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  • Golden Fleece - Dynasties

    Ordre de la Toison d'Or - Order of the Golden Fleece < BACK (This page is part of a Master Project) . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Families and Dynasties -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES: Work in progres...

  • LIBRIS ◦ prijs ◦ MMXII • literatuur • NL

    LIBRIS Literatuur Prijs ‧ MM X II ‧ NL ◦ historie van de prijs na.2010 : in aanmerking komen alleen nieuw verschenen oorspronkelijk Nederlandstalige literaire romans voor volwassenen Jury beoordeelt boeken verschenen van 1 januari t/m 31 december in het jaar ervoor Het Bestuur van de stichting Literatuur Prijs stelt jaarlijks via een zorgvuldige procedure ...

  • Golden Fleece - Organization

    Ordre de la Toison d'Or - Order of the Golden Fleece < BACK (This page is part of a Master Project) . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the Order of the Golden Fleece -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statutes (st...

  • Golden Fleece - Castles

    Ordre de la Toison d'Or - Order of the Golden Fleece < BACK (This page is part of a Master Project) . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Castles The objective of this page is to bring together pictures or drawings of the castles where knights of the Golden Fleece lived. Please search and add photos that ...

  • "Dutch" in Colchester

    -2012-05-24-08:53+GMT-summer-time-jMu-GJh- Dutch ‧ Flemish ‧ Walloon in Colchester-Essex-UK • 1550-1750 Tracing the Colchester 'Dutch' EN : This project is an attempt to bring together the 'Dutch' families (and their descendants) who came to Colchester and made it one of the most prosperous English towns around 1600. In 1565, queen Elisabeth I granted a right to the...

  • Novy Israel

    Novy Israel . Name of a Jewish reformed religious party or sect, with tendencies toward Christianity, which arose in Odessa at the end of 1881, and which was originated by Jacob Prelooker , a Russian Jewish school-teacher there. Prelooker's ostensible purpose was "a reformed synagogue, a mitigation of the cleavage between Jew and Christian, and a recognition of a common brotherhood in religion....

  • Missing Gulbrandsens

    Kan we use this for better coordination??

  • Zimonyi Iren Family

    Hello! Magdi vagyok es szeretnem megosztani amit tudok veletek. Igy talan segithet informacioval valaki amit megkoszonok. Haz.anyk.szama:26/1916. Volegeny: Radak Jozsef,1891.10.23.moson.RADAK JOZSEF, anya: BRODANOVITS IREN. Menyasszony: MESHAM ERZSEBET 1897.01.11.moson. MESHAM ISTVAN, annyaneve:RIEGLER ERZSEBET. MOSONMAGYAROVAR. KEREM HA VALAKI OSEIMROL, LESZARMAZOTTROL, JO ESETBEN ELO CSALADTA...

  • Bibleitzy (Biblists)

    Bibleitzy (Biblists), called also Bibleiskoe Bratstvo (Bible Brotherhood): Name given to a body of religious reformers, organized in the spring of 1882 among the Jewish working classes of Elizabethgrad, South Russia, subsequent to the riots against the Jews. The founders of the brotherhood, believing that Talmudism in that region was chiefly to blame for the false accusations of the anti-Semiti...

  • Indiana Online Databases

    Indiana Naturalizations Database - fantastic! Indiana State Digital Archives

  • B (mtDNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the maternal lineage of all people with the HVR mutations 8281-8289d. These marker define the mtDNA haplogroup currently designated B. Defining Mutations HVR mutations 8281-8289d Origin Haplogroup B is believed to have arisen in Asia some 50,000 years age. In his popular book The Seven Daughters of Eve , Bryan Sykes named the originator of ...

  • Black Africans of Nicaragua

    Black Africans of Nicaragua Bluefields (or Blewfields) is the capital of the municipality of the same name, and of Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur (R.A.A.S.) in Nicaragua. It was also capital of the former Zelaya Department, which was divided into North and South Atlantic Autonomous Regions. It is located on Bluefields Bay at the mouth of the Escondido River. Bluefi...

  • The Hammock of Tennessee

    need help finding info on my father's family! the Hammock's, Dills, Young's, & Kitts.

  • Sigerist

    Connecting all who are interested in the geneology of our shared heritage. The name is of early origin dating from the period when family names in Europe gradually came in to existence: this period is subsequent to 1100, for prior to 1000 there were no family names in Germany. It is well known that the earliest appearance of family names in Germany is in Cologne and along the river Rhine. In ...

  • Kushners from Baranovich

    This project starts as the Kushners descending from Chaim Kushner who emigrated around 1900 from Baranovich, Russia/Belarus. It also includes Zweibels, Reherts, and Gravitz's

  • Igavese rahu nimekiri - peidetud mestimised

    Siin on avaldatud peidetud mestimiste pikemaaegselt passiivse poole andmed. Enne nimekirja paigutamist olen üritanud mestimise kriitilise poolega kontakti saada. Eesmärgiks on talletada peidetud mestimiste kohast infot ja anda passiivsele haldajale võimalus nautida rahus oma töö vilju. Mestimiste peitmise põhjuseks on suletud puude täielik pu...

  • Shabd Mishra's Tree

    The purpose of starting this project is as follows: To get to know my relatives, cousins, distant cousins....... To organize a family get-together in near future. To create a family tree! The bigger the better!! To create a PRIVATE database of everyone and keep a track by regular updates! To see the possibilty of collaboration is professional life to help uplift those with-in the cl...

  • Dutch in BERGEN County ◦ USA ◦ New Jersey

    Dutch in BERGEN County ◦ USA ◦ New Jersey chronological FAMILIE-namen alfabetical —A— Abbinga-SMITS • Pauline ‧ Dordrecht 1909-2002 aug • dv Willem Nicolaas S. 1881-x & Clasina Helena ROSKAM 1885-x • AKERSHOEK • Cornelis ‧ dec 1845-1917 dec ‧ ANDRINGA • APOL —B— BAKKER...

  • Circle of USA ‧ New Jersey❜s

    Circle of USA ‧ New Jersey❜s Counties : 21 Municipalities : 566 Borough: 250x City : 52x Town : 15x Township : 245x Village : 4x COUNTY County ‧ FIPS Code ‧ County Seat[ ‧ Created ‧ Formed from ‧ Named for ‧ Population ‧ Area ‧ Map ‧ Atlantic County ‧ 001 ‧ Mays Landing ‧ 1837 &#x...

  • Immortal Seven

    Immortal Seven The Invitation to William was a letter sent by seven notable Englishmen, later named the Immortal Seven, to William III, Prince of Orange, received by him on 30 June 1688 (Julian calendar, 10 July Gregorian calendar). In England a Catholic male heir to the throne, James Francis Edward Stuart, had been born, and the letter asked William to force the ruling king, his uncle and ...

  • Shrager Family

    How can I add Paul Shrager as a collaborator?

  • Исповедные росписи Новгородской губернии

    ГАНО Фонд 480 ОПИСЬ 20 Документы из церквей Чудовского района �...

  • Nerurkar Family

    The descendants of Dr. Krishnarao Gopalrao Nerurkar of Nagpur Madhav Krishnarao Nerurkar Mohan Krishnarao Nerurkar Vasant Krishnarao Nerurkar Arvind Krishnarao Nerurkar Daughter 1/Aney Daughter 2/Bhave

  • 1st Virginia Infantry - Company D(CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company D =The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Trace my family

    my grandfather left behind a huge family in which i must discover.PLSSSS HELP

  • Origin of Humans

    Purpose: To provide the Geni Community with a view of what the scientific community believes in regards to the origin of humans.

  • Рождественская церковь села Оскуй

    Рождественская церковь села Оскуй Грузинской волости Но...

  • Имения Аракчеева

    Поскольку мои предки были крестьянами Аракчеева, то эта т�...

  • Historic families that lived in Attleborough, Bristol, Massachuestts. Or the "Rehoboth North Purchase"

    In working on my other Attleborough, project, I have found tons of information on the founding families in the Rehoboth North Purchase", later to become Attleborough. There is a wealth of history on land, names, and dates, and even some great stories. I will be posting this information soon. If you are interested in this project, please let me know.

  • Blacks in World War I

    Black soldiers served in the First World War, just as they served in the Civil War (on both sides), and the Spanish American War. The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918, mostly in Europe, but also spread to the Far East and Africa. The United States did not get involved until 1917, when president Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany. My wife's great uncle, Willie B. Daniel, served in...

  • ענפים משפחה שהקשר שלהם לעץ הראשי לא ידוע

    כאן ירוכזו ראשי ענפים של אנשים עם שם המשפחה 'קרול' מפולין מהמ...



  • Canon van Amsterdam

    Canon van Amsterdam De vijftig vensters chronologisch 1250 : De Dam 1275 : Het tolprivilege 1345 : Het Mirakel van Amsterdam 1421 : Stadsbrand 1482 : De stadsmuur 1485 : Het oudste koopmansboek 1535 : Het Wederdopersoproer 1578 : De Alteratie 1596 : Het tuchthuis 1602 : De VOC 1609 : Amsterdamsche Wisselbank 1612 : De grachtengordel 1617 : De Spaanse Braban...

  • Martin Luther

    Everyone who has a relation to this femous historical person. My own relation to him is that he is my 11th great grand father. Regards Paul Westerlund.

  • Aleifantis Family

    This is a Greek surname and its common spelling in English is: "Alifantis" (or in several cases of mis-spelling: "Alifandis", "Alifantes", "Alifadis"). In Greek apears in several forms due to mis-spelling in in the past. In addition, spelling variations apear in several cases within the same family-branch (even the same close family). These forms are: "Aleifantis" (Αλε&#x...

  • abc


  • Find More Family Members

    I have created this new project so that all family members who have joined can help me update current family member profiles, as well as add new profiles that I have not yet added. As a collaborator you will be able to make necessary adjustments. Thank you for your help.

  • Kappers in de familie

    Kappers in de familie organisaties beroemde soortgenoten

  • Kuivjögi Family

    Kuivjõgid pärinevad Saaremaalt Lümanda Vallast Kipi Külast.

  • Klimt

    Familiäre Beziehungen rund um Gustav Klimt

  • SS Gellert

    This Project is for those that immigrated aboard the SS Gellert. The Gellert was operated by the Hamburg American Line(1) from 1875 to about 1895. It's maiden voyage being 26 May 1875. It was a 3533 gross vessel measuring 375.4ft by 40ft. (2) According to information available from the National Archives, the Gellert made approximately 132 voyages during it's service. More then Forty-Six Tho...

  • florence

    I need more info on my family.

  • Memons in South Africa

    An attempt to connect as many Memons in South Africa as possible in Geni, develop a Facebook page to popularise it amongst youngsters and use LinkedIn to connect up professionals/businessmen etc. Open to more ideas on networking!


    Tikana : JAKHAN (RAWLOT BHATI GEN) NAKH: HARAJOT GOTAR: AATRI GHARD: DERAWARIYA =भाटी देरावारिया ठिकाना:जाखन ( रावलोत ) गोत्र:अत�...

  • Piteå lands

    -- Project "Piteå lands" / "Personer fra området Piteå i Sverige". This is a project to get a common, complete, and correct tree built of ancestors from Piteå country, Norrbotten county, Sweden. If you have people in the tree you are working on from Piteå who you could use help with, add their profiles to the project. You can also start a discussion. L...

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