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  • Kunnumpurathu Family

    For all discussions regarding Kunnumpurathu Family.

  • Familia Borgarello

    Proyecto para construir el arbo Genealogico de la familia Borgarello en Argentina y el mundo Por favor, si eres un Borgarello, o perteneces a alguna familia, contactate con migo. para ver si podemos construir el arbol de nuestro apellido.

  • Lubawy family (PLEASE READ)

    the lubawys mostly lived in poland but moved to the usa my ansestores moved to Illonious. and changed there name to Luby pronounced LUbee not lubi. if you know how to pronoce lubawy or know a lubawy or are a lubawy please post your ancestors names and follow this (we could be related) some people in my family are -cazimir charles Luby (1869 - 1943) -jacob Lubawy (1867 - 1868) -mary maria Lu...


    Til alle etterkommere av Norges første Midling.... koble dere på dette prosjektet slik at våre etterkommere kan se et fullstendig familietre med tid og stunder ;) ... Den dokumenterte historien til den 1. norske Midlingen: Wilhelm Christian blir født av Inger Catrine Petter Andreasdatter LIND i Trondheim.. der hennes far Peder Andreas Lind og Juliana Knutsdatter ...

  • Grinfeld Family

    Grinfeld Janka and Grinfeld Malvina sisters of Grinfeld (Loewy) Gisela, born in Hugary 14 April ( between 1870 and 1885 ) My grandmother Gisela Grinfeld Loewy was maried to Karol Loewy. They lieved in Osijek, Croatia ( ex Yugoslavia), till 1931.

  • Finding Aranka's Surname

    Aranka was the daughter of Josef Neumann and Fanni Neumann. In the 1930s she lived in Austria/Hungary in, or near, the town of SPISSKA SOBOTA which was cooperated with the town called Propad. She was the sister of Alexander (Shandor) Neumann, Gertrude (Gisela) Wirkman, Coleman (Kalman) Newman (Neumann) and Eli (Ludevit) ("Liosh") Neuman (Neumann) and Half sister of Yolana Tieberger, Armin N...

  • Rallye de Monte Carlo 1938

    De Rallye de Monte Carlo is In 1938 gewonnen door mijn grootvader: Gerard Bakker Schut . Hij was de eerste nederlander die deze Rallye de Monte Carlo won. In januari van dat jaar werd ook Beatrix geboren. Zoek meer informatie over die Rallye, de route, de auto en familie en vrienden van hem.

  • Shatrajt E Tomocit

    Shatraj Nje Familje E madhe nga fshati tomoc ne Kosove

  • Pulabaigari Family

    Hello All, This project is created to find details about surname pulabaigari family. Please co operate Regards, Vijayakumar P

  • Labonte Family

    Hello My name is Robert Omer LaBonte the son Sr. of German Marcheterre:b 1919 of the family of Dandurand dit Marcheterre and Ernest LaBonte 1920 of Salem, Masse.USA. I live now in Eugene, Oregon USA. My g-g greatfather is William LaBonte: b 1821 in the Dans le St de Comté. Joli de Port de Jean. His son is Jules Williams LaBonte: b 1879 in Salem, Massachusetts USA. Spouse Emilie Ross. I b...

  • Daniel Oduber

    'Den historia di famia Oduber tabatin masha hopi Daniel e prome Daniel Oduber ta jui di Jean Antony Oduber y Henriette Clementina Specht cu a casa cu Rosalia Emonet naci 1807 a fallece 1886 jui di Francois Emonet y Mariana de Windt yuinan di Danel tabata Luis Oduber,Willem, Francisco casa cu Johanna P.Eckmeyer despues bo ta haya su primo Daniel un par di anya mas jong cu ta jui di Lourens Odube...

  • Leonard Bury of Pawtucket RI

    Father Of Leonard is dificult to determine since his parents married and divorced between two census years. The 1920 Census says his father was born in Rhode Island, which makes it unlikely the Leonard is a grandchild of Charles Bury of Stockport.

  • Andreae Family

    'Johannes Valentinus Andreae (August 17, 1586 —June 27, 1654), a.k.a. Johannes Valentinus Andreä or Johann Valentin Andreae, was a German theologian, who claimed to be the author of the Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosencreutz anno 1459 (1616, Strasbourg, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz) one of the three founding works of the Rosicrucians. ' Life Andreae was bor...

  • Dr Williams Foundations

    Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory Academy 2710 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60616 Daniel Hale Williams Preparatory Academy is named for Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a noted African-American physician and founder of Provident Hospital was located at 29th and Dearborn in a former meat-packing house. Dr. Williams is credited with being the first to perform successful open-heart surgery. He was the o...

  • Ramstad Genealogy

    Ramstad Genealogy FACEBOOK Ramstad Group:

  • Mategaonkar Family

    Mategaonkar / Mategaonker family

  • Family Phone Call

    Hello Everyone It's Time For Us to Get to know one another Again or for the first time So please update your profiles on this site it will make it easier for everyone to keep in touch This Project is for everyone in the family to call someone in the family no not an email a CALL - It's so much nicer to hear the persons voice from the other end of the phone it is sad to say that there are fa...

  • Hospitals

    Bethesda Hospital The problem of racial segregation in Detroit hospitals and a raging tuberculosis epidemic led to the opening of the hospital in 1931. The facility was primarily used as a tuberculosis treatment hospital as its founder, Dr. Alfred Thomas Sr. and son, Dr. Alfred Thomas Jr., sought their own private solutions to the serious health problems facing the African American community ...

  • Schul Family

    I want to trace the Schul family back as far as possible. Please help. If your family tree joins up to mine please let me know.

  • Bertolucci Family Tree

    If your surname is Bertolucci, please add yourself to this project.

  • Daae

    Dette prosjektet har som formål å kartlegge Daae-slekten med tilhørende grener. Jobbe for å sikre kvalitet, fjerne dubletter og lage slektstreet mest mulig fullstendig med forfedre og etterkommere. Flott hvis du vil være med å bidra til dette. Daae er en norsk slekt som stammer fra Jonas Edvardsen Daae (død 1688), kjøpmann i Trondheim. H...

  • Семья Безуглых (Bezugly Family)

    Цели проекта (Project's goals): Наполнение и доработка информации о семь&...

  • Son of Sanjay Sinha

    Arihant Sinha

  • מפגש משפחתי

    שלום רב, אתמול בשבעה נוצר לי הרושם, שכדאי לארגן מפגש משפחתי כ...

  • Regne de Mallorca

    Convencions de nomenclatura Veure: Regnes medievals d'Europa Occidental

  • Konbaung Dynasty

    The Konbaung Dynasty (Burmese: ကုန္းေဘာင္ေခတ္, pronounced [kóuɴbàuɴ kʰɪʔ]) was the last dynasty that ruled Burma (Myanmar) from 1752 to 1885. The dynasty created the second largest empire in Burmese history, and continued the administrative reforms b...

  • Horazdovic, Czech Republic (Bohemia)

    Creating a list of people decedent from the town of Horazdovic, CZ.



  • Pottenger Pioneers

    How am i related to Franicis M. Pottenger, M.D?

  • Etchebarren Family

    ummm.. were bask?

  • Wainer Family

    Family came from Birzh in Lithuania

  • degel machane ephraim

    help clean up the Degel Machane Ephraims tree, with all the double and triple and quadruple profiles, some serious merge action would be appreciated

  • 2nd Delaware Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment The 2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment fought in many of the most significant battles in the Eastern Theater. Organized in Wilmington, Delaware, it had a unique mix of soldiers, from Delaware, Philadelphia, PA and Elkton, MD. Initial organization of the regiment started in June, 1861 with Colonel W.H. Wharton in command. The 2nd Delaware would be mustered into Fed...

  • Lucero Family


  • Семья Тонкоглас (Tonkoglas Family)

    Цели проекта (Project's goals): Наполнение и доработка информации о семь&...

  • Cavallers catalans

    (ES) Caballeros catalanes (EN) Catalan Knights Llista de persones notables Joan Sarriera Ponç de la Guàrdia Josep d'Aguilar i d'Alòs Guillem de Siscar Ramon II d'Urtx Joan Boscà i Almogàver Ramon Berenguer de Fluvià Guillem I de Cervelló Pere Tomic Braç Militar de Barcelona Manuel Ferrer i Sitges

  • Berlemen / Parlaman

    Building the ancestry of the Berlemen / Parlaman family.

  • Notaris catalans

    (ES) Notarios catalanes (EN) Catalan Notaries

  • La Familia Roldan y todos sus decendientes

    The objective of this project is to chart out and update the Roldan family tree and all of it's descendents, beginning with but not limited to, Francisco Anibal Roldan of La Romana, Dominican Republic.

  • Podchlebnik

    Hi! Welcome to this project! I'm not exactly sure how the project works, but I guess that you should add all your Podchlebnik profiles to the project by choosing Options in the project site. Regards Barbara Salut! Bienvenue à ce projet! Je ne sais pas exactement comment le projet fonctionne, mais je suppose que vous devez ajouter tous vos profils Podchlebnik au projet en choisissant Op...

  • Puvogel around the World

    Wohl dem der Stamm und Ruhm durch eigene Thaten mehret Sofern er Schild und Helm der Vorwelt schon ererbt, Wohldem der wenn Glück ihm diesen Rang verwehret Sich neuem Wappen-Grund durch neue Thaten färbt!

  • Jean-Baptiste Anglehart and Anne Chapados of the Gaspe Peninsula Descendants

    The objective of this project is to create a family tree of the Anglehart/Englehardt/Engelhardt descendants of Jean-Baptiste Anglehart (appears as Migkelharte, son of Joseph Migkelharte and Marie Anelkawine in the earliest known Quebec Catholic Parish Record) and Anne Chapados (or Chapadeau), daughter of Jean Chapadeau and Catherine La Roc. L'objectif de ce projet est de créer un arbre...

  • Slektsopplysninger fra stamtreet

    Georg Friedrich von Krogh hadde 13 barn. Nr 10 vendte tilbake til Norge, de resterende søsknene forble i Tyskland.

  • Gårdshistorikk: Fygle, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge

    Fygle Dette er da den første gård i Hol, og vi begynner med å nevne de forskjellige skrivemåter dette gårdsnavn har hatt opp gjennom tidene. Så tidlig som i 1417 skrev man Fyglene, i 1430 Fyghline, i 1567 Fogløe, i 1610 Føugle, i 1667 Føgle og i 1723 Føigle. Som en ser så har skribentene ikke vært riktig enig ...

  • Leonz Fuglistaler

    Can anybody help me link Julius Fuglistaler or Kaspar Fuglistaler to Leonz Fuglistaler I went to the igrs (institute of germanic and romance studies) to find a book on leonz fuglistaler but when i got there it turned out that somebody had removed the private section of his life out If you go to documents and look at a link to a man called Dr Martin Liebscher he might know something The book...

  • Komatineni

    Objective is to map Komatineni genealogy as deep as possible.

  • Bergander

    Andreas Bergander + Katharina Rostalski wyznanie : Rzymskokatolickie Miejscowości : Trzebicko - Kolęda - Bartniki - Gądkowice - inne wersja : 1.0 24.02.2011 Robert Bergander Proszę o uwagi i poprawki co do tego wykazu. Plik do pobrania w wersji : GEDCOM , tylko dla osób zainteresowanych. kontakt - e-mail : Nowa wer...

  • Ulster Scot settlers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

    This is an umbrella project for projects based upon families and local communities of Scots-Irish who settled on the Eastern Shore (also called Delmarva Peninsula) in the late 17th century and early 18th century. As an umbrella project, this project can provide historical and bibliographic information for the entire area and its families. The following historical overview is excerpted from "M...

  • McKnight or McKnitt family of Manokin Hundred, Somerset County, Maryland

    A group of families immigrated to Somerset County, Maryland, in the late 17th Century. John McKNITT (aka McKnight) had a plantation named "Glasgow" in the Manokin neigborhood near Pocomoke on a tract of land called "The Strand." Jean BREVARD was a Huguenot who had escaped to Northern Ireland and immigrated with members of the ALEXANDER, WALLACE , and McKNITT families on the ship "Welcome." Brev...

  • Descendants of David Adam Killion

    Looking for any descendants of David Adam Killion, in the interest of locating the original picture shown in his profile, and / or any other old family pictures.

  • Zwart Family


  • | EnAcCiOn.CoM.Pe | - | EnAcCiOn RaDiO | - | EnAcCiOn.Pe |

    | EnAcCiOn.CoM.Pe | - | EnAcCiOn RaDiO | - | EnAcCiOn.Pe |

  • Gruner

    (See also the Enderlein Project and Souders Project for more information about those branches of my ancestors and my family tree at The 19th Century Germany & Missouri Project provides more background. **** Johann Friedrich Carl (‘Charles’) Gruner (16 Apr 1825- 14 Apr 1900), my paternal great-grandfather, was born in Mellingen, which lies about five miles Southeast of t...

  • Baumwoll Family

    The family of Jack Harry Baumwoll

  • Italians of Spanish Ancestry

    I have heard that the Sparagna family is originally descended from Spanish origins..Sephardic Jews to be exct. Does anyone have any information supporting this ?

  • Van Nieuwenborgh Family

    I am trying to discover my father's family. I have only just started on this quest. My father died when I was 19yrs old and after obtaining his birth certificate which gave his mothers name. After much research, I discovered the spelling was wrong. I have just ordered a copy of their marriage certificate which hopefully wlii give me more information. Does this data ring any bells with anybody e...

  • Zaalberg, Leiden, the Netherlands

    Sinds onze Polen reis hebben we uitgevonden dat Saalberg inderdaad bestaat, zowel als berg en als dorp. Het heet sinds 1947 Zachelmie en heeft een rijke geschiedenis. Bij het Staatsarchief (Archiwum) in Jelenia Gora (Hirschberg) was de dochter van de voormalige Staatsarchivar ( Anna Borys- ) heel behulpzaam bij het uitzoeken van oude boeken die we konden bekijken. We hebben in ...

  • Comtat d'Empúries

    (CA) Comtat d'Empúries (ES) Condado de Ampurias (EN) County of Empúries (FR) Comté d'Empúries Convencions de nomenclatura Veure Comtats de Catalunya .

  • Forfedrene til Helge Brekken

    Om forfedrene til Helge Brekken (Brekka, Brekken, Buksnes, Vestvågøy). Folketelling for 1910 - Brækken (Buksnes) (plads) : [ ] Folketelling 1865: Lars Mikal Thorsrensen: Hans T. Larsen: Mathilde Oveida: Utdrag Buksnes bygdebok Via Vestvågøy Historielag ( [ ] ) - Buksnes bygdebok 1 og 2:

  • Viriyala Family

    Origin REPURU Village near Kakinada, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • KMDA KOLKATA METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (KMDA) Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), is the statutory planning and development authority for the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) under provisions of the West Bengal Town and Country (Planning & Development) Act, 1979. It is today the prime agency for planning, promoting and developing the KMA. Besides the pla...

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