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    Bialystok Births 1835,39,46,48,56-66,69 Grodno Gubernia / Bialystok Province Located at 53°08’ 23°09’ Last updated July 2000 Surname Givenname Year Type Akt Father Grandfath Mother Mothersurn Grandfath2 Date Birth_date Fathertown Mothertown Occupation Comments Film Town KATZ-RAPOPORT Srol 1846 Birth; Akt: M53; Father: Shliomo; Grandfather: Symkho; Mother: B...

  • Medal of Honor recipients for the Boxer Rebellion

    The Boxer Movement, or Boxer Rebellion, was a Chinese uprising from November 1899 to September 7, 1901, against foreign influence in areas such as trade, politics, religion and technology that occurred in China during the final years of the Manchu rule (Qing Dynasty). The members of the Chinese Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists were simply called boxers by the Westerners due to the ...

  • Het Drostenhuis in Ootmarsum

    Boek over het voormalige Drostenhuis aan de Walstraat 1 in Ootmarsum. Tekst en eindredactie: Paul Brood Het huis dankt zijn naam aan de laatste drost van Twente die het huis bewoonde: mr. Hendrik Knijpinga Cramer. Mijn betovergrootmoeder Euphemia Cramer-Hugenholtz (kleindochter van de drost) is de laatste van mijn voorouders die hier geboren is. In het boek komen een groot aantal personen v...

  • The Fainshtein Family

    Viktor Fainshtein's Story Ivan and Pelageya Yeremin, Baptist farmers, lived with their eight children in the Kauchuk Sovkhoz, an agricultural settlement in the county of Lgov, Kursk district. The area was occupied by the German troops in late October 1941. In April 1942, when ten-year-old Sim Yeremin went into the workers’ rest area in the settlement, he found a child lying on the fl...

  • Z1a (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup Z1a or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades of Z Z (mtDNA) Z1a (mtDNA) Famous Members (to be added) How to Participate Geni Wiki Projects Page To ...

  • lerena bros

    Que todos los hermanos y medio hermanos, "lerena bros" compartan sus datos genealógicos. Pasar la voz

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen: Trade & Industry

    < BACK Antwerpen: Handel & Wetenschap (Trade & Industry)

  • 6th Vermont Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 6th Vermont Infantry, while formed separately, was combined with other Vermont state units to create the 1st Vermont Brigade. Colonels: Nathan S. Lord, Oscar S. Tuttle, Elisha Leonard Barney, Sumner H. Lincoln Lieutenant Colonels: Asa P. Blunt, Oscar S. Tuttle, Elisha Leonard Barney, Oscar Adrian Hale, Franklin George Butterfield , Sumner H. Lincoln, William J. Sperry Majors: Oscar ...

  • Land Grant -Grantees oF Narragansett No.7-GORHAM,MAINE

    Gorham was born out of the Narragansett War, one of the 7 townships granted by the General Court of Massachusetts to 840 people who either fought or were descendants of fighters (or closely allied to them) who fought. The Narragansett War is called King Philip's War. Mr. McLellan's book says, "that a proclamation was made to the army in the name of the government, before they began their march ...

  • the J. Paul GETTY Museum ‧ Los Angeles ‧ USA

    the J. Paul GETTY Museum ‧ Los Angeles ‧ USA history collection chronological p:portret French - Italian - Dutch - Spanisch - Swiss - German - English - Unknown Ⓘt © 1450-1500 p:Young Man p: Isabella of Portugal Ⓥl © c.1450 WEYDEN p: Man with a Pink Ⓥl © c.1500 SITTOW p: Young Man in Red Ⓘt © c.1505 Circle ...


    The Gay Holocaust - Lagers 4 - The Lagers = Deportation and Death CampsNazi Germany, planned and implemented their plan to rid Europe of those whom they considered sub-humans. Accurate numbers for exactly how many people died as a result of the Nazi plans are simply not available and probably never will be. The Nazi massive concentration camp system, with well over one thousand camps of various...

  • Martynas Brunius (1825-1908)

    Martyno Bruniaus (1825-1908) ir Veronikos Kairytės (1830-1903) giminės medis. Į šį projektą bus kviečiami ne tik visi giminiečiai bet ir jų šeimų nariai. Junkitės ir kartu kurkime savo giminės ir artimųjų istoriją. Kadangi nemokamas (Basic) planas leidžia kurti medį ti...

  • Partongah Partuanon Pamatang Sipolha

    ini turunan mahasa damanik di tano djawa

  • Royal Family Orders

    Royal Family Orders George IV started the formal practice of presenting Family Orders, or portraits of the Sovereign set in diamonds suspended from a ribbon. Before 1820, the Sovereign's portrait set in a jewelled frame had been worn by both ladies and gentlemen at Court, and especially by female members of the Royal Family. George IV's successors continued this practice, with most sovere...

  • Medal of Honor recipients, Puerto Rican

    Puerto Rican Medal of Honor recipients Puerto Ricans and people of Puerto Rican descent have participated in every conflict in which the United States has been involved, from World War I to the Iraq War. The following five soldiers of Puerto Rican descent have made the ultimate sacrifice and were posthumously awarded the nation's highest military decoration - the Medal of Honor, sometimes ref...

  • Cristeros Movement in Mexico

    Links and References THE CRISTEROS CATHOLIC SOLDIERS OF CHRIST Caritas in Veritate Cristero War The Anti-Clerical Who Led a Catholic Rebellion The Cristero War The Cristero Rebellion: The Mexican People Between Church and State 1926-1929

  • Medal of Honor recipients, Hispanic

    The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipient must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States. Due to the nature of this medal, it is commonly presented po...

  • david cavanagh

    david cavanagh born october 15,1856 married mary.a.mcnallyborn march22,1862.married january 11,1887 ch'town,p.e.i

  • Гущи


  • R-L176.1/S179.1 (Y-DNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all peoples positive for the genetic marker L176.1/S179.1. This marker defines the y-DNA haplogroup currently labeled R1a-L176. R1a-L176 is often called the "Scottish Subcluster" and is downstream of the Young Scandinavian L448. Subclades R - R-M207/UTY2 R1a1a - R-M17 R1a1a1 - R-L448 R1a1a1h - R-L176.1/S179.1 ...

  • Paavo Bambergin suku

    Sukututkimusprojekti Kotoaro on nyt Genissä! Bambergien suku on asunut nykyisen Kiteen ja Lieksan alueella 1700 -luvulta lähtien. Suvun nykyisiä käytössä olevia sukunimiä ovat mm. Karento, Palkovuori ja Kotoaro. Sukunimen Bamberg historiaa Karjalassa on tutkittu 1700 -luvun alkuun saakka. Suvun juuret ulottuvat Ruotsin Balttiaan 1600 -luvulle ja ...

  • angelica friar

    Buscar antepasados de familia friar,y armar un arbol geneologico

  • Descendants of Tamberlin Campbell and Hester Cunnabell

    Tamberlin and Hester had a large family of at least 8 children, the last of which was born in 1795 - these 8 survived to adulthood and had issue. Today, there are certainly many hundreds if not thousands of descendants. Much is known about Hester's ancestry, but little is known of Tamberlin's. I do not even have with certainty his date or place of birth and have nothing on either of his parents...

  • Mira

    Mira's family

  • Tumulak Clan Family Trees

    This Project is for the collaboration of all Tumulak Caln Family Trees

  • Livingston Manor-Tar Pits

    Livingston Manor property was used as a location, to Tar the King of England s Naval Ships. Many Palatine Immigrants were used as Laborers during this period at about October of 1710. [ ] [ ]

  • Emancipatie

    Emancipatie auteur: mw. J. van BEUSEKOM Een dubbel vrouwbeeld Doorheen de tijd heeft een dubbel vrouwbeeld steeds weer 'het negatieve' beklemtoond. Enerzijds is er de vrouw als bron van goedheid en vruchtbaarheid die tot uiting komt in de Maria-cultus en de maagd. Anderzijds kenmerkt de patriarchale geschiedenis zich door een vrouwenangst. Verleidsters zoals Pandora en Eva worden verantwo...

  • Adelsverein Colony

    The Mainzer Adelsverein at Biebrich am Rhein (Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas), better known as Adelsverein (German pronunciation: [ˈaːdəlsfɐˌʔaɪn], "Nobility Society"), organized on April 20, 1842, was a colonial attempt to establish a new Germany[1] within the borders of Texas. History Adelsverein was organized on...

  • Golden Ages - Amsterdam: Exploration & Discovery

    < BACK Amsterdam: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery)

  • de Jodensavanne ‧ since 1640 ‧ Suriname

    de Jodensavanne ‧ sefardische Joden in Suriname EN: Jewish Savanna ‧ sephardi Jews ‧ Suriname DE: Judensavanne ‧ sefardischen Juden ‧ Suriname SV: etc. FI: etc. [ Йоденсаванна RU: etc.] TR: etc. alfabetisch —A— —B— —Cȁ...

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht: Trade & Industry

    < BACK Utrecht: Handel & Nijverheid (Trade & Industry) .

  • Wolk (Wolkowski)

    This project is to research my grandmother Sara Wolk's side of my family.

  • Barker Family of Rhode Island

    Sources Barker Family a website Biographical and genealogical history of the state of Delaware Volume 1 (Google eBook) by Runk, J.M. & Co. 1899. Not in copyright. Worfield on the Worfe, in and near Severn valley, a brief history (Google eBook) by Samuel Benjamin James. 1878. Out of copyright. Lineage of Robinson Potter Barker of Middletown, Newport County, Rhode Island "The Barker...

  • Passengers of the Constance, 1635

    List of Passengers on Ship Constance from London England to Virginia 1635 24 Oct 1635 Aboard the Constance, Clement Campion Master bound to Virginea. First Name ; Surname; Years [Age] John Wade 21 Garret Nicholson 23 John Burrows 18 Wm Belt 21 Thomas Simpson 24 Tho: Patrick 22 John Till 20 Joseph Pricherd 17 Wm Bannerman 18 Rich. Tayler 18 John Griffin 26 Samuel Ja...

  • Descendants of Edward Fuller - Mayflower Compact Signer

    My 8th great grand aunt was Christiana Penn who married Francis Billington in 1634. Their 3rd child, Martha,married Samuel Eaton (son of Francis Eaton who was on the Mayflower). They had a child, Mercy Eaton who married Samuel Fuller ( son of Edward Fuller),

  • Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada

    This project is to explore people and families who lived in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Métis Families of Ontario

    This project is to help people find and share information and resources about Métis ancestors.

  • WWII - Komunistički zločini u Hrvatskoj

    DRUGI SVJETSKI RAT I KOMUNISTIČKI ZLOČINI U HRVATSKOJ Prema: Zvonimir Despot Koncem Drugoga svjetskoga rata, kao i u godinama poraća, protivnici komunističke vlasti bili su izvrgnuti iznimno brutalnoj represiji njezinih izvršnih tijela. Kako bi se riješila nepoželjnih suparnika u borbi za vlast KPJ/KPH služila se radom posebnih slu�...

  • Ancient Planters: Farrar Family

    This project traces and documents the descendants and ancestors of "Councillor" William Farrar of Jamestown, Virginia, " Ancient Planter ." from From Virginia Through the Southwest: Information about William Farrar WILLIAM FARRAR was the third son of John Farrer the elder of Croxton, Ewood, and London, Esquire and Cecily Kelke. He was born into the wealthy landed gentry of Elizabethan E...

  • Estonia ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    -2012-06-22-08:56+GMT-summer-time-jMu-under construction-till-july-next- Estonia ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Estonian OLYMPIANS OLYMPIANS - 2012 - LONDON ARCHERY ‧ ♀ ‧ indiv. ‧ Reena PÄRNAT ‧ ‧ [ ⌘] ‧ • ATHLETICS ‧ ♂ ‧ track & road events ‧ 200m ‧ Marek NIIT &#...


    XVIII a. pabaigoje Vaškų parapijos Gudelių kaime gyveno Kazimiero Maldučio šeima. Maldučiai minimi maždaug nuo 1895 m. pabaigos.

  • Zambia ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    Zambia ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics LONDON ‧ 2012 ‧ OLYMPIANS ATHLETICS ♂ ‧ 100m ‧ • Gerald PHIRI ‧ 1988 ‧ ⌘ ♂ ‧ 800m ‧ • Prince MUMBA ‧ Kitwe 1984 ‧ ⌘ ♀ ‧ 100m • Chauzje CHOOSHA ‧ ‧ [ ⌘] ‧ BOXING ♂ ...


    Gudelių kaimas minimas Valakų reformos laikais 1555 m. Jis priklausė Devynergių "Devetibrati" vaitijai. 1738 m. Gudelių kaimas priklausė LDK Gulbinų seniūnijos Nemeikšiūnų vaitijai.Gudeliuose minimi du ūkininkai: Motiejus Gudelis (Gudeletis) ir Stanislovas Mikalajūnas.Pagal 1775 m Upytės apskrities...

  • OurHeritageGENI

    Создание OurHeritageGENI.30 июля 2012 г.

  • Klompenmakers ‧ BE ‧ Sabotiers

    Klompenmakers ‧ BE ‧ Sabotiers=Vlaams Gewest ‧ BrusselProvincies:* Antwerpen~Anvers ‧ Antwerpen* Limburg~Limbourg ‧ Hasselt==Oost-Vlaanderen~Flandre-Orientale - GentGemeenten:• Aalst ‧ stad • Aalter • Assenede • Berlare • Beveren • Brakel • Buggenhout • De Pinte • Deinze ‧ stad Ȃ...

  • Chile ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    -2012-07-12-21:16pm+GMT-summer-time-jMu- Chile ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics FLAG BEARERS 2012 -s- Denisse Van LAMOEN ‧ ‧ ⌘ ‧ • 2010 ‧ Jorge MANDRÚ ‧ ‧ [ ú ⌘] ‧ • 2008 ‧ Fernando GONZÁLEZ tennis ‧ ‧ [ ⌘] ‧ • 2006 ‧ Daniela ANGU...

  • The Irwin Family

    Trying to establish the family link from the current Irwin family in Massachusetts to the Irwin family from Florence Court, Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh, Ireland to a John Irwin (B.abt 1720) then back to the ancient family of Irwin/Irvine of Drum and/or Bonshaw. Of course any and all Irwin families in this tree are welcome. Any and all help would be appreciated

  • France ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    —2012-jul-30-00:45+GMT-summer-time—jMu— France ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics [ •-Participants-%E2%80%A7-Sports-%E2%80%A7-Hosts/11987 FR : Ce project ... EN : This project focuses on the athletes who are expected to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and to keep in mind those who were succesful earlier. Since some sports are still hol...

  • Tanzania ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    Tanzania ‧ 2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Athletics ‧ M ‧ marathon ‧ Mohamed Ikoki Msandeki ‧ ‧ N/A ‧ [ ⌘] • Faustin MUSA‧ ‧ N/A ‧ [ ⌘] ‧ • Samson RAMADHANI Nyonyi ‧ Singida 1982 ‧ ⌘ ‧ • ‧W ‧ 5000m ‧ Zakia Mrisho Mohamed ‧...

  • Oeuvre prijzen - Nederland

    —2012-jul-29-zo-14:19-pm+GMT-summer-time—jMu—in-Be-WERK-king—meewerken-corrigeren-aanvullen? welkom! Vooral met document-e/o-profiel-links & via discussie-bijdragen, en natuurlijk ook met zoeken-&-plaatsen van mooie-leuke-e/o-leerzame URL's op gelinkte profiel-pagina's— OEUVRE-prijzen-Nederland Letteren : Proza - Essayistiek - Poëzie P.C. Hooft pr...

  • Remembering Rhode Island's Prominent Jewish Families

    The Historical Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island traces its origins to 1658 when Mordecai Campanal and Moses Pacheco arrived from Barbados. George Washington 1790 When George Washington visited Newport, R.I., in August 1790 , the President found not just one Jewish family, but a Hebrew congregation with its own synagogue. They offered him a warm welcome to their community th...

  • Hans Monssen Bratsberg

    Sjekke folketellingen 1801 + tilgjengelige kilder for å se om dette er riktig spor.

  • Lawford Family Tree

    This is the Lawfords that came to Canada. Thomas Lawford Private of the 37th Regiment of Food Soldiers. Born 11 Aug 1792 to Sarah Lawford of St Mary of Magdalen Parish of Southwark, London, England.

  • 3. Ogulinska narodna granicarska pjesacka regimenta

    Nastala preuredjenjem Vojne krajine iz ogulinske tounjske i tržačke kapetanije 1746. godine. Dalje slijedi popis casnika po godinama. Izvor Vojni shematizam austrijske vojske za razne godine. 1804: Pukovnik Johan Branowacsky Potpukovnik Franz Siegefenld Majori: Philip Quelf, Josef Freysauf von Neudegg Kapetani: Johan Radochay, Chiril Rodić, Michael Ogrizovic, Ba...

  • Karlovacki generalat

    Ustroj Karlovačkog generalata nakon 1746 godine: 1. Lička narodna graničarska regimenta 2. Otočka narodna graničarska regimenta 3. Ogulinska narodna granicarska pjesacka regimenta 4. Slunjska narodna graničarska regimenta

  • Turski ratovi

    U ovom dijelu pisati cemo o ratovima protiv Turaka na prostorima Hrvatske Radi obrane od Turaka ustanovljena je Vojna krajina i dva sjedišta Karlovački i Varaždinski generalat, te posebno justrojena je Banska Krajina

  • Vojna krajina

    Na ovom mjestu pisat cemo o ustroju vojne krajine koja se dijelila na Karlovacki i Varaždinski generalat

  • Luuse, Luse

    Luuse / Luse nime kandvad persoonid kelle kohta on orbpuu Genis

  • Hawk Family History

    I am looking for Hawk family connections, right now I am stuck At George Christopher Hawk c.1766-1820 and wife Ruth (Reese) Hawk I have been to the Lower Richwoods Cemetery Jefferson County, Iowa many times, all my family are burred there, Darrell my dad, Maynard his dad and Esther my grandma (who did most of this legwork till she passed), then continuing up the line, I have till George Christo...

  • Burbiškis

    Kaimas Anykščių seniūnijoje už 7 kilometrų į rytus nuo Anykščių. Įsikūręs Anykštos upės kairiajame krante į šiaurę nuo kelio Anykščiai-Leliūnai. Ribojasi su Pagraužių, Bičionių, Pečiulių ir Klykūn...

  • Šiaulių kaimas

    Kaimas Anykščių seniūnijoje už 10 kilometrų į rytus nuo Anykščių, abipus siaurojo geležinkelio Anykščiai-Rubikiai linijos. Ribojasi su Pagubrio, Elmiškio, Rubikių, Dilių kaimais bei Rubikių gyvenviete. Įsikūręs į šiaurę nuo Rubiki...

  • Rubikiai

    Gyvenvietė Anykščių seniūnijoje už 12 kilometrų į rytus nuo Anykščių. Įsikūrusi į šiaurę ir į šiaurės vakarus nuo Rubikių ežero, prie siaurojo geležinkelio Anykščiai-Rubikiai linijos. Ribojasi su Šiaulių, Tilvik�...

  • Rubikių kaimas

    Kaimas Anykščių seniūnijoje už 9 kilometrų į rytus nuo Anykščių. Įsikūręs abipus Anykščių-Rubikių kelio, ant Rubikių ežero vakarinio kranto, į šiaurę nuo Anykštos upės ištakų. Ribojasi su Pagraužių, Bu...

  • Familija Majstorović - Poreklo I Istorija

    Hteo bih da pokrenem jedan projekat u vezi porodice Majstorović,da sakupim sve Majstoroviće na jedno mesto...:) Ako ste Majstorović,pišite odakle ste i istoriju vaše porodice pa da napravimo jednu celinu... Pozdrav

  • H11 (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup H11 or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested.

  • Dundas Cousins

    Families with roots in Dundas Ontario

  • Families of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

    Families that have settled in Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada. Help explore how families within this geographic area are linked together.

  • Families of Hastings County, Ontario, Canada

    Families that have settled in Hastings County in Ontario, Canada. Help explore how families within this geographic area are linked together.

  • Peebles Family

    Building the family tree for Robert & Sarah PEEBLES.

  • 6th Infantry Division (United States)

    The 6th Infantry Division was a unit of the United States Army in World War I , World War II , and the last years of the Cold War. Known as "Red Star", and formerly called the "Sight Seein' Sixth". World War I Subordinate units 11th Infantry Brigade 12th Infantry Brigade 51st Infantry Regiment: 16 November 1917 – 22 September 1921 52nd Infantry Regiment: 16 November 1917 &#...

  • Rubinshteyn Revision Lists

    Please click on "Photos and Documents" in the right column.

  • Setser / Setzer / Sester

    I am interested in gathering together all the descendants of Johannes Adam Setzer. Please send me a friend request and look me up on Face Book.

  • Pochinka Family Tree

    Pochinka Family Tree

  • Tundmatud fotod a 1938 - 1958

    Sõber leidis kuskilt pööningult suure hulga (tuhandeid) vanu negatiive aastast 1938 -1958. Kõik ilusti ümbrikutesse pakitud ja osadele ka väike info peale kirjutatud,pildistatud 6x9 filmile. Enamus ilusti säilinud ja hea kvaliteediga. Esimesel pildil siis fotograafi autoportree, ei tea kas see nimi seal nurgas ka tema oma? Põhiliselt on pi...

  • Golub Family Tree

    Jacob Golub

  • Koenig Family

    This project is for the Koenig family originating in Central Europe. The frame of this project is take from the House of Names website section on Koenig Surname History . Koenig Surname History Koenig Family History Koenig, King, Konnig, de Koenig Koenig Early Origins Koenig Early History Koenig Early Notables The Great Migration Surname Notables: some noteworthy people of...

  • Lebanese Americans

    The backbone of this project is from an online article, Lebanese americans, by Paula Hajar and J. Sydney Jones. (See links below). Overview The earliest immigrants from the Eastern Mediterranean were generally lumped together under the common rubric of Syrian-Lebanese, and it is consequently difficult to separate the number of ethnic Lebanese immigrants from ethnic Syrian immigrants. Neithe...

  • Iceland Master Project

    This is a master project for Iceland and its history. Iceland[7][8] i/ˈaɪslənd/ (Icelandic: Ísland, IPA: [ˈislant]; see Names for Iceland), described as the Republic of Iceland by many foreign authorities,[6][4][5] is a Nordic European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.[9] Iceland also refers to the main island of the co...

  • Lazzaro, Family

    A história da chegada dos Lazzaro (s) está registrada no documento de entrada no Memorial do Imigrante, cuja cópia faz parte deste projeto. Que diz: 'Luigi (Giuseppe) Lazzaro, com 22 anos, e sua família, constituída dos pais Giovanni, 50 anos, e Maria (Tereza Favaretto), 52 anos, a esposa Angela (Zopas), 22 anos, partiram Gênova em 31.12.1897 pelo navio...

  • A-V50 (Y-DNA)

    For people who have tested and been assigned paternal haplogroup (Y-DNA haplogroup) A-V50 or are believed to have had this haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations V50, V82, V198, V224, M276, L600, L601, L602, L603 Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades A-M114 A-P28 A-P262 Famous Members (to be added) How to Participate Geni Wiki Proj...

  • Malerier av Jørgen Margido Raknes (f.1888)

    Jørgen Raknes, født 29. juni 1888. Gift med Ingebjørg Rømo født 21. juli 1897. Født og oppvokst på Sparbu Han malte både bilder og hus, og det var det de levde av. De fikk bygget eget hus på Malvik etter krigen, men hadde bodd i bygda også før det. De var aktive medlemmer av Metodistkirken i Trondheim. Dessuten har h...

  • a 1928 juuni Ungaris: eestlased visiidil

    Fotole on lisatud ka nimekiri, ehk keegi oskab seostada nime ja Isiku

  • Quizon Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Quizon Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • work on FORTES family from Orlim, goa and Mascarenhas family from cansaulim

    kindly work on the project of fortes and mascarehas family

  • I Mosconi emigrati a Lubiana (Slovenia)

    Mosconi (ted. Moschkon zu Thurnam e zu Ortenegg ), la famiglia nobile d'origini bergamasche che nel XVI sec. aveva possedimenti in Istria. Alessio (morto nel 1540), mercante di stoffe, il cittadino di Ptuj (Pettau), ha comprato nel 16 Agosto 1532 dall'imperatore austriaco Ferdinando I la contea di Pisino per 26000 fiorini renani ed ha avuto la giurisdizione civile e penale sui sudditi e il patr...

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