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  • Maison Trencavel

    (OC) Ostal Trencavel (EN) The House of Trencavel was an important noble family in Languedoc during the 10th through 13th centuries. The name "Trencavel," originally a nickname and later a family name, may derive from the Occitan words for "nutcracker" (trenca avelana). The name was traditionally restricted in actual use only to those family members named Raymond, but the last Trencavel viscou...

  • Dickey Family

    FACEBOOK Dickey Family Group DISCUSSIONS Goal: To verify the names of Leroy Estelle Dickey's siblings (children of Charles "Charlie" Omar Dickey). Information available is only from 1920. Updated information is needed. Census family listing (accurate as of 1920): DOCUMENTS CENSUS SEARCH Dickey Census Search |1652393|2|3249|8|2343|70708|&dbOnly=_83004006|_83004006_x&uidh=000 1920 Phillips ...

  • Hansn Family

    i am looking for my grategrand father hans hansen who was born 1820 in swden

  • David Wallman

    David was from Kiev in the Ukraine. Migrated to US circa 1914. Married to Tamara Botwinick, whose name changed to Mary Wollman in US. She was from Minsk,Ukraine. Known children: Anna, Joseph, Betha, Lillian, Aaron, and baby girl (unknown name). Lived in East New York and Brooklyn. This is my paternal grandfather.

  • Lungay Family

    Hi Sis, May you can help trace the names of our ancester in the Lungay side. I already made our mothers side, not so complete but I'll try to ask Eva Ongkiatco if she has the genealogy of the Moreno side of our clan. She seems to have the list of everyone. Hugs, Nette

  • Hensley/Edson Family Project

    This project will be for my paternal family. Begun 03/24/2011

  • Pestridge Family of VA, NJ, NY, Washington D.C, MD, Calf.

    This project to to find all of the Pestridge family members that came from VA. To answer questions as to who they were, where they can from, who they married and what they were. We hope to post documents and photos of their lives. And we hope that family members will add stories of their lives that have been passed down as to the origins of the Pestridge family. Once we can document who they we...

  • VA Bryant, ownes, Elkins, Redmond, Burton, Jett, Messe, Keziah Arroyah, Gallop, Anderson and related families

    This is to clean up our family trees in southern VA,in Stafford, King George and Richmond Counties. I will be posting old records of will, probates, land grants and other historical records so that we can finally clean up and merge our tree. IT IS A MESS. And someone has been deleting profiles I found out today..please don't delete profiles. We will do that in time. Till then lets work on findi...

  • Comté de Rouergue

    (FR) Comté de Rouergue (EN) County of Rouergue (OC) Comtat de Roergue (CA) Comtat de Roergue Conventions de nommage Voir aussi: Provinces d'Occitanie . Langue ou dialecte: Rouergue . Sources Medieval Lands - Toulouse, Nobility

  • VanNatten Family

    Let's begin this family project and see what we can find out.

  • Letters and diaries from Turpshal

    Most of these documents, PDS:s, are also available as text under each profile. This makes it easier to translate using google /GvA ----- 'We have quite a few letters and notes from and old book - chronicle - (originally kept at Türpsal) that was started by Hans Heinrich von Paykull 1730 continuing (managed by his descendants) to 1878. It is all written in German, translated into Swed...

  • Mc Callum - Barnes - Mc Arthur Family Tree Project

    Welcome to the Mc Callum - Barnes - Mc Arthur Family Tree Project. This project is designed to provide a tangible legacy that can be shared among our family. Join us in reconciling our the histories of our family. Take a moment to update the profiles of your immediate family members with photos, important dates, school, work and other pertinent information. Jot down your family memories. Perh...

  • Freire Family

    This is my boyfriends family tree. I am working on it so that our daughter can know where she came from; however, there are a lot of branches to this tree and a lot of unknowns. My boyfriends father, Richard Abraham Freire Sr, died when my boyfriend was 13 so there is not a lot we know about his family. New info keep popping up all the time. These Freire's originated in Ecuador as far as I kn...

  • Nesland Patterson Family

    John Patterson is the husband of Sharon Nesland Patterson. Sharon is a sister of mine. Sharon is also a sister of Valerie. Valerie, Sharon, and myself are offspring of Mr. and Mrs.B. Nesland of late.

  • Holloway, Hitchcock, Kennedy, Akers families in Lawrence, Kansas

    This is a project stemming from a collection of photographs I found in an antique store in Lawrence, KS. The names include the following (first names and locations given below): Akers Barth/Borth Bickzel Borth/Barth Brady/Brody Canavan/Caravan Castor/Easton? Clawson Clusett Dale Davison DeVore Dixer/Dixen/Dixeu/Dixon Ferguson Freeman Green Hegawerr/Hegaweu/...

  • Deters Ancestry

    If you are a member of a Deters family by blood or marriage, please help us trace the heritage and ancestry of the Deters name. I have done some basic research and traced the origin back to Germany in the late 1600's. There is much much more to learn about our rich heritage and we look forward to your input and information as well.

  • Skjold Family

    Dette prosjektet gjelder familie av Johan Karlsen Skjold, født 7.9.1985 og Liv Signy Skjold, født Flesland, født 3.11.1899, som bodde på Nordgarden på Skjold i Fana.

  • Maheshwari Family

    amritsar ,punjab

  • Severance Family

    Calling all Severance descendants and others who are interested - please join this project if you're interested.

  • Glerum Family

    Hier vooralsnog wat namen uit de familie GLERUM die vanuit Zeeland naar het buitenland zijn ge-emigreerd. Koppeling aan reeds bestaande Geni-profielen is nog niet mogelijk, in dat geval zullen ze als profiel verschijnen. Aanvulling van gegevens is welkom, bijvoorbeeld via de discussie-pagina van dit project. van EUROPA - Nederland - provincie ZEELAND naar EUROPA-Albanie ● Adriaan geb...

  • recherche


  • Douchette Family

    I want to follow my family background back and see how far I can get with my grandparents.

  • Tolkien's legendarium

    The aim of this project is to merge all duplicate profiles of Tolkien characters, keep the trees as accurate as possible, and keep them DISCONNECTED from fan-fiction characters and real people. It is a sub-project of the "fake profiles" project.

  • Apelidos REBOIA e RACHA oriundos de Portugal ( Baixo Alentejo )

    Passado mais de 3 décadas de ter emigrado por razões óbvias, um dia por curiosidade entrei no motor de procura da internet "GOOGLE" e digitei o nome REBOIA para ver se encontrava algum material sobre esta familia cujo nome é "raro" em Portugal, e daí vem esta ideia de editar uma árvore genealógica. Ficaria grato a todos que me podessem ajudar com...

  • Rulers of Provence, France

    This project will include the various rulers of the French southeastern province of Provence from the Merovingian Period (when it was part of Gaul) through the 15th century. An excellent list of these family connections during the various periods may be found on the Provence page of the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy's Medieval Lands database. There's also a great page in French at Liste...

  • Comté de Bigorre

    (FR) Comté de Bigorre (EN) County of Bigorre (OC) Comtat de Bigòrra (CA) Comtat de Comenge Conventions de nommage Voir aussi: Provinces d'Occitanie . Sources Medieval Lands - Gascony

  • Comté de Razès

    (FR) Comté de Razès (EN) County of Razès (OC) Comtat de Rasés (CA) Comtat de Rasès Conventions de nommage Voir aussi: Provinces d'Occitanie . Sources Medieval Lands - Toulouse, Nobility

  • Kings of Fer Manach

    Throughout the 11th and 12th centuries the Kings of Fermanagh (Fhear Manach or Fear Manach in Irish) O'hEignigh, O'Maolruanaidh and O'Dubhdara were drawn from the Kingdom of Airghialla, Other names include Oirghiall, Oriel, Airgéill and Uriel. The oldest and more correct form is Airghialla denoting both the territory and the name used to describe the inhabitants of the territory. This is...

  • Kings of Airgíalla

    Between the sixth to sixteenth centuries, The Kingdom of Airgíalla (Oriel in English) was one of the three major kingdoms that formed what is now the province of Ulster. The others were In Tuisceairt to the west, and Ulaid to the east. Originally a confederation comprising some nine different, mainly unrelated peoples, its kings were from a number of different dynasties. There were tim...

  • Langvann Family

    Fra folketelling i 1910: Røvatsdalen (skrivefeil i kirkebøkene?) Røvatsdalen tellingskrets Langvatnet 110/1 Langvatnet 110/2 Fra folketelling: 1900: Langvatnet 110/1 Langvatnet 110/2 Fra folketelling 1875 Rufsholm Rufsholm

  • Anglo-Norman families: Seigneurs of Tosny (de Tosny / Toeni / Toni)

    This important family of early Norman England has been studied in depth in a recent publication by medieval genealogist Peter Stewart, Origins and Early Generations of the Tosny Family , which is available online. Charles Cawley in his Medieval Lands database on the FMG site also has an extensive section on the Seigneurs of Tosny on his Norman Nobility page.

  • SMN ~ m.s. Poelau Bras 1929-1942

    1942 Kapitein: Pieter Gerard Crietee zie voor bemanning e/o passagiers ook: 1. Ambrosius ABAS Batoeboelang, 01-09-1897 2 .Cornelis Pieter BAIJENS Magelang, 13-03-1921 3. Willem Frederik BAKKER A'dam, 13-07-1917 4. Hendrikus BERENTSEN Arnhem, 18-12-1908 Ltz III-KMR-P 5. ir. Johan Arnold Willem in de Betouw van der Voort Leiderdorp, 16-01-1899 Employe BPM-PP 6. Jan Willem van den BIJLLAARD...

  • Kings of Connacht

    About This Project This is a branch of the High Kings of Ireland Project , specializing in curating the profiles of the provincial Kings of Connacht. How to Participate For more information about Geni Projects, see the Geni Wiki Projects Page: If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact the Project Manager or one of the Project Collaborators. Scope of the Project ...

  • Benitez Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Benitez Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Ahlefeldt-Laurvig familien

    Familierelationer mellem slægterne Emmiksen, Brorson, Christensen, Pedersdatter, Thomsen, Falbe og von Bülow, Bang, Selby, Bredal, Fønss, Reedtz-Thott, Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, Villadsen, Hansen, Simonsen og Møller.

  • Macy Family

    A project to clean up duplicates and gather information on the Macy family. Lydia Macy was my father's father's father's father's mother (3rd great grandmother), and it was through this line that I joined "The Big Tree." Earliest known ancestor: Thomas Macy born 1585 Related Project: Nantucket Island

  • Aguilar Family of the Philippines

    Aguilar [ a-gi-'lar ] is a Spanish-Catalan surname, derived from the Latin term aquilare , meaning "haunt of eagles" -- a derivative of aquila or ‘eagle’. Derivatives of the surname include: Aguiar, Aguillard, Aguiler, Aguilera, Aquilar ( 1 ) This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Aguilar Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figure...

  • Calma Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Calma Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Pawlik Pollock Pawlick

    Any info on the pawlik family martin stella ted etc

  • Family of Philip Andrew Manktelow

    Trying to find my relations and add to my family tree.

  • Koonce Family

    Welcome to the Koonce Genealogy Project. Let's consolidate our Koonce research.

  • Blumek Family


  • Waymon Family

  • Marascalchi Family

    Tentiamo l'albero genealogico

  • Marrandi

    Marrandi suguvõsa projekt.

  • Montague Family of Virginia

    Tracing and documenting the ancestors and descendants of Peter Montague , Burgess of Virginia (ca. 1600-1659). The Encylopedia of Virginia Biography notes: Montague, Peter, was born in 1600, and was the son of Peter and Eleanor Montague, of Boveny parish, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England. He came to Virginia in 1621 and was employed by Captain Samuel Mathews on his plantation on James rive...

  • John O'Sheal

    John O'Sheal was married to Alice Apsley in London England 1688. We are from the line of John O'Sheal. Alice Apsley was born in 1666 in London.

  • Heraldic Visitations of England and Wales

    Goals The goal of this project is to add the profiles of all families cataloged in the various Heraldic Visitations made by the King of Arms to various English counties to survey and authorize the use of official coat of arms. The source material for this project are the various Visitation publications made by the Harleian Society. These works are mostly available free on Google Books and Arc...

  • Paust-Kyvik Family from Stord in Norway

    Build the tree based on information from here:

  • Colvill Bridger Tree

    Tracing the line of the Bridger family, mainly resident in Shoreham, Sussex.

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