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  • Golden Ages - Milano

    < BACK Golden Ages - Milano: Arte & Cultura (Art & Culture) Golden Ages - Milano: Commercio & Industria (Trade & Industry) Golden Ages - Milano: Politica & Governo (Politics & Government) Golden Ages - Milano: Scienza & Istruzione (Science & Education) Golden Ages - Milano: Filosofia & Religione (Philosophy & Religion) Golden Ages - Milano: Esplorazione & Scoperta (Exploration & D...

  • Golden Ages in Italy

    < BACK . Età dell'oro italiana Arte & Cultura (Art & Culture) Commercio & Industria ( Trade & Industry ) Politica & Governo ( Politics & Government ) Scienza & Istruzione ( Science & Education ) Filosofia & Religione ( Philosophy & Religion ) Esplorazione & Scoperta ( Exploration & Discovery ) . Golden Ages - Ferrara Golden Ages - Firenze Golden Ages - Genov...

  • Golden Ages - Genova: Politics & Government

    < BACK Genova: Politica & Governo (Politics & Government) . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Repubblica di Genova Repubblica autonoma dal 1005 al 1797 (independent republic from 1005 to 1797) Ante 1339, governata da Consoli, Podestà o Capitani del popolo (before 1...

  • Golden Ages - Genova

    < BACK Golden Ages - Genova: Arte & Cultura (Art & Culture) Golden Ages - Genova: Commercio & Industria (Trade & Industry) Golden Ages - Genova: Politica & Governo (Politics & Government) Golden Ages - Genova: Scienza & Istruzione (Science & Education) Golden Ages - Genova: Filosofia & Religione (Philosophy & Religion) Golden Ages - Genova: Esplorazione & Scoperta (Exploration & D...

  • Mom

  • Goodell/all/elle line

    If anyone wants to refer to these attached pages please see me for the copyright information. Please include where the pages are to be published and for how long. Thank you. requests to: subject: Bernice Goodell notes ~Sidney Persing My father: Tom Persing Brother Joseph Persing Father Raymond Pitner Persing His Mother: Bernice May (Goodell) Persing whose sister is Balnc...

  • update Names on Geni

    Please update the Names of our Family members as best you are aware. Thank you in advance.

  • U.S. Senators from Ohio

    see "United States Senators from Ohio"

  • Wallerstein Family

    Mi nombre es Lisel Wallerstein Padre: Ludwig Wallerstein abuelo: Miklos Herzkovitz (se cambió a Wallerstein) Abuela: Frida Wallerstein fallecida en N. York en 1945 aprox.) nacidos en Kanstatt (Stuttgart)-Alemania Frida Wallerstein era la mayor de 13 hermanas Tuvieron 3 hijos: Ludwig, Fred, Arthur Wallerstein. Fred emigró a New York, donde se casó, sin hijos Arthur se cas&...

  • J

  • Genealogia de los Blanco de Irlanda

    COMPILATION of Information on the Blanco (White) family of Ireland that settled in the Canary Islands and from there moved to Venezuela and other destinations IRISH SURNAMES Another famous branch of the family were the Whites of Waterford whose names began to appear in the list of mayors in 1414: in this case the landed family resided at the aptly named 'Whyteshall' in County Kilkenny, and ...

  • Zass Family

    lila shleifstein

  • Waynesburg College / Waynesburg University Alumni

    The project goal is to collect photographs and biographical/family tree information for each early Waynesburg College graduate from the Classes of 1852 to 1938; however, all alumni profiles are welcome to be added. The project began with the Classes 1852 to 1926, the first 75 graduation years, but has been expanded due to interest and alumni participation. This project will ultimately include...

  • Surnames

    Names and Surnames for all nations in the world

  • Daggett Extended Family

    Daggett's from History in America connected

  • Efroymson Family

    The aim of this project is to foster genealogical collaboration regarding the Ephraimson / Efroymson familly, a large portion of which came from Lithuania to Indiana during the 19th Century.

  • Clara Michelle McMillan Kirby

    I am looking for documentation linking this family together.

  • Grewal last name orgions

    Grewal Last name to origin - Came from the Chandravashi clan which was originally was from the Chandra (lunar diety) which is the same linage of Hindu god Lord Krishna - Chandravashi gave rise to the Chandel Rajputs and then of of the king(Bairsi) from this Chandel Clan named his son Grewal. Hence the Birth of the GREWAL CLAN -These Chandel Kings ruled over Utter Pardesh (origional name S...



  • Bantiling clan Tupaz clan

    the family of Bantiling/Tupaz

  • Pasternak Family

    Find out what the names of the brothers and sisters were and who came to US at what time with grandma

  • Ciutadans honrats

    Els ciutadans honrats foren una mena d'aristocràcia urbana que es va desenvolupar a la Corona d'Aragó durant la baixa edat mitjana a l'empar del propi creixement polític de les grans ciutats. A partir del segle XI, en paral·lel al creixement de les grans ciutats, s'havia anat constituint una mena de patriciat burgès que, amb l'increment de llibertat municipa...

  • Henson Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Henson Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Free Colored Women in Barbados: 1780-1834

    “Unhappy and Afflicted Women?”: Free Colored Women in Barbados: 1780-1834, by Pedro L.V. Welch

  • Casa de Trastámara

    Objetivo (ES) Casa de Trastámara: El objetivo de este proyecto es resolver los duplicados, estandarizar las convenciones de nomenclatura, y asegurar la calidad de los perfiles en el árbol genealógico de la Casa de Trastámara. (AN) Casa de Trastamara: L'oxetibo d'este proyeuto ye resolber os duplicaus, estandardizar as convenzions de nomenclatura, y asegurar a cal...

  • Z

  • Rev John Witherspoon Family History in New Jersey

    Identify KLINE FAMILY relatives of Reverend John Witherspoon, Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Signer of the Declaration of Independence for the State of NJ, President of The College of New Jersey (Princeton University), and resident of Mercer County, New Jersey, until his death at Tusculum (his small farm in Princeton.) Reverend John Witherspoon lived 1723-1794. The Story of an Old Farm= by A...

  • Flemish Lordships : Heerlijkheid van Berlaer

    Hertogdom (Duchy) : xxx Kwartier (Quarter) : xxx Gouw/Graafschap (Pagus/County) : xxx Heerlijkheid (Lordship) : Berlaer (Andere Heerlijkheden in het graafschap (other Lordships in the duchy) : xxx ) . Geografisch (Geography) xxx EN: xxx . Geschiedenis (History) xxx EN: xxx . Heren van Berlaer (Lords of Berlaer) xxx xxx

  • Weile Family

    South Africa German Ties? Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main Site Index & Help Page See Also Related Geni Project Pages: Index of Other SA Surname Projects SA Progenitors on Geni

  • de Smidt Family

    The de Smidt family were resident in the Netherlands Abraham de Smidt, Mate on the VOC ship Middelburg, was the first to settle in South Africa. I searched for you all names who sailed with the MIDDELBURG with the name Abraham. There you can see there is only one with the name SMIT, not Smidt, so maybe it's your relative. Do delete if you used the information, it's only for making it easier f...

  • Pautz Family International

    The Pautz family has it's origins in Pomerania, and is today established in Germany, South Africa, the USA, Australia, France, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, a number of South American countries and beyond. It would be great to try and link these family trees! Regards, MARK LYNDON PAUTZ Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main Site Index & Help Page ...

  • Lorrette

    VERGOTTINI FAMILY I am looking for any assistance to build a single, validated and documented shared family tree for theVergottini Family , from earliest origins to near modern times. Only info available Lodewyk Hendrik Vergottini, born Durban, South Africa 15-10-1932. Family originally from Milan,Italy. Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main Site Index & Help Page See A...

  • Maharaj Family

    Where did the Maharaj's in South Africa originate? Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main Site Index & Help Page See Also Related Geni Project Pages: Index of Other SA Surname Projects SA Progenitors on Geni

  • Mbedzi family

    To talk to Gunda (retired teacher) regarding Chisorochengwe's history. He knows particularly about the battle in Rupepwe, where people would hide kuChingondo and were protected by Chisorochengwe. Mai Minnie (vekwaGovere), knows about Pascal Mbedzi's children in South Africa. Need to talk to her and obtain information on John Mlambo. Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Projects' Main S...

  • Birnie Family from Peter Head, Aberdeen, Scotland

    About 1884 William Birnie a civil Engineer from Peter Head, Aberdeen and his wife Margaret Birnie nee low landed in the Eastern Cape, probably in East London We are told that his father was a captain of a Whaling ship that opperated out of Peter Head. We need to discover more about this Birnie line before he came to South Africa from Peter Head. Jump Back to: WELKOM CUZZINS: Geni SA Proje...

  • Jandov Family

    Surname JANDOV or JANDOVA

  • Brūvelis

    Brūveļu dzimtas koks. Uzvārdi kas apzināti 1. darbības mēneša laikā Balgalvs (2) Balode? (1) Baltiņa (1) Batarevska (2) Batarevskis (1) Bikšus (3) Bruvele (1) Brīvniece (5) Brīvnieks (4) Brūvele (9) Brūvelis (11) Brūvere (3) Bērziņa (3) Bērziņš (1) B...

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