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  • Native American Tribes- State of Kansas

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  • Native American Tribes- State of Iowa

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  • Native American Tribes- State of Arkansas

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  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-Lower Plains

    North American Tribes Lower Plains Includes the Following States Arkansas | Louisiana | Oklahoma | Texas Includes the Following Native American Tribes Acolapissa Adai Alabama Anadarko Apache Apalachee Aranama Arapaho Avoyel Bayogoula Bidai Biloxi Caddo Cahinnio Chatot Cherokee Cheyenne Chickasaw Choctaw Coahuiltecan Tribes Comanche Coaque Creeks Deadose Delaware Dotame Doustioni...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Wyoming

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  • Native American Tribes- State of Montana

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  • Agarwal Family

    Overview History Notables Aditi Agarwal Pics - South Indian Actress Links and Resources

  • Native American Tribes- State of Nevada

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  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-Northwest

    North American Tribes Northwest Includes the Following States Oregon | Washington Includes the Following Tribes Ahantchuyuk Alsea Atfalati Athapascan Family Bannock ChakankniCalapooya Calapuya Cathlamet Cathlacomatup Cathlacumup Cathlakaheckit CathlametCathlanahquiah Cathlapotle Cathlathlalas Cayuse Chasta Chaui Chehalis Chastacosta Chasta-Soton Chaushila Chelamela Chelamela Che...

  • Native American Tribes- State of Oregon

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  • "Famous Nine" U.S. Senators

    Original "Famous Five" (selected in 1959): Daniel Webster John C. Calhoun Henry Clay Robert Taft Robert La Follette. Additional Two: (selected in 2000) Arthur H. Vandenberg Robert F. Wagner Additional Two: (selected in 2006) Roger Sherman Oliver Ellsworth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Famous Five" No...

  • Henry Tallman and decendants

    Using, the resource, Honorable Peleg Tallman 1764-1841, His ancestors and descendants by Henry M. Emery, printed 1935 by Quntin publications,


    II sit at the crossroads of two countries, being born in the U.S., of a father also born in the U.S., and a mother who remained thoroughly estranged from the dominant culture, a South African till her death. As such, I always felt more than a little bit estranged myself from where I was. Being a writer, an observer of whatever surrounds me, in any case, this was perhaps a natural place for me t...

  • U.S.A. Indigenous peoples-California

    North American Tribes California Includes the Following Native American Tribes Achomawi Atsugewi Awani Cahita Cahuilla Cajuenche Chemehuevi Chetco Chilula Chimariko Chumash Chumash Family Coanopa Cochimi Cochiti Copehan FamilyCostanoan Family Cuñeil Cupeño Dakubetede Diegueño Esselen Fernandeño Halchidhoma Huchnon Hupa Juaneño Kamia Karok Kato Kawaii...

  • Reisig / Weisse

    We know that our family worked on Broadway during the turn of the century - Fritz Weisse did scenery and Aunt Martha did something too (Magician Assistant - maybe in the Zigfield Follies. Mag. Asst don't get billed so her career is hard to find. Plus we know Martha knew Hammerstein. I always wondered how the Reisigs met the Weisses. Today I came across an interesting document, well actually...

  • The MacDonald Sisters

    The MacDonald Sisters were four remakable women of the Victorian era. They were from a family of 11 children of of Reverend George Browne MacDonald (1805–1868), a Methodist minister, and Hannah Jones (1809–1875). They were: Alice Georgiana Agnes Louisa Alice Alice (1837–1910) married John Lockwood Kipling, and was the mother of Rudyard Kipling. A Viceroy o...

  • Still Family

    Tracing three Still brothers who migrated to the United States. Then back across the Atlantic to find their origins.

  • Valles Family

    The Valles family project starts with John Sebastian Valles and Lily Castellino and their children. This has since grown through their progeny into a large family group who are still very closely knit albeit spread through out the world. Very little information has been obtained on their ancestors and it is the purpose of this project to try and locate those branches of the family

  • big think art a fiuther

    this is not in yore earth, sky,ore any athero universal plays .'see' it is you are in said .take it beautiful.that is not religions?not sayings,it is a thinking art.all of you can do it.slowly, slowly.

  • Hassoldt

    Hassoldt family

  • Foixà

    Llista dels membres del ajuntament Alcaldes 1869-1871 : Narcís Martí 1871-1873 : Salvi Font 1873-1875 : Francesc Alabau 1875-1877 : Joan Nadal 1877-1878 : Ginés Pagés 1878-1879 : Narcís Martí 1878-1881 : Pere Torrent 1881-1883 : Joan Carabús 1883-1885 : Joan Pous 1885-1889 : Enric de Foixà 1889-1892 : Josep Font ...

  • Orren Tysor Descendants

    Family legend had that Orren Tysor came over with his sons to Cape Fear, NC, to fight on the side of the United States with Lafayette. His son Lewis was a Revolutionary War veteran. I do not know of what happened to the other two sons. A book compiling those records was produced by a relative called "The Tysors of Old Chatham County". My ancestor Harris Tysor (Lewis son) is in their along wit...

  • My Genealogical Brickwalls

    these have been my brick walls since 1976 - and they have been the bricks walls fo the family researchers before me it has been my hope to discover some leads but this far nothing has really surfaced in all these years.

  • Família Mas

    Origen i significat Al parlar del cognom, hem de considerar que una part important dels cognom que tenim avui en dia són derivats de noms de lloc de procedència o d'habitatge, que, al llarg del temps han estat usats com a cognoms. En aquests cas, cal incloure el cognom en el grup de noms de Cases, masies i altres edificis o les seves depedències. D'aquesta mena de cognoms...

  • Add to the Family Tree, sons daughters children

    Andreas Brunhart emigrated from Lichtenstein to the USA late 1800. A lot has been transpirred. Many Brunharts and relatives expanded in Lichtenstein and the USA. A Genealogy record was compiled by Pfr. Fredolin Tschugmell from Triessen, Lichtenstein. His data compiled the Brunhart "Stammbaum" ranging from 1650 to 1940. Since that time (60 years) the many families have expanded in Lichtenstein, ...

  • Family Tree of County Mayo, Ireland

    We're creating a family tree of current and past residents on County Mayo, Ireland and their ancestry. Please feel free to join our project so we begin connecting trees and people together.

  • Köstrimäe talu

    Köstrimäe talu kuulus Harju maakonna Jüri kihelkonna Jüri kirikumõisa (pastoraadi) koosseisu. Tänapäeval asub Köstrimäe Rae vallas Jüri alevikus, asukoht Maa-ameti kaardil . Jüri kirikumõisa 1697. a kaart , sellel kaardil T - Köstermeggij 1732. a adramaarevisjonis on mõisa vakuraamatus K�...

  • Villik (Willik)

    Peresidemete alguspunkt kajastamise algpunkt on Koeru kirikuraamatud. Otsesemad seosed Liigvalla ja Väinjärve vallaga.

  • Ancestors of Catania

    This is a genealogical research project that aims to brings together families from Catania, Sicily. My Nonna's family came from Ramacca, Catania. I would like to find more information about her father Francesco Rapisarda and her mother Giuseppa Oglialoro. If we can come together maybe we can piece together the lives of our ancestors. Family names: Oglialoro, Mangani, Rapisarda

  • Rasti Norvaišų giminės trukstamas grandis

    ...dvi seserys mano tėvo Norvaišos Adomo,s.Adomo gim.1904m.05.02d. Lithuania(Lietuva) vedusios už lenkų kilmės jaunikaičių išvyko į JAV (Junatid States of America).į Pastaba: 1.Tėvo seserų vardų, pavardžių, gimimo metų ir kada išvyko, nežinau,bet man kiek menu i...

  • Guess-Marshall Connections

    Gloria Guess first married Melvin Marshall and had three children: Garry,Kevin, and Lisa. Garry,s offspring were Graham and Kate. Graham will add info from his mother's lineage.


    Radzivonų protėviai buvo neturtingi bajorai, kuriems XVIII a. pabaigoje XIX a. pradžioje nepavyko patvirtinti savo bajoriškos kilmės. Radzivonai (Radzvilos) XIX a. būdavo užrašomi laisvaisiais valstiečiais, vėliau Jelgavos miestelėnais. XIX a. pirmoje pusėje Vaškų apylinkėse minimos Step...

  • Rawlings Family of Georgia

    Rawlings Family of Georgia - Facebook Description: To connect, meet and find out more about the White Rawlings, Rawlins, Rollins, Newsom, and other related families originating in Washington County, Georgia, USA. To connect, meet and find out more about the Black Rawlings, Brown, Hooks, Daniel, and other related families originating in Washington County, Georgia, USA. Share your famil...

  • The Oneida Community

    Noyes' teachings were practiced here by the community. The main teaching which received the most criticism was that of "Complex Marriage." In Complex Marriage, every man was married to every woman and vice versa. This practice was to stay only within the community and had to stay within two main guidelines. The first was that before the man and woman could cohabit, they had to obtain each other...


    XVIII a. antroje pusėje Vaškų parapijos Šaulelių (vėliau pervadintame Nakvosais) minimos kelios Nakvosų šeimos. Tikėtina, kad Nakvosai buvo 1738 m. Lietuvos Didžiojo kunigaikščio Gulbinų seniūnijos inventoriuje minimo Nemeikšiūnų vaitystės Šaulelių kaimo ...


    Mijaks (Macedonian: Мијаци, Mijaci) are an ethnographic group of ethnic Macedonians who live in the so-called Mijačija area (Dolna Reka), along the Radika river, in western Macedonia, numbering 30,000-60,000 people. The Mijaks are predominantly working with animal husbandry, and are known for their ecclesiastical architecture, woodworking, icon p...

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