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  • Zabezpieczenie danych naszego drzewa

    Export GEDCOM lub inny sposób zabezpieczenia danych naszego drzewa

  • Photogenealogy

    This project is a working project, for people that have photos of family members or strangers in their family collections. Post photos here for help. These first three sites below, might be able to provide further help?! ----------------------------------------- AncientFaces is a free family history community for sharing vintage photos and family history. Here you can perform a free gen...

  • Kitchen Family of Ontario, Canada and Michigan, USA

    Kitchen Family of Ontario, Canada and Michigan, USA Said to have been shortened from Kitchener Said to have been involved with Hudson Bay Colony in Canada Possible relatives: Samuel Kitchen/Kitchener He served as a sergeant July 13 to 19, 1813 (D401). He served as a private Oct. 4 to 20, 1814 (D199). Samuel Kitchen, M. D. born in Ancaster, Wentworth County, Ontario in 1832. Samuel was t...

  • Zilversmeden ‧ NL ‧ Gelderland

    Zilversmeden ‧ NL ‧ Gelderland AALTEN 16 Apeldoorn 4 ARNHEM Frederik Wilhelm ABRAHAMS ‧ x ‧ & ‧ • Arnhem 14-06-1857 ‧ Jan ADELINK ‧ x ‧ & ‧ vv Arnhem 27 08 1880 ‧ Petrus BECUDE ‧ x ‧ & ‧ vv Arnhem 11 03 1835v Jan van den BERG ‧ x ‧ & ‧ • Arnhem 01-11-18...

  • Updating family tree


  • North western Clarendon Communities (Facebook) Forum

    If you have a Facebook profile please take a moment to visit a respectful, family-friendly community of people sharing our memories, thoughts, experiences, photographs and videos of Jamaica. The forum seeks to reconnect, inform and to edutain (educate while entertaining) and is for you if you are from or have links with the following districts in north western Clarendon (and a small section o...

  • Verano Family

    Verano is a surname of Basque origin. as a word it means Summer in Spanish language, but as a family name in Basque language is "a habitational name from a town in Biscay province, Basque Country in Spain", and usually applies to the descendants of the Verano family, an old basque noble family originally from Biscay province in Basque Country. It's also connected to two important Italian cities...

  • Joseph Jones of New Hampshire around 1775

    Joseph Jones age 76 in 1850 US Census Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States Joseph Jones born 7 Mar 1775 Pittsfield, Rockingham, New Hampshire Spouse Ruth Preasley Joseph Jones born 4 Mar 1774 Goffstown, Hillsborough, New Hampshire Spouse Sally Claugh

  • Abdul Ajid Family Tree

    Silsilah keluarga Abdul Ajid

  • LeClercq

    Finding the start of the LeClercq name!!

  • Nadauld Family


  • McLarren Family

    Researching the McLarren family, particularly in the US and Scotland.

  • Jesus Christ

    '=This is a compilation on the Geneology of Jesus Christ '=

  • Slekten til Jon Ressem på Sve

    Et forsøk på å opprette et prosjekt for å dele informasjon om oldefar John

  • Project Moir

    Not sure what this project thing is for.... testing testing

  • Kočerin - Hrvatsko rodoslovlje

    Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija / A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project. Izvor: www.koč PODRIJETLO TOPONIMA KOČERIN Naselje Kočerin (općina Široki Brijeg) privukao je jezikoslovce, koji su pokušali odgonetnuti podrijetlo njegova značenja. O tome su pisali J. Dedijer, M. Vego, D. M...

  • Prasad Family

    About Ancestors ,Past , present members & future descendants of V.V.Prasad & Amrit Prasad

  • Joravar Singh, Sonipat, Haryana, India

    He was born to Bakhatawar Singh, Jagirdar in Sonipat in 1860's. He had three Sons named Jyoti Parsad Jai, Raghuvir Singh, Nanak Chand.

  • Äldre svenska frälsesläkter

    Äldre svenska frälsesläkter "svenskaregenter" "svenskadel" "Livrustkammaren" "Historiska personer i Sverige och Norden" 124 av dom her gamla frälsesläkter. flera fins nog,men man får ta tag i dom efter hand. "Introducerad adel" mycket info fins at få tag på, hos : "Riddarhuset" "Äldre svenska frälsesl�...

  • Blaxploitation

    Blaxploitation or blacksploitation is a film genre which emerged in the United States circa 1970. These exploitation films were made specifically for an urban black audience. The word itself is a portmanteau of the words "black" and "exploitation", and was coined in the early 1970s by the Los Angeles National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) head, and ex-film publicist ...

  • Peter Kehr Families of Pfeddersheim and Allamakee, Iowa

    Peter Kehr (born 1817 in Pfeddersheim) emigrated about 1848 with his wife Dorothea Katharina Gorth and children Barbara, Peter, Anna Mary, Margrethe, Henry, George Ernest to New York City and later Lansing, Iowa. Their descendants spread throughout northeast Iowa and much of the upper Midwest, California, and elsewhere. This projects seeks to unite the scattered family branches, document th...

  • McHardys of Quebec and Crathie Braemar, Scotland

    About 1822 Charles McHardy (born 1794 in Crathie Braemar) emigrated from Aberdeenshire to the Montreal area of Quebec. This projects seeks to document the history of his descendants in Canada and the United States, bring together living relatives, and further research into his Scottish antecedents.

  • Brysons of Quebec and Perthshire

    James Bryson (born 1743 in Drumsay, Perthshire, Scotland) and Isobel Scobie (born 1754 in Buchenhill, Perthshire, Scotland) had children John, James, David, Isabella, William, Alexander, Betty, and Margaret. Several of these children emigrated to Quebec where they settled a backwoods region near Montreal along with other Scots or Scots-Irish families. Purpose of this project is to document ...

  • Wadelin , Tibbott and Perrens family's

    i would lke to know if there is any info of any of these families :)

  • min biologiske farfar

    Tysk født, navn ubekendt. "forlovet" med farmor. Død i 1. verdenskrig Hvar under krigen påmønstret, ombygget pasagerskib "sms Kejser Wilhelm" som besætningen sænkede, ud for Sydafrika, for at det ikke skulle falde i hænderne på englænderne. Dette skete tæt ved kysten, så man kunne redde sig i land. han blev formodentli...

  • Jinkala Genealogy

    jinkala Family genealogy tree generation from present to top 5 up generation

  • Wilhelmi Family

    I am writing the first book from the American point of view about 19th century rotunda panoramas. These were the biggest paintings in the world,50 x 400=20,000 square feet, housed in their own rotundas which were 16-sided polygons. Chicago in 1893 had 6 panorama companies and 6 panorama rotundas.Paul Wilhelmi (Dusseldorf 3-12-1858/5-26-1943 Detroit)was a panorama art for William Wehner in Milwa...

  • The "unknown" profiles

    Introduction This project will collect a list of "unknown" profiles that users come across. It is undestandable that some of these profiles are just temporary, while performing additional research to fill in the blanks. Creating a few linked profiles using "unknown" is somewhat exceptable as long as there are some details (birth date, death date, etc) attached. A placeholder in otherwords. ...

  • Zilver uit Haarlem

    -2012-02-18-11:36-jMu- Zilver uit Haarlem NIET: ‧ broodmanden ‧ koektrommels ‧ kraankannen ‧ lodereindoosjes ‧ olie-&-azijnstellen ‧ sauskommen ‧ WEL: kerkzilver ‧ huiselijk gebruik ‧ speelgoed ‧ Haarlemse Zilversmeden Hendrik BLOMMENDAEL ‧ x ‧ w: 1695-1700 ‧ Jacob GROENEWEG ‧ x ‧...

  • Ploče

    A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project / Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje O gradu: Osobna iskaznica Puni naziv: Grad Ploče Skraćeni naziv: Ploče Administrativna pripadnost: Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija Broj stanovnika u općini prema popisu iz 2001. godine: 10.834 Zemljopisni položaj: , 43,0567oS i ...

  • Scott And Mcmurray Family

    Sam Scott was my great great grandfather. He was married to Bethina Beasley my great great grandmother, who was a member of the Eastern Star.

  • The Wise Men

    The Wise Men The Wise Men were a group of government officials and members of the East Coast foreign policy establishment who, beginning in the 1940s, developed the containment policy of dealing with the Communist bloc and crafted institutions and initiatives such as NATO, the World Bank, and the Marshall Plan. They came to personify an ideal of statesmanship that was putatively marked by non...

  • tarini

    good girl

  • Zoeken in FLEVOLAND - Nederland

    -2012-02-17-17:37-jMu-meewerken & aanvullen welkom om informatieve, leuke of leerzame internet-adressen te zoeken en toe te voegen Sneller zoeken binnen de Nederlandse provincie Flevoland Inleiding & toelichting Hier kan men onder gemeente- e/o plaatsnamen in deze provincie internet-adressen vinden en toevoegen waar digitaal genealogie-informatie is te vinden. Bovendien bestaan er vaak le...

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