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  • Johnson Family Reunion

    This will take place in June or September of 2014...details to come!!

  • Scucchi Family

    Gli Scucchi sono una famiglia originaria di Cetona (Siena). Il capostipite, Gianne, detto "Scucchia", (probabilmente in riferimento al mento prominente che in dialetto viene appunto chiamato la scucchia), giunse a Cetona nel 1560 proveniente da Città di Castello (Perugia) al seguito del Marchese Chiappino Vitelli. Di rango elevato, probabilmente appartenente a quella borghesia benestante...

  • Familien lysen

    Her er det fint om det er noen som kan fortelle historier om denne familien. Fødseldato og dødsdato o.s.v.

  • Branham Family, Thomas, Gullo

    Branhams' are from West VA. Thomas's and the Gullos' unknown

  • Historisk fakta om Snilsberg slekta

    Håper å få mest mulig historisk fakta om Snilsberg slekta.

  • My Myers family Presidental Relatives

    THIS IS MY FAMILY'S CONNECTION TO THE PRESIDENT'S OF THE UNITED STATES : George Washington , 1st President of the USA is your 7th cousin 8 times removed. John Adams, 2nd President of the USA, Signer of the Declaration of Independence is your 10th cousin 7 times removed. Thomas Jefferson , 3rd President of the USA is your 11th cousin 7 times removed. James Madison , 4th President of the ...

  • Condado de Castilla

    Convenciones de nomenclatura Ver: Reinos medievales de Europa Occidental Lista de condes Condes legendarios 762-800 : Rodrigo Frolaz Diego Rodríguez Urraca Paterna Condado electivo de Castilla 860-873 : Rodrigo c.868-c.870 : Álava 873-c.885 : Diego Rodríguez Porcelos Condado electivo de Álava c.870-883 : Vela Jiménez 883-c.9...

  • Katzenbauer Search

    We are searching for others of Katzenbauer or Kazenbauer descent. Our ancestor Hannah Sophia Katzenbauer, who was also recorded as Sophia Kazenbauer, lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was born circa 1770 and died in 1858 in Nova Scotia. We do not know who her parents were, or where they came to Canada from. Educated guesses for the family origins are that they may have emigrated from G...

  • Music of Texas: Austin, Lubbock and other music scenes

    Buddy Holly Roy Orbison ZZ Top Jerry Jeff Walker Kinky Friedman Steve Earle Nanci Griffith Hank Williams Joe Ely Butch Hancock Jimmie Dale Gilmore Angela Strehli Janis Joplin Johnny Winter Townes Van Zandt Guy Clark Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Stevie Ray Vaughan Flaco Jiménez

  • Lloyd Pendleton

    Lloyd Pendleton is the father of Donald Pendleton,Francine Pendleton and Kathy Pendleton

  • Me

    I was born on the 11th May 1999.

  • arty

    arty is a project which we need to do art and craft

  • h

  • Zilver uit Utrecht

    Utrechtse zilversmeden nog in AlphaBeth invoegen: x. van VIANEN schrijvers over utrechts zilver [Johannes Rein ter MOLEN] --- van Vianen : een Utrechtse familie van zilversmeden met een internationale… [Louise E. van den Bergh-HOOGTERP] --- Goud- en zilversmeden te Utrecht in de late Middeleeuwen --- [ [ digitale documentatie mondelinge toelichtingen ...

  • Zilver uit Oudenaarde

    Zilver uit Oudenaarde - Belgie- schrijvers & boeken over Oudenaardse zilversmeden= Elsa Vandermeersch-LANTMEETERS -- Oudenaardse Zilversmeden en hun werk 16de-18de eeuw meer titels welkom! digitale documentatie Oudenaardse zilversmeden [ ...... meer URL's welkom! documentatie historie Oudenaarde in boeken Paul BAUTERS -- Adalhard van Huise 750-826 Bartolomeus de RA...

  • Zilver uit 's-Hertogenbosch

    Bossche Zilversmeden

  • Nimmagadda Family

    hi nimmagadda family

  • FollowPaternalLine

    I´m stuck on my paternal line ad it ends at this persons father, the now infamous Joen Johan Jonsen...

  • Helmer Frode Bjerregaard, who knows about him?

    5. marts 1926 ankom han til Ellis Island, New York, med SS Oskar ll. Og så gør vi ikke ved noget om ham, indtil 1946, blev han tog til Danmark for en litle ferie. Han var derefter en soldat i hæren i USA. Her er, hvad vi kender ham: Vi kender en masse, og meget lidt, om Helmar Frode Bjerregaard Vi ved, at: Han blev født 19 jan 1908 i Hurup, Danmark -At han ...

  • Photo Importing

    I would like everyone's help in obtaining, scanning and sharing pictures of our family. We need to get these photos online so that everyone can have copies of them that they didn't have before and so they never get destroyed. Scanned photos should be saved on the computer or backed up on a DVD-R if you have that on your computer. You can also use sites like to store your ima...

  • Nina (Nina Simone biopic)

    This project is to build out the family trees for people associated with the film production of "Nina," based on the life of the late, great singer Nina Simone . We need help on this, everyone! If you're interested in building out family trees for celebrities, this is a *fresh* opportunity. News blog from Mary J Blige And David Oyelowo Set To Film Nina Simone Biopic This Month Well,...

  • Frodesen-familien: Arendal/Kragerø + Drammen/Oslo = slekt?

    Familienavnet Frodesen finnes både i Buskerud og i Telemark/Agder-fylkene. De fleste nålevende medlemmer holder til rundt Drammen, men også i Arendals-området finnes det en god del - etterkommere etter Alfred og Nandis Frodesen. Selv tilhører jeg Kragerø/Arendal-grenen, og driver med registrering av det jeg kan finne av forfedre og -mødre i d...

  • Grabarje

    Obitelji iz sela Grabarje, Požeško-slavonska županija

  • Ngoua Family

    Bonjour, j'aimerai constituer cette branche de mon arbre! Merci de m'aider! Amicalement Julie

  • Jouen Family

    bonjour, j'aimerai reconstituer cette branche de mon arbre, merci de m'aider cordialement julie


    Cherche à développer la branche Massin de notre arbre!

  • kisahn new name

    kisan is a good man. wo banda new merrige kar raha hai karne do 2 4 bacho ka baap banega tab tikane aayegi

  • Senyoriu de Palau-sator

    Palau és una població que manté l'antic aspecte feudal; al centre, a l'interior del recinte emmurallat medieval, en la part més alta del puig, s'alça la torre del castell. L'església parroquial es construí, en canvi, extramurs. L'origen del poblament és, com a mínim, d'època romana; ho demostren els vestigis, ceràmic...

  • Gård: Angedal, Førde, Sogn & Fjordane, Norway

    ANGEDAL GÅRDSNR 32 Prosjektet Prosjektets mål er å samle profiler for personer som har vært tilknyttet Angedal gjennom fødsel eller at de har hatt opphold der i kortere eller lengre perioder. Det kan være alt fra å ha brukt en gård til å ha vært i tjeneste en kort periode. Siden prosjekter er begrenset til offentlig...

  • Gaphardt or Gephardt

    Recently I have discovered various spellings for this last name. I will add records to this project in the quest to clarify.

  • Buksh Family

    Karim Buksh came to Fiji from India. Married to Bikini (?)

  • Casey, Jesse E. Descendants

    The purpose of this project is to share research done over many years by Vonda Fairbanks Dihm and others. The research was published in a book titied, "Descendants of Jesse E. Casey." Information on the book outlined below. Copies of some pages from the book attached to this event. Descendants of JESSE E. CASEY, 1797-1863 Compiled by: Vonda Fairbanks Dihm, 927 Dewitt Dr., Huntsville, AL 358...

  • Comtat de Barcelona

    (CA) Comtat de Barcelona (ES) Condado de Barcelona (EN) County of Barcelona (FR) Comté de Barcelone Convencions de nomenclatura Veure Comtats de Catalunya . Llista de comtes Comtes nomenats pels reis francs 801-820 : Berà, fill de Guillem I de Tolosa 820-826 : Rampó 826-832 : Bernat de Septimània, primera vegada 832-835 : Berenguer de Tolosa ...

  • Find Pre-WWII Leibmans from Lublin, Poland

    Trying to find family records of the Leibman family, who lived in the state of Lublin, Poland, until they scattered following the Holocaust. May be that LEIBMAN and LIEBMAN IN Ukraine are the same family ? My grandmother Klara Liebman, daughter of Abraham from Kolomyya, Stanislowow. Oscar Zalckwar.

  • Dalueg Family

    I am trying to link back the Dalueg ancestry to the other Dalueg familes living in Canada and the USA.

  • John Wihongi's Whakapapa

    Hi, I want to put John Wihongi's Whakapapa in here. I have also thought about getting a Pou pou made from it. Mum had the two pages years ago but no one has seen them for a while. Please if you have a copy can you let me know. Gene.

  • Frampton Tree

    Seeing if this does the trick

  • Balestra Family

    To Find all Balestra in the world

  • charles genealogy

    Learning the history of my family and letting the children know about who we are

  • Lambert Family

    The Lambert family

  • d'Oms Dynasty

    Latest Update: May 19, 2011 (Sources Updated) The d'Oms are a dynasty of noblemen. Through marriages, acquisitions and military achievements, they played a prominent role in the formation of the Crown of Aragon . Origins The Adarga Catalana traces the origins of the d'Oms dynasty back to Arnau d'Oms, an 8th century nobleman. Little precise information is known about Arnau. Mentioned in th...

  • temples of kerala

    Kerala is a land of temples. From north to south we have different culture and that reflects in the construction of temples. Here let us go through the history of our temples....

  • Jakovlevid Petserimaalt

    Kahekümnenda sajandi teisel kümnendil asus Läänemaale elama Jvan Jakovlev koos oma abikaasa Darja Ivanovaga. Nagu tol ajal ikka, oli ka selles peres palju lapsi. Möödunud sajandi kolmandal kümnendil oli meie maal kombeks eestistada võõra kõlaga ees ja perekonnanimed. Nii said Jakovlevide lapsed uued nimed ja pudenesid laiali ...

  • Lignaggi dell'Alto Medioevo

    Una ricerca sui principali lignaggi che nell'Alto Medioevo hanno dominato l'Europa, con particolare riferimento all'Italia post-Carolingia. A search on the main lineages that dominated Europe in the Middle Ages, with particular reference to post-Carolingian Italy. Noble Houses of Europe

  • Geneology of Malay Royal Houses

    Malay Royal Houses The Malaysian Royal Families YouTube Video Presentation

  • The Visitation of Norfolk in 1563

    The Visitation of Norfolk in 1563 Taken By Wiliam Harvey, Clarenceux King of Arms by The Rev. G. H. Dashwood, FSA, reprinted in 1878. The scope of this project is to link Geni profiles to the short genealogies included in the book referenced above. It was the custom to hold a "visitation" once a generation, about every thirty to forty years. At the visitation, all gentry and nobles were requi...

  • The Frank Family Project

    Origin German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, and Jewish (Ashkenazic) : ethnic or regional name for someone from Franconia (German Franken), a region of southwestern Germany so called from its early settlement by the Franks, a Germanic people who inhabited the lands around the river Rhine in Roman times. In the 6th–9th centuries, under leaders such as Clovis I (c. 46...

  • Herman family

    This Herman family are those connected to David Mordechai Herman (possibly Sherman) and Etta Starr (or Starjinski). David's brother was Samuel Herman. All came to Boston from the Vilnus region in the late 19th century. Learning some more detail about the history of the family in Europe would be great. Are there other family trees from that generation?

  • Gordon family

    Gordon family are everyone who are connected to Abraham M Gordon and Anny Liebovitch - immigrants to the Boston, MA area from ?Poland? in the late 19th Century.

  • E.J

  • puu

  • Familias Verdugo de Chile

    Estoy en búsqueda de los ancestros de Miguel Antonio Verdugo, mi tatarabuelo. Vivió en Los Andes, Chile, Chile Death: November 6, 1870 Immediate Family: Husband of Carlota Beytía Noguerol Father of Abraham Verdugo Beytía, Enriqueta Verdugo Beytía, Absalón Verdugo Beytía and Irene de la Merced Verdugo Beytía

  • Rod Přehnalů z Nenakonic 1617-1933

    Zakladatel rodu Přehnalů, hospodářů na gruntu č.p.15 v Nenakonicích. od r.1622 konšelem v Nenakoniciích Potomci Lukáše Přihnala hospodařili na gruntu po 10 generací v pořadí Vavřinec, Jiřík, Martin (17.století), Jan, Štěpán, Jan (18...

  • Edminster

    This is a beginning of the family lineage of my surname, Edminster, which, according to the book "The Edminster Family in America" by Frank Custer Edminster, Jr., has been spelled in various ways: Edminsteire, Edmister, Edminister, etc. According to Frank Custer Edminster, Jr's book, John Edminsteire, born in 1633, is the origin of this specific line, which was based in Freetown, Massachusett...



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