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  • Christina Calvino Horak War years

    This project will attempt to encase all the info regarding Chris Calvino Horak's war years from Sept 1939 until 1945l

  • Клепча (Klepcha)

    Клепча Андрей Владимирович и его родословная

  • Besharat Soltan Family

    This Genealogy Project is about a big family members that started from a man named Sayed Ahmad with the nick name Sayed Arab

  • The Families of Motele

    This project aims at listing all the Jewish families of Motele. Motele was (and still is) a town in Belarus. In the end of the 19th century it had a very strong Jewish presence, and the Jews there were culturally assertive and active. [ ] [] List of people from Motele Ha-Cohen 1) Abraham Yitzhak Ha-Cohen (the Black) and his wife Beile Gutenski 2) Chaim, son of Abraham Yitzhak Ha-Cohen...

  • Wholly Family

    My paternal greatgrand dad was Edward Wholly. He was married to my greatgrand mother around 1872/3 while he was in Pakistan (then undivided India under British rule). He was Station Manager in Jhimpir, Pakistan. There are his death records in the Archives (UK). His birth is given as 1836 and death as 1874. I need some more details, like his originality and other family members.

  • Ancient Planters: Passengers of the Diana, 1618/1619

    The following entiries were obtained from my Hotten book [8a] from the Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625 chapters, pages 201 thru 265, which lists the muster captain, and what ship the individual arrived on. Beane, William, 1618 voyage, aged 25 at muster Elizabeth City under Richard Mintrene. Flynt, Thomas, 1618 voyage, mustr at Elizabeth City with Merres, Wheeler, Brocke a...

  • Hattie Thompson's Ancestors

    This is the information from the UTE Tribe of Oklahoma for my great-great grandmother, Hattie Thompson. If anyone has any information with records of birth, etc. from that Tribe. I know many of these persons disbursed to MO and other states connecting with various tribes.

  • Cloeckaert

    I am looking to all information about the family Cloeckaert - Kloeckaert from the region Eecklo - Zelzate - Wachtebeke. All informations are welcome to complete the full tree of the Cloeckaerts and their relatives.

  • Hattfjelldal 1900

    Målet med dette prosjektet er å samle alle personer nevnt i folketellingen for Hattfjelldal 1900

  • Fazil Suhaimi Talib; Arifin Abdul Latif

    In Search of the 'Real' Tok Ngah Jabar (Jabor), Perak's Dato' Panglima Kinta VII

  • Pranas Krapavickas

    Pranas Krapovickas, Jono sūnus, gimęs Kupiškio raj. Račiupėnų kaime. 1910m. emigravęs į Argentiną. Gyvenęs Buenos Aires.

  • Gård: Tjønneland, Førde, Sogn & Fjordane, Norway

    TJØNNELAND GÅRDSNR 27 Prosjektet Prosjektets mål er å samle profiler for personer som har vært tilknyttet Tjønneland gjennom fødsel eller at de har hatt opphold der i kortere eller lengre perioder. Det kan være alt fra å ha brukt en gård til å ha vært i tjeneste en kort periode. Siden prosjekter er begre...

  • Newman Family History Notes

    William Alexander Hesskew and two brothers left Scotland when quite young and came to the Untied states. They came on to Texas and William Alexander settled in Rockport. One brother went to Gonzales and the other went on to Mississippi or Alabama. William Alexander Hesskew and Mary Ann Tronson were married on Dec 19, 1844 in San Antonio and to this union 14 Children were born. Eleven lived. M...

  • Newman-English

    903 years ago, after the Norman invasion and conquest of England, the Norman's decided to reassess the land and holdings of the Englishmen in order to tax them. Before this date, 1066, taxes had been levied quite informally, and by a little bribery. The Englishmen did not as yet have surnames, so the census-taker, in order to differentiate one from the other, identified each man by his positi...

  • Carlisle Family Tree

    I have made this project to gather information about my family's history. I'm very interested in this so i would be thankful for anyones help! Thanks!

  • engeland knudsen

    hei. jeg har alltid hørt at engeland knudsen er et familienavn, hvor knud ofte var fornavnet. min fars navn var jan engeland knudsen. hans bestfar het knud knudsen, men ikke engeland. jeg klarer ikke å finne noen flere med etternavn engeland knudsen og håpet at noen kunne hjelpe. med vennlig hilsen trine lise knudsen thoresen.

  • Mummi

    Stulanderit ja Natuset mm.

  • Ilkku-vaari

    Koskiset ja Honkaset Kalkkisissa ja Heinolassa

  • Sholay - Mauritius

    James Leonard Somasundram, had a cousin named Ernest "Sholay" who lived in Mauritius. He visited South Africa around the 1950s, on his way to the UK. Ernest had a sister named Anna, and a daughter named Nicole. He was married to a French lady. We are trying to trace this family. The spelling of the surname is uncertain, but was pronounced "Shore Lee". "Sholay" is an Indian surname in Maurit...

  • Saya Family

    recherche olivier saya mail et infos travaille t'il au musee de la mode? Christelle peut elle nous eclairer? @+

  • Wiegman Family

    Connect the family to a immigrant.

  • doris craggs

    doris craggs is the only surviving sibling of Arthur Craggs and his brothers from Wheatley Hill and I believe is the unknown Craggs listed as born in 1926

  • Family Members

    just started this project

  • Poles sent to Africa

    During World War II there were thousands of Poles sent to Africa to live. Many were orphan children. There were camps set up through out Africa. After the war, I know many Poles were sent to Australia to start over. I was wondering what happened to all of them. I remember that my parents receiving letters from someone living in Africa but I was to young to ask. Now I would love to know more abo...

  • McCoy family

    Would love to find out how the indian came into the family.It supposedly came with these two.If anyone has any information please share.Thanks

  • ilmar pappel

    Sündis6. juuli 1946.a 1. ABIKAASA Carmen Heldna , poeg Ingmar Pappel

  • Família Bonfim & Bezerra

    Arvore Genealógica da Família Bomfim e Bezerra Alexandre: O primeiro membro da família Bomfim Alexandre Ferreira do Bomfim , pais, irmãos e esposa. Filhos Raymundo Francisco do Bomfim , esposa e filhos. Alvina Bezerra do Bonfim, 11 √ Idalina Bezerra do Bonfim, 12 √ Ismael Bezerra do Bonfim, 13 Raimunda Bezerra do Bomfim, 14 Luiz Beze...

  • Laferney Family

    Show Son of Joseph Benjamin LaFerney and Anna LaFerney Husband of Frances Elizabeth LaFerney Father of Alpha M LaFerney, Frank Louis LaFerney, Annie LaFerney, Homer LaFerney, Nettie LaFerney and 4 others, William E LaFerney, Vesta Emma Thurman, Augusta LaFerney and James orbit LaFerney « less

  • Hexum/Heksum/Hexem/Hægsum Family

    The same persons is found in various sources like churchbooks and census'es with the following typing: Hexum Heksum Hexem Heksem Hægsum

  • Semenowka

    The project is created mainly to organize profiles in my tree, but may include all people related to this Volga German colony, not only those who lived there personally. Under construction, for the time being... Only few profiles added till now.

  • Kasse Family

    estamos buscando los familiares y decendientes de julian kasse

  • Pineda Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Pineda Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Calzado Family of the Phlippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Calzado Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Toney and Sarah Dunbar Family History

    Tracing the family history of the descendants of Toney and Sarah Dunbar

  • Leander Family

    all throughout this year, we've been trying to complete our family tree. and now we found a way. pls join me.

  • Army of the Potomac (CSA), US Civil War

    The Confederate Army of the Potomac , whose name was short-lived, was the command under Brig. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard in the early days of the American Civil War. Its only major combat action was the First Battle of Bull Run. Afterwards, the Army of the Shenandoah was merged into the Army of the Potomac with Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, the commander of the Shenandoah, taking command. The Army of th...

  • 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves (CSA), US Civil War

    Regiment: 1st Infantry Battalion North Carolina Date of Organization: 25 May 1864 Muster Date: 4 Jul 1864 Regiment State: North Carolina Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 1st Number of Companies in Infantry: 10 1st Regiment Junior Reserves was formed in July, 1864, at Weldon, North Carolina, by consolidating the 1st and 6th Junior Reserves Battalions which had just been o...

  • 44th North Carolina Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    Regiment: 44th Infantry Regiment North Carolina Date of Organization: 28 Mar 1862 Muster Date: 9 Apr 1865 Regiment State: North Carolina Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 44th Number of Companies in Infantry: 10 Last updated June 24th, 2007 by Jenny History of the 44th North Carolina Historical Sketch Of. [From the Wilmington, N. C., Star, March 12, 1897.] This brief ...

  • 26th North Carolina Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    Regiment: 26th Infantry Regiment North Carolina Date of Organization: 27 Aug 1861 Muster Date: 9 Apr 1865 Regiment State: North Carolina Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 26th Number of Companies in Infantry: 10 Regimental History Gettysburg after battle report: Report of Capt. J. J. Young, quartermaster Twenty-sixth North Carolina Infantry. Near Gettysburg, Pa., ...

  • 8th Illinois Cavalry (USA), US Civil War

    The 8th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry was a cavalry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment served the duration of the war, and was the only cavalry regiment to serve the entire war in the Army of the Potomac. They also aided in the hunt for John Wilkes Booth and served as President Lincoln's honor guard while he lay in state under the rotunda. L...

  • 34th Illinois Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 34th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, known as the "Rock River Rifles," was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Engagements: Battle of Shiloh Battle of Perryville Battle of Stone's River Battle of Missionary Ridge Battle of Atlanta Battle of Jonesboro March to the Sea Battle of Bentonville Source:

  • 87th Illinois (USA), US Civil War

    This regiment participated in the Siege of Vicksburg and the Red River Campaign. For a full roster, see:

  • 46th Iowa Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 46th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was among scores of regiments that were raised in the summer of 1864 as Hundred Days Men, an effort to augment existing manpower for an all-out push to end the war within 100 days. -Sources:

  • Aljamalulaill Family

    to find who ever is bearing aljamalulaill group

  • Eilers Family

    I am working to try and find my wife's Eilers relatives. Family lore says they are from Ostfriesland, Germany.


    Our Family History: This group is belongs to The Anberber’s Families. The Anberberian are one of well known and highly respected families in Ethiopia. Right now this family is in its sixth generation. This respected family done many good things for Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. Especially the first and the second generation have been the backbone of Ethiopian army in many battles such...

  • St Augustine, Fl - Families

    Ponce de Leon is said to have discovered the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine in March of 1513. In honor of his Easter arrival, Ponce de Leon gave Florida its name "Pacula de Flores" (Land of Flowers). There is a statute of Ponce de Leon standing on the east end of the Plaza near the Bridge of Lions. It is a duplicate of the one in San Jaun Puerto Rico. St. Augustine was founded forty-two ye...

  • Treschow Family

    Relationer til Brødremenigheden i Christiansfeld og Slesvig og Holsten. Folketællingen i 1803 fra Christiansfeld: Peter Treschow 43 Gift Hausvater Prediger Han har været præst i Brødremenigheden, men der kunne være nogen i næste generation, der bliver præster i folkekirken. Kig dels i Wiberg: Dansk Præstehistorie på for Konge...

  • Ettuveetil Pillai Families

    One of the most ancient lineage of Nair clan. Following are the Eight Pillai families Koduman Pillai Family Kazhakootathu Pillai Family Chempazhanthi Pillai Family Kulathoor Pillai Family Ramanamadathil Pillai Family Pallichal Pillai Family Venganoor Pillai Family Marthandathu Pillai Family

  • Provide relations pictures

    The images can be suplied from my collections whenever possible

  • Breslin Family

    Breslin and Jones family, from the roots to the very new decendants...

  • 84th Tennessee Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    CONFEDERATE TENNESSEE TROOPS 84th Tennessee Infantry Also called 2nd Tennessee Mountain Volunteers 84th Infantry Regiment was organized at McMinnville, Tennessee, in December, 1862, with men from Smith, Warren, DeKalb, Overton, and Putnam counties. It remained in the vicinity of McMinnville until December 29. At that time the unit was assigned to D.S. Donelson's Brigade and joined the Arm...

  • 28th Tennessee Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    CONFEDERATE TENNESSEE TROOPS 28th TENNESSEE INFANTRY REGIMENT Also called "2nd Tennessee Mountain Volunteers" Organized September 28th, 1861; Confederate service October 2, 1861; reorganized May 8, 1862; merged with 84th Tennessee Infantry March 8, 1863 to form 28th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment; merged into 1st Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment April 9th, 1865; paroled ...

  • Creacion de cañon de Electones

    En base a las diferencias de potenciales de los ánodos se pretende crear un desplazamiento continuo de electrones con desviaciones magnetices, con fines didácticos.

  • Gascoigne Gascoyne Gascoygne and other spellings

    Links to information 'Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors & Cousins (over 143,000 names) Usually a good source but be sure to look at the sources noted, has many with sources from the Plantagenet Ancestry ' Again usually a good source, but be sure to look at the sources noted 'Plantagenet ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families By Dougl...

  • Lambert's of Nova Scotia

    A database of all Lambert's in Nova Scotia from my research over the years.

  • 15th Arkansas Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    CONFEDERATE ARKANSAS TROOPS 15th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Northwest) 15th (McRae's-Hobbs'-Boone's) Infantry Regiment [also called 21st and Northwest Regiment] was formed in December, 1861, using the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Battalion as its nucleus. It took an active part in the battles at Wilson's Creek and Elkhorn Tavern, and on March 11, 1862, contained 10 officers and 168 men. Later th...

  • Walker's from Ohio 1830's

    I'm searching for anyone or someone that might have information on Any Walker's in Butler, Ohio around the 1830. Eli lost his Father and Mother about the age of 7 and was "farmed" out to a family by the name of Sheppard. He run away about the of 12 or 13 yrs. I need help finding Eli Iasish Walker's family. Birth date 4/8/1830. States he had brothers but they went to another family? If you wooul...

  • 25th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (CSA), US Civil War

    CONFEDERATE TENNESSEE TROOPS 25th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry 25th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in August, 1861, at Camp Zollicoffer, in Overton County, Tennessee. Its members were recruited in the counties of White, Overton, Putnam, and Jackson. The unit fought at Fishing Creek and Perryville, then was assigned to General B.R. Johnson's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. In Novem...

  • radu būšana

    Apskati šo bildi,varbūt kāds atpazīs.ja faila formāts nepatīk var ielikt citu jpg formātā

  • Kaleburnu Project

    We all know that the village has been inhabited for thousands of years, recent archaeological findings prove this very fact, it is also known that before the Turkish Muslim population arrived in the village in 1571, the village had been a christian settlement. Before the arrival of the Ottoman Turks to the village the village population were Latins speaking the Greek language but belonged to th...

  • Basham Family

    born 1810 essex england wife susan evans

  • Clempson Family

    Trying to get together all the Clempsons who came out to Australia. Please Help

  • Karanam Family

    All Karanam surname

  • Балышев Family

    Начну собирать сюда что найду интересное о выдающихся Ба...

  • Quilters-gilde Nederland

    Quiltersgilde Nederland -Groningen- Quiltgroep van 't Vinkhuys -Friesland- -Drenthe- -Overijssel- -Gelderland- -Utrecht- -Noord-Holland- -Zuid-Holland- -Zeeland- -Noord-Brabant - -Limburg- - Quilters & Quiltsters Mies BOEREMA Gerda ROEST - Hooglanderveen Musea met Quilts Spakenburg - Klederdracht-/-visserij-museum Kerkstraat 20-achter Noorderkerk-

  • 10th Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery (USA), USA Civil War

    UNION MASSACHUSETTS TROOPS 10th Battery, Massachusetts Light Artillery Also known as "Sleeper's Battery" The 10th Battery was mustered in 1862 and served until the end of the war, and was very active in the Petersburg (Virginia) campaign, June, 1864 through April, 1865. SERVICE-- Duty at Camp Barry, Defenses of Washington, October 17 to December 26, 1862. Moved to Poolesville, Md., Dece...

  • Wanger / Wenger of Bialystok Collaborators

    This project group is intended to facilitate collaboration on the tree of the Wanger/Wenger families of Bialystok, Poland.

  • Ponce Enrile Family of the Philippines

    Ponce Enrile is a unique double-barrelled name. Ponce is derived from the Roman name Pontius, a likely ethnic name for someone from Pontus (Greek for ‘sea’). The etymology of Enrile is unknown. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Ponce Enrile Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia )...

  • Carlo Cattaneo

    Carlo (Giuseppe Antonio) Cattaneo Seguendo le orme di altri celebri esuli del Risorgimento italiano, nel novembre del 1848 giunge a Lugano Carlo Cattaneo, uno dei principali protagonisti delle Cinque Giornate di Milano e "forse una delle figure più belle del suo tempo", come disse di lui Indro Montanelli. ... cont. Carlo (Giuseppe Antonio) Cattaneo , principally known for the active ...

  • Operation McMillan

    For nearly 30 years I have been tracing the roots of the Angus M. McMillan family tree. We have bits and pieces and theories as to Angus' father's name but no proof. As I meet new family in this tree, I learn more and more thata validates our common beliefs. Every now and then another small gem comes to light. Let's all work together to find answers together. I have collected primary document...

  • 6th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (CSA), US Civil War

    CONFEDERATE KENTUCKY TROOPS 6th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry 6th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the summer of 1862 with men from the central and eastern section of Kentucky. It was mustered into Confederate service in September. For a time the unit skirmished in Kentucky attached to Buford's Brigade, then it fought with J.H. Morgan. Most of its members were captured at Buffington Isl...

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