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  • Brotman Family

    Harvey Moses Brotman was my grandfather. He was born in Canada. He flew in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He married Eva Ruth Goldbloom.

  • SJORS en s'n Rebellen-fan-kluppy

    erelieden oom fred die van een berg kwam en ons liet zien dat je best anders mag wezen tussen wezen die het ook nie weten.... oh so gewohne lieden sjors, veursitter sjimmie , s'n secretario sjennie, s'n schoone sus sjanetje, s'n geni-sus sjoerd, maar die kennen we nog maar net, bleek wel een neef sjofeltje, die mag altijd mee-eten uit onze ruif leden buiten 't gezich...

  • Apacible Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Apacible Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ....

  • Kopcha Family

    born in austria

  • Salaver Clan

    To connect all Salaver's worldwide. If you are a Salaver and would like to your profile to be included and connected in the Salaver Clan Family Tree, feel free to include it here with this project. At the same time, be sure to designate Vidda Chan, David Salaver, or Churchill Salaver as collaborator's so that they can actually look for the family connection. We're a BIG family so it's real ...

  • Karukantakam Family

    karukantakam or karuvantavide or karuvantakath,bydyarakam,koyapathodi,abbasintakath nadamal pandikasala,

  • Librarian's in familia ◦ E‧U ◦ you ?

    Librarians in the family ◦ Europa, the continent NL : BOEK-en-WURM-en… of weet u 'n betere vertaling ? - EN : librarian - FR : [ DE : [ ES : [ CA : bibliotecari - DA : bibliothekar - HU : [könyvtáros önyvtáros] - NN : bBibliotekar - : [ ] -

  • Lillemäe Family

    Endine nimi enne eestistamist oli Lipseberg

  • Economic Thought - School of Salamanca

    < BACK . Martín de Azpilcueta Jaureguízar (1492-1586) ( Wikipedia... ) Domingo de Bañez (1528-1604) Jerónimo Castillo de Bovadilla (c1547-c1605) Diego de Covarrubias y Leyva (1512-1577) ( Wikipedia... ) Antonio de Escobar y Mendoza (1589-1669) Francisco Garcia Pedro de Ledesma (1544-1616) Leonardo Lessio (1554-1623) Juan de Lugo (1583-1660) ( Wi...

  • Economic Thought - Chicago School

    < BACK . Gary Becker Eugene Fama Milton Friedman (1912-2006) James Heckman Frank H. Knight Robert Lucas, Jr . Harry Markowitz Merton Miller Edward C. Prescott Myron Scholes George Stigler Jacob Viner

  • Lennie Family

    I believe the Lennies may have originally came to New Zealand on one of the early settler's ships from Scotland. Can anybody help me track the Lennie name in New Zealand? Thanks Jason Lennie

  • First Acadians (Cajuns) of Louisiana

    The objective of this project is to identify all the profiles that are are ancestors of the first four documented Acadians in Louisiana in 1764, Jean-Baptiste Cormier, Jean Poirier, Jean Richard, and Olivier Landry. These four were followed by Joseph Broussard who lead the first 200 Acadians to Louisiana on February 27, 1765 aboard the Santo Domingo. These are the true Acadiens of Louisiana bet...

  • Almeida Nogueira Family

    Através do livro dos Almeida & Nogueira produzido em 1942 por Geraldo Cardoso de Mello tentarei mapear no Geni essa família. São mais de 100 páginas relatando diversos familiares chegando até o ano de 1690. Buscarei também incluir nessa árvore aqueles que não aparece no livro (nascidos depois de 1942). As contribuições s&#x...

  • Indian Territory in the US Civil War (CSA) 1861-1865

    This project is used to relate all units from Indian Territory who served in the Confederate Army.

  • Puttige Family

    Puttige The Puttige family (also spelt as Puthigai, Puthigae) hails from a village Puttige. See Wikipedia. [[ ] So this Puttige village is the one in Udupi district near Hiryadka & Perdur. You reach this place by taking Udupi – Manipal raod and driving further. [ ] Raghavendra Rao worked for his cousin Dr. U Rama Rau in Chennai. [ ]

  • WilliamCrawfordBallymore

    Ongoing research into the identity and background of William Crawford (b. abt. 1795-1800). Father of Joseph Crawford (b. abt. 1821) and husband of Mary. Son Joseph is believed to have married between 1838-1841 in Ballymore, a parish and townland in the County of Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK. He married Eliza Jane Annett (b. abt. 1821), whose gravestone shows her to be a native of Cargans, a rur...

  • Ainsworth Family

    Sir John Ainsworth

  • ~ ~TIME~ ~FLIES~ ~

    NL-Netherlands-Europe : TIJDZONE - - Аҧсуа - - Afrikaans - - Alemannisch - - አማርኛ - - Aragonés - - العربية - - Asturianu - - Azərbaycanca - - Boarisch - - Žemaitėška - - БеларускаD...

  • Descendants of Roger Williams, Providence RI

    Descendants of Roger Williams, Providence RI Roger Williams Family Association ROGER WILLIAMS was born in London, circa 1603, the son of James and Alice (Pemberton) Williams. James, the son of Mark and Agnes (Audley) Williams was a "merchant Tailor" (an importer and trader) and probably a man of some importance. Roger's youth was spent in the parish of "St. Sepulchre's, without ...

  • Golden Ages - Den Haag: Philosophy & Religion

    < BACK Den Haag: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion)

  • Golden Ages - Den Haag - Exploration & Discovery

    < BACK Den Haag: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery)

  • Golden Ages - Den Haag

    < BACK Den Haag: Kunst & Cultuur ( Art & Culture ) Den Haag: Handel & Nijverheid ( Trade & Industry ) Den Haag: Politiek & Bestuur ( Politics & Government ) Den Haag: Wetenschap & Onderwijs ( Science & Education ) Den Haag: Filosofie & Godsdienst ( Philosophy & Religion ) Den Haag: Verkenning & Ontdekking ( Exploration & Discovery ) .

  • Kalishoek

    Kalishoek Toponym Kalishoek is a town in 's Heerenhoek in the province of Zeeland, The Netherlands When were they born: Before 1800 43 (29%) 1800's 76 (51%) 1900-09 12 (8%) 1910-19 1 (0.7%) 1920-29 5 (3%) 1930-39 1 (0.7%) 1940-49 3 (2%) 1950-59 2 (1%) 1960-69 3 (2%) 1970-79 0 (0%) 1980-89 1 (0.7%) 1990-99 2 (1%) Common first names males: Cornelis ...

  • Lord Mayors of Dublin

    The Lord Mayor of Dublin is the head of Dublin City Council and first citizen of the Dublin. The title was created in 1229 as Mayor of Dublin. It was elevated to Lord Mayor in 1665. The date of election is the end of June, and the term of office is 1 year. 18th century 1701–02 Samuel Walton 1702–03 Thomas Bell 1703–04 John Page 1704–05 Sir Francis Stoyte ...


    Former President and General Manager of American Airlines in the Philippines and Director of Philippine Bible Society

  • Theresa Daily Swain

    Farron Krisak Jakeway Paugh Stup Daily Perrine Dooley



  • Paide kutseline teater

    Oman Paide kutselise teatri kohta fotosid ja infot. Huvilistel pöörduda aadressile


    According to historical accounts and testimonies obtained from the elders in the family, the Philippine Aranetas originated from the Basque region of Northern Spain. In 1723, during the Galleon Trade two brothers named Baltazar de Araneta and Don Jose de Araneta arrived in Manila aboard the Spanish Galeón,"La Sacra Familia". They came from the Basque region of Spain by way of Acapulco,...



  • Stebner Family

    To find mother and father os these two... :)

  • Kumanudi Family

    Породица Кумануди / Kumanudi Family Кумануди су српска породица грчког &#...

  • Leko Family

    Породица Леко / Leko Family Леко је српска породица цинцарског пореC...

  • Mantini Family from Bucchianico - Chieti, Italy

    Looking for relatives of Consiglio Mantini and Emilia Mantini (brother and sister). Consiglio came to America and married Beatrice Mantini in 1915. Emilia stayed in Italy and married Paolo Mantini. Consiglio and Emilia were born in Bucchianico, Italy. Please see their profiles for more information. A record of Consiglio coming to America has not been found yet. Ellis Island holds no information...

  • Drugeth

    Drugeth family ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ {Vol. III.} Drugeth family see: p.398-405

  • Het Nationale Ballet ‧ Nederland ‧ since 1961

    Het Nationale Ballet ‧ Nederland ‧ since 1961 team organogramisch directie - zakelijk team ondersteunend team raad van toezicht chronologisch alfabetisch Angela AGRESTI ◦ corps de ballet ‧ • Naira AGVANEAN ◦ corps de ballet ‧ • Juanjo ARQUeS choregrafer 2e solist Roman ARTYUSHKIN 2e solist Anatole BA...

  • The Watton Family

    Albert Walter Watton and Emily (Rivers) Watton were married on October 1, 1892 at St. Asaphs Anglican, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England (There may be a conflict here. At present I can find no record of St. Asaphs in Birmingham. There is one in Buckingham, but that is in Buckinghamshire, the county to the south. There is also one in St. Asaph, Denbighshire, North Wales.) They had 10 children: P...

  • Governing Ireland

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION . This is a 'master project' that groups projects relative to the political leadership of Ireland throughout the ages: kings, presidents, prime ministers... The subprojects will offer brief information about how the political structures evolved. But, primarily, these projects offer an inventory of major political leaders - thus facilitating genealogical identification and...

  • Tradicionalne hrvatske tetovaže / Traditional Croatian tattoos

    Croatian catholic people have been tattooed for centuries since Illyrian times, especially during Turkish occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1463/1878. The people tattoed their hands, fingers, chests, foreheads with crosses and other ancient ornaments in order to be able to recognise their children if they were taken by Turks and converted. They tattoed or in croatian ”...

  • Burgemeesters van Enkhuizen

    Burgemeester van Enkhuizen - provincie Noord-Holland - the Netherlands - BeNeLux - Europe alfabetisch ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ chronology 1572 : Diederik SONOY ‧ na1774 : Hendrik van STRALEN ‧ 1781 : H.A. van BLEIJSWIJCK sr. ‧ orangist ‧ 1790 : H.A. van Bleijswijck sr. ‧ orangist ‧ 1792 : H.A. van Bleijswijck sr. ‧ orangist ...

  • Komt U ook uit …Zundert ?

    Komt U ook uit …Zundert ? to add all people who have Zundert in their surname, for it's rather possible the come from Europe, and have ancestors in a Dutch place in de province North-Brabant near the Belgian-border -before Schengen- that's still is known as ZUNDERT.

  • Thornton's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Thornton's Company, Virginia Light Artillery (Caroline Artillery) Summary of Battles and Engagements The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 55th Virginia Infantry - Company A (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company A The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Gelegen aan de Waal… ?

    Gelegen aan de Waal… ? Die komt bij Lobith ons land binnen, herinner ik me vaag. de Waal straks ook de Rijn, de Maas, de Lek, de wat ook weer? Nijmegen historisch OUDSTE stad van Nederland ontstaan als ROMEINS etc. aanvulling welkom... administratief BURGEMEESTER's - zie Burgemeesters in GELDERLAND topografisch

  • Stabfors og Vaag, fra Korgen til Tjøtta!

    Bl.a etter opptegninger fra lærer Chr. Wiik i Oslo Anders Pedersen Stabfors og Bergitte Jørgensdatter Anders Pedersen Stabfors, født på gården Stabfors i Korgen, anneks til Hemnes, i 1815, hadde med gode evner etter forberedelsene hjemme skaffet seg såpass kunnskaper at han allerede i siste halvpart av 1830-åreme var blitt omgangslærer...

  • 21st Iowa Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 21st Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Franklin in Dubuque, Iowa, on September 9, 1862 and mustered out at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 15, 1865. More than 76,000 Iowans served in the Civil War, 13,001 died; more volunteers, per capita, than any other state. Here's a brief history of the 21st Iowa Regiment. Important Battles (* Vicksburg campaign ** Mobile campaign...

  • Rhythm and Blues Vocal Groups of New York City

    The main information and outline is from "They All Sang On The Corner: A Second Look at New York City's Rhythm and Blues Vocal Groups," by Philip Groia; Published by Phillie Dee Enterprises, Inc., Port Jefferson, New York, 1983, Tenth Printing, October 2005. The bulk of these groups existed from the early 1950s until around 1970. Wikipedia Halloween 1954 How It All Began Roots of the Rh...

  • Nowe Miasto Korczyn

    Projekt ten ma na celu zgromadzenie wszystkich metryk z parafii Nowy Korczyn (dawne Miasto Nowy Korczyn) i połączenie ich jeśli to możliwe w jedno wielkie drzewo rodzinne). This project main goal is to collect all old act of born, marriage and death from Nowy Korczyn parish and connect then (if it's possible) in one huge family tree.

  • Nenadovic Family

    Породица Ненадовић / Nenadovic Family Ненадовићи су породица обор-кнеза &...

  • Spinogatti Family

    Spinogatti surname is typical of Guardiagrele town in Chieti province of Abruzzo (Italy). We are currently conducting a detailed study of the history of this family seeking original historical documents, stories and anecdotes. The ancient history of this family is yet to be discovered, in fact the first information that we have dates back to “only” the middle of the eighteenth...

  • Migrations: Immigration into the Americas

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK . Exploration Ships Ports of Arrival Settlement Colonization Independence Genealogical Sources

  • Migrations

    Emigration Immigration . Migrations characterize the animal species since the dawn of time. People have migrated for political and religious reasons, but primarily in the search for good fortune and a better life. Very often, these reasons combine. Some migrations were natural and conflict-less, others were done by design and through struggle. The latter is usually called ' colonization...

  • Migrations: Emigration from Africa

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK Ports of Departure . * Motives African Kingdoms and Kings (background: Kingdoms in Pre-Colonial Africa ) Africa1800-1875 African Queens African Kings Slave Traders (background: Atlantic Slave Trade ) U.S. SLAVE TRADE * Ports of Departures Slave Data

  • Migrations: Emigration from Africa - Ports of Departure

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK . Angola 1484 - Mpinda Ambriz Loanga 1576 - São Paulo de Luanda 1587 - Benguela Benin Agoue Jakin Porto Novo 1580 - Ouidah Ghana 1482 - Elmina (the first European settlement in West Africa, by the Portuguese) Guinea-Bissau 1588 - Cacheu Gambia 1651 - Juffureh - Fort James 1681 - Albreda

  • Migrations: Emigration from Asia


  • Migrations: Immigration into Australasia


  • Migrations: Immigration into Asia

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK . Exploration Ships Ports of Arrival Settlement Colonization Independence Genealogical Sources

  • Migrations: Immigration into Africa

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK . Exploration Ships Ports of Arrival Settlement Colonization Colonization of Africa Independence Genealogical Sources

  • Migrations: Immigration

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK Immigration into Africa Immigration into Asia Immigration into Australasia Immigration into the Americas . In the period 1600-1800, immigratory flows followed a logical sequence of events: Discovery Exploration Settlement Colonization This process was usually characterized with the subduement of native peoples. Many factors have influenc...

  • Migrations: Emigration

    WORK IN PROGRESS < BACK Emigration from Africa Emigration from Asia Emigration from Europe . The motives for emigration - the act of leaving a home country for good - can be multiple: Economic: people seek good fortune or a better quality of life elsewhere. Social: people flee political or religious repression and persecution. Forced: communities are displaced or people ...

  • Reinsalu sugupuu

    Kõik kes on siis seotud Reinsaluga.

  • Syndicat d'Omni-Nymes

    Syndicat d'Omni-Nymes Introductie-voorwoord-toelichting NL: In geni kun je op een bijzondere manier je voorouders en nazaten vastleggen op internet, maar -NOG- niet zonder angst voor baboe-roof of identiteits-gepak. Daarom moet ik ook af en toe een andere jas aantrekken, maar bang ben ik nooit, want ik heb geen ... en geen kinderen gekregen, wel een schat van 'n man. En die is gelukkig ook ...

  • Bryan Family Reunion

    The Bryan-Horner family had a reunion at Trout Lodge, Potosi MO in July of 2011. Richard Horner was the coordinator.

  • Grieken vinden in de Benelux

    -2011-06-04-jMu- this project has a specific aim to find parents for children with greek parents that are related to Greek that abandoned their own country. It might be temporarely, so please don't change it. GRIEKEN vinden in de Benelux Find Greek in the Benelux via dansgroepen Griekse vereniging Anagennisi - Utrecht Griekse gemeenschap Amsterdam - Federatie Griekse Gemeenschappe...

  • Grat Bourdet

    Grat Bourdet had 6 Children, Two daughters Marie and Madeleine, moved to Los Angeles, California, USA from Arette, France, I would like to explore the families who remained in France. Catherine, Vital, Grat(son of Grat and Jeanne ) and Gregoire.

  • Mdledle Duma Magagula Mayeza Family

    Can all the mentioned families respond if they come across this and those we do not know.Let's get together through technology-Bo-Duma kaMthfombeni,Lwandle aluwelwa luwelwa zinkonjane zona ziphapha phezulu.Ilitye laphekwa lavuthwa wasala uDuma ehleli.Ngongolozi.-Swazi version-Mthfombeni msutu gujwa agoduke nemihlambi yakhe emathfole!Sbombo lesinganga mcincinini ngabesincane ngabesifute kabo nyo...

  • isa

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