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    ŠIAURĖS LIETUVOS PUZINAI 19 a. pradžioje Puzinų šeima gyveno dabartinio Pasvalio rajono Vaškų parapijos Švokštonių kaime. Švokštonių dvaro, kuriam priklausė šis kaimas savininkai buvo baronai Brinken, bajorai Rudaminos. Stasys Velykis Prašau pasidalinti informacija apie kitas ...

  • Vielsen 17.dec.1784

    KB 1778-1787, Holmens Kirke i København, Opslag 281. Nr. 2 vielse i kolonnen til højre. 23November 1784 bliver Hans Henrich Dichmand troloved med Kirstine Elisabeth Techuus. 17Dec-1784 bliver parret viet.

  • Shapling surname

    The Shapling/Shaplin surname is rare and appears to have roots in Devon and Cornwall. Shapland is possibly a derivation. Anyone who has connections with this group of surnames is invited to contribute.

  • Find Henry Tantlinger I's parents

    Any help on finding out who Henry tantlinger I's parents will be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking it might even be in another country because Henry was born in 1746 so its possible.

  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Wounded Knee Massacre 1890 Background On the morning of December 29, 1890 a detachment of the 7th U.S. Cavalry massacred some 185 Lakota men, women and children in a camp near Wounded Knee, South Dakota. The massacre started with an attempt to disarm the Lakotas. After the murder of Chief Sitting Bull on December 15, 1890, Chief Spotted Elk and his band left the Cheyenne River Reservation...

  • Ausmann Family

    Ausmann relatives in Sweden and Estonia and Remes relatives in Finland.

  • Roughton Family of Georgia

    Description: To connect, meet and find out more about the Roughton and other related families originating in Washington County, Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Roughton Branches Notable Modern Roughtons Links and References Shoot Out in Sandersville Slavery on the Roughton Farm

  • De la Barrera (var. Barreda) ~ Chile

    Apellido De la Barrera (var. Barreda) en Chile. El propósito de este proyecto es interconectar a los Chilenos de apellido De la Barrera, y conectar a el (o los) imigrante(s) a su(s) antepasados en España.

  • Atualizar nossa Arvore

    Renata. Vamos movimentar nossa arvore. Os familiares devem atualizar suas informacoes.... E criar novas pessoas... Vamos comunicar e chamar as pessoas. Renato

  • Rita Marley's Foundation - Adopt A Village in Ghana Rita Marley Helping in Africa

    Rita Marley Helping in Africa Posted on: November 14, 2007 | By iFilm user Rita Marley believes that the most important mission in life is to help others. She has built a foundation and devoted herself to helping develop the small village of Konkonuru, Ghana. Her foundation is working to improve schools, establish a new medical clinic, along with many other projects. ABOUT EXPLORE: Explore is...

  • ⓓutch ◦ ⓓocumentatie ◦ ⓓummy

    -UNDER CONSTRUCTION-2011-11-20-09:51+GMT-winter-jMu- inleiding en toelichting Tekst nog in ontwikkeling.... commentaar, aanvulling, verbetering, suggesties etc. welcome vooralsnog via de discussie-lijn gekoppeld aan dit project. Ter voorbereiding en als pretest voor een soort Ⓓ-geni-KEURMERK mede om te voorkomen dat al onze voorouders een MP-label krijgen en zo worden opgesloten ...



  • Jackson Family of Georgia

    Description: Trying to meet and find out more about the Jackson, and other related families originating in (Washington County), Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Jackson Branches Links and References

  • HARTMANN in East Germany

    Hello, I've been searching for many years my ancestors in Eastern Germany (Thuringe or Saxony), in a place called Steinbach, where my forfather Johann Ernst HARTMANN was born in 1763, son of Ernst (minor) and Margarethe HELBIG. He emigrated then before 1788 to Strasbourg (Alsace, France). I wrote in 1991 to the different evangelic churches called Steinbach, but all answers were negative. Who ...

  • kõiv

    Kerli Kõiv

  • dahlia mark

    dahlia mark daughter of anita mark nee Derman' Anita mark cousin of Max Katz Max Katz father of Shula Golan

  • Juan Díaz de Solís

    A ver si alguien consigue llegar a Juan Díaz de Solís. Juan Díaz de Solís Nacimiento 1470 Lebrija (Sevilla), España Fallecimiento 20 de enero de 1516 Punta Gorda (46 años), Uruguay Nacionalidad España Ocupación Navegante Juan Díaz de Solís (Lebrija (Sevilla), 1470[1] [2] - Punta Gorda, Uruguay, 20 de enero de 1516) fue un...

  • Welsh Family of Panama

    This project is to research and find out more about the Welsh/Welch/Walsh and other related families in Panama, who originating in Jamaica, West Indies. What can you do here? Ask questions. Collaborate on your research. Share knowledge you have gained as you've done your own research in a specific area. Problem finding an ancestors , open a discussion here and we all try to help S...

  • Nederlandse & Vlaamse GILDEN ◦ van middeleeuwen tot heden

    -UNDER CONSTRUCTION- Nederlandse & Vlaamse GILDEN ◦ van middeleeuwen tot heden Plaatsen met gilden: Utrecht - 's-Hertogenbosch - Antwerpen - Brugge - AMBACHT's-gilden Goud-&-zilversmids-gilde Chirurgijns-gilde voor chirurgijns - universitair opgeleide doctores medicinae - vroedvrouwen Wevers : Sint-Michaëls-gilde Slagers-gilde Bakkers-gilde Schoenmakers-g...

  • Tracey / Tracy Family of Jamaica

    This project is to research and find out more about the Tracey, Tracy, Facey and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. What can you do here? Ask questions. Collaborate on your research. Share knowledge you have gained as you've done your own research in a specific area. Problem finding an ancestors , open a discussion here and we all try to help Start your ow...


    The intent of the Project is to list Gaind family from Pasrur that probably originated in Ghandharva, now in Afghanistan .

  • Rederijkers in de Noordelijke Nederlanden ‧ 1480-1650

    Rederijkers in de Noordelijke Nederlanden ‧ 1480-1650 Rederijkerskamers in Haarlem (1502-1650 Middelburg (1494-1650 Den Haag (1494 Stambomen Rederijkers en/of vermoedelijke rederijkers VET - RSB: Raad - Schepen - Burgemeester De COORNES & Middelburgse verwanten - 16e-17e eeuw Families LOO-LAKEMAN-van KITTENSTEIJN & Haarlemse verwanten - 16e-17e eeuw ...

  • wapen di famia Croes

    Tin dos document e stamboom y e wapen, pero nos falta e colonan di e wapen . Ken por juda busca e colonan di e wapen? ' Bibliotheek BHIC ' Bibliotheek Den Bosch''' series - kenmerken Nederland's Wapenboek / C.E.G. ten Houte de Lange, 1998 - ... Auteurs onder red. van C.E.G. ten Houte de Lange Titel Nederland's Wapenboek Uitgever Koninklijk Nederlandsch Genootschap voor Gesla...

  • Creek Indian Chiefs and Leaders

    Creek Indian Chiefs and Leaders Draft 3/23/2011 by Marvin Caulk no special order Bosomworth, Mary, A noted Creek Indian woman, also known as Mary Mathews and Mary Musgrove Chekilli Davis, John Emistesigo. Known also as Gurister-sigo Fife Great Mortar (Yayatustenuggee) McGillivray, Alexander Opothleyaholo (properly Hupuehelth Yahólo) Weatherford, William (known also ...

  • Testprojekt

    Nu skall vi se om detta gör det möjligt för dig att redigera "mina" individer.

  • Meubelmakers in de familie

    -2011-06-06-19:02- Meubelmakers in de familie nog documentatie op internet zoeken, maar Nederlandse meubelmakers zijn er in allerlei hoedanigheden. Veel rieten stoelen natuurlijk in waterrijke gebieden, maar ook prachtig desigh. En natuurlijk de stoel van Rietveld, maar dan hebben we het eerder over een vormgever dan een meubelmakers die grote oplagen produceerde in een werkplaats met werkl...

  • Newsom Family of Georgia

    Description: To connect, meet and find out more about the Newsom, Newsome and other related families originating in Washington County, Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Newsom Branches Notable Modern Newsoms Links and References

  • Kølhede. Navnets oprindelse- og gårdens historie

    ALLE er velkomne til at deltage med indlæg i debatten her. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The name KØLHEDE spelled in several ways. The "old" spelling is Kjølhede and then there's the English KOLHEDE. but common spellings is that they come from the farm "KØLHEDE" located in Bøvling parish, Ringkøbing C...

  • The Taghioff, Hajioff and Kelati Family Tree and History

    This is a project to pull together information around our family tree, tracing back the histories to Bombay, Israel and to the area around Bukhara.

  • Meyer Crew

    Building up the Meyer Family Tree.

  • ⓓ ◦ TULP

    ⓓ ◦ TULP searching to profiles with the family-name TULP who have ancestors e/o descendants in f.i. Norwegian and Dutch families. on geni: on internet In Estonia/Livonia Surname Tulp was given in 18 different manors: In Livonia 1826 in 6 different manors and in Estonia 1835 in 12 different manors. Word "tulp" has in Estonian different meanings 1) bar, col...

  • ⓓ ◦ WESSEL

    alias ? WESSEL WESSELS van WESSEL etcetera.... in the Netherlands WESSEL is also a name for a boy and means: 'Berschermer van het leger' - protector of the Army ? In NL-Gelderland there is also a place named WESSEL: Wessel is een buurtschap in de gemeente Barneveld in de Nederlandse provincie Gelderland. De eerste verwijzingen naar de buurtschap Wessel zijn van 1146 (genaamd Wehsl...

  • Mary Woodman

    Not editing but only adding that this is the line for Grandfather Ned Edward Woodman (Dodderidge), his mother was either Mary or Martha Fairservice. I forget which one, so I guess grandfather was raised by his grandmother(Fairservice) or a Woodman aunt. This Mary Woodman was only 3 years old according to my records. I've attached a letter with the family tree attached that I just received. It...

  • Bontemps Family Tree

    Hi Guys, Looking for the missing links, and thought i might get all this down, now that Mum and Dad are gone...feel free to contribute what you can. Jean-Claude

  • Miles Phillip Helmick

    Married Elizabeth Vandevender 21 Jan 1835 in Pendleton County, then Virginia now West Virginia. They had 13 children: 1. Catherine "Kitty" b. 1836 - Pendleton County, VA 2. Miles Pleasant b. 1838 - Pendleton County, VA 3. Abraham Bryon (Byron) b 14 Feb 1840 Pendleton County, VA 4. William H b. 1842 Pendleton County, VA 5. Phoebe b. 1842 Pendleton County, VA - twin to William 6. Mary Elizabe...

  • J. Vaher

    I am very interested in finding and communicating with family members of J. Vaher. Loha Poolsaar

  • Cooley Family of Georgia

    Description: Family project for the Cooley clans, and other related families originating in (Washington County), Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Cooley Branches Links and References

  • Wood Family of Georgia

    Description: Family project for the Wood clans, and other related families originating in (Washington County), Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Wood Branches Links and References

  • Familes of the Dutch Forks

    Dedicated to the familes of the region known as the Dutch Forks in South Carolina: The Old-96 District, Newberry, Sauda River. on internet immigration ship 1727 : the William and Sarah 1732 : Pensylvania Merchant 1741 : Friendship 1749 : Griffin 1752 : Caledonia 1752 : Cunliffe 1752 : Upton 1752 : Rowand 1752 : Elizabeth 1754 : Priscilla 1764 : Dragon ...

  • Le Droit Humain ‧ Ordre Maçonnique Mixte International

    Le Droit Humain International ‧ Ordre Maçonnique Mixte ‧ since 1893 FR: L'Ordre Maçonnique Mixte et International 'Le Droit Humain' regroupe ca. 28.000 membres ‧ dans plus de 50 pays dans le monde ‧ sur les 5 continents ‧ Beginselverklaring ‧ 2002 L'Ordre Maçonnique Mixte International 'Le Droit Humain' affirme l'é...

  • Reliques of the Rives (Ryves) geni build-out

    I am interested in working with people who own (or can get) a copy of "Reliques of the Rives (Rives) by James Rives Childs, published around 1929. It is available for a high price on Amazon - I will provide a link. If anyone knows where to read this for free please let me know. Goal would be to post all profiles of people in the book to geni, starting just with factual tree information, then ...

  • Francisco Lopez de Elosu

    Francisco Lopez de Elosu es el padre de Andrés Lopez de Elosu Osaba que forma parte de mi ascendencia genealógica directa en su décimo nivel. Francisco Lopez de Elosu se casó con Ysabel Ossaba Argomaniz que a su vez nació en Legutiano/Urbina en 1595. No logro localizar el nacimiento de Francisco López de Elosu ni sus ancestros. Este proyecto inten...

  • New Sweden, Upland Court 1655 to 1681

    Upland Court 1655 to 1681 Objective This project is very focused . It only considers people and profiles who arrived in Upland Court between 1655 to 1681. For many Americans, Upland Court is the gateway to their European ancestors. In turn, for many Europeans, there are lots of 'lost relatives' who simply disappeared from the European records because they emigrated to New Sweden a...

  • Rainbow Chart

    Place family names and dates in the chart to be printed.

  • Tarbutton Family of Georgia

    Description: Family project for the Tarbutton clans, and other related families originating in (Washington County), Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Tarbutton Branches Links and References

  • Swan, Passengers 1647

    Svanen (Swan) 1647-1648 Sailed from Gothenburg September 25, 1647 Arrived in New Sweden January 2, 1648 Crew Steffen Willemsen, Captain Nils Sifvertson,Skipper Jan Jansson Bockhorn,Mate Passengers and Soldiers Johan Papegoja Anders Jonson, Lieutenant Jan Jansson Bockhorn, ship mate Lars Carlsson Lock , Reverend Returned to Sweden on the return voyage. ...

  • Dahlberg Family

    Jeg har i dag lest det som er skrevet om Dahlberg navnet. Det som er skrevet om den svenske slekta, at den hadde forbindelse med den svenske kongen og Øster riket og Tyskland er ganske spennende, og jeg skullel gjerne komme i kontakt med de som har skrevet inn disse opplysningene. Til gjengjeld kan jeg fortelle alt om den Dahlberg familien på den norske sida av grensen og en del i...

  • Poczziwy

    The Poczciwy Family (a few variations on spelling) will speak to the Neuman branch of the family

  • Descendents of Marie Manitoubeouche

    I would like to start a family organization project and attempt to gather as many living descendents of Marie Manitoubeouch and her husban surname Prevoste' as possible. my email is Janet Joan Richardson/DelVecchio

  • Шинэ прожект

    йыбө йоырбөдл орйдлыбө йыбө йыбө йыбө

  • Theresa & Joe

    Our Family Tree

  • Aberra Family Reunion

    Aberra family is now organized and united through electronics such as Aberra family mailing list, Aberra family Tree, Aberra Family facebook, Geni, and Aberra Family pal talk. However, we need more than that such as reunion. All Aberra Family are cordially invited to join us at Aberra Family Reunion. For many years, our family never had the opportunity to meet each other. This is the time that ...

  • Wesly Family

    Cherche la famille de "Berta Wesly" épouse de "Moritz / Morris Vasen"

  • Gyllene Haj, Passengers 1653

    Gyllene Haj (Golden Shark) 1653-1654 Sailed from Stockholm November 23, 1653 Arrived in Gothenburg January 17, 1654 The Gyllene Haj Left Stockholm with 41 persons, including sailors. On December 17 the ship had only come as far as Dalarön, a place near Stockholm. On the 30th she was in the sound, where six sailors with a servant and prisonor deserted. Four new sailors having be...

  • Gyllene Haj, Passengers 1646

    Gyllene Haj (Golden Shark) 1646-1647 Sailed from Stockholm in May, 1646 Arrived in New Sweden October 1, 1646 Crew Jan Jochimsen, from Cappel, Captain Jacob Albrechtsen, Mate Passengers and Soldiers Peer Olofsson, prisoner at Smedjegården in Stockholm No special efforts seem to have been made to obtain colonists for this voyage, although some new settlers and ...

  • Freedenburg, Passengers 1640

    The Freedenburg 1640-1641 Sailed from Holland July /August 1640 Arrived to Nya Sverige 2 November 1640 Sailed from Nya Sverige 3 december 1640 Arrived to Holland 1641 This ship was employed by an agent for families from Utrech, in Holland, who may have been recruited by Peter Minuit before he died. The ship, with about twenty families, set sail from Holland, not Sweden, and only a...

  • Jobs and History

    I wonder what my great grandparents and great great grandparents did for jobs and what they learnt about history before them.

  • salem sapj tree

    i heard that shri sankaran has reached the maximum number of Genie contact which appears to have been done very nicely and he is not permitted to continue as coordinator as maximum contacts have been added to single tree.. Therefore, if you have anything new and want to be displacyed in Genie tree you can forward to under case ' Salem SAPJ Tree' regards.

  • family

    give your family a hug

  • Bird Griffin (Vogel Grip), Passengers 1637

    Vogel Grip (The Bird Griffin) 1637 - 1638 Left Gothenburg beginning of November Sailed from the Texel December 29, 1637 Arrived March, 1638 Destination: South River, New Sweden Crew Andrian Joransen, Skipper Anthony, a slave — A Morian or Angoler, from Angola, the Portuguese colony in West Africa near the river Kunene Passengers and Soldiers Cargo ...

  • Kalmer Nyckel, Passengers 1637

    Kalmer Nyckel 1637-1638 (Calmer Sleutel-Dutch, Key of Kalmar-English) Left Gothenburg beginning of November Sailed from the Texel December 29, 1637 Arrived at New Amsterdam March, 1638 Destination: South River, New Sweden Crew Jan Hendrixsz van der WATER ‧ Captain Michel SYMONSSEN ‧ first mate ‧ Jacob Evertssen SANDELIN ‧ second mate Peter J...


    oESTREICHER, OSTRIKER Surnames derive from one of many different origins. Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. This family name is a toponymic (derived from a geographic name of a town, city, region or country). Surnames that are based on place names do not always testify to direct origin from that place, but may indicate an indirect relation between the namebea...

  • Gens Iulia

    Gens Iulia, the family of Julius Caesar, was a patrician family at Rome. They claimed descent from the semi-divine Iulus, but the egends vary. Iulus was identical with Ascanius, King of Alba Longa (Vergil), or he was a half-brother of Ascanius and son of Aeneas by his Trojan wife, Creüsa (Livy), or he was son of Ascanius (Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 1.70). It is not kno...

  • Satzger Family

    Ergründung der Vorfahren meiner familie. Search for our ancestors.

  • Kalaw Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Kalaw Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Project England

    To Trace The davidson Family Back to England, Maybe even find Loyalist or patriot's!

  • New Sweden, Immigrant Ships

    Immigrant Ships Chronology of Colonial Swedes Kalmar Nyckel Passenger Lists Index1637-1655 (Alphabetical ) The First Expedition (1637 - 1638) Kalmer Nyckel Fogel Grip (Bird Griffin) The Second Expedition (1639 - 1640) Kalmer Nyckel The Third Expedition (1640 - 1641) Freedenburg Fourth expedition (1641 -1642)

  • Fontanarosa Families

    This project is to help those that are trying to find their roots in the town of Fontanarosa, Italy. Some last names related to Fontanarosa: DiFronzo Rubino D'Ambrosio Fucci Names to add to project: Nicoletta Tommasina Giannattasio 1873 (Fontanarosa It)-1930 (Philly, Pa.), F: Stainslao Luigi Felece, M Luigia Penta Giacomo Antonio Rubino - b. 1873 (fontanarosa It) Marriage ...

  • Kings of Desmond

    The Kingdom of Desmond The Kingdom of Desmond was an historic kingdom located on the southwestern coast of Ireland. The name is Gaelic in origin - Deas-Mhumhain - which means South Munster. The Kingdom of Desmond originated in 1118, based on the Treaty of Glanmire, when the major parts of the prior Kingdom of Munster fractured into the Kingdom of Desmond and the Kingdom of Thomond (Irish: Tua...

  • Global Tree Projects - Project to Structure Projects - ASSIGNED TO CLEANUP

    Why not identify the projects that seem to be destined for NO SUPPORT OR ACTIVITY - Link them here and possibly we can run a campaign to remove them in time..? All to be discussed and considered.. -

  • Kontaktlista

    Personer att kontakta för att få mailadresser för att bjuda in till Geni! Martin Joakim Bågenholm. Göteborg Anna Charlotta Bågenholm. Göteborg

  • RUSSELL's 21st B'day

    This event will take place on 10th December 2011. Finally our son will be reaching a milestone in his life and we can analyse the wonderful journey that has taken place in his young life. We also will be welcoming family & friends from Fiji, New Zealand and around Australia. 16Oct2011- CostCo with Jenny Rounds(my classmate) & Michael,shopping for B'day celebrations.....PaperPlates/Cups/Cutler...

  • Descendants of Sir Thomas West, 2nd Lord de la Warr

    Scope The purpose of this project is to trace the descendants of Sir Thomas West, many of whom were influential in the creation of the American colonies. His son and heir, Thomas West, 3rd Baron de la Warr (1577 – 1618) was the Englishman after whom the bay, the river, and, consequently, an American Indian people and U.S. state, all later called “Delaware“, were named. ...

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