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  • My Family Tree #2

    To share information about my family tree

  • Cohen

    Family Tree of the Cohen/Golub families.

  • Большая Грибановка Воронежской области

    Мои предки- Тельповы и Щеняевы из села Большая Грибановка &#x...

  • Turken vinden in de Benelux

    Turken vinden in de Benelux - Marokkanen - etc.

  • Gordesky Family Tree

    Gordesky Family Tree

  • T-M320 (Y-DNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all peoples positive for the genetic marker M320 . This marker defines the y-DNA haplogroup currently labeled T1 . Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades of T T1 - T-M320 Famous Members (to be added) How to Participate Geni Wiki Projects Page...

  • Abraham Langlois

    Abraham Langlois was my mother ( Maureen Nolan's ) Grandfather

  • Broadus Memorial Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site This project is to document members of Broadus Memorial Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia, USA. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Borghese

    Building the Borghese Family Tree

  • Medici

    The House of Medici or Famiglia de' Medici was a political dynasty, banking family and later royal house that first began to gather prominence under Cosimo de' Medici in the Republic of Florence during the late 14th century. The family originated in the Mugello region of the Tuscan countryside, gradually rising until they were able to found the Medici Bank. The bank was the largest in Europe ...

  • Sources : (placeholder for project title)

    Sub-project of the Coalition for the Standardization of Geni Genealogical Sources Master Project < BACK to the Master Project . Sources : (PLACEHOLDER: Title of the Work Stream) . Objective This project aims to research and identify the most reliable sources and prevalent theories for genealogical research around (title of the work stream) Status INITIAL / IN PROGRESS / COMPLE...

  • 't Geslacht Von WEIMAR

    't Geslacht von WEIMAR



  • Musée du Louvre ‧ Paris ‧ France

    Musée du Louvre ‧ Paris ‧ France Ⓥlemish 21x - Ⓢpanish 14x- Francisco de GOYA Y LUCIENTES The Countess del Carpio, Marquesa de La Solana 1794-95 Ⓕrench 81x - Jean-Antoine WATTEAU (Valenciennes 1684- Nogent/Marne, 1721 Eugène DELACROIX (Charenton-Saint-Maurice 1798 – Paris, 1863) Fouquet Poussin Le Brun...

  • Familia Báez y demases

    Familia un tanto compleja, pero que familia no lo es?

  • R-S28/U152 (Y-DNA)


  • Belafsky Family Tree

    Belafsky Family Tree

  • Dlugie Poland

    Researching the families of Dlugie, Poland, including Tutak, Floryan, and Panko.

  • C-M48/M77 (Y-DNA)

    The purpose of this project is to document the paternal lineage of all peoples positive for the genetic marker M48/M77. This marker defines the y-DNA haplogroup currently labeled C3c. Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades of C C3c - C-M48/M77 Famous Members Genghis Khan (Temüjin) Borjigin (1155 - 1227), Kh...

  • Aathi Christava Tamil kudumbangal

    Please feel free to add the profiles of remarkable ancestors who lived in Tamilnadu, India before 1900. Also please feel free to include active members as collaborators. If you are not interested to be the member of this project, you can easily remove your name from the project. There is no hard feelings. We are happy to welcome you to this project and appreciate your hardwork....

  • Ireland ‧ ‪2012 ‧ Summer Olympics

    -2012-06-14-07:40+GMT-jMu-UNDER CONSTRUCTION- European Olympic Participants Ireland ‧ ‪2012 ‧ Summer Olympics Irish OLYMPIANS x-2012 Summer : ⓿ ‧ 0x ‧ ⓵ ‧ 8x - Silver 8x - Bronze 10x x-2012 Winter : ⓿ ‧ 0x ‧ ⓵ ‧ 0x - Silver 0x - Bronze 0x 2012 Summer Nominations & Selections : Good luc...

  • H2a2 (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup H2a2 or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin In his popular book The Seven Daughters of Eve , Bryan Sykes named the originator of this mtDNA haplogroup Helena . Distribution (to be added) Subclades of H H (mtDNA) H1 (...

  • A10 (mtDNA)

    For people who have tested and are assigned the maternal haplogroup A10 or who are believed to have had that maternal haplogroup based on descendants tested. Defining Mutations (to be added) Origin (to be added) Distribution (to be added) Subclades of A A10 (mtDNA) Famous Members (to be added) How to Participate Geni Wiki Projects Page To participate in thi...



  • Kerwick Family

    Trying to get the KERWICK family ..the Irish side information. The earliest info I have is that JOHN DAVID was born in Waterford Ireland circa1855 and his parents were DAVID KERWICK and BRIDGET FOLEY. John David arrived in Australia circa 1882. David married HANORAH BURKE in Sydney on the 30th January 1886.

  • e.eStonia Aesti ← Livonia ← Duchy

    Vanasti oli heal lapsel mitu nime, samuti on erinevatel kohtatel olnud aja jooksul erinevad nimed. Selle projekti üheks eesmärgiks on ajarännak ning nimi on sündinud kodumaa nimedest läbi aegade. Siin on ka hea koht aja jooksul toiminud peremudelite muutuste kirjapanekuks. Projekti saab igaüks muuta ja täiustada. GeniviiL tREelatives Suur...

  • Golden Ages - Haarlem: Science & Education

    < BACK Haarlem: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) .

  • Golden Ages - Haarlem

    < BACK Haarlem: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) Haarlem: Handel & Nijverheid (Trade & Industry) Haarlem: Politiek & Bestuur (Politics & Government) Haarlem: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) Haarlem: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion) Haarlem: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery) .

  • House of Obrenović


  • Taggart

    Taggart tree

  • D (mtDNA)

    Defining Mutations Coding mutations 4883, 5178A HVR mutation 16362 Origin Haplogroup D is believed to have arisen in Asia some 48,000 years before present. It is a descendant haplogroup of haplogroup M. Distribution Haplogroup D is found in Northeast Asia (including Siberia). Its subclade D1 (along with D2 and D4) is one of five haplogroups found in the indigenous peoples of the...

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen: Exploration & Discovery

    < BACK Antwerpen: Verkenning & Ontdekking (Exploration & Discovery)

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen: Philosophy & Religion

    < BACK Antwerpen: Filosofie & Godsdienst (Philosophy & Religion)

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen: Science & Education

    < BACK Antwerpen: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education)

  • Golden Ages

    WORK IN PROGRESS . Objectives Highlight profiles of local and global significance in arts, trade, politics, science... Explore and improve ancestry lines and genealogical research Identify population shifts and migratory movements Focus Areas Golden Ages in the Low Countries Golden Ages in Italy Golden Ages in Spain Projects . Golden Ages in the Low Countries 1...

  • WOW!

    Fun Project In draft ... just an idea, but if people want to join me to put some more meat to the bones that will be much appreciated. Searching for them WOW! moments. Here is the place to share it and read about WOW moments from others. This project is to start a project to list those WOW events that you find in your tree... Like WOW - I discovered my neighbour is my 3rd cousin. or ...

  • klinkenberg/klingenberg

    In 1743 trouwt Jurrejaen (ook Jurrien) Klingenberg in Deventer met Barandina Bussing (ook Bussers). Jurrejaen is tamboer in een frans legerkorps. Hij kruhgt 3 kinderen in Deventer en verhuist naar Edam, waar hij nog 2 kneden krijgt, waaronder Jan Klingenberg. Bij de volgende generatie wordt bij sommige kinderen de naam gewijzigd in Klinkenber, vermoedelijk omdat dat een ekende naam in Noord Hol...

  • Bartkai

    Bartkų giminės (pavardės) projektas. Bartkais vadinami kaimai Šakių rajone: Kudirkos Naumiesčio seniūnijoje, Lukšių seniūnijoje. Bartkus - lietuviška vyriškos giminės pavardė. Šios pavardės moteriškosios giminės formos yra: Bartkienė, Bartkė (i&...

  • 23rd Virginia Infantry (CSA), US Civil War Project

    23rd Virginia Infantry=== Summary and Engagements ==This is an umbrella project for all of the companies of the 23rd Virginia Infantry. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 5e Régiment de Cuirassiers

    Wikipedia Batailles 1805 : Hollabrunn et Austerlitz 1806 : Iéna 1807 : Hoff et Eylau 1809 : Eckmühl, Ratisbonne, Essling et Wagram 1812 : La Moskowa 1813 : Leipzig et Hanau 1814 : Montmirail et Bar-sur-Aube 1815 : Ligny et Mont-Saint-Jean

  • The Blitz

    The Blitz (from German, "lightning") was the sustained strategic bombing of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (collectively the United Kingdom) by Nazi Germany between 7 September 1940 and 10 May 1941,[1] during the Second World War. The capital, London, was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 57 consecutive nights[6] and many towns and cities across the country followed. More than one million Londo...

  • Kong Gorm den Gamle

    Hvor mange nulevende danskere stammer tilbage fra Gorm den Gamle? Jeg vil opfordre til, at de, der er slægthistorisk interesserede, vil tilføje deres navne på denne liste som en undersøgelsesprojekt over, hvor mange nulevende danskere, der kan føre deres slægt tilbage til Gorm den Gamle! Med venlig hilsen Lisbeth Askjær-Larsen.

  • Dalebout / D'Alebout family

    Dalebout / D'Alebout family in South Africa. Name. The Dalebout name seems to have originated from the female side - A male Constandse married a female Daalbout. The names were then combined into Dalebout. The 'bout' portion of the name means 'the remainder of an embankment (dyke)'. The history behind this merging of families is reflected in the second name that is given to many of the fami...

  • Bernstein Family Circle

    Bernstein Family circle A group for our cousins of the Bernstein Family Circle In order to perpetuate the family tree of the descendants of Jacob and Celia Bern­stein, to serve the family by providing a place where they may gather socially and to advance the welfare of all those who may come under its influence. []

  • Resolve Myrtle Ivy Price's Ancestry

    Working to compare the Mundy household with the Dubose household to determine the ancestry of the three Price girls.

  • "MaHarSha" of Shavl

    Rabbi Shlomo Abramson "Maharsha" of Shavel, Lithunia was a recognized scholar, a Dayan (Religious court judge) and the Dean of a small rabbinical school. He had four daughters, two of whom emigrated to the United States, Jennie (Shayna Rivka) and Florence (Fruma Bryna). One of his students was Rabbi Abraham Levinson. Rabbi Levinson subsequently married Jennie, the MaHarSha's daughter. Rabbi A...

  • Northern Seven Years' War (1563-1570)

    Northern Seven Years' War= Northern Seven Years' War (also known as the Nordic Seven Years' War, the First Northern War or the Seven Years War in Scandinavia) was the war between Kingdom of Sweden and a coalition of Denmark–Norway, Lübeck and the Polish–Lithuanian union, fought between 1563 and 1570. The war was motivated by the dissatisfaction of King Frederick II of Denma...

  • Anglo-Spanish War (1585-1604)

    Anglo-Spanish War ) The Anglo–Spanish War (1585–1604) was an intermittent conflict between the kingdoms of Spain and England that was never formally declared.[citation needed] The war was punctuated by widely separated battles, and began with England's military expedition in 1585 to the Netherlands under the command of the Earl of Leicester in support of the resistance of the ...

  • Portuguese Restoration War (1640-1668)

    Portuguese Restoration War The Portuguese Restoration War (Portuguese: Guerra da Restauração) was the name given by nineteenth-century 'romantic' historians to the war between Portugal and Spain that began with the Portuguese revolution of 1640 and ended with the Treaty of Lisbon (1668). The revolution of 1640 ended the sixty-year period of dual monarchy in Portugal and Spai...

  • Facey Family of Jamaica

    This project is to research and find out more about the Facey and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. Interviews Elder's Stories We are losing one of our most important natural resource! What is it? Its not water, air, or minerals; it is our ELDERS! Our Oldheads need to be latched unto. So, I'm proposing a new program, where all of us ADOPT AN ELDER. Naming Conve...

  • Burgher People from Sri Lanka ~ Ceylon

    -2011-12-02-23:23+GMT-winter- Burgher People from SRI LANKA Of Dutch ‧ Portuguese ‧ German ‧ British ‧ Swedish ‧ Norwegian ‧ French ‧ Irish roots & origine during 16th-20th centuries alfabetical to be made later.... Famous profiles by profession or skills please add here if not yet in the list Academic Wendy ...

  • Kadambis

    trace the roots of Kadambi

  • French Wars of Religion (1562–98)

    French Wars of Religion= French Wars of Religion (1562–98) is the name given to a period of civil infighting and military operations, primarily fought between French Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots). The conflict involved the factional disputes between the aristocratic houses of France, such as the House of Bourbon and House of Guise (Lorraine), and both sides received assistance fr...

  • ⓓ ◦ BORSKI

    ⓓ ◦ BORSKI Deze familie-naam is in de 20ste eeuw uitgestorven. Doel project is alle bestaande BORSKI-personen te vinden en plaatsen in de stamboom op internet huwelijken-met-Borski -van LOON - Johanna Pieters van de VELDE 1764-1846 Anna Jacoba INSINGER Albrecht Frederik INSINGER dochter van J. SILLEM BORSKI-profielen elders Willem BORSKI 1765-1814...

  • GalFaEc

    Researching Faggion from Vincenza Italy Researching Galloway From Scotland Researching Eichholtz from Germany Researching Shermans From England?

  • Archaeologists - India

    DIGITAL SOUTH EAST ASIA LIBRARY, LONDON Cousens, Henry (b. 13 Sep 1854; d. Tunbridge Wells, 1933). Areas: India Notes: Listed as having joined Archaeological Survey Department, 16 Nov 1881; in fact a letter written by James Burgess in 1883 indicates that he had worked for the survey since 1874; After 1886 he supervised and trained Indian draughtsmen; 'Toured Northern Gujarat in 1886...

  • Families of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    For those searching for lineages in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Applying for Birth Certificates REGISTRAR'S CHAMBERS Registry Department Court House, Kingstown, St. Vincent PHONE: (784) 451-2944 FAX: (784) 457-1888 EMAIL: Local Persons Fill out the application form at the Registry department. Give application form to computer clerk. Pay $15.00 at the...

  • Souders

    Jim Souder of Moutain Grove, MO, wrote that “the earliest known record of a Sauter/Sowder family in America is a land deed dated 16 May 1719, in which Jacob Sauter purchased 300 acres of land from Hans Graff and his wife, Susanna, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.” (Hans Graff was a Swiss Anabaptist who started a settlement in PA about 1712.) “The will of Jacob Sowder, dat...

  • Bloody Assize

    Bloody Assize of 1814 19 men were tried for High Treason. 15 men convicted of treason and sentenced to be hung and executed . “[the prisoners shall be] hanged by the neck, but not until they be dead, to be cut down alive, and their entrails to be taken out and burnt before their faces, and their heads cut off and their bodies divided into four quarters and their heads and quarters di...

  • Водосская церковь Чудовского района Новгородской области

    Мои предки до революции жили в деревне Пехово Чудовского �...

  • Деревня Пехово Новгородской губернии

    Деревни А.Р. Ламздорф ... Шифр : Ф. 577 Оп. 22 Д. 2214 Название фонда ГЛАВНОЕ ...

  • Silsilah Kerajaan Mataram

    Proyek ini bertujuan mengkompilasi kerabat yang merupakan keturunan dari Raja-raja Mataram di Pulau Jawa. Proyek ini dimulai dari ide lama yang tertunda karena keterbatasan kemampuan menguasai teknologi dan dana. Ide dasar dari proyek ini adalah menyusun kembali trah Mataram sebagai data pendamping atau basis data bagi Karaton-karaton jawa untuk mendata keturunannya. Basis data ini tentunya dih...

  • Kunnathattu Madambil

    build our family tree

  • World Family Tree Facts on Geni

    Geography of World Family Tree Facts on Geni How to contribute to this project :: Join the project Add a document Post a New Link using Select Full Page in top right hand corner Click on Edit projects Select "World Family Tree Facts on Geni" to link to this project Add comments and edit list of countries Enjoy snapshots ! List of Countries of Birth represente...

  • England to Amsterdam Missing Link

    I'm looking to piece together what was once a large family. Most were killed during the war, and i am one of only a few surviving members of the Acathan family that i know of. We're based in the UK and i can only find history to my grandfather and would like help to get past this and find out how he (or his father) found his way to the UK and which of the Acathan lines he originated from. If th...

  • James-Younger Gang

    The James-Younger Gang was a notable 19th-century gang of American outlaws that included Jesse James. The gang was centered in the state of Missouri. Membership fluctuated from robbery to robbery, as the outlaws' raids were usually separated by many months. At various times, it included the Younger Brothers (Cole, Jim, John, and Bob), the James Brothers (the infamous Jesse James and his broth...

  • von dubendorf, diebendorf, diefendorf, diffendorf, diffenderfer

    The purpose of this project is to find and connect the lines of the family names listed above (and variations thereof) reaching back as many generations as possible.

  • Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

    A Dedication From The H.E.A.R.T It was once said that not remembering the Holocaust means to side with the executioners against its victims; not to remember means to kill the victims a second time; not to remember means to become an accomplice of the enemy. On the other hand, to remember means to feel compassion for the victims of all persecutions. By solemnly commemorating the tragedy ...

  • Ieuan harries

    For all those harries, Orton, clay and Jones

  • Golden Fleece - Sources & Bibliography

    Ordre de la Toison d'Or - Order of the Golden Fleece < BACK (This page is part of a Master Project) . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources & Bibliography -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Books Statuts de l'Ord...

  • Golden Fleece - "Workshop"

    Throughout the work on the Golden Fleece, we try to identify and connect Golden Fleece knights to the 'big tree'. In some cases, the profiles don't exist - of we can't even identify any relatives. In addition, a few Golden Fleece knights remain unidentified in the available records - even though we know they exist because of the numbering system used with the Golden Fleece diplomas). In this ...

  • MacIntosh to McIntosh

    I am trying to get Julie McIntosh Brazier Rowe's family tree back further. but have hit a dead end with her great great grandfather, Henry McIntosh born 1881 in New Brunswick, Canada. He married Julia Sparks. they had 4 kids; Murray, Beatrice, Kenneth and Henry J. . Henry sr died in Caribou, Maine in 1961. According to the marriage licence, the 1920 and 1930 US censuses Henry's father was born ...

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