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  • Cedar Hill Cemetery of Hartford, Connecticut

    Since 1864, Ceder Hill Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut has served as the final resting place of some of the most important people in Connecticut and American history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Cedar Hill Cemetery is a classic example of the " rural cemetery movement " that combines beautiful architectural and landscaping work with dignity for the deceased. Much mor...

  • Bussue

    The ( Bussue ) Project Seeks to add this family to the tree

  • (van) Steenvoorde(n), Steinvoirde(n) genealogy

    GESCHIEDENIS VAN DE FAMILIE STEENVOORDEN De oorsprong van de naam Steenvoorden Wie zich met de genealogie van de familie-naam STEENVOORDEN en/of STEENVOORDE bezighoudt, vraagt zich snel af wat die naam betekent. Steenvoorde wil zeggen: "het steen aan de voorde" Dit houdt in dat aan een doorwaadbare plaats zo omstreeks in het midden van de dertiende eeuw een stenen huis moet hebben gestaan t...

  • Building Jayantilal Himchandbhai Shah Family Tree

    Let us collaborate and build Jayantilal Himchandbhai Shah's Family Tree. I have almost completed adding family members. Need your help in filling all remaining details.

  • Juhuro

    The purpose of this project is to find the common link of the Juhuro people. Every bit of information will help.

  • Committees of Correspondence

    The Committees of Correspondence were the first governmental structure independent of the British Crown to be created in the 13 American Colonies. They were the precursor to the Continental Congress. The first example appeared in Boston in 1764 in response to the imposition of the Currency Act upon the Colonies by Parliament. The next year, similar committees were formed in New York and Bosto...

  • Mormon Pioneers 1846 ship Brooklyn

    1846 Ship Brooklyn. New York harbor--Cape Horn South America--Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) to Yerba Buena (San Francisco) This project is a sub project of the Mormon Pioneers (1847-1868) Master Project This page covers the Mormon Pioneers of 1846 on the Ship Brooklyn only. This dangerous trek of nearly 24,000 miles (39,000 km) would claim 10 lives of the ship's 238 passengers, nine of which we...

  • Jewish Families of Logoysk / Lahoisk

    [WORK IN PROGRESS] Map Logoysk Virtual Museum This is a listing of known Jewish families from the village of Logoysk . Links in blue are to a documented member of each family. From that person, you can navigate through the tree. Abramov Barkan Fain Fainbloom Galstukh Gelfman Generman Geshel Godesh Hodes Goldfarb Goldfarb Goldfarb Golfman Guarin Gurary Its...

  • Elvers Family

    I'm trying to locate some of my ancestors -- most of whom live in Germany. My father immigrated to Canada as a young man in the 1950s, leaving all of his extended family behind. If you have any information that might help me build my tree, that would be great!

  • N-LLY22g (Y-DNA)

    N Subclades N1 - N-LLY22g N1c1 - N-M178/P298

  • Jewish families from Nezdice, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Nezdice in Bohemia, Czech Republic

  • Slatkoff Family History

    Ken Slatkoff's stories Millie Sass Slatkoff's stories As compiled by the Slatkoff children and others

  • De Nederlandsche Bank (sinds 1814)

    De Nederlandsche Bank The Dutch National Bank . . . _____________________________________________________ . Presidenten 1814-1816 : Paul Iwan Hogguer 1816-1827 : Jan Hodshon 1827-1828 : Jaques Teysset 1828-1835 : Jacob Fock 1835-1844 : Willem Fredinand Mogge Muilman 1844-1858 : Abraham Fock 1858-1863 : Hendrik Croockewit 1863-1884 : Willem Cornelis Mees 1885-1891...

  • Familie Edling

    Ich erforsche die Geschichte der Familie Edling in Thüringen/Deutschland. Meine Mutter ist eine geb. Edling. Es gab im Thüringischen nur einen Edling, Albert Cajetan Graf und Herr von Edling, der aus einem edlen Grafengeschlecht aus dem Friaul stammt. Er war tätig als Staatsminister im Dienste des Großherzogs Karl August von Weimar und löste Johann Wolfgang vo...

  • James Joyner Smith Plantation

    John Joyner bought the property in 1785. His grandson, John Joyner Smith, (1790-1872), inherited the property upon his grandfather’s death in 1796. Smith grew Sea Island cotton on the seven hundred acres of land at Old Fort Plantation. In 1850, Smith harvested sixty-five bags of Sea Island cotton using the labor of 130 slaves. During the Civil War, Old Fort Plantation was confiscated...

  • Presidents of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Philippines, as well as their spouses. Find more at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . Image: This is the main building of the Malacañang Palace (the residence of the President of the Republic), facing the Pasig River. Master Profiles for Presidents of the Philippines ...

  • Connétable de France (1060-1626)

    Constable of France En l'absence du roi, cette foncion exerçat le commandement des armées du roi de France. In absence of the King, this was the supreme commander of the armies of the King of France . ______________________________________________________________ Connétables 1060-1065 : Albéric I de Montmorency 1065-1069 : Baudry 1069-1071 : Gauthie...

  • Barocas, Uziel, Behar, and Related Sephardic Families

    Welcome! This project is intended to facilitate genealogical and historical collaboration among those interested in the Barocas, Uziel, Behar and Related Sephardic families now or formerly found in Israel, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, South America, the United States and other points all over the world. How can you participate? (1) Add your branches to the Geni tree. This is a 100% share...

  • Weidman Family of Winnipeg

    This is the homepage of a collaborative project to create a comprehensive family tree of our Weidman family.

  • de Twentsche Bank ƒ 1841-1964

    —2012-jul-22-16:17+GMT-summertime—jMu—join-create-update? welkom! vooralsnog s.v.p. met profiel-links, documentatie-toevoegingen en attendering via discussiebijdragen. de Twentsche Bank ƒ 1841-1964 history bankiers oprichters alfabetisch —0— —A— —B— Benjamin Willem BLIJDENSTEIN jr. ‧ Enschede 1811-1866 ...


    Ieškosim iš kur ir kada atsirado Rasteniai Vajelių kaime.Ir bendrai kas tie pirmieji Rasteniai.

  • Iiza Wachock

    Jewish Families of Iiza and Wachock

  • Burgemeesters van Antwerpen

    Work in progress (per december 2, 2011) Mayors of Antwerp Full list can be verified on the web site of the Gazet van Antwerpen here... or on Wikipedia Doelstelling / Goal NL : Dit is een verzamelpunt voor de burgemeesters van Antwerpen. Indien u op Geni een profiel vindt of creëert voor een Antwerpse burgemeester, graag aan dit project toevoegen! Het staat anderen toe de familie ...

  • Women's Day in South Africa 9 August 1956

    On 9 August 1956, more than 20,000 women staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act (commonly known as the pass laws) of 1950. They left bundles of petitions containing more than 100 000 signatures at prime minister J.G. Strijdom's office doors. Outside they stood silently for 30 minutes, many with their children on th...

  • Jews expelled to Zbaszyn - 1938 - 1939

    ZbąszyńTown 70 kilometers west of Poznań, on the Polish–German border of 1919–1939; population (1938) 5,400, including 360 Germans and 52 Jews. From November 1938 to August 1939 Zbąszyń housed a transit camp for Jews expelled from Germany during the so-called Polenaktion (27–29 October 1938).The Polenaktion was a continuation of expropriat...

  • Trah Pontjodiharjo

    Keluarga Besar Pontjodiharjo Skretariat Jl. Pajajaran Utara II/70 Sumber Surakarta

  • Gobhil Gotriy Trivedi Parivar - Vadod

    We are building our family tree, from our ancestor Shree Bhakti Trivedi, who had come to Wadhwan from Ahmedabad. His grandson Vasantrai settled in Vadod, near Limbadi in Gujarat, India in 1755.

  • Cast of Battlestar Galactica

    Edward James Olmos : Admiral William Adama / ... (73 episodes, 2004-2009) Mary McDonnell ... President Laura Roslin / ... (73 episodes, 2004-2009) Jamie Bamber ... Cpt. Lee 'Apollo' Adama / ... (73 episodes, 2004-2009) James Callis ... Dr. Gaius Baltar / ... (73 episodes, 2004-2009) Tricia Helfer ... Number Six / ... (73 episodes, 2004-2009) Grace Park ... Lt. Sharon 'Boomer'...

  • Jewish Families from Kdyně (Neugedein), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Kdyně (Neugedein) in Bohemia, Czech Republic. The History of the Jews of Kdyně and vicinity JewishGen, Inc. and the Yizkor Book Project The Augstein Family of Kdyně The Augstein family contributed very much to the flowering of trade and industry in Kdyně. The great-grandfather Isa...

  • -allemaal-burger-vader-in-nederland-

    -allemaal-burger-vader-in-nederland- -s.v.p.NIET-linken- -project-tbv-organisatie-burgemeesters-projecten-per-provincie-ⓕitter ▂A▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ───────aa─────── W.B. AALBERS ‧ ‧ 1838:bm.Wisch ‧ He...

  • Golden Ages - Leiden: Politics & Government

    < BACK Leiden: Politiek & Bestuur (Politics & Government)

  • Jews of Neckarbischofsheim (Germany)

    Seeking information about families with ties to Neckarbischofsheim. This project is just beginning please feel free to join and add further information or contact me.

  • The Konikow name

    Finding out who are the Konikows' are! This project is for us to go as far back as we can to see where we came from.

  • Early Seigneurs de Mello (F-Oise)

    Workshop There is no certainty about the most early generation of de Mello (in France, Oise). This is the cause of tree problems for the periode 950-1200 AD. This workshop page serves to develop some guidance/discussion about the "ideal" way of connecting the generations and related families. Problematic profiles can be attached to this project and should receive some explanation (wheneve...

  • Little House on the Prairie

    Little House on the Prairie is an American Western drama television series, starring Laura Ingalls Wilder 's best-selling series of Little House books. Television producer and NBC executive Ed Friendly became aware of this enduring story in the early 1970s. He asked Michael Landon to direct the pilot movie, who agreed on the condition that he could also play Charles Ingalls. The regular serie...

  • Drost van Drenthe ‧ NL ‧ Landschap Drenthe

    Drost van Drenthe ‧ NL ‧ Landschap Drenthe ⌘ ‧ onder dit symbool staat een internet-verwijzing naar meer informatie om de stamboom te helpen zoeken en in geni een plaats te kunnen geven. Zodra het profiel in geni staat wordt u verzocht daar alle relevante en informatieve verwijzingen aan het profiel zelf te koppelen via een documenten/URL-link onder het tabblad Med...

  • Dwight Howard has left LA

    Now that Dwight Howard has taken his talents to Hollywood, one eye is focused on winning the NBA championship this year, and one eye is looking forward to the summer of 2013 when Howard becomes a free agent. What teams have the best chance to steal Howard away from the Los Angeles Lakers? One would think that the Lakers wouldn't have traded Andrew Bynum unless they had significant assurances ...

  • Vranić Family

    izvor: [ ] Podrjetlo Vranići su uglavnom Hrvati, većim dijelom iz okolice Senja, a prema nekim izvorima iz okolice Skradina (Plastovo). Vranići su rjeđe i Srbi (okolica Valpova), te Bošnjaci. Razmjerno najviše Vranića u proteklih sto godina rođeno je u Lišnici kraj Duge Rese, gdje se svaki treći stanovnik prezivao Vrani�...

  • Freak Show

    A freak show is an exhibition of biological rarities, referred to as "freaks of nature". Typical features would be physically unusual humans, such as those uncommonly large or small, those with both male and female secondary sexual characteristics, people with other extraordinary diseases and conditions, and performances that are expected to be shocking to the viewers. Heavily tattooed or pierc...

  • 4th Virginia Reserves, Naval Battalion, Virginia Local Defense (CSA), US Civil War Project

    4th Virginia Reserves===(Preston's Regiment, Navy Battalion)==The 4th Virginia Reserves were composed of Preston's Regiment, a Naval Battalion, . This project is to document the profiles of those men. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Die Groot Trek / The Great Trek - Attack on Mosega

    Mosega is Sacked At Blesberg, the trek wagons continued to pour in, including one hundred wagons under Gert Maritz, not a farmer but an accomplished administrator and artisan. On 7th December 1836, a meeting was held that elected Potgieter as military commander of the trek and Maritz - now a rival to Potgieter - as administrative head. On January 2nd 1837, a small commando of 107 men set ou...

  • Die Groot Trek / The Great Trek - Battle of Vegkop

    The Battle of Vegkop ('Fight Hill') Mzilikazi Attacks the Voortrekkers It was on 16th October 1836 that the party received news of a Matabele army approaching. Potgieter rode out with his men hoping to negotiate with them but were attacked in the traditional Zulu-type chest and horns fashion. The Voortrekkers then employed a known successful tactic - charging up to just outside assegai ...

  • FINA World Championships

    The FINA World Championships or World Aquatics Championships are the World Championships for Aquatics sports: Swimming, Diving, Open Water Swimming, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo. They are run by FINA, and all Swimming events are contested in a long course (50-meter) pool. The event was first held in 1973 and is now held every two years. From 1978-1998, the World Championships were hel...

  • Keebles/ Kibbles/ Kebbles of Chislehurst, Kent

    Purpose This project page is intended to assist with collection of information and inter-family connections relating to the Keeble/Kibble/Kebble families who have been resident in the area of Chislehurst and it's surrounds (Bromley District) since at least the late 1700's. Anyone with any information is welcome to participate! There appears to be a considerable network of Keebles and relate...

  • Bach-slekt i Norge

    Etterkommere fra Bach/Bak - gården i Orkdalen

  • Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge

    Scope of project This project identifies the Dukes and Duchesses of Cambridge. Overview Duke of Cambridge is a title (named after the city of Cambridge, England) occasionally conferred upon junior members of the British royal family. It was first used as a designation for Charles Stuart (1660–1661), the eldest son of James, Duke of York (later James II), though he was never formall...

  • Anglo-Burmese Wars

    There have been three Burmese Wars or Anglo-Burmese Wars: First Anglo-Burmese War (1824 to 1826) Second Anglo-Burmese War (1852 to 1853) Third Anglo-Burmese War (1885 to 1886) The war saw the loss of sovereignty of an independent Burma under the Konbaung Dynasty, whose rule had already been reduced to the territory known as Upper Burma, the region of Lower Burma having been annexe...

  • The Great Exhibition

    The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations or The Great Exhibition , sometimes referred to as the Crystal Palace Exhibition in reference to the temporary structure in which it was held, was an international exhibition that took place in Hyde Park, London, from 1 May to 15 October 1851. It was the first in a series of World's Fair exhibitions of culture and industry that were...

  • Canada ‧ ‪2014 ‧ Winter Olympics

    Canada ‧ ‪2014 ‧ Winter Olympics ‧ XXII ‧ Russia ‧ ‪SOCHI~Sotsji ‧ ‪feb-07-23 ‧ ‪ SPORTS ~ disciplines 1936> : Alpine skiing - 2010: Men's & women's downhill, super giant slalom, giant slalom, slalom and Alpine combined Biathlon : since ‪1960 ‧ ‪Sprint (men: 10km; women: 7.5 km), the ...

  • Jewish Families from Lužany, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Lužany in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • High Priests of Israel

    High Priest of Israel Wikipedia The High Priest Jewish Encyclopedia LIST OF HIGH PRIESTS Old Testament 1. Aaron 2. Eleazar 3. Phinehas 4. Abishua 5. Bukki 6. Uzzi With Eli the high-priesthood passes from the line of Eleazar to that of Ithamar. (a) Old Testament. - (b) Josephus - (c) Seder Olam Zuta 7. Eli - (b) Eli 8. Ahitub - (b) Ahi...

  • Øyehaug

    Slekstreet til Karen og Olav Øyehaug

  • New Zealand Settler Ships - Arab 1840

    Cabin Passengers Blaithwaite Esq George Winter Martineau Esq Henry Simon Esq Francis Wilkinson Captain John Woods Esq Frederick Steerage Passengers Allington Thomas 36 Agicultural Labourer Ettey 35 Henry 4 Caroline 2 George Infant Died at sea Booth

  • Norske Helgener - Saints of Norway

    Målet er å lage en oversikt over Geni profiler av norske helgener , eller andre som er kjent for sin tilknytning til Norge. The goal is to collect and maintain Geni profiles of the Norwegain saints or saints with a connection to Norway Norske Helgener - Saints of Norway Den katolske tradisjon har tusenvis av helgener, og det finnes 7 "Norske": The official list contains only 7...

  • Jewish families from Všeruby (Neumark), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Všeruby (Neumark) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Jewish families from Mnichovo Hradiště (Münchengrätz), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Mnichovo Hradiště (Münchengrätz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Fasmer familien

    Dette er ett prosjekt for å samle alle profiler tilknyttet Fasmer Familien. Samt å samle mest mulig informasjon om de forskjellige profilene, men også for å finne ut mest mulig om hvor familien kom fra og forfedrene.

  • Milena Matiello Pacheco - Duplicatade Profile

    Milena está com 2 profiles. Ela precisa entrar com a conta que criou e responder todas as mensagens em sua In-Box, assim posso fundir os 2 perfis. Corrigido

  • Koninklijke West-Indische Maildienst 1883-1927

    Koninklijke West-Indische Maildienst ~ Royal West Indian Mail Service NL: De Koninklijke West-Indische Maildienst -KWIM- begon in 1883 met verschepingen van Nederlands Guiana (Suriname) en andere West-Indische bestemmingen. Vanaf 1888 voer men ook van en naar New York. In 1912 nam de Kon.Ned.Stoomvaart Mij. de maatschappij over, maar schepen en bemanningen hielden een aparte status totdat de ...

  • Scheepvaart-maatschappijen ‧ Nederland

    NLD : Transport & Vervoer Shipping Companies - the Netherlands —A— ACZ Marine Contractors ‧ Bevrachtingskantoor gebr. AERTS ‧ Agritrans ‧ AIMK ‧ Alg.Vrachtkantoor ‧ Alphatron ‧ Amasus ‧ Delfzijl ‧ American Petroleum Co. ‧ Amer Shipping ‧ Rederij Amstelland ‧ Amsterdam ‧...

  • Oldest Homes in Virginia

    Oldest Structures [ ) St. Luke's Church (Smithfield, Virginia) St. Luke's Church] Smithfield, Virginia ca. 1632 Adam Thoroughgood House Virginia Beach, Virginia ca. 1636 Jamestown Church Jamestown, Virginia 1639-1641 Bacon's Castle Surry County, Virginia 1665 associated with Bacon's Rebellion Old Mansion, Caroline County, Virginia, 1669 oldest house in the region although tree ring ...

  • Oldest Homes in Connecticut

    List of the oldest buildings in Connecticut Please add profiles to this project. Feel free to ask for your state's oldest homes list, too ... | Henry Whitfield House‎ | Guilford, Connecticut|Guilford| 1639 |Oldest surviving stone American Colonial house in New England, museum since 1899. | Loomis Homestead | Windsor, Connecticut|Windsor| 1640-1688 | Ell from 1640, main house ...

  • Jewish families from Český Brod - Přistoupim, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Cesky Brod - Přistoupim in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Jewish families from Poděbrady, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Poděbrady in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • mtDNA Margrethe Tetens (ca. 1514-1602)

    mtDNA-prosjektet etter Margrethe Tetens (f. ca. 1514 Danmark) =I juli 2013 testet jeg en av linjene i min svigerfamilie (mtDNA) som går fra Hustad i Romsdal via Byneset og ned til Danmark. Vår eldste ane er Margrethe Tetens, født omkring 1514 i Danmark.Er du også etterkommer av Margrethe Tetens? Ta gjerne kontakt med meg her på - så deler jeg i...

  • Stevensons in Abbeville South Carolina

    November 14, 1950 - February 2, 1951 Richard H. Stevenson (Brother How of Emelie) visits Alf & Emeliie Welhaven Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, United States Signed guest book "A wonderful visit with you two grand people and your gracious and loving friends in Abbeville." Richard H. Stevenson "How" 524 Post Street San Francisco 2, Calif 1930 United States Federal Census Census & Voter...

  • Oldest Homes in Maine

    Copyright ©2002-207 Hingham Internet Publishing All rights reserved. Revised 6-4-07 ***MAINE**** 1794 the Sea 190 West Main Street - Rt. 1 Searsport, ME Owned by Revolutionary War Hero General Henry Knox from 1794-1798, became an Inn 1917. Purchased by present owners in 1994. Recently submitted to the National Historic Registry. 1780 Captain ...

  • Jewish Families from Floss, Oberpfalz, Bavaria, Germany

    This project is for the families descended from the Jewish community of Floss. There is a shtetl site for that location at jewishgen: There is a brief history here: And a more recent one here " There were 200 Jews living in Floss in 1799, 391 in 1840, 205 in 1871, and 19 in 1933. Floss served as a religious center for the Jews of the neighboring villages. On Kristallnacht (November 19...

  • L'Expédition La Pérouse (1785-1788)

    The La Pérouse Expedition Ce projet réunit les membres connus de l'Expédition La Pérouse (pour plus d'information sur sur cette expédition, voir Wikipedia... ) This project brings together the known members of the La Pérouse expedition (for more information on the expedition, see the biography of Count de La Pérouse on Wikipedia... ) Liens/...

  • Burgemeesters van Brugge

    Mayors of Brugge . . . (Under construction) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1228-1385, onder de graven van Vlaanderen (rule of the County of Flanders) 1228: Henricus Ram 1269-1270 : Petrus de Wedra 1270-1271 : Lambertus dictus Tonnelaere 1278-1279 : Pieter Bonin 1279-1280 : Bonin Cant 1281-1282 : Lambertus Tolnare 128...

  • Texas Feuds

    Though feuds and range wars were rampant throughout the American West, it seems the Lone Star State wins the "prize" for having the most. In virtually every county in the state, bitter wars were waged, often beginning with a few family members before growing to include hundreds of men. From disputes rising out of Civil War sympathies, to cattle thievery, and old-fashioned arguments between neig...

  • Jewish families in Český Krumlov (Böhmisch Krumau), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families in Český Krumlov (Böhmisch Krumau) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Jewish families from Městec Králové, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Městec Králové in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Jewish Families from Kadaň (Kaaden), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Kadaň (Kaaden) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • The Garden City Movement

    The Garden City Movement=The garden city movement is a method of urban planning that was initiated in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard in the United Kingdom. Garden cities were intended to be planned, self-contained communities surrounded by "greenbelts", containing proportionate areas of residences, industry and agriculture.Edward Bellamy's novel Looking Backward and Henry George's work Progress an...

  • Catulong Genealogy Project

    INTRODUCTION The primary objective of this project is to find and relate near and distant cousins that share a common heritage. This project has less to do with the name “CATULONG” since there are some variations to the surname, and no surname has lesser or greater rights to our common history; but rather more importance is given to the genealogical aspects (e.g. employing socia...


    adding PENCIS family members to project

  • Jewish Families from Kunratice u Prahy, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Kunratice u Prahy in Bohemia, Czech Republic. The History of the Jews in Kunratice-by-Prague

  • Norsk litteratur - Norwegian Literature

    Norge har en rik litteratur, og dette prosjektet tar sikte på å samle profiler for forfattere med deres slektshistorie. Wikipedia Norsk litteratur er den litteratur og fortellerkunst som er blitt skrevet i Norge eller av nordmenn. Norsk litteraturs historie går tilbake enkle Eddadikt og komplekse skaldekvad fra førkristen tid på 800- og 900-tallet og med d...

  • Monarchs Portal

    Designed to provide a link to other projects that identify monarchs for different nations. And, at least temporarily, for monarch profiles where a separate project has not been established for monarchs of the applicable nation.

  • mtDNA Ane på Flatset

    mtDNA-prosjektet etter Ane på Flatset (Averøya) =I juli 2013 testet jeg min morslinje (mtDNA) på Averøya. Min eldste ane er Ane på Flatset, Averøya. Resultatet var treff med personer fra ulike nasjoner, samt identifikasjon av en haplogruppe. Er du også etterkommer av Ane på Flatset? Ta gjerne kontakt med meg her på - s�...

  • mtDNA Ragnhild på Mykleby

    mtDNA-prosjektet etter Ragnhild på Mykleby (f. ca. 1650 Stor-Elvdal) I juli 2013 testet jeg min fars morslinje (mtDNA) som går fra Romedal via Ringsaker og opp til Stor-Elvdal i Hedmark. Min eldste ane er Ragnhild på Mykleby, født omkring 1650 i Stor-Elvdal. Resultatet var 21 treff med personer fra ulike nasjoner, samt identifikasjon av en haplogruppe. Er du og...

  • 22nd Georgia Infantry - Company B (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company B=The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 48th Georgia Infantry - Company F (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company F The Battleground Guards The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • van Loggerenberg

    Tracing the origin and development of the van Loggerenberg surname in South Africa.

  • Møldrup / Moldrup

    With this group, i hope to find relatives in USA, who are descendants of Møldrup s emigrated from Denmark and / or Greenland. Here s some of them : Johan Rasmus Edvard Møldrup (born in Greenland 1875 - died in ?) - Anna Cathrine Møldrup (maiden name : Christiansen) (born in Harrendrup, Denmark 1846- died 1924 in ?) - Kristense Marie Kirstine Møldrup (born in �...

  • Jewish families from Petrovice, Beroun district, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Petrovice, Beroun district (near Pribram and Sedlcany), in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • BOŽULIĆ, VERUNIĆ - Uspomene za budućnost / Memories for future

    Zadar Dugi otok, Veli Rat, Croatia Veli Rat je bil naseljen že v rimskem obdobju. Današnje naselje pa se v starih zapiskih prvič omenja leta 1327; iz tistaga časa je verjetno tudi cerkev sv. Ane. V naselju stoji tudi kapelica sv. Nikole - zaščitnika mornarjev. Verunić, tudi Verona, je manjše naselje na severozahodnem delu otoka. Nase...

  • 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

    Bataljon 99 er navnet brukt i Norge for 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate). The 99th infantry Battalion (Separate) was activated at Camp Ripley, Minnesota on July 19th 1942 as per written instructions by the War Department. This unique elite unit was to consist only of Norwegians and Americans with direct Norwegian descent. Soldiers picked out for this elite unit had to have a working knowled...

  • 48th Georgia Infantry - Company A (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company A===The Gibson Guards (Hancock County, GA)==The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Jewish families from Stod (Staab), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Stod (Staab) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Jewish families from Unhošť, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Unhošť in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Jewish families from Štěnovicich, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Štěnovicich in Bohemia, Czech Republic

  • Jewish families from Tetschen, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Tetschen in Bohemia, Czech Republic

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