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  • Popular Musicians of the United Kingdom (2000s)

    Musicians of the United Kingdom (2000s)

  • Popular Musicians of the United Kingdom (1990s)

    Musicians of the United Kingdom (1990s)

  • Popular Musicians of the United Kingdom (1980s)

    Musicians of the United Kingdom (1980s)

  • Free State - Basotho War

    This project aims to collate the profiles of individuals who took part in or in some way was connected to the Free State - Basutho War. Free State–Basotho War From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Free State-Basotho War) Free State-Basotho Wars were a series of wars fought between Moshoeshoe I, the ruler of the Basotho kingdom and the Orange Free State of the Boers...

  • Olivia Halvorsen f. 1854

    Olivia Halvorsen fikk en sønn med Julius Olsen Fjeld i 1886 (jeg aner ikke om de var gift). Sønnens navn var Olaf Hilmar Julius Fjeld. Han er født i Trondheim og ble hjemmedøpt. Det ene vitnet/fadderen het Fru Menzinga. Julius Olsen Fjeld fikk en sønn til i Stavanger i 1889, han het Karsten Bjarne. Er Olivia moren hans også? Jeg trenger hjelp til &#...

  • my familt tree

    coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolo===== ==

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Tavira ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Tavira to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de TAVIRA .# Domingos Felipe de Gusmões (Tavira, Algarve, Portugal, 30 de março de 1665 - Recife, Pernambuco, 4 de fevereiro de 1741) casado com Maria Tavares Lyra.

  • Schoonhoven - goud- & zilversmeden - koper- & blikslagers - loodgieters - NL

    —2013-feb-03-17:06+GMT-winter~time—jMVu—Zoektocht naar Schoonhovense ambachts-lieden, gerelateerd aan de Verroen-genealogy met hun onderlinge familie-relaties Schoonhoven-NL : Goud- & Zilver-smeden ‧ Koper- & Blik-slagers ‧ Lood-, Brons- & Tinne-gieters ‧ GOUD-be-Werker : Smid ‧ Graveur ‧ —A— —B— fam...

  • História de Pocinhos / PB

    Ainda não entendi como funciona os projetos do Geni. Inicialmente pensei que todos os perfis públicos de uma árvore já fizesse parte do projeto.

  • I-L69.2 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup I2a2a (L69.2) and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants. Defining Mutations L69.2 / S163.2 (rs9786274 = T) There is a great deal of doubt about the placement of L69.2. FTDNA calls it I2a2a, but 23andme calls it generically I1. ...

  • Metaphysics - 19th Century

    Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of consciousness and existence. In popular usage the word refers loosely to a number of non-traditional belief systems and spiritual practices. This project includes key metaphysical wirters and teachers of the 19th century. Key Figures Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888), American Transcendentalist William Ellery Channing (...

  • Circle of USA ‧ Ohio ❜s

    Circle of USA ‧ Ohio ❜s County and CITY's

  • South African Stamouers/Progenitors - Mapping the first arrivals to Cape of Good Hope - The First 100

    Sub project to: South African Stamouers/Progenitors - Mapping the first arrivals to Cape of Good Hope We are able to now start gathering data to get an accurate view about who would have been at the Cape at a certain date. These projects are intended to allow us in time to accurately count the "Progenitor" population at these particular years. Four sensus projects are intended - The f...

  • Van Gelre Family

    Dit project is bedoeld om de familie met betrekking tot van Gelre in kaart te brengen en zo foutloos mogelijk in de genealogie te verwerken In the genealogy we see a lot of profiles with the surname of Guelders (van Gelre), long before the County of Guelders (Gelre) even existed! De Geschiedenis van de Wapens van Gelre: 1e Wapen: Het oudst bekende zegel van de graven van Gelre is van Hend...

  • Duderstadt, Lager Steinhoff (Polte-Werke)

    Duderstadt, Lager Steinhoff ( Scroll to 4.3 on line above) Zunächst hatte es beim Duderstädter Polte-Werk ein Zwangsarbeiterlager „Am Euzenberg“ gegeben. Wegen der Zunahme an zwangsverpflichteten Arbeitern wurde ab 1942 ein mit Stacheldraht umgebendes Lager für Zwangsarbeiter und Kriegsgefangene auf dem ehemaligen Fußballplatz „Am Weste...

  • Counts de Looz / van Loon

    STATUS UPDATE: After review of the Pilot Genealogy (below), implementation (and matching/merging) in progress Updated: June 20, 2011 Objective An attempt to bring clarity to the dynasty of the Counts van Loon / de Looz. In Geni - as well as throughout all online sources - there is significant confusion (see a list of related names and possible connections here: Names of counts de Looz/van...

  • South African Stamouers/Progenitors - Freemen

    Under construction. Link Freemen who came to the Cape of Good hope

  • Luctor et Emergo !

    de Zeeuwsche Volksliederen ‧ 't Zeeuws volkslied ‧ Geen dierder plek voor ons op aard, Geen oord ter wereld meer ons waard, Dan, waar beschermd door dijk en duin, Ons toelacht veld en bosch en tuin; Waar steeds d'aloude Eendracht woont, En welvaart 's landsmans werk bekroont, waar klinkt des Leeuwen forsche stem; 'Ik worstel moedig en ontzwem!' Het ...

  • 〜memorable〜history〜moments〜

    〜〜2012〜04〜14〜10:05〜+GMT〜summertime〜jMu〜〜〜terribilis impetus〜〜भयानक हमलों〜〜ymosodiadau erchyll〜〜verskriklike aanvalle〜〜жахливих н&#x...

  • Nordås-slekta

    Etterkommere etter Mathias Jørgen Simonsen Nordaas

  • American Authors- Pulp Fiction

    American Authors that Created or Contributed to the Genre known as "Pulp Fiction" This Literature captured a large Audience of Readers in America and around the World.

  • Familie Joskowicz fra Pabianice,Zdunska Wola

    Rodzina Joskowicz(Yoskovich) wychowywala sie w duchu chasydskim i zwiazana byla z dworem cadykow z Ger(Gory Kalwaria).Wsrod Joskowicz bylo duzo Rabbinow.Jeden ze znanych byl Rabbi Pinchas Menachem Joskowicz (1924-2010) urodzony w Zdunska Wola.W roku 1988, na mocy porozumienia wladz PRL i Israela, zostal mianowany Naczelnym Rabinem Polski.Urzad ten pelnil do roku 1999, a nastepnie zrzekl sie sta...

  • South African Stamouers/Progenitors - Soldiers

    Under construction. Link Soldiers who came to the Cape of Good hope

  • The Remy Family of France and Virginia

    Les REMY dans la généalogie de Robert THOMPSON Descendants of Didier Remy (18 generations) Links Les REMY dans la généalogie de Robert Thompson

  • English Hicks Descendants

    English Hicks Descendents and Relatives This project is for relatives of the Hicks that originated in England as knights and lords. Please, feel free to join this project. Also, please help out in any way that you can. Details Information is known all the way to the 1100s with over 20 profiles with the latest reciding to be modern. The earliest known Hicks relative is John Hicks of En...

  • Haber Family

    I would like to find out more about the Haber; Seidel; Canyaz and the family of Esther Canyaz; Sitzer and anyone else who might be missing.All help will be very appreciated.The Haber family, as far as we know came from Kalusz, Galicia. A famous relative was Yosef Moshe Haber, Parnes of the Warsaw Ghetto.The Canyaz family is from Marseilles, France, originally Turkish.Thank you

  • familia de la Poza

    con este proyecto queremos encontrar a todas las personas de la Poza y ver como se enlazan unas generaciones con otras hasta nuestros días y cuantas familias coincidimos con los antepasados

  • Kaino / Gaino

    Project for uncovering all possible decendants and parents of Lars Andersen Kaino and Anders Andersen Kaino. // Prosjekt for å utforske alle etterkommere og forfedre til Lars og Anders Kaino.

  • Noble Family of Norfolk

    This is an outline of the lives of the Noble family based about Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Alenquer ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Alenquer to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de ALENQUER # António Ribeiro de Avelar (Santana da Carnota, Alenquer, Portugal, c. 1750 - Rio de Janeiro, c. 1794) casado com Antónia Maria da Conceiç�...

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Caminha ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Caminha to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de CAMINHA . Francisco de Siqueira (Caminha, Viana do Castelo, Portugal, ? - Brasil, ?) casado com Ana Pires de Medeiros. José Gonçalves Borlido (Caminha ...

  • Lower Saxony (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany

    Cordt Henry Selke is my third-great-grandfather and is the first of my paternal ancestors to immegrate to the United States from Lower Saxony (Saxony-Anhalt), Germany. Aside from his own ancestors, Cordt was married twice before leaving Germany. The goal of this project is to help pull together the family history of anyone related to Cordt or his two wives. I have included in the list of profil...

  • T2b mtDNA

    work in progress - T2b is the largest subgroup of T2. Reources T2 project at Family Tree DNA - see Results list for an idea of the spread of T2b. Phylogeny Pike et al. (2010) defined the subclades within T2b with these SNPs: T2b: 930A, 5147A, 16304C, 16296T T2b1: 14016A T2b1a: 195C, 6530G, 11377A T2b2: 11242G, 16304(back-mutation) T2b2a: 4225G, 7754A, 14693G T2...

  • Shankarnath Goswami

    Raja Adisur brought 5 Brahmins from Kannauj in 728AD to Bengal for promoting ecclectical studies. Before that there was no Brahmins in Bengal. Over 40 generations the descendants of these 5 Brahmins have grown & moved all over the world. I want to trace & record these descendants under a super family tree.

  • Lagerqvist

    Investigate how Tony Hole and myself are related via the Lagerqvist tree.

  • I-L803 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup I1a3a1d (L803) and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants. Defining Mutations L803 Origin "According to Dr Ken Nordtvedt's calculations, the founder of L803 likely lived about 1250 y.b.p. (c.860). SNP testing has shown L803 to...

  • Atla mõisa kärner Villig / Vilik / Villik?

    Seniteadaolevad andmed Uuendatud 24. jaanuar. 2013


    Starting this Project so hopefully we can merge our files.

  • Staffordshire Main Page

    Staffordshire This is the umbrella project for Staffordshire Sub Projects are - Historic Staffordshire Staffordshire - Famous People Staffordshire - Family Heads Staffordshire (/ˈstæfərdʃɪər/ or pron.: /ˈstæfərdʃər/; abbreviated Staffs) is a landlocked county in the West Midlands region of England. Part of th...

  • Ancestors and descendents of John O'Brien

    Miles O’Brien and Luke O’Brien were granted land in Ramsheg (Wallace) in 1784. They had served with the Royal American Fencibles (a Nova Scotia-based regiment) at Fort Cumberland near the present New Brunswick – Nova Scotia border during the American Revolution (1775-1783). There is no futher record of Luke, but Miles is listed in the area in 1791 and 1792 as a taxpayer and...

  • Oxfordshrie Main Page

    Oxfordshire Main Page This is the Umbrella Project page for Oxfordshire Sub projects are- Historic Oxfordshire Oxfordshire - Famous; People Oxfordshire - Family Heads Oxfordshire (pron.: /ˈɒksfərdʃər/ or /ˈɒksfərdʃɪər/) archaically the County of Oxford; abbreviated to Oxon. from the Latin Comitia Oxoniae ("...

  • Jose Gomes D Aguiar Family

    Baron Ephpraim Pereira d'Aguilar - Essiquibo Guyana.... Van De Grovestins of Essiquibo The D'Aguiar Family was in business in Guyana for over 150 years. In the 1840's Mr. Jose Gomes D'Aguiar, the founder, started a Rum Business which developed into a chain of Retail Spirit Shops. In 1885 the business was expanded to include a Cocoa and Chocolate Factory and a Schooner Shipping Agency....

  • Matrozen in de familie

    Matrozen in de familie Opleidings-instituten in Nederland voor de MARINE voor de KOOPVAARDIJ in Noord-Holland den HELDER in Zuid-Holland ROTTERDAM in etc.

  • Shropshire (Salop) Main Page

    Shropshire Shropshire (pron.: /ˈʃrɒpʃər/ or /ˈʃrɒpʃɪər/; alternatively Salop;[8] abbreviated, in print only, Shrops[9]) is a county in the West Midlands region of England. It borders Wales to the west, Cheshire to the north, Staffordshire to the east, Worcestershire to the south-east and Herefordshire to the south. A...

  • Earls of Bridgewater

    Scope of project This project identifies the Earls of Bridgewater. History The earldom was first created in 1538 for Henry Daubeny, 9th Baron Daubeny. The Daubeney family descended from Elias Daubeny, who in 1295 was summoned by writ to the Model Parliament as Lord Daubeny. The eighth Baron was created Baron Daubeny by letters patent in the Peerage of England in 1486 and was also made a K...

  • Pruchenski / Riggle from Poland and Ohio

    I am looking for any information of the Pruchenski, Riggle, Kryzwicki family. Pruchenski, Kryzwicki, Pruchnicke, Haduch immigrated from Poland to the USA, and settled in Ohio, same with the Riggle family settled in Ohio. Please join me in the search of my family & Ancestor's!

  • kathy woods

    born 5-13-1961 Bay City Mi Married to Mitchell Gerald Woods Born 6-23-1962 bay city mi

  • Linking the family chain

    Please help in Linking the family chain. Please fill the missing names and add if you know more people. Regards, Prince George

  • descendants of Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeu

    Voltaire claimed that Skanderbeu's Albanian revolt against the Ottomans had saved Italy and Western Europe. He has descendants in Italy, whose male lines are fairly easy to chart (which I have done) but whose female lines need much more expertise in Italian noble families than I possess. Through a grand-daughter he also has descendants in the Austro-Hungarian, Belgian, Luxembourg, Prussian, a...

  • Seven Lineages of Leuven

    Zeven Geslachten van Leuven==Sept Lignages de Louvain=. Work in progress ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Uten Liemingen* Van der Calstren* Van Redingen* Van den Steene* Verrusalem* Gielis* Van Rode----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------==I. Uten Liemingen==* Verwa...

  • Greater Manchester post 1974

    Greater Manchester post 1974 In 1974, Manchester was split from the county of Lancashire, and the Metropolitan Borough of Manchester was created. The diversification of the city's economy helped to cushion the blow of this decline. However, as with many inner-city areas, the growth of car ownership and commuting meant that many people moved from the inner-city and into surrounding suburbs. ...

  • Schaatsen-makers in de familie

    Schaatsen-makers in de familie* schaatsen-makers===uit Heerenveen==Hollandsche schaatsen-makers

  • People with connections to Greater Manchester

    People with connections to Greater Manchester Families on Geni The project Historic Manchester covers the History of Manchester and historical/political people. Please add the earliest head of the family to the list of Manchester Families on Geni below and link their profiles to the project. These should be male! Adding anyone with a Greater Manchester birthplace to the project would caus...

  • Greater Manchester Main Page

    Greater Manchester Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in North West England, with a population of 2.68 million.[2] It encompasses one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom and comprises ten metropolitan boroughs: Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Manchester and Salford. Greater Manchester was created on 1 April 1...

  • Retter family tree

    Hi, I'd like to collaborate on this project also For those who were not notified, like me, a new RETTER FAMILY TREE BOIAN was started. Please ask around if it is necessary, and if those from BOYANY could be added to both projects. I think this project should be the clearing house for all Retter related questions.

  • Descendents of Walter Scholes and family

    Walter Scholes was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England on the 22 July 1868. After emigrating to the USA , he married Phoebe Lurancy Adams in Salt Lake City on June 23 1983.Walter and Phoebe had nine children and their family soon expanded to grand children and marriages to prominent families with the result that their descendants are managed by a number of different Managers and many duplicate en...

  • the Army Ministry of …?

    the Army Ministry of …? -♈-♉-♊-♋-♌-♍-♎-♏-♐-♑-♒-♓- the Netherlands NL : Departement van Oorlog Ministerie van Defensie etc. aanvulling welkom ! ZWITSERLAND ~ SUISSE ~ NL : Fed.Dep.Defensie-Volksverdediging-&-Sport DE : Eidgenössisches Departement für Verteidigung, Be...

  • Twenty Families of Color in Massachusetts, 1742-1998

    First published in hardcover in 1998, this book outlines twenty families of color in Massachusetts, including the descendants of Notables Quawk Barbadoes; James E. Biddle; Isaiah Butler; Andrew Camps; John Ceasar; Joseph J. Fatal; John T. Hilton; Peter M. Howard; Aaron C. Joseph; William Kellogg; Primus Lew ; Henry G. Lewis; Stephen Maddox; Betsy Raymond; Tho...

  • Black Families in Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1650-1865

    This project is a sub-project of a FUTURE COLONIAL AMERICA PROJECT! Black Families in Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1650-1865, Revised Edition Author: Joseph Caravalho III Published: September 2011 This extensively researched and expanded volume chronicles the lives of African American individuals and families who lived in the area now known as Hampden County in western Massachusetts bet...

  • The Kings of Wessex

    The Kingdom of Wessex or Kingdom of the West Saxons was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the West Saxons, in South West England, from the 6th century, until the emergence of a united English state in the 10th century, under the Wessex dynasty. This projects aims to provide an accurate lineage of the monarchs and their families from this period, from the earliest known founders to Edward the Elder an...

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Povoação ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Povoação to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de POVOAÇÃO .

  • Aller ogen zijn gericht op .…?

    ja natuurlijk: KWATTAA !en nog meer jaloers-makende industrielen en producenten van Nederlandsche e/o Vlaamschen makelij die we jammer genoeg aan andere CAPITOLISTEN hebben verkocht.

  • Geboren, getogen & overleden in …

    Geboren, getogen & overleden in … .. maar WEL met 'n NEDERLANDS Paspoort, Identiteitsbewijs, Geboortebewijs, Rijbewijs, etcetera ? ! Indonesia ofwel het voormalig Nederlands Indie krijgt een 'egien' project-lijn. Zuid-Afrika - natuurlijk nooit Nederlands geweest, maar ze verstaan ons daar wel! Suriname en Nederlandse Antillen Nieuw Guinea Wat we met Belgen doen, moeten we e...

  • Stoughton Family

    The name Stoughton is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "stoctun" which means a large fenced dwelling. This family adopted the name because they owned the manor of Stoughton in Surrey. The original form of the name was "de Stoctun, " and it was also spelled Stochton, Staughton, Stogton, Stawton, Stocketon, Stocktun and Stotun, before being standardized at the present spelling about the reign of...

  • Leiden - Werkers in de Brouwindustrie

    Het St. Stevensgilde Het Leidse bierbrouwersgilde werd in 1461 opgericht door o.a.: 'Jacob Pieter Cops ' 'Claes Claesen Jacobse ' 'Willem van Tetrode ' 'Claes Jansz ' 'RutgerJansz ' St.Steven was de heilige die de brouwers zich in het bijzonder als patroon kozen. Het gilde heette in de wandeling St. Stevensgilde of -broederschap en het hofje dat brouwer Willem van Tetrode in 1...

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Vouzela ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Vouzela to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de VOUZELA .# João Ramalho (Vouzela, 1493 — Piratininga, 1580) foi um aventureiro, explorador, fundador, pelos anos de 1550, da povoação de Santo An...

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