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  • Wainer Family

    Family came from Birzh in Lithuania

  • degel machane ephraim

    help clean up the Degel Machane Ephraims tree, with all the double and triple and quadruple profiles, some serious merge action would be appreciated

  • 2nd Delaware Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment The 2nd Delaware Infantry Regiment fought in many of the most significant battles in the Eastern Theater. Organized in Wilmington, Delaware, it had a unique mix of soldiers, from Delaware, Philadelphia, PA and Elkton, MD. Initial organization of the regiment started in June, 1861 with Colonel W.H. Wharton in command. The 2nd Delaware would be mustered into Fed...

  • Lucero Family


  • Семья Тонкоглас (Tonkoglas Family)

    Цели проекта (Project's goals): Наполнение и доработка информации о семь&...

  • Cavallers catalans

    (ES) Caballeros catalanes (EN) Catalan Knights Llista de persones notables Joan Sarriera Ponç de la Guàrdia Josep d'Aguilar i d'Alòs Guillem de Siscar Ramon II d'Urtx Joan Boscà i Almogàver Ramon Berenguer de Fluvià Guillem I de Cervelló Pere Tomic Braç Militar de Barcelona Manuel Ferrer i Sitges

  • Berlemen / Parlaman

    Building the ancestry of the Berlemen / Parlaman family.

  • Notaris catalans

    (ES) Notarios catalanes (EN) Catalan Notaries

  • La Familia Roldan y todos sus decendientes

    The objective of this project is to chart out and update the Roldan family tree and all of it's descendents, beginning with but not limited to, Francisco Anibal Roldan of La Romana, Dominican Republic.

  • Podchlebnik

    Hi! Welcome to this project! I'm not exactly sure how the project works, but I guess that you should add all your Podchlebnik profiles to the project by choosing Options in the project site. Regards Barbara Salut! Bienvenue à ce projet! Je ne sais pas exactement comment le projet fonctionne, mais je suppose que vous devez ajouter tous vos profils Podchlebnik au projet en choisissant Op...

  • Puvogel around the World

    Wohl dem der Stamm und Ruhm durch eigene Thaten mehret Sofern er Schild und Helm der Vorwelt schon ererbt, Wohldem der wenn Glück ihm diesen Rang verwehret Sich neuem Wappen-Grund durch neue Thaten färbt!

  • Jean-Baptiste Anglehart and Anne Chapados of the Gaspe Peninsula Descendants

    The objective of this project is to create a family tree of the Anglehart/Englehardt/Engelhardt descendants of Jean-Baptiste Anglehart (appears as Migkelharte, son of Joseph Migkelharte and Marie Anelkawine in the earliest known Quebec Catholic Parish Record) and Anne Chapados (or Chapadeau), daughter of Jean Chapadeau and Catherine La Roc. L'objectif de ce projet est de créer un arbre...

  • Slektsopplysninger fra stamtreet

    Georg Friedrich von Krogh hadde 13 barn. Nr 10 vendte tilbake til Norge, de resterende søsknene forble i Tyskland.

  • Gårdshistorikk: Fygle, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge

    Fygle Dette er da den første gård i Hol, og vi begynner med å nevne de forskjellige skrivemåter dette gårdsnavn har hatt opp gjennom tidene. Så tidlig som i 1417 skrev man Fyglene, i 1430 Fyghline, i 1567 Fogløe, i 1610 Føugle, i 1667 Føgle og i 1723 Føigle. Som en ser så har skribentene ikke vært riktig enig ...

  • Leonz Fuglistaler

    Can anybody help me link Julius Fuglistaler or Kaspar Fuglistaler to Leonz Fuglistaler I went to the igrs (institute of germanic and romance studies) to find a book on leonz fuglistaler but when i got there it turned out that somebody had removed the private section of his life out If you go to documents and look at a link to a man called Dr Martin Liebscher he might know something The book...

  • Komatineni

    Objective is to map Komatineni genealogy as deep as possible.

  • Bergander

    Andreas Bergander + Katharina Rostalski wyznanie : Rzymskokatolickie Miejscowości : Trzebicko - Kolęda - Bartniki - Gądkowice - inne wersja : 1.0 24.02.2011 Robert Bergander Proszę o uwagi i poprawki co do tego wykazu. Plik do pobrania w wersji : GEDCOM , tylko dla osób zainteresowanych. kontakt - e-mail : Nowa wer...

  • Ulster Scot settlers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

    This is an umbrella project for projects based upon families and local communities of Scots-Irish who settled on the Eastern Shore (also called Delmarva Peninsula) in the late 17th century and early 18th century. As an umbrella project, this project can provide historical and bibliographic information for the entire area and its families. The following historical overview is excerpted from "M...

  • McKnight or McKnitt family of Manokin Hundred, Somerset County, Maryland

    A group of families immigrated to Somerset County, Maryland, in the late 17th Century. John McKNITT (aka McKnight) had a plantation named "Glasgow" in the Manokin neigborhood near Pocomoke on a tract of land called "The Strand." Jean BREVARD was a Huguenot who had escaped to Northern Ireland and immigrated with members of the ALEXANDER, WALLACE , and McKNITT families on the ship "Welcome." Brev...

  • Kramats of the Western Cape

    "It is said that 250 years ago a prophecy was made that there would be a “circle of Islam” around the Cape. According to local beliefs the circle is complete. Comprising the tombs of Saints and Auliyah (friends of Allah) who were brought as slaves to the Cape. It starts at the old cemetery on the slopes of Signal Hill, just above the quarry in Strand Street, where two saintly men ...

  • Descendants of David Adam Killion

    Looking for any descendants of David Adam Killion, in the interest of locating the original picture shown in his profile, and / or any other old family pictures.

  • Zwart Family


  • | EnAcCiOn.CoM.Pe | - | EnAcCiOn RaDiO | - | EnAcCiOn.Pe |

    | EnAcCiOn.CoM.Pe | - | EnAcCiOn RaDiO | - | EnAcCiOn.Pe |

  • Gruner

    (See also the Enderlein Project and Souders Project for more information about those branches of my ancestors and my family tree at The 19th Century Germany & Missouri Project provides more background. **** Johann Friedrich Carl (‘Charles’) Gruner (16 Apr 1825- 14 Apr 1900), my paternal great-grandfather, was born in Mellingen, which lies about five miles Southeast of t...

  • Baumwoll Family

    The family of Jack Harry Baumwoll

  • Italians of Spanish Ancestry

    I have heard that the Sparagna family is originally descended from Spanish origins..Sephardic Jews to be exct. Does anyone have any information supporting this ?

  • Van Nieuwenborgh Family

    I am trying to discover my father's family. I have only just started on this quest. My father died when I was 19yrs old and after obtaining his birth certificate which gave his mothers name. After much research, I discovered the spelling was wrong. I have just ordered a copy of their marriage certificate which hopefully wlii give me more information. Does this data ring any bells with anybody e...

  • Zaalberg, Leiden, the Netherlands

    Sinds onze Polen reis hebben we uitgevonden dat Saalberg inderdaad bestaat, zowel als berg en als dorp. Het heet sinds 1947 Zachelmie en heeft een rijke geschiedenis. Bij het Staatsarchief (Archiwum) in Jelenia Gora (Hirschberg) was de dochter van de voormalige Staatsarchivar ( Anna Borys- ) heel behulpzaam bij het uitzoeken van oude boeken die we konden bekijken. We hebben in ...

  • Comtat d'Empúries

    (CA) Comtat d'Empúries (ES) Condado de Ampurias (EN) County of Empúries (FR) Comté d'Empúries Convencions de nomenclatura Veure Comtats de Catalunya .

  • Forfedrene til Helge Brekken

    Om forfedrene til Helge Brekken (Brekka, Brekken, Buksnes, Vestvågøy). Folketelling for 1910 - Brækken (Buksnes) (plads) : [ ] Folketelling 1865: Lars Mikal Thorsrensen: Hans T. Larsen: Mathilde Oveida: Utdrag Buksnes bygdebok Via Vestvågøy Historielag ( [ ] ) - Buksnes bygdebok 1 og 2:

  • Viriyala Family

    Origin REPURU Village near Kakinada, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • KMDA KOLKATA METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (KMDA) Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), is the statutory planning and development authority for the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) under provisions of the West Bengal Town and Country (Planning & Development) Act, 1979. It is today the prime agency for planning, promoting and developing the KMA. Besides the pla...

  • jalgratas

    tutvun oma seniteadmata sugulastega.

  • XXIII Corps (USA), US Civil War

    XXIII Corps 23rd Corps was a corps of the Union Army during the American Civil War. It served in the Western Theater as part of the Army of the Ohio. The corps was organized in April 1863 by order of the departmental commander, Ambrose E. Burnside. Along with Burnside's old IX Corps, which had been sent west with him after Fredericksburg, it was to maintain a primarily defensive position in...

  • Семья Грабовских (Grabovski Family)

    Цели проекта (Project's goals): Наполнение и доработка информации о семь&...

  • IV Corps (USA), US Civil War

    IV Corps There were two corps of the Union Army called IV Corps during the American Civil War. They were separate units, one serving with the Army of the Potomac and the Department of Virginia in the Eastern Theater, 1862–63, the other with the Army of the Cumberland in the Western Theater, 1863–65. IV Corps (Eastern Theater) The IV Corps, Army of the Potomac, was created on...

  • Joseph Schurch Children

    Joseph Schurch (Img. of 1727 ) Children were born in Pa. His wife (1) Elizabeth (Young) died at sea. All his children were born to his wife (2) Catherine (Forry)

  • Chandrupatla Family

    Any body knows about this surname people, kindly inform me

  • Werpachowski - Verpachovskis - Verpakovskis

    This project is made to help descendants of Werpachowski - Verpachovskis - Verpakovskis to find out more about the origins of the surname and see how are they related. Šis projektas sukurtas tam, kad Werpachowski - Verpachovskis - Verpakovskis palikuonys galėtų sužinoti daugiau apie pavardės kilmę ir kaip šie palikuonys yra susiję.

  • Folga

    Origins of the family: (extract of information posted in Facebook by Dorota Folga Januszewska) "...the family Folga moved from Folgaria in Trento in Italy to Austria (Wien) and then to Galicia and Silesia. There is also some little village called Folga Pierwsza (Folga the First) not far from Miechow, ner Cracow, which bellonged, as I heard, to the family..." Pochodzenie rodziny: (wyci&#...

  • Fishwick

    Pedogree of Fishwicks from "History of the Parish of Preston in Amounderness" by Henry Fishwick, pub c. 1900, copy in Cambridge University Library NB "parish" in this context is not the 20thC ecclesiastical or civil parish of the same name, but the historic "greater parish" of mediaeval times.

  • Kuhlbacka

    Husbönder Johan Gustavsson Kuhlbacka Alexander Sundqvist Anders Viktor Sundqvist Alfred Sundqvist Kuhlbacka torp

  • Os duros

    O objectivo deste projecto é conseguir por todos os duros da Marteleira na mesma árvore. Por duros entenda-se Luis, Nuno, Sofia, Rui, David, Katia, André, ...

  • SS Walnut Passengers, 1948

    On November 17th, 1948, the SS Walnut, a 164' x 28' cargo ship designed for a crew of 18 left Sweden. Aboard were 347 Estonian refugees, ages ranging from 9 months to 80 years, chancing the perilous journey and illegal entry into Canada. The ship travelled via Sligo, Ireland to Canada, arriving at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 13, 1948. One immigration officer welcomed the passe...


    This new geni is about the VANDRANGI family. Belongs to Ponduru, Vandrangi village in Srikakulam district.

  • Renfrow Family

    Clara Marie Bear Married to Ernest Raymond Renfrow Great Grand Parents.. Looking for more information please.

  • Blyth Family

    Anyone with the surname of Blyth

  • Odde de Bonniot Family

    The history and genealogy of the family and house of Odde de Bonniot in France.


    My Dear family members , plz rectify the replicas of a member having 2 profiles.. like my father profile created twice (@ raghu raman) , Mr.BS sudharson , rahuveer(@priya & raasmi) , Mrs vedavalli ( @ suresh babu mama) and some the dataconflicts , merging issues and data conflicts .. moreover plz find whether the person is present already or not b4 creating them a new profile ... I hope t...

  • Patinggi Kedit


  • Garingalao Family of the Philippines

    Descendants of Catalino Garingalao and Alfonsa Gelvezon from Guimbal, Philippines.

  • Zoek ze in Vlaardingen - Zuid-Holland - Nederland

    NL: Hier plaats ik -onder DOCUMENTEN- digitale URL's die 't zoeken in Vlaardingen makkelijker maken en de profielen van personen waarvan ik weet/vermoed dat ze in Vlaardingen geboren, getrouwd of overleden zijn. Als de gegevens compleet genoeg zijn, verwijder ik dat profiel weer van de pagina, zodat een dynamisch platform ontstaat. Wie weet vind ik zo ook leuke medewerkers met wie ik samen verd...

  • Alsagoff Collection

    Salam to All, I welcome any member of the Alsagoff Family to come forward with their contribution to help build up a truly representative 'tree'. Wasalam

  • رودمعجن

    این شجره نامه تمامی رودمعجنی هاست. رودمعجن روستایی در 50 کیلو...


    Χριστίνα, Να προσθέσεις τους συγγενείς από τον πατέρα σου &#x...

  • Gampala Family

    gampala family tree

  • с.Марьяновка, Шполянского р-на, Украина

    Цели проекта Создание всеобщего генеалогического дереC...

  • Rimmalapudi Family

    Let's build the family genealogy of Rimmalapudi family. I started with my family and added members I know till my great grandfather.

  • Nasina Family

    Gouda Family

  • Bogard Family

    Looking for info on bogard family before Limuel and Susan Bogard (1831 - 1865). I cannot find the parents of Lemuel.

  • All McGonigles (McGonagle, McGunigle, McGunigal) Surname Study

    Connecting ALL variants of the McGonigle/McGunnigle surnames. (any derivative of the original Mac Conghail name). This project is in conjunction with the All McGonigle (And Variants) One Name Study at

  • Negeri Saribas

    Berdasarkan Syair Tarsilah Cetera Dato Gudam dan Temenggong Kadir Negeri Saribas

  • Nylander Family

    Ann-Britt Nylander,Alices älsta sycker och nu tänker med du död????

  • Michal Korenko Rodina

    Project na doplnene udajov a fotografii rodiny Michala Korenko. Ciele: dopln datumi narodenia vsetkych clenov rodiny dopln datumi umrtia (Jozef Zajac st., Maria Korenkova) dopln miesto narodenia (Jozef Zajac ml., Jozef Zajac st., Michal Korenko) dopln miesto umrtia (Jozef Zajac st., Maria Korenkova) dopln datumi svatieb dopln fotky narodeni dopln fotky svadieb dopn fotkych p...

  • Vivas Family

    From Sahuayo, Michoacan, Mexico

  • Lynn Family Ties

    Connecting the families with ties to Lynn, Massachusetts.

  • Munshi Parivar

    The Khaleel family originated at Lumb, Meerut, Uttar Pardesh, India. The earliest certain ancestor of the family was Samman, who is beleived to came from Rajasthan, India.

  • Flood surname

    The aim of this project is to collect information about the Irish surname Flood. In addition, we encourage sharing of information so that we all can learn more about this family's history.

  • Forero surname/Apellido Forero

    The aim of this project is to collect information about the Spanish surname Forero. In addition, we encourage sharing of information so that we all can learn more about this family's history.

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