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  • Lybeckers

    Information about the Lybecker (aka Bergenheims prior to the move to the US.)

  • Silver Roll, Cherokee's east of the Mississippi

    Silver Roll, Cherokee's east of the Mississippi 1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi

  • Bol, Island Brač / Bol, otok Brač

    Bol is a town on the south of the island of Brač in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia, population 1,661 (2005) Surnames to be found in Bol, island Brač Marinković Karmelić Eterović Cvitanić Pavišić Bodlović Baković Karninčić Jakšić Šćepanović Breš...

  • Eesti punanurk

    Siin on need Eestiga seotud "punased" kellel selle ENSV asjaga otsest sidet polnud

  • Quartermaster Hall of Fame

    Quartermaster Hall of Fame Logistics-once defined simply as "gitten stuff" --entails what many perceive as the unglamorous side of war. Its successes are often taken for granted, while even the slightest failure is deemed unpardonable. General Brehon B. Somervell, head of the Army Service Forces in World War II, had it about right when he said: "Good logistics alone can't win a war. Bad log...

  • The Jean Thiery Inheritance - Bibliography

    < BACK to Main Project - The Jean Thiery Inheritance ___________________________________________________________________________________________ La Succession De Jean Thierry De Venise: Histoire De La Famille Thierry , by Charles Thierry-Mieg , Paris, 1894 "Les milliards de la succession Thiéry". by Fraisse, Paris, 1902 "Histoire anecdotique de la Succession Jean Thiéry, o...

  • 40th Illinois Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    This regiment participated in the Battle of Shiloh, the Siege of Corinth, the Siege of Vicksburg, Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga), the Atlanta Campaign, the March to the Sea, and the Campaign of the Carolinas. The regiment was comprised of 10 companies and was organized on August 4, 1861. This project is for any profile that was a member of any regiment of this company. For more informatio...

  • 26th Wisconsin Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 26th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers were primarily German-speaking immigrants of southeastern Wisconsin. They enlisted in August 1862. This regiment participated in the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain and Averasboro, as well as Sherman's march to the sea. For a detailed account of the history of the 26th Wisconsin, visit this website:

  • The Jean Thiery Inheritance

    L'Héritage de Jean Thiery (1579-1676) The " Jean Thiery " affair may be the oldest, most impressive, and 'open' inheritance case in history. This Geni-project aims to offer a historical and genealogical framework around this affair - including documentation. Available information on the Web seems sporadic and fragmented. This project may help to provide a permanent, publicly accessible...

  • The Jean Thiery Inheritance - Napoleon and the Republic of Venice

    < BACK to Main Project - The Jean Thiery Inheritance ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 1797, April 5 : The government of Venice is requested to seize de funds belonging to the Duke of Modena 1797, April 9 : Napoleon menaces the Doge of Venice ("De tous les côtés les cris de ralliement des paysans que vous avez arm�...

  • South Africa - a new home for Lithuanians

    South Africa – a new world home for Litvaks Lithuanian Jews immigrated to South Africa to escape anti-Semitism and poverty and to start new lives. Today they dominate the Jewish community in South Africa to an extent seen in no other country, even their former home. Most of the Baltic state's small Jewish community now numbers a mere 5,000 people comprises immigrants who arrived from d...

  • Reid's Battery (CSA), US Civil War

    Reid's Battery, under the command of Cpt. J. G. Reid was part of Pearce's Arkansas Militia under the command of Bg. N. Bart Pearce at the Battle of Wilson's Creek.

  • Historiography

    Excerpt --- "In a nutshell, historiography is the history of history. Rather than subjecting actual events - say, Hitler's annexation of Austria - to historical analysis, the subject of historiography is the history of the history of the event: the way it has been written, the sometimes conflicting objectives pursued by those writing on it over time, and the way in which such factors shape ou...

  • 29th Virginia Infantry (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Civil War Virginia: 29th Regiment, Virginia Infantry - Summary and Engagements Regiment: 29th Infantry Regiment Virginia Date of Organization: 5 Nov 1861 Muster Date: 9 Apr 1865 Regiment State: Virginia Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 29th Battles Fought Fought on 10 Jan 1862 at Middle Creek, KY. Fought on 5 May 1862 at Williamsburg, VA. Fought on 15 Jul 186...

  • 2nd Maryland Infantry - Company G (USA), US Civil War Project

    Company G= Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Pollock's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Pollock's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Fredericksburg Artillery) Summary of Battles and Engagements The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Brander's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Brander's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Letcher Artillery) Summary of Battles and Engagements The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Pegram's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Pegram's Company, Virginia Light Artillery Summary of Battles and Engagements The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 47th Virginia Infantry (CSA), US Civil War Project

    47th Virginia Infantry Summary and Engagements This is an umbrella project for all of the companies of the 47th Virginia Infantry. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 13th Virginia Infantry - Company D (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company D The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 6th Virginia Cavalry - Company I (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company I (The Orange Rangers) The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 30th Virginia Infantry - Company A (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company A Washington Guards - Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 7th Michigan Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    This project is devoted to every soldier of any rank who was a member of the 7th Michigan Infantry Regiment fighting for the United States of America during the Civil War. Total enrollment at the formation of the 7th Michigan Infantry was 1375. By the end of the war... 127 were killed in action 56 died of wounds 147 died of disease 17 died in Confederate prisons 34...

  • 17th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry (USA), US Civil War

    The 17th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry Regiment was a cavalry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The 17th Kentucky Cavalry was organized at Russellville, Kentucky and mustered in for one year. It mustered in under the command of Colonel Samuel F. Johnson . The regiment was attached to Military Department of Kentucky and assigned to duty at Hopkinsville, Kentu...

  • Civil War-USA 25th Wisconsin Infantry

    Fredrick Germain, 25th Regiment ,Wi. Infantry. Company F. Private. Unit attached to Col. Miton Montgomery's Brigade of Brig. Gen. Natan Kimball's Provisional Division. Major General Cadwallader C. Washbarn's XVI Army Corps (detachment) on Mag. Gen. William T Sherman's Exterior Line, and commanded by Lt.Col. Samuel J Nasmith. Info from WPA Monumentation Servey Books pgs-719,720 & 770 vol 6. Monu...

  • Melsetter - Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

    The People of Melsetter The Story of Melsetter .. written by Shirley Sinclair, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Simpson Wells is the backbone or starting point of this project. Many people who lived in Melsetter, or connected to Melsetter, are mentioned. It is available on line at various sites - including . The object of this project is gather together people connected to Melsetter (the list below...

  • South African Criminals

    This aim of the project is the research of Infamous South African Criminals. Serial Killers South Africans convicted of multiple murders. As of October 2014 South Africa had 160 recorded serial killers since 1950. Moses Sithole is known as South Africa’s most evil serial killer. Sithole committed 38 murders and raped 40 women in 1995. His MO was raping, then tying up and strangli...

  • Jacobi Monographs - IIJG

    The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center have recently initiated a large project with the object of publishing the late Paul Jacobi's 114 typewritten genealogical compilations (monographs) on European rabbinical and other prominent Jewish families (see ). The task of preparing these trees for publication in MS Word is being crowd-sourced outside the Geni environme...

  • Enslaved persons in the USA listed on the profiles of other people

    It is difficult in Geni to create profiles for enslaved persons when there is no family relationship known. However they are often listed in the wills of the persons enslaving them, and so details about them, like their name (or nickname) and some family relationships may also be listed.This project is to assist those doing research on ancestors when the information is in the profile of another...

  • Subjects of Vanity Fair caricatures (1875–79)

    Scope of the Project This project is to identify profiles who were subjects of Vanity Fair caricatures between 1875 and 1879, and attach an image of the caricature to the relevant profiles. The profiles themselves will not be attached to the project, just the image of the caricature. Each subject of a caricature listed below is attributed as follows: Date of Publication Name of Subjec...

  • Kontaktlista

    Personer att kontakta för att få mailadresser för att bjuda in till Geni! Martin Joakim Bågenholm. Göteborg Anna Charlotta Bågenholm. Göteborg EDACCA 1. Lars Olof Möller Slätterna Junibacken, 461 94 Trollhättan På samma adress Fyller 56 år om 261 dagar, född den 25 juli 1959 Lars Möller Mobil...

  • Pindi kalmistu

    Olete teretulnud kõik need kes soovivad oma lähedased seoses selle rahupaigaga ära märkida ja projekti lisada. 'Projekt "Pindi kalmistu" koondab neid, kes on aegade jooksul seal oma rahu leidnud. ]

  • Przemysl Ghetto

    The Przemysl Ghetto is situated on the San River, in the former Lwow district of eastern Galicia. Today it is part of Podkarpackie voivodship. Before WW2 about 24,000 Jews lived in the town. The Germans entered the town for the first time on 15 September 1939. Repressions and humiliations, aimed at the Jewish population, started almost immediately. Around 20,000 Jews still lived in Przemysl a...

  • The Elias Family from Kirburg, Germany

    This is the Geni home page for individuals in the Elias family. Surnames in this tree are STRAUSS, STERN, KAHN, GREENBAUM, MOSES, LOEW, SUSSKIND, MENDEL, ZELLER, STEIN, GOLDSCHLAG.

  • Koach (Kaf-Chet, 28) fortress battle - הקרב במצודת כ"ח

    ויקיפדיה מצודת כ"ח (מצודת כוח, נקראת גם מצודת ישע או נבּי יוש...

  • Comté de Comminges

    (FR) Comté de Comminges (EN) County of Comminges (OC) Comtat de Comenge (CA) Comtat de Comenge Conventions de nommage Voir aussi: Provinces d'Occitanie . Sources Medieval Lands - Toulouse, Nobility Progéniteurs 768-778 : Loup II de Gascogne 816-819 : Sanche I Loup de Gascogne , fils du précédent

  • Eesti riigijuhid

    Siia projekti soovime Genist kokku koguda Eesti riigijuhid läbi kõigi ajajärkude. Seostuv projekt Eesti Presidendid on kõigi Eesti presidentide jaoks. vt. ka: Eesti Riigipead

  • Kings of Ireland: Milesians

    The Milesian dynasty of the kings of Ireland were largely mythological kings of Ireland descended from Érimón do become the first kings of the Milesian dynasty. Érimón (1287-1286 BC*) (1700 BC**) Érimón (1286-1272 BC*) (1700-1684 BC**) Laigne (1272-1269 BC*) (1684-1681 BC**) Fergna (1269 BC*) (1681 BC**)

  • The Kennedys

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum - The wealth, glamour and photogenic quality of the family members, as well as their extensive and continuing commitment to public service, has elevated them to iconic status over the past half-century and has led to their reputation as America's Royal Family The Kennedy Family descended from the marriage of the Irish-Americans Joseph P. Kenne...

  • The Scottish Bar Fifty Years Ago - Sketches of Scott and his contemporaries.

    Scope This project is to identify profiles who had biographies and sketches in the book The Scottish Bar Fifty Years Ago - Sketches of Scott and his contemporaries which was published in 1871. The intent of this project is not to tag profiles with this project, rather it is to attach the sketch to the relevant profile. Roman Numeral is linked to the sketch within the album Sketch Name...

  • Subject of John Kay

    Scope of Project This project is to identify profiles who were subjects of John Kay and included in one of the two volumes of A series of original portraits and caricature etchings by the late John Kay, with biographical sketches and illustrative anecdotes . Each caricature in these two volumes is listed below, and attributed as follows: Numbered using Roman Numerals as per entry; Tit...

  • Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi) – Genealogical Reference Centre.

    The aim of this project is to gather together information about available resources for Genealogical research in these areas. If you have information that will help others in please join the project and share your knowledge! If you do not feel comfortable editing the project please contact June Barnes who will be happy to add the information on your behalf. To participate in any project -...

  • Bialystok Ghetto גטו ביאלסטוק

    The Bialystok Ghetto was set up by Nazi Germany between July 26 and early August 1941 in the new capital of Bezirk Bialystok district of German-occupied Poland. About 50,000 Jews from the vicinity of Białystok and the surrounding region were herded into a small area of the city. The ghetto was split in two by the Biala River running through it (see map). Most inmates were put to work...

  • judah hanasi

    Judah the Prince, or Judah I, also known as Rabbi or Rabbenu HaQadosh, was a 3rd-century CE rabbi and chief redactor and editor of the Mishnah. He was a key leader of the Jewish community during the Roman occupation of Judea. SOURCE: Wikipedia

  • Wheat Merchants of Brody, Galicia

    This project is meant to locate documents and historic records pertaining to the Mochrei Kemach (“Wheat Merchants” or "Flour Dealers") group from Brody, Galicia. Profiles of documented members of this group and their affiliates may be added.

  • Grande famiglia Ferrari

    Ferrari Family Global project page Per tutti quelli di cognome Ferrari, ed i loro parenti più stretti. For all people named Ferrari, and their close relatives. Per ritrovarsi. conoscersi, condividere le proprie origini genealogiche e la propria vita. To find and share Ferrari genealogy and get to know distant relatives around the world. [ ]

  • H-Y Crew Race of 1852

    America's first intercollegiate athletic event was the Harvard-Yale Rowing Race held on August 3, 1852, a race that continues today and has been rowed almost continuously since then. This project will trace the competitors and other participants, and what became of them later in life. The race took place on the third of August, 1852 at Lake Winnipesaukee. 1. The following details are from a...

  • Notable Cornish New Zealanders

    B Hector Bolitho 1897–1974 Henry Braddon 1863–1955 C William Colenso 1811–1899 T Edward Robert Tregear 1846–1931 W George Marsden Waterhouse 1824–1906 Wikipedia New Zealand people of Cornish descent

  • Saint Michael - Knights : 1565-1665

    Ordre de Saint Michel < Back to main project Historical events in this timeframe In order of nomination 1568 : Jean de Vassé 1569 : Adriano II Baglioni 1527-1574, des Baglioni de Pérouse, condottière italien 1570 : Jacques de Goué (1521-1574) 1571 : Guillaume Chohan de Coetcandec , du Chesnaye et de Rosnarho 1571 : Pierre de Dax (ou Dax) (1526-1600)

  • Sobotište, Szobotist, Freischütz; Slowakei former Hungary

    Staat: Slowakei Kraj: Trnavský kraj / Trnava Okres: Senica Region: Záhorie 48°43' N 17°24' E 66 km NNE of Bratislava Sobotište [Slov], Ószombat [Hun, since 1899], Szobotist [Hun, until 1899], Sobotischt [Ger], Szobotiszt Sobotište


    Mempelawa waris ke laman web.

  • Drammen

    Census 1910 free pdf file ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Drammen Kommune" "Elvebyen Drammen" "visit Drammen" "Drammen på Wiki" "gamle postkort fra Drammen" "Halvorsen Filmene" "Rundtom Drammen" "Drammen Historielag"

  • Åstol from the beginning

    Want to create a base of history facts how Åstol, in the swedish westcoust, became the island society full of houses and living of what they could harvest from the sea. Starting with two families moving there building two houses. Later the houses was numbered. Trying to make a map to follow the expansion year after year. Also make a list of the fishing fleet/boats with Åstol as ha...

  • Koppskatten 1645 Egersund Skiprede

    Dette prosjektet skal samle alle profiler for personer som er nevnt i Koppskatten av 1645 i Egersund skiprede. Merk at i 1645 hørte Svinland, Øygreid og Sletteid til Bjerkreim skipreide og Store Ege, Lille Ege, Øksnebø, Gjermestad, Heigrestad, Nevland, Helland, Buarskog, Netland og Hellvik hørte til Valde skipreide. Gårdene er tatt med her men med k...

  • Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) BALMORAL Kamp/Camp

    BALMORAL CAMP Camp Details Type:white / black Location:Transvaal Date closed:27/09/1902 Unique ID:154 A Short History Balmoral camp was established relatively late, on 25 July 1901, coming into use a week later – a remarkably short time in which to set up a camp. It was created to take the overflow from the Middelburg and Belfast camps and was divided into the districts from which ...

  • Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) HOWICK Kamp/Camp

    Howick People in Camp 480 People who died 146 The Natal camp system was somewhat different from the Transvaal and ORC systems although the majority of the inmates came from the Boer republics. Howick was one of the oldest camps, established originally by the military to take families from northern Natal. Certainly it was in existence by March 1901 when the military reported that the...

  • Meghani-Junani

    Creating a family tree for Meghani and later Junani. Parents migrated from India to pakistan in 1947.ThanksAzam

  • Founders of Hartford, Conneticut

    Founders of Hartford The following is a list of names of the Founders of Hartford that are engraved on the Founders Monument in the Ancient Burying Ground, also sometimes referred to as the "Old" or "Center" Cemetery. The original brownstone Monument erected in 1837 was replaced by one of pink Connecticut granite in 1986. The cemetery is located at the rear of the First Congregational ("Cente...

  • John Bigelow of Watertown, Massachusetts

    One of the best and most comprehensive resources for Bigelow Biographical and current genealogical information: Biography and detailed genealogical information: Marriage Record: Will: The Winthrop Fleet: Descendants and Legacy:

  • Historic Legal and Land Transactions Relating to the families of Chesire and Lancashire

    Links to various transactions to cross reference genealogical dates, names Cheshire (/ˈtʃɛʃər/ or /ˈtʃɛʃɪər/; archaically the County Palatine of Chester;[1] abbreviated Ches.) is a ceremonial county in North West England, in the United Kingdom. The western edge of the county forms part of England's border with Wales....

  • My Immigrants PBJ

    My immigrant ancestors.

  • Possible Burials STM

    Possible church vault burial locationsJoan de StockportNicholas de eatonHugh Massey of Siddington & wife

  • The Chesire Archers: The King's Secret Weapon

    CHESHIRE ARCHERS The King's Secret Weapon The Cheshire archers were a body of elite soldiers noted for their skills with the longbow that fought in many engagements in Britain and France in the Middle Ages. Battles at which there were sizeable numbers of Cheshire archers include Agincourt and Crecy. Richard II employed a bodyguard of these yeoman archers who came from the Macclesfield Hundr...

  • Edward I "Longshanks" descendants 15 generations

    Some Descendants of Edward I, King of England 1. Edward I, King of England born 17 June 1239, Westminister palace, England, occupation King of England 1272-1307, married (1) 18 Oct 1254, in Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile, Spain, Eleanor of Castile, born ca 1244/45, Castile, Spain, (daughter of St. Ferdinand III and Joanna de Dammartin) died 24 Nov 1290, Hardeby, Lincolnshire, England, buried: his...

  • Heraldry of the Medieval Latin Kingdoms

    Links and information regarding the heraldry of the Lords and their vassals of the Latin Kingdoms including Jerusalem, Armenia, Constantinople, Sicily, etc. during the medieval period ( to 1500 ce).

  • Grosvenor Family of England

    The Ancestor: A Quarterly Review of County and Family History, Heraldry and Antiquities (Google eBook)A. Constable & Company, Limited, 1902 - Great Britain

  • Latin Genealogical Word List

    A quick reference for basic Latin terms in genealogy. Please feel free to add other links. Please invite anyone else who might be interested as a collaborator. There is also a link here for a basic Latin tutorial for any that don't have this background.

  • The Hales Family of Chesire

    "The Baronetage of England: Author: Wotton, Thomas, d. 1766; Kimber, Edward, 1719-1769; Johnson, R. (Richard), 1733 or 4-1793; Wotton, Thomas, d. 1766 Volume: 1 Subject: Baronetage Publisher: London : Printed for G. Woodfall, [etc.] Language: English Call number: 2813150 19. Hales, of Woodchurch, Kent* Created Baronet, June 29, 161 1. HP H E town of Hales, in the county of Norfolk, i...

  • Gårdshistorikk: Brennberg, Hemnes, Nordland, Norge

    Brennberget (felles) Flere matrikkelgarder har Brennberg i navnet, og med forskjellige former: Brennberg 1610, og videre Brenbergh, Bremberg, Brember, Brendber, Brenber, for å ende med Brendberg 1723. Navnet har utvilsomt med brann eller brenning å gjøre, men om det er skogbrann eller brenning i forbindelse med rydning, skal være usagt. I de tidligste skatteliste...

  • خاندان روچیلد

    خانواده روتشیلد خانواده روتشیلد، (به آلمانی: Rothschild) به اعضای خا...

  • Historical Shetland

    History of the County of Shetland - Scotland The purpose of this project is to give a historical background to the Shetland Islands, to provide information about those individuals of Historic importance linked to the county and to add links to any profiles of significant people linked to Shetland who have profiles on GENi. See also Shetland - Historic County of Scotland Main Page ...

  • Norges Statsministere (Norwegian)

    NB: Statminister og Prime Minister er IKKE en del av en persons navn. Please do NOT add Prime Minister as part of a person's name, it is not. Norges statsminister er regjeringssjef i Norge og utpekes av Kongen til å lede Norges regjering med parlamentarisk grunnlag. Statsministerens embedsbolig er Statsministerboligen. Selv om tittelen statsminister ble introdusert i 1814, fikk den s...

  • Jewish Women Torah Scholars & Guides

    The Talmud states, "Michal the daughter of King Saul used to wear tefillin, and the sages did not protest" (Eruvin 96a). Women Torah Scholars Miriam Luria (Spira) - מרים לוריא Chanah, Rashi's grand-daughter - חנה, נכדת רש"י Elvina, Rashi's grand-daught...

  • The Vine and Olives - The French in Alabama

    Purpose of Project The purpose of this project is to identify the settlers of the Vine and Olive colony in Alabama, to build their trees on Geni, and to determine where the families went after the colony collapsed in the late 1830's. Even though this project focuses on Bonapartist exiles, it complements the many Huguenot projects, in that these were French immigrants to an English-speaking na...

  • Heimly, Knapstad (Østfold)

    Historie for eiendommen Heimly på Knapstad i Hobøl (Østfold). Ekebergbakken 16. Gårdsnummer 35, bruksnummer 11. Historikk: 19.08.1921: Utskilt fra gnr 35, bnr 6. 25.10.1984: Del av eiendom utskilt til gnr 35, bnr 36 ?: Arild Øystese er eier 05.11.2010: Per Jarle Bekken og Magritt Lundestad er eiere

  • Furulund gård, Knapstad (Østfold)

    Historie for bruket Furulund på Knapstad i Hobøl (Østfold). Gårdsnummer 32, bruksnummer 3. Historikk: 11.11.1902: Bruket skilt ut fra nr. 32, bnr 1, Toen gård ? - 1903 - ?: Johan Hansen eier gården 21.10.1963: Føderåd for Ruth Øystese 28.12.1971: Skifteutlegg etter Brigt Øystese (kr 20.547,-) ? - ?: Brigt ...

  • Maniyil

    The story begins around the year 1850. Some believe the Maniyil family - Kiriyathil Nairs - rooted in Vilayanoor was distinct from the family of same name from Erimayur. The early member of Vilayanoor Maniyil family known is my great great grand mother Kuppu Amma Sr. who believed to have lived between 1850 and 1890. No record or any of that kind to prove the period. But some temple utensils and...

  • Caribbean Slave Trade: Saint Helena

    This project is a direct result of new research. Casualties of the Caribbean Slave Trade: 5,000 Bodies Found on Remote Island of Saint Helena British archaeologists have unearthed a slave burial ground containing an estimated 5,000 bodies on the remote South Atlantic island of Saint Helena. The island is part of the British overseas territory of St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cun...

  • de Savoye Genealogy of South Africa

    This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the de Savoye family of South Africa. Image right: Sint-Jacobskerk/ St. James' Church in Gent. Core profiles: Julien de Savoye x Jeanne Dureau Jacques de Savoye x Christine Madeleine du Pont... xx Marie Madeleine le Clercq French Huguenot immigrants to SA in 1688 on the ship 'Oosterlandt':

  • J-M241, DYS455=8 Cohanim (Y-DNA)

    The J2b2e haplotype is distinguished from related J2b2 haplotypes by possessing a highly unusual STR at position DYS488. it is estimated that the present group of individuals possessing this unique feature are descended from a single individual who lived 1,000 years ago. Every single person that we have found thus far possessing this haplotype carries a tradition of being a Cohen. Using the...

  • 3rd Iowa Cavalry (USA), US Civil War

    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:3rd Regiment Iowa Volunteer CavalryFlag of Iowa.svgIowa state flagActive August 30, 1861 to August 9, 1865Country United StatesAllegiance UnionBranch CavalryEngagements Battle of Pea RidgeSiege of VicksburgBattle of Brice's CrossroadsBattle of Mine CreekBattle of ColumbusThe 3rd Regiment Iowa Volunteer Cavalry was a cavalry regiment that served in the Union Army...

  • 3rd Louisiana Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    The 3rd Louisiana Infantry fought for the Confederacy during the US Civil War. The unit was part of McCulloch's Brigade at the Battle of Wilson's Creek.

  • Civil Registry and Church Records around the World

    About this project The aim of this project is to provide a tool for researchers in order to learn when church and civil registration became available in different countries in the world. Please add the country information to the list below in alphabetical order and where possible also add the registry office or other sources where civil or church records can be ordered or found. Civil Regis...

  • South African Genealogical DNA testing Projects The Cape Dutch Y-DNA Stamvader Project The South African mtDNA Project The South Africa Cape Coloured DNA Project We need to get as many SA people as possible to test both their Y-DNA and their mtDNA, for example via All it takes is a simple swab on the inside of your mouth. They will send you a kit. If enough SA people have it done, we could solve many ridd...

  • azano

    This project is all about love, passion and forgiveness...

  • Šarič Struga

    A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project / Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija. Obitelji, prezimena, etimologija prezimena. O mjestu: Naselje je Šarić(a) Struga nastalo oko 1880. iako na području sela nahodimo rimske ostatke. Dok predio nije bio naseljen nazivao se Colića Struga. Colići (< Cole; usp. Stole < S...

  • Staševica

    A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project / Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija. Obitelji, prezimena, etimologija prezimena. O mjestu: Naselje je nazvano po svetome Stašu (Anastaziju), solinskome mučeniku. Zidovi se starokršćanske bazilike iz 5. st. posvećene tomu svetcu nalaze u blizini Jezera (M. Vidovi...

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