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  • Syndicat d'Omni-Nymes

    Syndicat d'Omni-Nymes Introductie-voorwoord-toelichting NL: In geni kun je op een bijzondere manier je voorouders en nazaten vastleggen op internet, maar -NOG- niet zonder angst voor baboe-roof of identiteits-gepak. Daarom moet ik ook af en toe een andere jas aantrekken, maar bang ben ik nooit, want ik heb geen ... en geen kinderen gekregen, wel een schat van 'n man. En die is gelukkig ook ...

  • Bryan Family Reunion

    The Bryan-Horner family had a reunion at Trout Lodge, Potosi MO in July of 2011. Richard Horner was the coordinator.

  • Grieken vinden in de Benelux

    -2011-06-04-jMu- this project has a specific aim to find parents for children with greek parents that are related to Greek that abandoned their own country. It might be temporarely, so please don't change it. GRIEKEN vinden in de Benelux Find Greek in the Benelux via dansgroepen Griekse vereniging Anagennisi - Utrecht Griekse gemeenschap Amsterdam - Federatie Griekse Gemeenschappe...

  • Grat Bourdet

    Grat Bourdet had 6 Children, Two daughters Marie and Madeleine, moved to Los Angeles, California, USA from Arette, France, I would like to explore the families who remained in France. Catherine, Vital, Grat(son of Grat and Jeanne ) and Gregoire.

  • Mdledle Duma Magagula Mayeza Family

    Can all the mentioned families respond if they come across this and those we do not know.Let's get together through technology-Bo-Duma kaMthfombeni,Lwandle aluwelwa luwelwa zinkonjane zona ziphapha phezulu.Ilitye laphekwa lavuthwa wasala uDuma ehleli.Ngongolozi.-Swazi version-Mthfombeni msutu gujwa agoduke nemihlambi yakhe emathfole!Sbombo lesinganga mcincinini ngabesincane ngabesifute kabo nyo...

  • isa

  • Christiane Emilie Valborg Holst Family

    Merried to Peter Daniel Bruun born 17. January 1856 Asmild Kloster, Viborg, Denmark dead 22.September 1931, Bispebjerg, Denmark

  • 12th Virginia Infantry - Company C (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company C ( "Petersburg New Grays") The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Arlington Station

    Back To: (Arlington County) Naval Radio Station in Arlington, Virginia In 1910, the U. S. Navy determined that Arlington’s Fort Myer was the best site for the location of a new high-powered radio station. Initial construction consisted of one 600 and two 450-foot towers. The Station was intended to provide communications from the seat of government to fleet commanders stationed off t...

  • Dewhurst Cotton Mills

    Belle Vue Mill, Skipton The earliest mill was run for the first time on February 17th, 1829, being then used for worsted spinning and weaving. On Sunday, January 2nd, 1831, it was burnt to the ground. The mill was re-built with astonishing quick- ness, for before the end of the year it was working again, now as a cotton mill. In 1852 the mill was greatly extended, and a shed to hold 385 looms...

  • 't Geslacht LOBENSTEIN

    't Geslacht LOBENSTEIN alias ? LOEVENSTEIN -- LOEVESTEIN -- etc. zoeken we nog op... gevonden in geni m.b.v. SOUNDEX etc. en eigen stamboom via Verroen: LOBENSTEIN - naam-oudste in geni : zoeken we op ] + levensdata LOEVESTEIN LOEVENSTEIN nog meer LO… ? [ øvhøjten LØVHØJTEN] nog meer LØ… ? LEVESTAM LEVESTON LEVESTONE...

  • Historic Cemeteries, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

    Back To: (Historic Cemeteries, Virginia) Back To: (Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA) Down To: (Oak Hill Cemetery) Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Historic Cemeteries, Virginia, USA

    Back To: (The Commonwealth Of Virginia, USA) Down To:(Historic Cemeteries: Fredericksburg) Down To: (Historic Cemeteries: Front Royal) Down To: (Historic Cemeteries: Spotsylvania) Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Historic Cemeteries, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA

    Back To: (Historic Cemeteries, Virginia, USA) Back To: (Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA) Down To: (Confederate Cemetery) Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Historic Schools, Virginia, USA

    This project is a table of contents for Historic Schools of Virginia. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Balleau Family

    Arrena or Rena was married to John Kinney in Habersham County, Ga, and had 4 children: Grace Oliver, Faye Tatum, Cora Blair, and Herman Kinney. I have been unable to find any record of her mother and father; there was a grandmother Jenkins, who may have been a grandmother on Rena's mother's side. balleau is the name listed for Rena on her marriage Certificate.

  • Shulman (Joseph & Rebecca) Family

    from Odessa,on the Black Sea across from the Yeshiva.

  • Kowalski Family

    Ludvig was born in Poland around 1880 and visited Norway surely in the year

  • Galapagos

    Getting ready for the trip of my lifetime, the Galapagos islands this next January. I couldn't be more excited. Thanks to everyone who one way or another show me their support.

  • Golden Ages - Den Haag: Science & Education

    < BACK Den Haag: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) . Menno van Coehoorn (1641-1704), vestingbouwer en wiskundige (architect and mathematician) Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), wiskundige, natuurkundige en astronoom (mathematician, phycisist and astronomer) Samuel Marolois , vestingbouwer (architect) Jan Jansz. Stampioen (1610-1690), toegepaste wiskunde (applied mathemati...

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht: Exploration & Discovery

    < BACK Utrecht: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery) .

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht: Philosophy & Religion

    < BACK Utrecht: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion) .

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht: Science & Education

    < BACK Utrecht: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) .

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht: Politics & Government

    < BACK Utrecht: Politiek & Bestuur (Politics & Government) .

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht

    < BACK Utrecht: Kunst & Cultuur ( Art & Culture ) Utrecht: Handel & Nijverheid ( Trade & Industry ) Utrecht: Politiek & Bestuur ( Politics & Government ) Utrecht: Wetenschap & Onderwijs ( Science & Education ) Utrecht: Filosofie & Godsdienst ( Philosophy & Religion ) Utrecht: Verkenning & Ontdekking ( Exploration & Discovery )

  • Heads of Government of Ireland

    < BACK . UNDER CONSTRUCTION . Príomh Aire (President of Dáil Éireann) 1905-1919 : Cathal Brugha 1919-1921 : Éamon de Valera Chairman of the Provisional Government of Southern Ireland 1921-1922 : Éamon de Valera 1922-1922 : Arthur Griffith 1922-1922 : Michael Collins 1922-1922 : W. T. Cosgrave Uachtarán ar Ard-Chomhairle...

  • Floronce Taylor Family

    Married ... Yates..had a son Auber John

  • Familienavnet Vestby

    Vestby, som familienavn! Hvem startede med at kalde sig Vestby? Rundt omkring ligger der flere byer, der hedder Vestby. Også i Norge, hvor efternavnet Vestby er meget almindeligt. Men stammer det danske og norske Familienavn, fra samme by? Eller er der tale om forskellige stammer, fra forskellige byer. Hvis vi koncentrerer os om de danske muligheder, så er der mindst 2. En i...

  • House of Vojnits / Porodica Vojnić

    Vojnić. (Za pripis diplome od 4.10.1289 o dodili privilegija Poljičkim plemićima, pa i Vojniću iz Rogoznice se tvrdi da je falsifikat). U Požunu su 28.10.1741. dobili plemićku povelju i ugarsku grbovnicu braća Ivan i Stipan Vojnić, žena Stipanova Anđela pl.Vidaković. Stipan Vojnić de Bajša 4.1.1899....

  • House of Petrović Njegoš

    1. Petar Kaluđer 1. Ivan Petrović-Njegoš 1. Ivan Petrović-Njegoš 2. Sava Petrović-Njegoš (rođen oko 1700. - 1781), bio koadjutor 1719-1735, vladika 1735-1781. 2. Šćepac Kaluđerov Petrović-Njegoš, oženio Savu. 1. Radul Petrović-Njegoš, oženio Vladicu 1. Vasilije ...

  • Família Carreiro da Silva - Memórias Biográficas

    Olá a todos. Este projecto visa preservar, para memória futura, pequenas histórias de vida dos nossos familiares que já partiram, bem como dar a conhecer ou relembrar certas características das suas personalidades. Em breve partilharei algumas memórias acerca dos meus pais, Albano José e Honorina. Convido todos os que queiram igualmente partilhar...

  • הרטוב

    פרויקט זה מיועד לרכז את כל יוצאי המושבה הרטוב הפרויקט יאחד &#...

  • Hertogdom Brabant (Duchy of Brabant)

    < BACK . Hertogdom (Duchy) : Brabant - Hertogen van Brabant (Dukes of Brabant) Kwartieren (Quarters) : Antwerpen Leuven - Graven van Leuven (Counts of Louvain) Brussel Den Bosch

  • Seekse in A'dam - HOLLAND - Benelux - EUROPA

    Zoek ze in A'dam - HOLLAND - Benelux - EUROPA

  • A family reunion

    We need to get together and celebrate the lives of our family members that we have lost and the lives of our family members that has been saved!!!!!

  • 16th Virginia Infantry (CSA), US Civil War Project

    16th Virginia Infantry Summary and Engagements This is an umbrella project for all of the companies of the 16th Virginia Infantry. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Ray

  • change Erina's date-birth

    Birth-date entered as 24/11/45 when in actual fact it should be 24/11/75

  • EU‧ropean Affairs ‧ & ‧ Business Matters

    EU‧ropean Affairs ‧ & ‧ Business Matters to link ancestors who played an important role in exploring & explorating their family business & capital outside their own places to neighbours-countries and expanded the family-inheritance in a fabulous way.... EUROPE has to be written in the continental way, for Schengen-laws are just for one-second of a generation-time....

  • Line of Adam

    The Family Tree of Adam to Noah to Abraham to David and sons

  • Kjente forfedre fra en svunnen tid!

    Tilbake i tid finnes det mange forfedre som omtales fortsatt i dag, og her er en samling av noen av de. Mine 25. tippoldefedre : (hentet fra Wickipedia) Sveinn Håkonarson Ladejarl 957-1016 Konge av Danmark og Norge Svein Håkonsson (norrønt Sveinn Hákonarson) (død ca. 1016) var sønn av Håkon Sigurdsson, Ladejarl og Norges reelle hersker fram t...


    • o Famille et Amis d'Israël et de France, la réservation des billets pour les pièces "Fou d'Elle' et 'Une histoire d'Amitié' a commencé... Il ne faut pas tarder... N'hésitez pas à appeler Acher au 052 25 61 155 ou Sonia au 054 59 34 454 ou Ronit au 052 26 12 765 ou à Paris, Eva au 06 41 66 02 46 . La compagnie 'Perles de Vie' joue...

  • Lannert Connections

    We want to reconnect/discover the connections of the Lannert Families world wide.

  • Braća Seljan / Mirko i Stjepan Seljan

    Centar Seljan Mirko and Stevo Seljan(Stjepan), were Croatian explorers. The brothers were born in Karlovac, Croatia. After receiving a basic education there Karlovac, they started traveling across Europe. Older Mirko was, in 1898, known under the name Champion Globetrotter because he walked the distance between Paris, France and Saint Petersburg in Russia. It is believed that the brothe...

  • The Mazarinettes

    The Mazarinettes were the seven nieces of Cardinal Jules Mazarin, the Chief Minister of France during the youth of King Louis XIV. He brought them, together with three of his nephews, from Italy to France in the years 1647 and 1653. Afterwards, he arranged advantageous marriages for them to powerful and influential French and Italian princes. To overcome aristocratic resistance to the matches...

  • Search Ancestors

    I Chintaman Ghaisas, has a knowledge of my Grand Father, and Great Grand Father. As far as my knowledge goes and the verbal inputs from seniors, who are not alive now, we belong to a place called NAGAON near ALIBAG, Dist Raigad of Maharashtra State. I dont know how and why, my grand father switched over to a place called as JALGAON of Maharashtra. I reliablly learnt that Mr. Bap...

  • Why are there sometimes discrepancies between the dates on church and civil records?

    It was a requirement to register full details of a child’s birth within 21 days. Failure to do so invoked a fine and in rural areas particularly, the 21 day deadline for registering births was frequently disregarded. In order to avoid payment of the fine the dates of birth were adjusted to comply with the deadline. Where Church records give the dates of birth these are generally more acc...

  • Irish Coffee Corner pub

    to meet, greet & 'uitwisselen' Irish stories about genealogy... also OPEN for religions without Whiskey, but please tell the waiter you like it not stirred, but with lots of clotted room...

  • Sports Related Articles | Articles about games

    Provides information on Sports related articles category wise like Spectator Sports,Motor Sports,Athletics & Traditional Sports,Combat Sports,Championships,Indoor & Outdoor Games,Water Games,Fantasy Games,Online Games. spectator sports,motor sports,athletics & traditional sports,combat sports,championships,Indoor & Outdoor Games,Water,Fantasy,Online Games..

  • Bucklin Family Tree - Providence RI

    Joseph Bucklin Family Tree - Providence RI

  • Oskar Nordgren Family

    son till Lars- Peter och Kajsa Nordgren ,född i slutet på 1800-talet eller början på 1900-talet. Var intagen på Lillhagens sjukhus

  • Mičátek Family

    Mičátek - pravdepodobne predchodca mena Mičatka

  • Xmas 2011 Family Trees

    Here are the names and emails of family members that will be attending our Xmas reunion: Kathy Vélez Myers - Kristin DeGross Vélez - Jeanette Vélez ? - Nilza Vélez ? - Tatiana Irizarry Vélez - (Jeany's daughter) Aavid Irizarry Vélez - avi...

  • Masson's from India

    All Masson's from India can join us and build Masson's community. Those interested can send message to me (Mohan Lal Masson) and I will send invite to join .. regards

  • משפחת מנחם מסלוניקי Family

    מחפשים משפחת מנחם מהעיר סלוניקי יוון. השולשלת והמוצא של המ&#x...

  • Lion Alert

    see Help save these magnificent beasts from extinction, New release site built to help lions adapt to the wild with no human interaction,

  • Simón Bolívar

    Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios Ponte y Blanco, commonly known as Simón Bolívar, (July 24, 1783 – December 17, 1830). Simón Bolívar is regarded in Hispanic America as a hero, visionary, revolutionary, and liberator. During his lifetime, he led Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela to inde...

  • Marian Chueca

    Manuel Chueca Dominguez casado con Lucía Sanjuán: 3 hijos: 1 del primer matrimonio y 2 de Lucía: -Elías Chueca Sanjuán casado con Marina Pardo Pardo, padres de: --MªLuz Chueca Pardo casado con Antonio Chueca Ibáñez, padres de: ---Marian Chueca Chueca. --Ismael Chueca Pardo (RIP) casado con xx. --Ascensión Chueca Pardo (RIP) casada c...

  • Golden Ages - Firenze: Exploration & Discovery

    < BACK Firenze: Esplorazione & Scoperta (Exploration & Discovery) . Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512) ...

  • Golden Ages - Firenze: Philosophy & Religion

    < BACK Firenze: Filosofia & Religione (Philosophy & Religion) . Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527) Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) ...

  • Golden Ages - Firenze: Science & Education

    < BACK Firenze: Scienza & Istruzione (Science & Education) . Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) ...

  • Golden Ages - Firenze: Trade & Industry

    < BACK Firenze: Commercio & Industria (Trade & Industry)

  • Golden Ages - Firenze: Art & Culture

    < BACK Firenze: Arte & Cultura (Art & Culture) . Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) Lorenzo di Cione (1378-1455) (Lorenzo Ghiberti) Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (c1386-1466) (Donatello) Guido di Pietro (c1400-1455) (Fra Angelico) Luca di Simone di Marco della Robbia (1400-1481) (Luca della Robbia) Fra' Filippo Lippi (c1406-1469) Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipe...

  • Laurel Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Laurel Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Golden Ages - Brussel: Art & Culture

    < BACK Brussel: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture)

  • Golden Ages - Brussel

    < BACK Brussel: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) Brussel: Handel & Nijverheid (Trade & Industry) Brussel: Politiek & Bestuur (Politics & Government) Brussel: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) Brussel: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion) Brussel: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery) .

  • Golden Ages - Leiden: Exploration & Discovery

    < BACK Leiden: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery)

  • Havelange Family Canada

    Henri Havelange Died 1894. Three of his children and his widow immigrated to Canada 1905. Justin, Joacine, Marie, HIs mother Marie Havelange (nee)Petit-frere Marie remarried for a second time to Laurent Raiwet. July of 1905 they immigrated to Canada. Landing in Quebec. Eventually meeting Laurent in St. Hubert, Saskatchewan.

  • Sherwood Family in Australia

    This project has been started to try and sort out "who's who" in the Sherwood family here in Australia. By entering all the Sherwoods, I hope to find links between the different branches of the family which came from Monasterevin (also spelt Monastereven) in County Kildare (Leinster) Ireland. While I am commencing in NSW, there is also a branch in Queensland, at least, and I also believe some...

  • family of yours

    Please update information about ur family and your uncle like chandra kumar and others

  • Von Heidenreich Family

    I can find nothing! My father told me all the family history firsthand and have back up photos but it is as if they never existed.. There was even a much photographed local beauty queen called Amalia von Heidenreich - Austro Hungarian region. Any info would be much appreciated.

  • NEMON FAMILY: An Ashkenazic Jewish Family with roots in the Ukrainian Gologory Region

    Our great-great-grandparents married in a religious rather than civil ceremony, so most of us in the family line took the surname SIGAL rather than NEMON. Our Sigal roots are rather well established, but we want to trace & find more about our Nemon Ancestry. Our Great-Great Grandmother was Gitel Nemon. Some of the names we have found an ancestral connection to include SIGAL, LIFSHITZ, TENNENBAU...

  • Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to The Town of Front Royal, Virginia. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to The City of Fredericksburg, Virginia. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Семейная музыкальная группа

    Благодарность Господу, наши детки имеют музыкальные споD...

  • Ukleja

    Add Profiles

  • Gandum Family

    Para todos os Gandum's deste e de outros mundos...

  • Hanvidge Family


  • Historic Cemeteries, Front Royal, Virginia

    This project is to document historic cemeteries in the Town of Front Royal, Virginia. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia

    This is to document all of the profiles buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia, USA. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

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