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  • Oscar Saborio Valverde

    Lorenzo Preste nació alredor de 1740, llegó a Costa Rica en 1750, caso en 1760 Tuvo descendencia en Heredia y Alajuela. Cual fue su lugar de origen?

  • Split Family

    Charles was NOT the son of Nebraska Wilshusen--I DON'T know why they won't split him off the tree there. I keep saying there may have been TWO Charlies or even THREE, everyone named their kids similar or the SAME EXACT NAME. He was the son of Johann and Caterina PERIOD!!!

  • Coopey Family

    Try to link all the Coopeys. Concentrating around the Gloucestershire & South Wales areas initially. Collaboration is welcome!

  • Reginiano Family

    The Reginiano family originated from Tripoly We are connected to Baruch Reginiano who built the synagogue "Dar Baruch" if you have any information about the family please let us know נשמח לקבל כל מידע על משפחת רג'ינ&#x...

  • Peder og Jens Bjerregaard (Tvillingerne)

    Tvillingerne var et festligt par. De kunne underholde hele byen Hurup, og var meget vellidte. Alligevel er det svært, at finde materiale, der fortæller om deres meritter. På dette projekt kan vi planlægge og synkronisere vores jagt på mere materiale.

  • Martin og Larsine Bjerregaard

    Martin Pedersen var en højt værdsat borger i byen Hurup. Hans hustru døde som 44årig, som følge af hendes sygdom, depression, som der ikke dengang fandtes nogen behandling for. Men hvad mere ved vi? Hvor meget mere kan vi finde ud af? På dette projekt, kan vi i hvert fald samle vores foreløbige overvejelser, førend vi uploader dem p�...

  • Migration, Emigration , Surnames, Ancient Planters, Project list


  • Assassination of Governor Rosas

    Scope of Project This project identifies individuals involved in the assassination of former New Mexico governor, Luis Rosas, January 25, 1642. Overview In the Spanish province of Santa Fe Nuevo México, relations between the civil authorities, the military, and the clergy were frequently stormy, and in the late 1630s, with the governorship of Luis de Rosas, the trouble was brought ...

  • Ellington Family of Jamaica

    This project is to research and find out more about the Ellington and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. Elder's Stories Naming Conventions See generic Naming Conventions page. Names For consistency, please make sure the name fields of Master Profiles are first name, middle name, last name, maiden name if known, otherwise blank. Notables Ellington Confir...

  • Founding Families of Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Scope of project This project identifies members of the founding families of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1706. Overview On 23 April 1706 Francisco Cuervo y Valdés wrote to the king of Spain and to the viceroy of New Spain he had founded a new villa in New Mexico. Cuervo y Valdés named the community after the viceroy, Fernandez de la Cueva, Duque de Alburquerque. The governor...

  • Notes for all projects

    NOTES AND LINKS ON MY JAMAICA, USA PROJECTS for Planters, Migration, Emigration, immigration etc Here I have added useful Links and info for some/ most of the Projects that myself and others are working on. Sometimes i find info that will be usefull later so i leave them here so we dont have to go looking for them again later. some are snippets or parts of rticle pulled for relevance so r...

  • Keith Family Tree

    The Joseph Andrew Charles Keith Family Tree project

  • The Bulaty Connection

    Early June, Prague - had the pleasure of Meeting Tomas and Dana Bulaty, at Cafe Imperial as we celebrated the 90th Birthday of Oldrich Stransky. We have established that we are related but did not understand the path! I hope that we can sort it out with the help of Geni!

  • Yun Family

    Hoping to find more information about my 4th gt Gmother Yun Nmu Westbrook. Birth: 1772, Death: 1835 (63) Wife of Thomas Westbrook Mother of William Westbrook; Thomas Westbrook, Jr; Deberryman Westbrook; Littleton Westbrook and Ridley Westbrook Information found says that she was full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Incidently, you can see what your name would look like in Cherokee here:

  • The 李敖 / Li Ao Project

    This project seeks to enter genealogy information on the Taiwanese author and political commentator 李敖 / Li Ao. English Wikipedia article:

  • kedia pariwar

    This is Kedia Pariwar...please join

  • Saleshutz Saleshitz Saleschetz Saleschitz Salachitz Salaschitz Salshutz Solishutz Soloschitz Salasche Salasitz Salis Salsitz Zaleschitz Zelishutz

    This is a site for family of Saleshutz (there are many spellings) who are from Kolbuszowa, Poland. Feel free to contribute or contact me, Ken Heiferman, at

  • 1st Cavalry Regiment, Arkansas State Troops (CSA), US Civil War

    The 1st Cavalry Regiment, Arkansas State Troops (1861) was an Arkansas State infantry regiment during the American Civil War. The regiment was organized at Camp Walker, near Harmony Springs, Benton County, Arkansas. The regiment was officially designated as the Third Regiment (Cavalry), Arkansas State Troops by the State Military Board, but was designated as the 1st Arkansas Cavalry by Brigadie...

  • 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (CSA), US Civil War

    The 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (1861–1865) was a Confederate Army cavalry regiment during the American Civil War. Of the Arkansas Confederate units formed during the war, only the 3rd Arkansas saw more combat action than the 1st Mounted Rifles. Formation At the outbreak of the Civil War, Arkansas formed some 48 infantry regiments, and a number of cavalry units. With the exception of...

  • Missouri State Guard (CSA), US Civil War

    The Missouri State Guard (MSG) was a state militia organized in the state of Missouri during the early days of the American Civil War. While not initially a formal part of the Confederate States Army, the State Guard fought alongside Confederate troops and, at times, under regular Confederate officers. Background and formation The Missouri State Legislature passed the "Military Bill" on May...

  • Fornes

    Vel, familien Fornes begynner å bli stor. Mange henvendelser kommer vel inn til oss, håper vi/jeg.

  • Maeda

    Her kommer det mer om Maeda Familien, fra Japan. Mangler en del opplysninger om hvilken gren vi kommer inn i.

  • Torgnesøy

    Her kommer det litt om familien Torgnes/Torgnesøy, slekt fra Brønnøysund, videre til Tyskland.

  • Hebbani Family

    This project aims at finding all the members of the Hebbani

  • new_project

    ene bol tsooo shine project yum l da

  • Vibe / Viibe / Wibe / Wiibe

    This is project to make sure that all Vibe / Viibe /Wiibe /Wibe can be managed. Hopefully this will assist people in updating the correct profiles. There are some confusion when people get named after mother or grandmother and people are merged into the wrong place in the tree This project is related to Steen project

  • Steen

    This project is a place holder to find the relations between the various Steen, mainly from Alvdal in the late 1600 to Trondheim in 1800. There are a lot of Søren Steen's and Paul Steen's that seem to be merged into the tree wrongly. This project is to document as much as possible for each profile, to avoid wrong merges.

  • Bye/By family (Norway)

    This will be a place holder for various profiles from Bye-members in Norway. This is a collection of various stray Bye/By members found in church books and censuses and other sources that lack a link to members of the Bye tree. Please add links to documents if any is found. Do not merge into a tree unless the missing link is found. To add a new group of members: Add a "sibling" to an existi...

  • Eli Parkhill Tree

    George Bristol Parkhill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1879, Attended State Normal School at Oshkosh, WI404 1880, Graduated at Oshkosh Business College404 Book keeper for S. M. Weber in Oshkosh - 4 months404 Clerk in general store in Manitowoc, WI404 Book keeper for Ohkosh Lumber Company in Mitchell, SD - 2 months404 Kept books for estate of J...

  • Família Rocha

    Âncora, Caminha, Portugal

  • Kazimieras Steponas Šaulys

    Lietuvos Nepriklausomybės akto signataro giminės Adelė Šaulytė - jo brolio Juozo dukra, Zita Lomsargytė (Kitkauskienė) - Adelės dukra, Aušra Kitkauskaitė (ALDONIENĖ) - Zitos dukra

  • Marasigan Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Marasigan Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ...

  • Speakman Family

    Tracing the Speakman family name

  • Família Matosinhos

    A família Matosinhos teve a sua origem na aldeia de nome Matosinhos em trás-os-montes, Portugal

  • Aušra Aldonienė

    Kazimieras Steponas Šaulys - Lietuvos Nepriklausomybės akto signataras buvo mano močiutės dėdė.

  • Sofos Family

    From Divri, Greece my Father and his brothers emigrated to the USA. Andrew, Kosta, Alex, William and Philip all settled in SF with Kosta moving eventually to San Mateo, CA and Philip moving to New Iberia, Louisiana. I have little information about the Sofos family that stayed in Greece other than I had four first cousins who lived in Greece - Vassili, a lawyer in Athens who died childless, He w...

  • Soukup

    Locating Soukup's in the US and also in Bohemia, Czech Republic to connect us together and understand where we orginially came from. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Lock Family

    Ada lock was my grandmother she had a son , my father who is dead now

  • Moncman Family

    Genealogy Moncmans

  • Pasbjerg Family

    Peter Vitus Bering Pasjbergs træ: [ ]

  • Balog(h)

    A Balog(h) Nemzetség eretede


    I am using each surname of my Grandparents to track offspring of all direct blood related relatives as well as research my ancestors as far back as I can. For my Grandmothers I am using their Maiden names. My Paternal Grandfather is David GITLIN My Paternal Grandmother is Rose MASIA My Maternal Grandfather is Abraham BICKOFF My Maternal Grandmother is Norma RESNICK

  • Brahmins

    All the BRAHMINS according to the ancient

  • Houdoire Family

    The aim is to record as many Houdoire family members and their spouses. The French Houdoire family are mainly based in the Ile de France region, or more specifically, Essonne, in towns and villages such as Dourdan, Roinville, Merobert, Richarville. There are other branches in the Paris area. My Great-Grandfather, Adolphe Alphonse Houdoire was born in Paris in 1862. He moved to England in about ...

  • Mintz Shmuel

    שלום , אני מחפש קרובי משפחה של Shmuel Minsk או mintz שנולד בשנת 1888 שם האב לייב, ש]...

  • Fletchers of Glen Orchy

    Introduction Welcome to the Fletchers of Glen Orchy project. This group is intended for descendants of the Glen Orchy Fletchers and interested parties to collaborate on the Fletcher family tree. Links The original source of most of this Fletcher tree: Glen Orchy Fletchers on /

  • David Norris

    Worked for the CSIRO, created the solar receptor and worked in Antarctica. Deceased

  • Lamberts and Lambeths of NC/TN

    This project aims to document the mysterious Lambert/Lambeth line in NC. Please feel free to join and add your profiles if you have relatives that fit the bill. Also, please mark suspected Cherokees/ Melungeons so we can look into them. Some major goals: 1) Try to figure out the path of the Lamberts/Lambeths as they moved through NC to TN. 2) Try to figure out some likely folks who many have ...

  • sabit ince

    sabit ince aile soyağacı

  • April Uprising / Априлско въстание (1876)

    The April Uprising (Bulgarian: Априлско въстание) was an insurrection organised by the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire from April to May 1876, which indirectly resulted in the re-establishment of Bulgaria as an autonomous nation in 1878. About 1,000 Muslims were killed during the u...


    с. Бара, общ. Бара, Севлиевска околия, Търновски окр. СПРАВКИ �...



  • Prester i Høyland i Rogaland

    1. Sokneprest i Høyland 1557-1570: Gjert Mikkelson 2. Sokneprest i Høyland 1570-1606: Peder Jensson 3. Sokneprest i Høyland 1606-1649: Christen Palleson Trane 4. Sokneprest i Høyland 1650-1679: Kjeld Hanson 5. Sokneprest i Høyland 1679-1691: Hans Jensson Euromontanus 6. Sokneprest i Høyland 1691-1728: Jonas Theophilson Schanche 7. ...

  • Ellida Höjer Karlsson Family

    Inger hall min mormor hette höjer som ogift och kommer från sidesjö i finland

  • Sullivan - in Canada

    1990 - Lauretta June and/or June Lauretta Sullivan nee Smith dies cremated in Queens Park Cemetery Calgary 1980 - John Sullivan dies buried in Queens Park Cemetery Calgary 1910 - John Sullivan born, place and parents unknown

  • Petticoat Rebellion

    Women who played a role in the emancipation movement in Jamaica West indies and elsewhere, The untold stories. Rebel women women played non-military, supportive roles. Strategic manoeuvring was assigned to the women: supplying water; acting as guides to provision grounds; helping to guard captives; poisoning; acting as look-outs; even as go between in the final stage of the rebellion....

  • Shafirka Wilson and more

    Family tree expanding across many surnames

  • Familia Villanueva - Philippine Ancestry

    Project Status: Draft mode This project aims to trace the Villanueva family lineages in the Philippines. The Story of Anecito Villanueva [1] Luzon Visayas Mindanao References [1] The story of Anecito Villanueva

  • Ruadri King of Moray

    The identity of Raudri King of Moray - Máel Coluim of Moray (or Máel Coluim mac Máil Brigti) was King or Mormaer of Moray has been the subject of historic argument for centuries. This project is to look at all documentation and historic sources that may help in correctly identifying the parentage and ancestry of Raudri and his lineage. This project is an ongoing research ...

  • Erlenheim

    Marie Annette Erlenheim sündis 1853.a. Tallinnas. Tema isa oli Cristopher Erlenheim ja ema Anna Hansu tütar. Nad abiellusid Vormsil ja nende poeg sündis seal (Alexander Reinhold Erlenheim 1843.a.) Cristopher Erlenheimi leidsin EELK Kuressaare Kogudusest (Saksa pihtkond) . Teised andmed sain Vormsi kogudusest, Suuremõisa mõis (Magnushoff).

  • Family Lopez Fernandez de Lara

    EL Árbol genealógico de Guadalupe Fernández de Lara, Viuda de López

  • Villongco Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Villongco Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ...

  • Siguion Reyna Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Siguion Reyna Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippi...

  • Sumulong Family of the Philippines

    Sumulong is derived from a Filipino term, meaning "öne who moved forward". This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Sumulong Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various ...

  • Cojuangco Family of the Philippines

    The Cojuangco surname takes its roots from the Hispanized name awarded to a Chinese ancestor who converted to Catholicism. Co Yu Hwan became Juan Cojuangco and their history began. The Cojuangco family is one of the oldest hacienda-owning families in the Philippines. They exert wide-reaching control in Philippine, arts, business and politics. Generations have served in local government, Congr...


    The decision of the Partition of Bengal was announced on 19 July 1905 by the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. The partition took effect on 16 October 1905. Due to the high level of political unrest generated by the partition, the eastern and western parts of Bengal were never united because of Muslim pressure. In 1947, Bengal was partitioned for the second time, solely on religious grounds as par...

  • Hawkins; rhode island

    PREFACE. FOR some years I have been collecting information about the deeds of our ancestors, but without a thought of publication, until many friends suggested that I had enough matter—and much that had never been in print—to publish a book, which at this time particularly would be of public interest, and which will, I hope, repay those kind friends and subscribers who have be...

  • Novi Vinodolski

    Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko rodoslovlje

  • Gaerlan Clan

    To start our family tree so that it will never be lost to coming generations. Remember the movie "Enemy Mine" about how the alien knew and could recite 7000 generations to present his son to the alien counsel. 7000 generations from now, Gaerlans will not be lost.

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