:1064), on 1652 in Houten, Utrecht, Holland. Maria was born in Houten, Utrecht, Holland. She died before 1685 in New Utrecht.

They had the following children:

  • 13 M i. Pieter Jansen Vandeventer-2241 was christened 1653 in Bunnik, Utrecht, Holland. Pieter married (MRIN:1071) Mayke Christiaense van Doorn-2252, daughter of Christiaen van Doorn-2253 (MRIN:1077), on 22 Mar 1689 in Reformed Prorestant Church Dutch Church, Flatbush, Kings, New York.
  • 14 F ii. Adriaentje or Adriana Vandeventer-2242 was born 1656. Adriaentje married (MRIN:1355) William Hansen-2875.
  • 15 F iii. Marieken or Femmmetje Vandeventer-2243 was christened 4 Apr 1658 in Bunnik, Utrecht, Holland. Marieken married (MRIN:1072) Cornelis van Cleef-2245, son of Jan or John Pietersz van Cleef-2247 and Engeltie Petersen-2876 (MRIN:1075).
  • 16 M iv. Jacobus or James Vandeventer-2205 was christened 11 Mar 1663 in Reformed Dutch Church, Brooklyn, Long Island, , New York. He died before 1694.

Jacobus married (MRIN:1055) Femmetje Barents Ridder-2270, daughter of Barent or Bernard Joosten Ridder-2276 and Sytje or Cynthia Laurens-2277 (MRIN:1087), about 1687 in prob. New Uttrecht. Femmetje was christened 1642 in New Amsterdam.

  • 17 M v. Cornelius Vandeventer-2244 was christened 1665 in New Utrecht. Cornelius married (MRIN:1073) Antie or Anna Jans Van Thuyl-2263, daughter of Jan Otten Van Thuyl-2265 and Geertruydt Jans Van Gravenswaert-2264 (MRIN:1084), about 1694 in Reformed Dutch Church, New York, , New York. Antie was christened 7 Apr 1672 in Reformed Dutch Church, , , New York. She died about 3 Dec 1703.

WYNANT van Deventer

The last few years researchers have listed Wynant's family as listed below - there has been NO documentation provided for these as being the sons To date that I know of no will or estate has been found for Wynant.

Wynant Vandeventer m. ___. He was in Shelby co., Ky. on the first tax list as Winnett in 1792/5, 1797.

I find his name as Winnan in 1800-4, 1806, 1808 when spelled as Wyant and Winant. I did not continue the search of the microfilm as if was poor and black background with words in white making even more difficult to read.

The only evidence thus far is that they were all in the same areas of Kentucky 

and Indiana during their time periods.

the naming patterns of the children during the early generations of the the familes of for the sons listed ar the same; some of the families inter-married.

First Generation

1. Wynant Vandeventer-2202 was christened 23 Jan 1757 in Reformed Dutch Church New Brunswick, , New Jersey. He died about 1857 in , Somerset, North Carolina.

He had the following children:

  • +2 M i. Jacob Vandeventer-2410 was born c. 1792.
  • +3M ii. James William Vandeventer-2411 was born about 1793 and died about Oct 1882.
  • +4 M iii. John William Vandeventer-2412 was born about 1796.
  • +5 M iv. Josiah Vandeventer-2413 was born about 1795.

Second Generation

2 Jacob Vandeventer-2410 (Wynant) was born c. 1792.

Jacob married (MRIN:1143) Rebecca Miller-2417, daughter of George Miller-2404 (MRIN:1362), on 2 Sep 1814 in , Shelby, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  • 6 M i George Vandeventer-2889 was born about 1817. George married (MRIN:1366) Rebecca Miller-2897 on 26 Sep 1840 in , Anderson, Kentucky.
  • 7 M ii Absolum Vandeventer-863 was born 13 Jul 1817 in , Shelby, Kentucky. He died 16 Mar 1876 in Highland Twp., Greene, Indiana and was buried Mar 1876 in Mc Intosh/Light Cemetery Highland Twp., Greene, Indiana. Absolum married (1-MRIN:42) Susanna or Susan Coghill-864, daughter of John W. Coghill-1459 and Dilliann Dyer-2809 (MRIN:515), on 4 Dec 1840 in Taylorville, Spencer, Kentucky. Susanna was born 1819 in Taylorville, Spencer, Kentucky. She died May - Aug. 1845 in , Gibson, Indiana. Absolum also married (2-MRIN:512) Mary Ellen Elizabeth Huffman-1461, daughter of David Huffman-2810 (MRIN:1316), on 27 Aug 1845 in , Gibson, Indiana. Mary was born 29 Aug 1820/31 or Aug 1821 in Kentucky. She died 21 Sep 1910 in Highland Twp., Greene, Indiana and was buried 22 Sep 1910 in McIntosh/Light/Buskirk Cemetery, , Greene, Indiana.
  • 8 M iii Thomas Vandeventer-2402 was born 1822. Thomas married (MRIN:1364) Adaline Farris-2888, daughter of Johnson Farris Jr.-3115 and Margaret Watson-3116 (MRIN:1472), on 3 Aug 1848 in , Washington, Indiana. Adaline was born 3 Jun 1829. She died 13 May 1898.
  • 9 M iv Jacob Vandeventer-2401 was born about 1824 in Kentucky. He died 26 Aug 1892 in , Clay, Indiana. Jacob married (MRIN:1369) Mary Driscoll-2900 on 8 Mar 1849.
  • 10 F v. Sarah Ann Vandeventer-2407 was born about 1831. Sarah married (MRIN:1370) J. J. Farris-2895 on 27 Sep 1852.

3. James William Vandeventer-2411 (Wynant) was born about 1793 in , Shelby, Kentucky. He died about Oct 1882 in Indiana.

James married (MRIN:513) Nancy A. Ingrum-1636, daughter of Arthur Ingrum-2909 and Elizabeth-2910 (MRIN:1376), on 25 Jul 1817 in , Shelby, Kentucky. Nancy was born 30 Mar 1795. She died 20 May 1871 and was buried in McIntoosh/Light Cemetry, Highland twp., Greene, Indian.

They had the following children:

  • 12 F ii. Deliah or Diliah L. Vandeventer-2496 was born 27 Mar 1820 in , Spencer, Kentucky. She died 10 Dec 1903 in Highland twp., Greene, Indianaor, Owen, Indiana and was buried in Adel Cemetery, near Freedom, Owen, Indiana. Deliah married (MRIN:845) John Vandeventer-2498 on 15 Sep 1841 in , Spencer, Kentucky. John was born 1818 in , , Kentucky. He died 23 Feb 1895 in Highland twp., Greene, Indiana and was buried in Troy Cemetery, Adell, Owen, Indiana.
  • 13 M iii. John Wesley Vandeventer-2497 was born about 1820/1821 in , Spencer, Kentucky. He died 1893. John married (MRIN:1179) Paulina Padgett-2510 on 10 Nov 1847 in , Greene, Indiana.
  • 14 F iv. Susan Vandeventer-1627 was born 1826/1827 in , , Kentucky. Susan married (MRIN:863) John M. Long-1624, son of Robert Long-1621 and Margaret Sexton-1622 (MRIN:516), on 13 Apr 1848 in , Greene, Indiana. John was born about 1822/1823 in , , Kentucky.
  • 15 M v. James Vandeventer-2499 was born 27 Oct 1830 in , Spencer, Kentucky. He died 6 Aug 1914 in Franklinn twp., Oowen, Indiana and was buried in Adel Cemetery, near Freedom, Owen, Indiana. James married (MRIN:1180) Rebecca F. Mills-2516 on 6 Jul 1851 in , Owen, Indiana. Rebecca was born 13 Mar 1830 in , , Indiana. She died 9 Jan 1909 in Clay twp., , Owen, Indiana and was buried in Troy Cemetery, Adell, Owen, Indiana.
  • 16 M vi. Alfred Greene Vandeventer-2500 was born 1831 in , Spencer, Kentucky. He died 7 Jan 1881 in Donaldsonville, Clay, Indiana and was buried in Old Hill Cemetery, near Brazil, Clay, Indiana. Alfred married (MRIN:1181) Mary ELizabeth Hedge or Hyde-2536. Mary was born about 1834 in , , Kentucky.
  • 17 F vii. Elizabeth Vandeventer-2501 was born Apr 1832 in , Spencer, Kentucky. She died 11 Oct 1914 in , Greene, Indiana and was buried in MciIntosh/Light Cemetery, Highland twp., Greene, Indiana. Elizabeth married (1-MRIN:1182) John A. Buskirk-2548, son of Josiah Buskirk-2549 and Elizabeth-2550 (MRIN:1202), on 13 Feb 1851 in , Greene, Indiana. John was born 1825 in , , Indiana. Elizabeth also married (2-MRIN:1183) William Light-2560 on 8 May 1859 in , Greene, Indiana.
  • 18 F viii. Nancy ANn Vandeventer-2502 was born 1834 in , Spencer, Kentucky.
  • 19 F ix. Ruth Ann Vandeventer-2503 was born 1836 in , Spencer, Kentucky. Ruth married (MRIN:1184) William B. Mills-2505 on 4 Nov 1858 in , Greene, Indiana.
  • 20 M x. Josiah Vandeventer-2504 was born 20 May 1839/1840 in , Shelby, Kentucky. He died 20 Feb 1916 in Clay twp., Owen, Indiana and was buried in Adel Cemetery, near Freedom, Owen, Indiana. Josiah married (1-MRIN:1185) Mary Elizabeth Thacker-2563, daughter of Mat Thacker-2564 and Malicoat-2565 (MRIN:1208), on 10 Feb 1861 in , Owen, Indiana. Mary was born 1843. She died 28 May 1887 in Pleasant Valley, , Owen, Indiana. Josiah also married (2-MRIN:1186) Carrie or Cassie Ritter-2574 on 29 Mar 1888 in , Owen, Indiana. Josiah also married (3-MRIN:1187) Amanda Turpiin-2575 on 20 Sep 1899 in , Greene, Indiana. Amanda was born Jul or AUg 1861.

4 John William Vandeventer-2412 (Wynant) was born about 1796 in , Shelby, Kentucky.

John married (MRIN:1144) Patsy Crofton-2416, daughter of Anthony Crofton-2403 (MRIN:1363), on 22 Dec 1817 in , Shelby, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  • 21 F i. [-?-] Vandeventer-3121.
  • 22 M ii. [-?-] Vandeventer-3122.

5.Josiah Vandeventer-2413 (Wynant) was born about 1795 in , , Kentucky.

Josiah married (1-MRIN:1145) Kessiah Littell or Little-2414 on 31 Jul 1805 in , Jefferson, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  • 23 F i. Ruth Vandeventer-2418 was born 1807. Ruth married (MRIN:1146) James Goodwin-2419.

Josiah also married (2-MRIN:514) Emily or Milly Hugh or Hughes-2415 on 3 Sep 1812 in Spencer or Nelson, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  • 24 F ii. Matilda Vandeventer-2420 was born 1815 in , , Kentucky. Matilda married (MRIN:1147) Josiah Goodwin-2433, son of William Goodwin-2434 and Anna Defendall-2435 (MRIN:1155), on 23 Jun 1831 in , Monroe, Indiana. Josiah was born 1810 in , , Kentucky.
  • 26 M iv. Amos H. Vandeventer-2421 was born 1820 in , , Kentucky. Amos married (MRIN:1148) Minerva Miller-2429 on 9 Oct 1854 in , Morgan, Indiana. The marriage ended in divorce.
  • 27 F v. Polly or Mary Vandeventer-2422 was born 1822. Polly married (MRIN:1149) Andrew Lowe-2446.
  • 28 F vi Ellen or Eleanor Vandeventer-2423 was born 1823. Ellen married (MRIN:1150) Daniel La Favre or Lavre-2430 on 9 Feb 1841 in , Morgan, Indiana.
  • 29 F vii. Nancy Vandeventer-2450 was born 1824. She died 1860. Nancy married (MRIN:1157) Macager Collier-2451, son of Jeremiah Collier-2452 and Jane Bures-2453 (MRIN:1158), on Oct 1842 in , Morgan, Indiana. Macager was born 15 Apr 1821. He died 6 Apr 1900 and was buried in Collier Cemetery, , Monroe, Indiana.
  • 30 M viii. James Vandeventer-2424 was born 10 Feb 1824/1825 in , , Kentucky. james married (MRIN:1151) Louisa Guy-2466. Louisa was born in , , Kentucky.
  • 31 M ix. John Vandeventer-2425 was born 1826. John married (1-MRIN:1152) Lucinda Guy-2431 on 1847. John also married (2-MRIN:1153) Rebecca or Ruth Emmaline Bowder-2432 on 29 Jan 1850 in , Morgan, Indiana.
  • 32 M x. William Ben Vandeventer-2426 was born 27 Sep 1827 in , , Kentucky. He died 15 Aug 1913 in , Monroe, Indiana. William married (MRIN:1154) Rebecca Childress-2469. Rebecca was born 1833 in , , Tennessee. She died 13 Apr 1896 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemeterty, , Monroe, Indiana.
  • 33 M xi. Josiah Vandeventer-2427 was born 1820. He died after 1880.
  • 34 M xii. Benjamin Vandeventer-2428 was born Apr 1833 in , , Indiana. He died 15 Mar 1913 in , Monroe, Indiana.
the above families  as listed  since 1976 has been done as: 



They are listed above as either sons or descendnats of Wynant and were done as seperate families in manuscripts - as follows:

  • 1) Absolum Vandeventer and 1) Susanna Coghill 2) Mary Ellen Huffman
  • 2) James and Nancy Ingrum
  • 3) Thomas and Adaline Farris
  • 4) Josiah and Emilie "Milly" Hugh/Hughes
  • 5) John and Nancy Franklin [he m. 2nd Deliah Vandeventer & that line is under James & Nancy Ingrum]
  • 6) Jacob and Mary

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