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  • Faye slekten

    Her kan legges til alle etterkommere etter stamfaren til Faye-slekten i Norge.: Fikk borgerskap til Bergen 10 mai 1642.

  • philip schmidt

    great great great grandpa

  • Latvian National Guard aviators / Aizsargu lidotāji

    1929.gadā izveidoja Aizsargu aviāciju A. Valeika vadībā , tās galvenie uzdevumi bija sagatavot jaunus lidotājus un uzturēt atvaļinātajiem lidotājiem augstu lidošanas prasmi. Reāli tā sāka darboties 1931.gadā. Tās biedri lidoja pa visu Latviju. Tai piederēja 31 jauna lidma...

  • John Walker

    I'm trying to find relatives beyond him. Such as his parents etc. He was born in 1700 in Romaldkirk, Westmorland, England. He was married to Jane Glen.


    Desarrollé esta rama pensando que entroncaban con nuestro árbol. Al no ser así, los agrupo en un proyecto por si algún interesado quiere continuar lo hecho.

  • Gobernantes de España

    Lista de gobernantes de España Durante los períodos anteriores de la historia española, los gobernantes de España eran conocido por varios títulos. Secretarios de Estado (1714-1833) 1714 - 1724 : José de Grimaldo y Gutiérrez de Solorzano 1724 - 1724 : Juan Bautista Orendayn y Azpilcueta 1724 - 1725 : José de Grimaldo 1715 - 1...

  • Franklin Pierce

    He the 14 president of the united states of America.

  • BOUTRIN - Martinique => US

    29/03/2012 - Davy to Shraron Hello, I am called Davy BOUTRIN and I live in France, near Paris. I make genealogical research on family BOUTRIN of Martinique and therefore I allow myself to contact you today because I think that we are distant cousins. So long, Davy BOUTRIN

  • Navarro Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Navarro Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...


    "The Borgias" are mentioned in TV Guide, March 7-13, 2011, p. 14. A new show premiering April 3rd, at 9pm EST/8pm CST, on Showtime. "Tony Soprano had nothing on Pope Alexander VI. Oscar winner Jeremy Irons stars as the despotic Spanish patriarch Rodrigo Borgia, who bribed his way into the top job at the vatican in 1492. Expect lots of sex, toture and poisonings but also some intense family de...

  • Fugate Family

    Fugate Family around the world. Links Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise

  • Horse police ir Riga / Rīgas prefektūras jātnieku nodaļa

    Rīgas prefektūra dibināta 1918. gada 15. decembrī. Pirmais prefekts bija Jānis Dambekalns, pēdējais - pulkvežleitnants Pēteris Pommers (līdz 1939. gadam). Pie Rīgas prefektūras darbojās prefektūras apsardzes rota un policijas jātnieku nodaļa. Kārtībniekus sagatavoja Poli...

  • HUNTSMAN Surname DNA Project

    The Huntsman Surname DNA Project Simple, standard genealogical Y-DNA tests to connect scattered Huntsman families and to discover their ancient ethnic and geographic origins are being used for this project. The Huntsman name is believed to have an occupational origin and so we expect Huntsman men to have a variety of deep ancestral origins or genetic haplogroups. This DNA test can connect r...

  • Famila Ramos Robledo en Mexico y sus descendientes.

    Los invito a aportar la informacion faltante para enriquecer el arbol genealogico de nuestra Familia. Esta es privada y creo que nuestro Hijos lo agradeceran. Un abrazo y que Dios nos bendiga

  • Crime and (In)Justice in America

    Famous and infamous trials in the United Colonies (prior to 1776) and the United States. Justice was sometimes delayed... Famous American Trials Famous Trials John Peter Zenger Trial 1735 Crimes of the Century: THE TOP 25 Links and Resources Archiving Early America: Your Window Into America's Founding Years

  • Yap Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Yap Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . Ho...

  • emergency lights

    Emergency lights and exit signs that are affordable, compliant, and reliable from Emergency Lights Co. Prices up to 85% below retail! Shop now, ships today!

  • New Netherland settlements

    New Netherland , or Nieuw-Nederland in Dutch, was the 17th century colonial province of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands on northeastern coast of North America. The claimed territory were the lands from the Delmarva Peninsula to southern Cape Cod. Settled areas are now part of Mid-Atlantic states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, with small out posts in Connecticut, and Pennsylvani...

  • נביאי אומות העולם RIGHTEOUS PROPHETS الأنبياء الصالحين

    Abrahamic Religion -אברהם הדתות The Prophets of Abrahamic religions - לוח הנביאים של הדתות המונותיאיסטיות ...

  • Dixie Heil

    I want as much information put together about my grandparents and their ancestors.. McKinley & Lillie Young

  • Beikendorf Family

    Arnold Prost sünd. Tartus 1908.a. surnud i941.a. Tallinnas.Tema ema neiupõlve nimi oli Renate Luise Karuline Beikendorf sünd. 1880.a. Tallinnas. Abiellus 1899.a. Talinna Toomkirikus Gustav Peeter Eduard Prost' iga.Alljärgnevalt kirjutan mõnede pereliikmete nimed: Eduard Beikendorf; Aliine Beikendorf sünd. Baranow 1852 surnud 1905 maetud Mõigu sur...

  • Getting Our Children And Teens Interested In Genealogy

    Getting Our Children And Teens Interested In Genealogy . . . The other day I came across a profile of a user (and curator) that became my inspiration for this Project. After reading his profile, I realized how truly fortunate he had been being raised in a family that had taught him about his heritage and family history from such an early age of 3 years old. This up bringing sha...

  • Hientze Christ Descendants

    Hientze Christ registered his citizenship in the town of Herbetsvil near Gansbrunner of Solothurn Canton, Switzerland in 1423 along with his nephews Heini and Johann Christ. They had arrived soon after the expulsion of Germans from Bohemia, which had been involved in a religious war for 13 years. 1423 also marked the first printing of the SOLOTHURN FECHTBUCH, a medieval hand to hand combat book...

  • Photographers ◘ since 1816

    under construction-laatst gewijzigd- 2011-05-14-21:22 -jMu-medewerking & aanvulling welkom, vooralsnog door profiel-linking Photographers ◘ since 1816 Beroeps-organisaties Fotografen NL: Fotografen Federatie - - BURAFO - - [ NVF] - -- BFN Beroeps Fotografen Nederland --- GKf --- PANL Photographers Association of the Netherlands EU: USA: etc. ... Chronologie van de fotog...

  • Freedman Family Project

    The Freedman family of Poland . Poland 1887/1888 - Eliezer (Who was a Cohen, last name unknown), My 2nd great grandfather was a rav in Poland who drowned when his wife(Annie?) was preganant. The baby was named eliezer ben eliezer. The name was later changed to Louis. After his death, she carried on his tafkid, giving pskei halacha... When they moved to the UK (around 1905), they changed t...

  • Salvador Family of the Philippines

    The surname Salvador (Spanish, Portugese and Catalan) also exists in Italian as Salvadore, Salvadori, Salvati, Salvatori, Salvatore. This early medieval surname literally means 'saviour save you' and was used in honour of the Christ. The origination is from the Latin word salvius, which seems to have been in some way used in the Iberian Peninsula, before it became fashionable in Rome. More . ...

  • Guru Paramparai

    This project is to create the guru paramparai of the Vadakalai sampradayam.

  • I

  • Nurkse Family

    Ragnar Nurkse

  • Shajareh

    Fmily photoes

  • Merge all profiles

    Rev.Carl lee White & Blanchie/white/Wilcox is Annette(White) Northington Parents And Pearlie Northington Jr is Annette(White)northington Husband

  • Maud Hancock/Julian

    Maud Hancock and her Husband John Hancock left central Britian in the late 1800's to join the Gold Rush in Pilgrims Rest South Africa. John was a confectioner by trade. John Died in the flu epedemic of 1918 -1919 and Maud took in washing top support her 3 children, John Hancock (Jack) Maud Hancock Thomas Hancock. She later married and became Maud Julian. There were no children by this marriage.

  • Vainilaičiai

    Šis projektas skirtas apjungti visus Vainilaičius , kilusius iš Mergežerio kaimo Varėnos raj. Juk visi esam bendrapavardžiai, o mūsų protėviai buvo broliai... Dešinėje paspaudę "Projekto dokumentai", rasite archyvinių dokumentų - Santuokų, gimimo, mirties liudijimų... Kai kurie duom...

  • nodah beyehudah

    connect zeke to the nodah beyehudah

  • Miss Universe

    Miss Universe is an annual international beauty contest run by the Miss Universe Organization. The pageant is the most publicized beauty contest in the world with 600 million viewers. Contest The contest was founded in 1952 by California clothing company Pacific Mills. The pageant became part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries, before being acquired by Donald Trump in 1996....

  • FROST FAMILY: An Ashkenazic Jewish Family with Galician Roots in Poland

    Our Great -Great Grandmothers had their roots in the Galician area of Poland; Probably in Ulanow, Przemysl or Lvov. Their names were Frieda and Bella Frost, and they were sisters. Their children, Amalia Bauman & Hersh Leib Strum were first cousins who married each other. Hersh Leib had two brothers. Many of our desendants today carry the Strum Surname. Who are our other branches, ...

  • Kimbanguism - Congo - l'Afrique

    -2012-03-22-14:18+GMT-jMu- PLEASE HELP TO ADJUST PROPER FACTS-please link family-members to the tree in a proper-good way and don't false your relation with this memorable African man! Voorwoord, introduktie & toelichting Dit project draag ik op aan een lieve vriendin, Helene Kalenga Kalembayi, die de verschrikkingen in Centraal Afrika is kunnen ontvluchten en nu probeert in Europa een zinv...

  • Stari vodički rodovi

    Ovdje ćemo se prvenstveno usredotočiti na stara vodička prezimena. Vodice su staro naselje, pa slijedom toga postoje i stari vodički rodovi (starosjedilački rodovi). Don Krste Stošić koji je istraživao vodičke rodove i objavio ih u knjizi Sela Šibenskog kotora u Vodicama spominje: Slovaniće,Cikuloviće,Vlatkovi...

  • Obitelj Domagojević

    Domagojevići , hrvatska vladarska dinastija narodne krvi, koja je vladala Primorskom Hrvatskom u 9. stoljeću, u razdoblju između 864. i 892. godine, s kraćim prekidom. Ime je dobila po knezu Domagoju, koji došao na vlast 864. godine, nakon smrti kneza Trpimira, osnivača dinastije Trpimirovića. Prema oskudnim izvorima iz tog doba, Domagojevi...

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