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  • Schober

    I am looking for any information of the Schober family which immigarated from Nitriansky kraj, Slovakia to Aub / Bad Konigshofen Germany around WW II. Alois and Juliane Schober (Herdin) with there then 2 children Alois J and Hildegard Schober married Ciecholewski.

  • Japutra Family

    Sundra Japutra Kiki Anastasia Japutra Katherine Angela Japutra Siddik Japutra Jimmy Japutra Chandra Japutra Melky Antonio Japutra Maria Anastasia Japutra Lucky Antonia Japutra

  • Ludmer Family

    hello ... My father and mother Delia called Bebi Ludmer. They married in Romania. I want to know if anyone knows our family about my grandmother, it has the name Ella Ludmer and lives in Israel, Bnei-Brake.

  • 22nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry

    The 22nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry was an American Civil War infantry regiment from New Jersey that served from September 1862 through June 1863 in the Union Army. Service The 22nd Infantry was organized at Camp Delaware in Trenton, New Jersey, and mustered in September 22, 1862. On September 29, they left state for Washington, D.C., where they were attached to Abercrombie's Provisional...

  • WWII Missing Air Crew Report 10878

    677th Squadron - 444th Group - 58th Wing -20th Air Bomber Command 11 Jan 1945. 42-65226 The B29 Bomber designated as serial number 42-65226 flying out of Dudhkundi, India was scheduled for a combat mission over Singapore, Malaya. The regular engineer for the mission was temporary at rest camp, and 1st LT Charles Vail was assigned to take his place. Two minutes prior to acquisition of the ta...

  • Bradford Family

    William Bradford is considered by historians to be one of the most influential of the Pilgrim settlers for his outstanding leadership, his desire to steadfastly hold to his religious and moral ideals and his determination to keep Plymouth a thriving and independent colony. he wrote: >" Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed the G...

  • Williams/Taylor of Georgia, USA

    Searching for Genealogical information about my family history to complete my tree. The above names are my Great Great Grandfathers who lived in Spaulding county Ga born around 1849. I have had limited information about them. My paternal Grandmother was Nan Carmichael I am having diffficulty finding information about her family. I have had more success with my maternal Grandmothers family, tr...

  • Makedonski portal - prasanja i odgovori / Macedonian portal - questions and answers

    Makedonska genealogija/Macedonian genealogy Кои се Македонските куратори / Администратори КакC...

  • Irvings in Canada

    There are twice as many Irvings in Canada as in the United States. Many Irvings came from Scotland or Ireland to Canada's Atlantic provinces--Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Three Irvings arrived in New Brunswick in the early 1820's: George Irving and his wife Jane, from Dumfriesshire another George Irving from Dumfriesshire, this time married to Agnes ...

  • Girl Guides / Girl Scouts

    According to the foreward of the publication for the Centenary Exhibition of Girl Guides "100 Years of Changing Lives", in 1909 a young group of women arrived uninvited at the first Boy Scout Rally in London at the Crystal Palace and demanded a place for girls. Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy scouts, chose the name "Girl Guides" after a famous corps of guides in India. In 1910 his siste...

  • Miyahara

    Miyahara's Family Genealogy Is Start in 1900's and Actual 2000's

  • Notes - Shared Research

    MEN & Women? AT WORK. WORK IN PROGRESS. Slave Traders George J. Homs Today at 8:52 AM Actually, how about creating a project just between the two of us - without any explicit name. I'm saying 'not explicit', because we're not necessarily sure what we're going to find and how to name it. But, it should be some sort of 'bucket' for us where I can put all the so-called Dutch slave traders. Onc...

  • edi

  • Allen: Ephriam (1602) to Gislem (1733)

    Trying to find a way to get a grip on the generations between Ephriam Allen (the settler in New Netherlands) and Gislem (aka Gershom) Allen (father of Squire Allen). Mostly a series of men all named Ananias, but open to incorporating any other relevant information found along the way.

  • Build Krishnavaka family tree

    All - I am creating a formal project within Geni for us to collaborate and continue to build the family tree. The objective is to do more research about Krishnavaka Samudhayam, add all our forefathers into the tree, add special information about our forefathers, the unique things they did, and the greatness behind our community. Hopefully we can all collaborate and also add more like minded...

  • "An Irish Stowaway" Cullen Thomas Conly

    Scope of Project This project entails placing the contents of the book An Irish Stowaway by Garnie W. McGinty and Etoyle Conly ©1976 into General Note For more information about Geni Projects, see the Geni Wiki Projects Page. If you would like to contribute to this page, please feel free to edit it. Click here for instructions about using Wiki markup language. Se...

  • 5th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

    The 5th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Service The 5th Tennessee Infantry was organized at Barbourville, Kentucky and Harrison, Tennessee February through March 1862 and mustered in for a three year enlistment. The regiment was attached to 25th Brigade, 7th Division, Army of the Ohio, to October 1863. 1st ...

  • McSorley tree merges

    Trying out the new Projects feature to resolve the Fannie McSorley duplicates issue.

  • Knockgraffon Carews

    A project to complete the modern descendants of the Carew family of Knockgraffon and Tullamain, Co. Tipperary, Ireland in the late 19th century.

  • Newby, Gloria

    I'm trying to do my family tree. My father was Frank William Charles Newby, Born Nov 3, 1914, he was orphaned by the age of 7. He was born in England somewhere. My mother Eliza Jane Newby (Longley) born feb 16, 1922, also from England, I believe somewhere I read Manchester. They had 9 children: Edith, Sandra, Robert, Barbara, Marilyn, Shirley, Karen, Douglas & Gloria. Eliza had a brother named ...

  • Beamish / Beaucage

    'Lookig for any Information pertaining to this family. Frank Beamish born 1905 & margaret beamish (beaucage) have the following children: Kelvin Francis, Glenda (Beamish) Secord, Irene (Beamish) Dobratz, Daryl and Alfie Beamish. I have some information but more would be great.

  • Zalckwar Family

    More collaborators are wanted. From the Middle Ages until the Holocaust, Jews comprised a significant part of the Polish population. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, known as a "Jewish paradise" for its religious tolerance, attracted numerous Jews who fled persecution from other European countries, even though, at times, discrimination against Jews surfaced as it did elsewhere in Europe. P...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Massachusetts

    Links Naming Conventions Massachusetts Indian Tribes Massachusetts Indian Tribes Mahican The Mahican extended over most of Berkshire County, where they were represented mainly by the Housatonic or Stockbridge Indians. (See New York.) Massachuset Meaning "at the range of hills," by which is meant the hills of Milton. Connections. The Massachuset belonged to ...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Maryland

    Links Naming Conventions Maryland Indian Tribe Maryland Indian Tribe Conoy Also called: Piscataway, from a village on Piscataway Creek where the Conoy chief resided. Probably a synonym of Kanawha, but the meaning is unknown; also spelled Canawese, and Ganawese. Connections. The Conoy belonged to the Algonquian linguistic stock and were probably intermediate between t...

  • Native American Tribes- District of Columbia

    Links Naming Conventions Washington DC Indian Tribes Washington DC Indian Tribes Conoy Also called: Piscataway, from a village on Piscataway Creek where the Conoy chief resided. Probably a synonym of Kanawha, but the meaning is unknown; also spelled Canawese, and Ganawese. Connections. The Conoy belonged to the Algonquian linguistic stock and were probably intermedia...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Connecticut

    Links Naming Conventions Indian Tribes of Connecticut Indian Tribes of Connecticut Mahican The northwestern corner of Litchfield County was occupied by the Wawyachtonoc, a tribe of the Mahican Confederacy of the upper Hudson, though their main seats were in Columbia and Dutchess Counties, N. Y. Mohegan The name means "wolf." They are not to be confused with...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Delaware

    Links Naming Conventions Delaware Indian Tribe s Delaware Indian Tribes Delaware The Unalachtigo division of the Delaware occupied all of the northern parts of this State when it was first visited by Europeans. Nanticoke Bodies of Indians classed, under this general head extended into the southern and western sections. Unalachtigo and Nanticoke are tw...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Maine

    Links Naming Conventions Maine Indian Tribes Maine Indian Tribes Abnaki Properly Wabanaki, "those living at the sunrise," "those living at the east," "easterners." Also called: Alnânbaǐ, own name, meaning "Indians," or "men." Aquannaque, Wabanaki as pronounced by Huron. Bashabas, name given them from a principal chief. ...

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