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  • Moustgaard slægten

    Se anetavlen for Moustgaard slægten Se gravstenene Hvor kommer Moustgaard navnet fra? Se Johannes Moustgaards fortælling om Moustgaard slægten En anden Moustgaard slægt Uddrag af Filskov sogns historie Moustgaardens skøder Nyheder

  • a tribute to Harry

    — A— —B— —C— —D— —E— —F— —G— —H— —I— —J— —K— —L— —M— Harry MULISCH -2010 • ‧ —N— —O— —P— —Q— —R— —S— —...

  • Mykolo Matiko šeima(Sundakai)

    Mykolo Matiko šeima ( dar žinoma, kaip Matikėlio) gyveno Sundakų kaime Prienų raj. Jų gyveneme name buvo pradžios mokykla, kuri karo metais buvo sudeginta. Šeimoje užaugo 10 vaikų, dabar jau visi mirę.


    My father is an adoptee back when records were sealed and even destroyed in some cases. There is strong evidence that we are direct decendants of Thomas "Tom" Paine from the revolutionary war; the author, pamphleteer, radical, inventor, intellectual, revolutionary, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Just throwing it out there to hopefully get a match to SOMETHING.

  • Hald Family

    Hej jeg leder efter nogen der er i famile med min beste far han hedder Peter Arne Hald

  • Paarden-fokkers in de familie

    Royal Dutch Sport Horse Paardenfokken - horse-breeding - hollandse rassen Friesch stamboom ... andere rassen Hafflingers ? ... you name it, we care it.... evenementen 2011 sep-07 Veiling veulens Midden-Nederland sep-29 Limburg-WEERT veiling sport-veulens

  • Museum Het Prinsenhof Delft

    Museum Het Prinsenhof Delft NOU SJENNIE & SJORS, PLAKKEN MAAR ! En pas weer terugkomen als dit album helemaal VOL staat, ok? maar niet op de hoofdpagina, want die is voor de juffrouw, maar met linken en dokumenten, ok? Oh, jullie weten nog niet wat 'documenten' zijn? Ik zal de DIKKE van DAELE wel voor jullie uit de BIEB halen, ok?

  • Rheuben - Marks - Solomon(s) families in early Australia (1800's)

    Early Jewish families in Australia's history, whose descendants remain Jewish today. Some of them were Tasmanian convicts, eg Abraham Rheuben (spelled Reuben in Australian convict records). There is a large study on to delve into the lives of these particular convicts at: Founders & Survivors Org. One of the infamous characters in this set of people was Isaac Solomon(s), aka Ikey Solo...

  • Tanwar Family

    Live in bharatpur,VILLage PAHARI

  • a tribute to Sonja

    Sonja BAREND ‧ Amsterdam 29‧feb‧1940 ‧ Koningin van de Talk-Show ‧ "Voor straks lekker slapen. Morgen gezond weer op."

  • The Culmer Family

    I am trying to find out more information about the Culmer Family and our ancestors, so far i have gone back as far as my great-great grandfather. Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated. steve culmer

  • Find the Adlers of Vysni Apsa who are related to Adler Hershi

    My father was Samuel Armin Adler, born June 17, 1911, in Munkacs, His father was Chaim David Adler, born in Rakhiv (I think) who had family in Vysni Apsa, which is now the Ukraine. I'm looking for information on my grandfather's family.

  • Tiibuse Mihkli järetulijad

    Tiibuse Mihkli talu peremehe Jürri poeg Michel(Mihkel) sündis vana kalendri järgi 22. juulil 1714. aastal. Uue kalendri järgi umbes 04. august 1714. [ ] Tiibuse Michel´i ja Greet Michelsohni järetulijate kaardistamine kasutades Mihkli luterliku kiriku raamatuid ja Kalli õigeusu kiriku raamatuid ning kindlasti hingeloendid. Suurem hargnemine toi...

  • Zisovic Family

    Name derived from Yiddish "Zise", a feminine name meaning "sweet". This form of the name seems to have originated in the area from modern-day Slovakia to Subcarpathian Ruthenia. Alternate spellings include Zisovicz, Zisovics, Ziszovics, Ziszovicz, Zisovitz, Zisovits, Zissovitz, and other spellings that include the indicated pronunciations ([zɪsɔvɪts] or [zɪsɔv...

  • Ancestors of Johan-Eric Erling Holmström, Stockholm, Sweden

    This project is dedicated to trace the relatives and ancestors of Johan-Eric Holmström. His mother's name Märta Erling comes from Möklinta, Sweden. His ancestry at the father's side is the well-known Johan Wilhelm Holmström who founded Barnängen Tekniska Fabrik in Stockholm during the half of the 19th century. My interest is to find the ancestors of Johan Wilh...

  • Origin of surnames Mintz, Münz, Munitz, Mines

    Isaac Mintz (Minz) Isaac Mintz of Mezeritch, a close descendant of Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen is the progenitor of the Mintz Family. There are several other branches of the MINTZ family which are well documented, including one listed in the publication "Eliyahu's Branches: The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family" Isaac of Mezeritch Mintz profile on Geni See under Medi...

  • Crack Arvo


  • Taylor Family of Georgia

    Description: Trying to meet and find out more about the Taylor and other related families originating in (Washington County), Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Taylor Branches Links and References

  • Carter Manumission

    This project is an attempt to chronicle and connect all of the decendants of the 500+ slaves that were freed by Robert Carter III at Nomini Hall plantation, Westmoreland County Virginia in 1791 Robert "Councillor" Carter III (February 1727/28 – March 10, 1804) was an American plantation owner, founding father and onetime British government official. After the death of his wife, Frances...

  • Ancestral towns & relations Reyes-De Leon Union.

    Trace ancestral towns and relations of Clemente Velasco Reyes Sr (Ilocos Sur ) and Magdalena Guerrero de Leon Reyes (Ilocos Norte). Towns and named relations.

  • Dadegaonkar Family

    This is the genealogy of the Dadegaonkar- Mahajan family which is spread over Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

  • Buschardt Family

    The Buschardt Family Different Spelling The Danish branch

  • Palma Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Palma Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Serrano Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Serrano Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Sysoon - deceased people search engine

    Search for deceased people, funeral news and directory.

  • VI Corps (USA), US Civil War

    The VI Corps (Sixth Army Corps) was a corps of the Union Army during the American Civil War. Visit Command and Unit Assignments for a detail of individual state units assigned to each division. Formation The corps was organized as the Sixth Provisional Corps on May 18, 1862, by uniting Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin's Division, which had just arrived on the Virginia Peninsula, with Maj. ...

  • 5th Regiment, Arkansas State Troops (CSA), US Civil War

    The 3rd Infantry, Arkansas State Troops (1861) was an Arkansas State infantry regiment that served during the American Civil War. The regiment assigned to the command of Brigadier General Nicholas Bartlett Pearce, Commander, 1st Division, Provisional Army of Arkansas Organization At the beginning of the war, the Arkansas Succession Convention created the Provisional Army of Arkansas. The Pr...

  • 5th Massachusetts Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    UNION MASSACHUSETTS TROOPS 5th Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Unit:--(Militia 3 Months) Tendered services to the government April 15, 1861. Left State for Washington, D.C., April 21, and there mustered in for three months May 1. Moved to Alexandria, Va., May 25. Duty at Camp Andrew until July 16. Attached to Franklin's Brigade, Heintzelman's Division, McDowell's Army of Northeast Virginia....

  • 53rd Illinois Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    UNION ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS 53rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry Organized at Ottawa, Ill., January, 1862. Moved to Chicago, Ill., February 27, 1862, and duty there till March 23, guarding prisoners. Moved to St. Louis, Mo., thence to Pittsburg Landing, Tenn., March 23-April 7. Attached to 1st Brigade, 4th Division, Army of the Tennessee, to July, 1862. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, District of Memp...

  • 1st Vermont Brigade (USA), US Civil War

    The First Vermont Brigade , or Old Brigade was an infantry brigade in the Union Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War. It suffered the highest casualty count of any brigade in the history of the United States Army, with some 1,172 killed in action. It was the only brigade in the Army of the Potomac known by the name of its state. Major General James Harrison Wilson: The Vermon...

  • Di Corpo Family

    Immediate roots trace to the region of Molise (near Campobasso), Italy. Specifically Matrice and Ripalimosani.

  • Sons Of Jamaica Roll of Honor

    To Honor Our Solders This Project is a Subgroup of Jamaica Graves And list Jamaicans and others of the Caribbean who Died fighting for our freedom. In the 113 years between 1702 to 1815, five major wars were fought, covering a period of 56 years, and in all these the islands were closely involved. The War of 1776 was quite different from the earlier ones. It was the first war of indepen...

  • DesLauriers Family History

    FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH (DESLAURIERS) IMPORTANT Francois DesLauriers (Believed to have died in 1915 and to have been born 1809)(Middle name is possibly: Pete) Marguerite (Phanoeuf) DesLauriers (Wife of Francois) Mr. and Mrs. Francois DesLauriers had a child; Oliver Jon DesLauriers. (They might have had more, but we are unsure at this time.) INFORMATION ON THEM Francois is Indian and Frenc...

  • Ábrol genealógico en grande

    ¡Venga tu Reino! Querida familia: Les invito a unirse a este esfuerzo de construir juntos nuestro árbol genealógico. Cada uno puede ir llenando la información del propio perfil. Gracias por todo. Con cariño, César.

  • Les Ducs de Normandie 911-1106

    The Rulers of Normandie from Rollo in 911 to William who became King of England used the titles of Jarl and then Dux (Duke). This project includes the main line with all their various partners and children. The project might be extended to include a few more generations as well. This project is a sub-project of Norman Families of Normandy and England . Chart of the main lines Ambigu...

  • GENI- > Gene(s)

    Eager to receive envelop & send-out my "Spit" for DNA analysis..soon after the first step in this project would be concluded. Firstly, to identify our halo group - which identifies to great extent Un-known historical root of our family. Secondly, I will offer the same test to a number of my friends who are descendants of AL-Ashraf to check if we have common ancestors ???????? Very excitin...

  • Puchaev family

    I am looking for descendants of Kotoni Pucha Aronov, particularly those with last name Puchaev. I've already added some of them to the tree. Feel free to to add more and make corrections if necessary. What I know is that he had at least two brothers, Mikhail and Rakhmin and possibly more siblings. Mikhail had at least one son, Neria, who in turn had a family of his own. I am trying to put the...

  • Urliku_kps

    Urliķu kapi

  • Baļčiņu kps

    Baļčiņu kapi Kurmenes pagasts

  • Grys aner

    Forskning av mine aner

  • Heldur Tiirats Family

    Heldur Tiirats - naine Ellen Tiirats Poeg Tõnu Tiirats Tütar Reet Tiirats - Lepik

  • Portret Schilders

    -2011-08-21-jMu- deze pagina bevat namen van portretschilders met verwijzing naar bronnen waar door hen geschilderde portretten te vinden zijn die kunnen dienen als illustratie van geni-profielen. Wanneer de schilders zelf in geni staan kunt u ze linken en kan de betreffende documentatie in de profielpagina worden ondergebracht. WIKIPAINTINGS - Giuseppe ARCIMBOLDO ‧ 1527-1593 &...

  • Zoek ze in Schiedam - Zuid-Holland - Nederland

    NL: Hier plaats ik -onder DOCUMENTEN- digitale URL's die 't zoeken in Schiedam makkelijker maken en de profielen van personen waarvan ik weet/vermoed dat ze in Schiedam geboren, getrouwd of overleden zijn. Als de gegevens compleet genoeg zijn, verwijder ik dat profiel weer van de pagina, zodat een dynamisch platform ontstaat. Wie weet vind ik zo ook leuke medewerkers met wie ik samen verder kan...

  • Boullon, de Galicia al Mundo

    Unir a todas las familias de Apellido Boullon, en una unica raiz con cimientos en Galicia (Espña). Estamos uniendo a los Boullon de Cuba, de Panama, de Venezuela y de Argentina. Si le interesa el proyecto, embarcate. !!! Geni nos ayudara !!!

  • Trying to fullfil the needs of our village Kanur Agraharam from where all of us came .

    We started this in a low key supplying used clothes to needy people there .The response was very encouraging .They said that even torn clothes can be utilised for covering the backs of the Gangireddus with which some people have their living there . Syam donated some money to Gautami Eye Institute at Rajahmundry with a promise from them that they take special interest of our villagers by conduc...

  • Jamuan Raya 2011

    Untuk makluman Tuan puan, majlis hari raya 2011 akan di adakan pada hari raya kedua. bertempat di Kampung Minangkabau. Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan, atucara majlis akan berubah sikit tahun ini. InsyaAllah, Majlis akan bermula pagi. Gotong royong dalam menyediakan juadah. Makan tengahari bersama-sama. Seterusnya selepas zohor ada sedikit bakar membakar apa yang patut di makan..di samping acara suka...

  • 33rd North Carolina Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    Regiment: 33rd Infantry Regiment North Carolina Date of Organization: 1 Sep 1861 Muster Date: 9 Apr 1865 Regiment State: North Carolina Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 33rd Commanders: (1st) Col. Clark M. Avery, (2nd) Maj. Joseph H. Saunders, who was wounded and captured. Number of Companies in Infantry: 10 Battles Fought Fought on 14 Mar 1862 at New Berne, NC. ...

  • Fröström - Ursprunget

    Då det finns flera grenar Fröström som har samma historia i olika former, att det var en eller flera invandrande personer som gav upphovet till släktnamnet i Sverige. Detta projekt syftar till att vi med gemensamma insatser kanske kan hitta vem eller vilka som är upphovspersoner till släktnamnet.

  • Grefte

    Elk jaar een familiereunie met steeds dezelfde mensen. Er komen er ook steeds meer bij. Wie is toch wie? Daarom een duidelijk overzicht van alle Grefte vertakkingen.

  • Catharina Höglund

    Min mormors farmor var född på Donsö, hon gifte sig med en snickare från Lindome. Han hette Carl Petter Eliasson. De tog namnet Höglund. Gården i Lindome han var född på hette Höxered. De fick många barn. Min mormors far Carl Edvard Höglund blev fiskare. Hans syster Helemina gifte sig med en karantänsdrän...

  • projet test

    ceci est un test découverte

  • Robert Podlipnik

    urejanje profila

  • Ainasojat

    Epätoivoinen yritys saada yhdisteltyä samoja profiileja pikkuserkun kanssa. This uskomattoman sekakielinen Geni is not the Ohjelma, josta pidän!

  • Almiron Family

    Creermos nuestro arbol !!!!



  • vasquez borrego /vidaurri /sanchez/dovalina /ramon/de la garza falcon/montemayor etc... families of laredo ,nuevoleon,and others

    founding families of many towns in south texas nortern mexico formerly new spain from 1400's to present ( laredo,monterrey,etc). mainly spanish jews and came to escape being killed for being jewish . they converted to christians ,catholicos, some where related to fernadin catholic king (our cousin)

  • Krogman Family (RSA)

    Start of Krogman Family in South Africa KROGMAN - Adolph Andreas Krogman * 25-09-1816 te Schwerin - Mecklenburg, Oos-Duits- land (bron sterfkennis). Sy ouers Heinrich Krogman en Margaretha Fredericka (nooiensvan onbekend). Hulle het moontlik gewoon te Kremmin, distrik Grabouw in die provinsie Schwerin - Mecklenburg. In die emigrasielys van 1826 - 1843 in die argief in Schwerin / G.D.R. kom ...

  • Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness

    The basis of this project is a 2000 film called Pay It Forward . In the film, the hero devises a charitable pyramid scheme, based on good deeds rather than profit. He calls his plan "Pay It Forward," which means the recipient of a favor does a favor for a third party rather than paying the favor back. To be a collaborator on this project, you must pick three random Geni users and provide them s...

  • Mannheimer Family

    Poszukuje czlonkow rodziny Mannheimer z Bytomia. Moritz Mannheimer byl najprawdopodobniej patronem ulicy Mannheimerstrasse, ktora zostala zlikwidowana przez nazistow w latach trzdziestych XX wieku.

  • Revolutionary War Veterans or Patriots from my Ancestors

    A means for me to track my revolutionary War service ancestors and to sue to update and verify their service if no documentation has been given I filed back in the late 1970's on Jonthan Edington ambrose emery leonard divan Valentine "Felty" Alt jr. and was a member of a local chapter until the mid 1990's when i could no longer afford the dues. I have my papers as well as othe...

  • Ahi tivaneni vo Bamuza, Mahuntsi, Bilankulu,Tivani, vadyi va makondlo

    vanhu votlhariha vanhu voka va nga chavi buku

  • Sam Poworoznyks

    According to Laura Cardinal (nee Poworoznyk) there were 2 Sam Poworoznyks. One lived in the Fraserwood area and the other was involved with the company Essex Meat Packers in Grimsby Ontario.

  • Coast Family

    David Coast is my father aged 87. He was a Naval Commander during WWII. Initially serving in submarines and later in Frigates. He was posted to Australia to assist the preparation of the Australian navy for their Korean War committment. He is married to Audrey Coast aged 85 and I am the youngest of their three children. Peter Coast aged 60 is the eldest son and he and his son Patrick Coast ...

  • Søren Frandsen og Søren Frandsen

    Det er meget usædvanligt, at man giver 2 sønner samme navn. Men Søren og Søren Frandsen er altså indskrevet i FolkeTællingslisten (FT) fra 1801 i Darum, Ribe amt, med enslydende navne. De er på daværende tidspunkt 11 og 9 år, så der kan ikke være tale om, at den ene er død før den anden, og den anden s&#x...

  • Oscar Saborio Valverde

    Lorenzo Preste nació alredor de 1740, llegó a Costa Rica en 1750, caso en 1760 Tuvo descendencia en Heredia y Alajuela. Cual fue su lugar de origen?

  • Split Family

    Charles was NOT the son of Nebraska Wilshusen--I DON'T know why they won't split him off the tree there. I keep saying there may have been TWO Charlies or even THREE, everyone named their kids similar or the SAME EXACT NAME. He was the son of Johann and Caterina PERIOD!!!

  • Coopey Family

    Try to link all the Coopeys. Concentrating around the Gloucestershire & South Wales areas initially. Collaboration is welcome!

  • Reginiano Family

    The Reginiano family originated from Tripoly We are connected to Baruch Reginiano who built the synagogue "Dar Baruch" if you have any information about the family please let us know נשמח לקבל כל מידע על משפחת רג'ינ&#x...

  • Wiggen family

    A collection of Wiggen family profiles, which originate from Børsa, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. This is a collection of various stray Wiggen members found in church books and censuses and other sources that lack a link to members of the Wiggen tree. Please add links to documents if any is found. Do not merge into a tree unless the missing link is found. To add a new group of m...

  • Peder og Jens Bjerregaard (Tvillingerne)

    Tvillingerne var et festligt par. De kunne underholde hele byen Hurup, og var meget vellidte. Alligevel er det svært, at finde materiale, der fortæller om deres meritter. På dette projekt kan vi planlægge og synkronisere vores jagt på mere materiale.

  • Martin og Larsine Bjerregaard

    Martin Pedersen var en højt værdsat borger i byen Hurup. Hans hustru døde som 44årig, som følge af hendes sygdom, depression, som der ikke dengang fandtes nogen behandling for. Men hvad mere ved vi? Hvor meget mere kan vi finde ud af? På dette projekt, kan vi i hvert fald samle vores foreløbige overvejelser, førend vi uploader dem p�...

  • Migration, Emigration , Surnames, Ancient Planters, Project list


  • Assassination of Governor Rosas

    Scope of Project This project identifies individuals involved in the assassination of former New Mexico governor, Luis Rosas, January 25, 1642. Overview In the Spanish province of Santa Fe Nuevo México, relations between the civil authorities, the military, and the clergy were frequently stormy, and in the late 1630s, with the governorship of Luis de Rosas, the trouble was brought ...

  • Ellington Family of Jamaica

    This project is to research and find out more about the Ellington and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. Elder's Stories Naming Conventions See generic Naming Conventions page. Names For consistency, please make sure the name fields of Master Profiles are first name, middle name, last name, maiden name if known, otherwise blank. Notables Ellington Confir...

  • Founding Families of Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Scope of project This project identifies members of the founding families of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1706. Overview On 23 April 1706 Francisco Cuervo y Valdés wrote to the king of Spain and to the viceroy of New Spain he had founded a new villa in New Mexico. Cuervo y Valdés named the community after the viceroy, Fernandez de la Cueva, Duque de Alburquerque. The governor...

  • Notes for all projects

    NOTES AND LINKS ON MY JAMAICA, USA PROJECTS for Planters, Migration, Emigration, immigration etc Here I have added useful Links and info for some/ most of the Projects that myself and others are working on. Sometimes i find info that will be usefull later so i leave them here so we dont have to go looking for them again later. some are snippets or parts of rticle pulled for relevance so r...

  • Keith Family Tree

    The Joseph Andrew Charles Keith Family Tree project

  • Geni Philippines

    About Geni Philippines W elcome everyone. T his is your place as you build your family tree online and your gateway to the Filipino community on Geni. T his project aims to provide you an educational and wonderful Geni genealogical experience; a venue for collaboration of your shared family tree of common ancestors; a chance to discover your historical roots and significantly contribute to ...

  • The Bulaty Connection

    Early June, Prague - had the pleasure of Meeting Tomas and Dana Bulaty, at Cafe Imperial as we celebrated the 90th Birthday of Oldrich Stransky. We have established that we are related but did not understand the path! I hope that we can sort it out with the help of Geni!

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