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  • Wesly Family

    Cherche la famille de "Berta Wesly" épouse de "Moritz / Morris Vasen"

  • Gyllene Haj, Passengers 1653

    Gyllene Haj (Golden Shark) 1653-1654 Sailed from Stockholm November 23, 1653 Arrived in Gothenburg January 17, 1654 The Gyllene Haj Left Stockholm with 41 persons, including sailors. On December 17 the ship had only come as far as Dalarön, a place near Stockholm. On the 30th she was in the sound, where six sailors with a servant and prisonor deserted. Four new sailors having be...

  • Gyllene Haj, Passengers 1646

    Gyllene Haj (Golden Shark) 1646-1647 Sailed from Stockholm in May, 1646 Arrived in New Sweden October 1, 1646 Crew Jan Jochimsen, from Cappel, Captain Jacob Albrechtsen, Mate Passengers and Soldiers Peer Olofsson, prisoner at Smedjegården in Stockholm No special efforts seem to have been made to obtain colonists for this voyage, although some new settlers and ...

  • Freedenburg, Passengers 1640

    The Freedenburg 1640-1641 Sailed from Holland July /August 1640 Arrived to Nya Sverige 2 November 1640 Sailed from Nya Sverige 3 december 1640 Arrived to Holland 1641 This ship was employed by an agent for families from Utrech, in Holland, who may have been recruited by Peter Minuit before he died. The ship, with about twenty families, set sail from Holland, not Sweden, and only a...

  • Jobs and History

    I wonder what my great grandparents and great great grandparents did for jobs and what they learnt about history before them.

  • salem sapj tree

    i heard that shri sankaran has reached the maximum number of Genie contact which appears to have been done very nicely and he is not permitted to continue as coordinator as maximum contacts have been added to single tree.. Therefore, if you have anything new and want to be displacyed in Genie tree you can forward to under case ' Salem SAPJ Tree' regards.

  • family

    give your family a hug

  • Bird Griffin (Vogel Grip), Passengers 1637

    Vogel Grip (The Bird Griffin) 1637 - 1638 Left Gothenburg beginning of November Sailed from the Texel December 29, 1637 Arrived March, 1638 Destination: South River, New Sweden Crew Andrian Joransen, Skipper Anthony, a slave — A Morian or Angoler, from Angola, the Portuguese colony in West Africa near the river Kunene Passengers and Soldiers Cargo ...

  • Kalmer Nyckel, Passengers 1637

    Kalmer Nyckel 1637-1638 (Calmer Sleutel-Dutch, Key of Kalmar-English) Left Gothenburg beginning of November Sailed from the Texel December 29, 1637 Arrived at New Amsterdam March, 1638 Destination: South River, New Sweden Crew Jan Hendrixsz van der WATER ‧ Captain Michel SYMONSSEN ‧ first mate ‧ Jacob Evertssen SANDELIN ‧ second mate Peter J...


    oESTREICHER, OSTRIKER Surnames derive from one of many different origins. Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. This family name is a toponymic (derived from a geographic name of a town, city, region or country). Surnames that are based on place names do not always testify to direct origin from that place, but may indicate an indirect relation between the namebea...

  • Gens Iulia

    Gens Iulia, the family of Julius Caesar, was a patrician family at Rome. They claimed descent from the semi-divine Iulus, but the egends vary. Iulus was identical with Ascanius, King of Alba Longa (Vergil), or he was a half-brother of Ascanius and son of Aeneas by his Trojan wife, Creüsa (Livy), or he was son of Ascanius (Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 1.70). It is not kno...

  • Satzger Family

    Ergründung der Vorfahren meiner familie. Search for our ancestors.

  • Kalaw Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Kalaw Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Project England

    To Trace The davidson Family Back to England, Maybe even find Loyalist or patriot's!

  • New Sweden, Immigrant Ships

    Immigrant Ships Chronology of Colonial Swedes Kalmar Nyckel Passenger Lists Index1637-1655 (Alphabetical ) The First Expedition (1637 - 1638) Kalmer Nyckel Fogel Grip (Bird Griffin) The Second Expedition (1639 - 1640) Kalmer Nyckel The Third Expedition (1640 - 1641) Freedenburg Fourth expedition (1641 -1642)

  • Fontanarosa Families

    This project is to help those that are trying to find their roots in the town of Fontanarosa, Italy. Some last names related to Fontanarosa: DiFronzo Rubino D'Ambrosio Fucci Names to add to project: Nicoletta Tommasina Giannattasio 1873 (Fontanarosa It)-1930 (Philly, Pa.), F: Stainslao Luigi Felece, M Luigia Penta Giacomo Antonio Rubino - b. 1873 (fontanarosa It) Marriage ...

  • Kings of Desmond

    The Kingdom of Desmond The Kingdom of Desmond was an historic kingdom located on the southwestern coast of Ireland. The name is Gaelic in origin - Deas-Mhumhain - which means South Munster. The Kingdom of Desmond originated in 1118, based on the Treaty of Glanmire, when the major parts of the prior Kingdom of Munster fractured into the Kingdom of Desmond and the Kingdom of Thomond (Irish: Tua...

  • Global Tree Projects - Project to Structure Projects - ASSIGNED TO CLEANUP

    Why not identify the projects that seem to be destined for NO SUPPORT OR ACTIVITY - Link them here and possibly we can run a campaign to remove them in time..? All to be discussed and considered.. -

  • RUSSELL's 21st B'day

    This event will take place on 10th December 2011. Finally our son will be reaching a milestone in his life and we can analyse the wonderful journey that has taken place in his young life. We also will be welcoming family & friends from Fiji, New Zealand and around Australia. 16Oct2011- CostCo with Jenny Rounds(my classmate) & Michael,shopping for B'day celebrations.....PaperPlates/Cups/Cutler...

  • Folkusházy Family

    Folkusházy család

  • Gawera Family

    The Gawera family that migrated to UK from India in the 1960s

  • Historic Schools, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA

    Official School Web Site The schools of today are elaborate multi-million dollar affairs that clearly place an emphasis on the importance of providing a state of the art environment for learning. Tremendous expense goes into the physical plant associated with our places of learning - planning for them, building them and maintaining them. Not so long ago, our parents or grandparents, were ta...

  • ~AFTRA/SAG~since '97

    ~SAG/AFTRA~since "97 neactor.ning/profile/chrisjames, (XXII)

  • Kerala Mudali/Muthali/Mudaliar

    Kerala Muthali (Mudali) belongs to various Mudaliar communities. They are predominantly found in the Trivandrum and Palghat Districts of Kerala and Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. They migrated to these places in the late 17th Century onwards for various purposes including Weavings Agriculture, coconut oil extraction, coir Trade and as specialized fighters and reliable spies. They were give...

  • Aguraiuja

    Teadaolevalt on Aguraiuja (Aguraijuja, Aggoraiuja, Aggoraioja, Aggoraijuja, Agguraiuja, Hagguraiuja, Haguraiuja) perenime antud välja ainult Harju-Jaani kihelkonnas Anijal Teadaolevalt on esimeste selle nime kandjate vanemateks ja tema vend Seega katsume saada selle müstilise perenime kandjad ühe mütsi alla Jaanus Kalju Aino Kalju (Aguraiuja) poeg

  • Thad Dymkowski

    Looking for relatives of Jan or John Dymkowski. Poland born, but lived and settled in Connecticut... according to birth record of his son, John, he was married to a Caroline or Karolina. Place of birth for Jan and Karolina is noted as Russia (Poland). There is also a tie to a Leo Dymkowski, and Annie Dymkowski, and a Sophie Dymkowski, all from Connecticut.

  • EISNER ‧ Эйснер ❧ family ‧ genealogy

    -2011-11-21-12:43+GMT-winter-jMu-etc. EISNER ‧ ❧ family ‧ genealogy ALIAS EISNER ~ Эйснер ~ In GENI EISNER : EISSNER : on the internet alfabetisch op voornaam ook elders gevonden : Michael Dammann EISNER - USA-NY-Mount KIsco 07-mrt 1942 - Ⓘ -en -

  • The Spectacular Artistry of the U.S. Civil War

    This sub-project deals with the artistry of the U.S. Civil War--a project about Civil War related arts, photography and the poetry of Stephen Vincent Benet and Walt Whitman; let's not forget the novelists and especially Matthew Brady's pictures of the War! Photography Mathew Brady Civil War Officer Photographs Mathew B. Brady Collection of Civil War Photographs Mathew B. Brady coordinat...

  • Biology Project

    The study of Heredity and Genes

  • South Africa - Durban

    Before & After

  • Cherish the tree

    I have been given at least two dozen pages of notes, scraps and napkins from my father and my aunt doreen. I pledge to enter all of this data by the end of the year. If I don't do it by then I will come back and edit this paragraph and no one will be the wiser.

  • Wolfe Family originating in Northern Europe

    Variations of the Wolfe name include Wolf,Wolff, Wolfe, Woolf, Woolfe, Woulf, Wulff, Woof, Wooff, etc. "This is a famous Anglo-Irish surname of Norman-French origins! Almost all nameholders have some connection with the conquest of England in 1066 by William of Normandy, the name being taken to Ireland in 1170 following Strongbows invasion. What is less certain is why the name was given in th...

  • New Sweden, Upland Court, Immigrant Ships

    Upland Court, Immigrant Ships 1656 Beaver Sailed from Amsterdam December 20, 1656 Left Texel December 25, 1656 Arrived in New Amsterdam March 19, 1657 1656 Prince Maurice Sailed from Amsterdam December 21, 1656 Left Texel December 25, 1656 Arrived at Long Island March 8, 1657; wrecked 1658 Golden Mill (Gulde Meulen) Sailed June, 1658. Arrived September 27, 1658 at the South River 1659 N...

  • Purmerland Church, Passengers 1663

    1663 Purmerland Church Departed Amsterdam September, 1663 Arrived South River December 3rd, 1663 Alexander D'Hinoyossa, (d'Hinojossa) Peter Alrichs Israel Miss Printz 150 Persons

  • St. Jacob, Passengers 1663

    1663 In the St. Jacob Sailed from Amsterdam June, 1663 Captain Pieter Lucasz van der Goes Arrived at New Amstel (South River) July 28, 1663 Destination: New Amsterdam Annetje Jacobs from Gorchem (Gorckum, Gornichem) Geertje Huyberts from Marken - wife of Jan Gerritsen, and nephew 12 years old (Geertjen) Peter Cornelissen Plockhooy and family; takes along for himself and his family all k...

  • Golden Eagle (De Gulden Arent), Passengers 1662

    1662 In the Golden Eagle (De Gulden Arent) Sailed from Amsterdam January 28th, 1662 Left Texel February 5th, 1662 Captain Pieter Claesz Deugt Arrived at New Amsterdam May 2, 1662 Destination: South River, New Amstel Joost de la Grange - and wife and three children, six servants and two maids [Source #196] Peter Jansen Cuyck (Van Kuyck), from Heusden, agriculturist (Pieter Jansz) Peter J...

  • Purmerland Church, Passengers 1661

    1661 In the Purmerland Church Sailed from Amsterdam November 17, 1661 Left Texel November 27, 1661 Captain Dirck Jacobsz de Vries Arrived South River (New Amstel) February 3, 1662 Arrived at New Amsterdam March 29, 1662 Destination: South River, New Amstel Barent Cornelissen Slecht Claes Verbrack - with wife Cornelis Aertsen and man servant Gerrit de Groott of Ryntsterwoude and boy ...

  • New Amstel, Passengers 1659

    1659 In the New Amstel, galiot Skipper Jacob Jansen Huys and Skipper Jan Dircksen Bergen Arrived in New Asmterdam November, 1659 Destination: South River, New Amstel Andries Andriesssen, carpenter of the galiot Arent Korsen, sailor, died before December 17, 1660 Cornelis Harperson de Jager, died December, 1659. Jacob Gerbrantsen, sailor Jan Broers, cook of the galiot, died before De...

  • Golden Mill (Gulde Meulen), Passengers 1658

    1658 In the Golden Mill (Gulde Meulen) Sailed June, 1658 Captain Barent Jochems Arrived September 27, 1658 at the South River see Adam Van Santen, and wife and two children, ages 1 and 4 years (Had permit to sail directly to New Amsterdam William Van Rasenberg,1 Surgeon 100 passengers After a voyage of 13 weeks and experiencing great want of water, to such a degree, that for some days...

  • Prince Maurice, Passengers 1656

    1656 In The Prince Maurice Sailed from Amsterdam December 21, 1656 Left Texel December 25, 1656 Arrived at Long Island March 8, 1657; wrecked Destination of Colonists: South River, New Amstel Jacob Alrichs, director Alexander D'Hinoyossa, Lieutenant Evert Pietersen, comforter of the sick Gerrit van Schweringen, Supercargo Jan Barents, (Barentsen), chief boatswain Jan Gerritsen, sa...

  • Beaver, Passengers 1656

    1656 In The Beaver Sailed from Amsterdam December 20, 1656 Left Texel December 25, 1656 Arrived in New Amsterdam March 19, 1657 Carsten Jansen and wife Jan Gillesen Kock from Utrecht - and wife and three children Lyntie Brouwers Lysbet Van Hooghvelt (this person might have been on ship De Beer (The Bear) which sailed and arrived approximately the same times.) Maritie Jeuriaens 125 p...

  • Arias Carvajal

    La familia de José María Arias Carvajal (1844-1940), oriunda de Sonsón (Antioquia), fue una de las familias fundadoras de Circasia y Montenegro (Quindío). Su esposa se llamaba Aureliana Arias. De su matrimonio hubo 11 hijos, siendo uno de ellos Juan de la Cruz Arias Arias, padre de Ermilda Arias Rodriguez. Los hermanos de José María –Javier, Jes&...

  • Eesti kadunud alg- ja põhikoolid.

    Märkasin siin huvitavat kadunud koolide projekti . Minu kodukülas Puises Läänemaal oli kunagi Puise Algkool , seal käisid minu vanavanemad ja vist ka nende vanemad . Koolimaja ise on nüüdseks muidugi hävinenud . Minu onu Ilmar Randma uuris kodukandi ajalugu ja ühtlasi ka Puise kooli ajalugu , tal on tehtud palju ülestä...

  • Irish in Jamaica

    The Burkes, The Collins, The Lynches, The Murphys , The Maddens, The Mullings, The Lanigans, The Walshes, The McCarthys, McCormacks, McDermotts, McDonnoughs, McGanns, McLaughlins, and McMorris’s. The O’Briens, O’Connors, O’Reilleys, O’Haras and O’Meallys – the list is almost endless. Jamaica "Out Of many, One People" Out Of Many Cultures: T...

  • Limonchik Family

    click here for the family project

  • ציטרון Zitron Family

    click here for the family project

  • Citronowicz Family

    click here for the family project

  • Citrinic Family

    click here for the family project

  • Citreon Family

    click here for the family project

  • Citrin Family

    click here for the family project

  • Further the Rock Tree

    Let's use this to add to the Rock tree: [ ]

  • John Weiry Rudisill

    John Weiry Rudisill (1823-1885) married Martha Ann Rebecca Pournelle on 14 December 1847 in Washington County, Georgia. He served as a Georgia state legislator. He was also an educator, having established the Mount Zion Academy, which may have also been called the Washington County Male Academy, for which he was the superintendent in December 1853. He was listed as the principal of this school ...

  • Martha R. Ryan

    Martha is MOTHER of Yvonne, Mildred, John, LeRoy, Jr., Iola, and Eleanora !! Not Step-mother!

  • New Sweden, Links to Historic Sites

    New Sweden, Links to Historic Sites Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland

  • Family of Aintoinette Gaine- help!!!

    Papa Only Papa - esque tu peux me aide a faire plus de personne sur l'abre de mamie yo-yo?- repond.

  • Grikiapelių k.

    Kaimas Svėdasų seniūnijoje už 5 km į pietvakarius nuo Svėdasų. Įsikūręs 0,5 km į rytus nuo kelio krašto Anykščiai-Rokiškis. Per kaimą teka upė Vosinta – Jaros intakas. Ribojasi su Galviškio, Pauriškių, Vikonių kaimais. Yra 47 sodybos –...

  • First African-American Families of Early Albany

    This project is a sub-project of a FUTURE COLONIAL AMERICA PROJECT! The Jacksons, Lattimores, and Schuylers: First African-American Families of Early Albany by Stefan Bielinski and the Colonial Albany Social History Project Most of the people of early Albany lived their lives below the level of traditional historical scrutiny, but African Americans were practically invisible. Stefan Bie...

  • Lindo, valioso y digno

    El projecto se orienta a promover el saber y la actitud hacia los resultados con profundo sentido humano; en nuestra familia, nuestro entorno inmediato, nuestra ciudad y si es posible franqueando barreras hacia lo inconmensurable. En este caso será interesante la interacción de manera integral y colaborativa. Puede ser posible que nuestra actitud y sobre todo nuestra acción...

  • Berkeleys and Barclays in Norman England and Scotland

    The following is excerpted from Ch. 7 of Mists of Antiquity: "The Misty Origins of the Barclays" Mists Dispersed Among the scholars painstakingly dispersing those mists which envelop the difficult period immediately before surnames became hereditary has been Beryl Platts, an energetic and indefatigable explorer of ancient charters. In her books on the Flemish Heritage in Scotland she accepted...

  • Daniells Or Careless Family

    Catherine Daniells born 1858 Married in Franklin 1879 Catherine Corless born 1857 father of Corless William Careless, possible all from Franklin?

  • Eesti ravimudad ja sellega seotud isikud läbi ajaloo.

    Professor, hilisem akadeemik Voldemar Vadi läbiviidud uuringud Haapsalu muda tähtsusest ja selle kasutamisest raviotstarbel. Endel Veinpalu. Liidia Veinpalu.

  • House of Dammartin-Montdidier

    From French Wikipedia : Maison de Dammartin Maison de Dammartin-Montdidier La maison de Dammartin-Montdidier est une famille noble du Moyen Âge qui régna sur le comté de Dammartin. Histoire de Dammartin Dammartin-en-Goële a donné son nom aux comtes de Dammartin. L'origine de Dammartin-en-Goële, petite ville de l'arrondissement de Meaux dans le...

  • Landmarks Immigration History in the United States

    Landmarks in Immigration History *1795 Naturalization Act restricts citizenship to "free white persons" who reside in the United States for five years and renounce their allegiance to their former country. *1798 The Alien and Sedition Acts permit the President to deport any foreigner deemed to be dangerous. A revised Naturalization Act imposes a 14-year residency requirement for prospec...

  • Melkote Family

    ==KINGDOM TO FREEDOM== A Story of Dr. G.S. Melkote by S. Gopal Melkote. Barhampore, now in Orissa‐the land of Lord Jaganath‐ was where Gopalayya and his wife Parvathamma lived. Gopalayya was working here in the Postal Department, having moved from Mysore State, a Kannada speaking Brahmin ‐ from a traditional family. On the 17th October 1901, they were blessed with the...

  • family reunion

    I would like to open my home for a family reunion. Winter is warm in Naples Fl. Whoever can come, may let all know the time frame. Whoever comes makes it a family reunion.

  • My Family Wall

    In this project all families members can post any new projects or Photos of themselves.

  • Wittenberger Family

    This project aims to gather all the information about the Wittenberger family, its origins, history, were they settled in different countries in the world and connect we, their living descendants.

  • Subate (Shubitz, Subata, Subbat, Subitz) - Shtetl in Latvia

    Subate, Shtetl in Latvia Subate, small Shtetl in Latvia, 40 km northwest of Daugavpils, on the border of Lithuania. also known as Shubitz (Subata, Subat). From 1898 to 1915, facilities for Jewish study opened and there were separate synagogues for misnagdim and chassidim. There were also three chedorim and an elementary school. My late Dad's family - the Merkel family - originally cam...

  • Jaanika lapsed

    See projekt on eraviisiline ja mõeldud kaitsmaks isikute profiile omavoli eest kellelgi peale Jaanika ei hakka olema ligipääsu tema laste profiilidele Selle projektiga liitumissoovid lükatakse tagasi ja palun siinsete profiilidega mitte kedagi mestida H

  • Circle of USA ‧ Washington❜s

    Circle of USA ‧ Washington❜s : Seattle - Spokane County ~ postcode ~ capital ~ population ~ etc. Adams ‧ ‧ ‧ 18,950 Asotin ‧ ‧ ‧ 21,650 ‧ Benton ‧ ‧ ‧ 177,900 Chelan ‧ ‧ ‧ 72,700 Clallam - 72,700 - Clark ‧ ‧ ‧ 428,000 Columbia Ȃ...

  • Kallarackal Family

    The Origin There were two Kallarackal families in Kuruppampady. The roots of the Kallarackal family, that settled at Kootumadom, on the Southern side of Kuruppampady Pally (Church) can be traced to the Moolen family that came from Nayathodu, Angamali. It has common ancestry with Poickattil family. This project was created for the other Kallarackal family, that settled at Mudakuzha and place...

  • Jamieson-vanWyk Family

    Combination of Jamieson, Holmes, Hardy, Waite, van Wyk and de Wet families.

  • Golden Ages - Leiden

    < BACK Leiden: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) Leiden: Handel & Nijverheid (Trade & Industry) Leiden: Politiek & Bestuur (Politics & Government) Leiden: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) Leiden: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion) Leiden: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery)

  • Alieshia

    This project is about me and my family and my life. Umm first lets start with my family. I love my family so freaking much that I don't want anything to happened to them. I'll do anything for them. I have my heart attachted to my family. My life: Well my life is about a novel. I didn't know my dad since I was 10 Years old. I haven't seen my mom Since I was 5 Years Old.I have 4 Brother's a...

  • ⓓ ◦ CLOECK

    Eerdere tekst verplaatst naar: ⓓutch-◦-ⓓocumentatie-◦-ⓓummy Hier documentatie en profielen van vertegenwoordigers CLOECK-familie en partners van Nederlandse oorsprong -voor zover we dat nu kunnen beoordelen.

  • The Winery Families of the Livermore Valley Appellation, Livermore, California, USA

    This project will trace the families that turned the fertile Livermore Valley of California into a thriving wine region with its own appellation. Resources

  • משפחת קופרמן

    הסיפור המשפחתי של משפחת קופרמן

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