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  • Shahsavani Family

    ايل شاهسون از طايفه، تيره، کويک و هر کويک از چند اوبه و اوبه ه...

  • Rehfeld Family

    Rehfeld ancestry and descendants. Help needed. Alfred Rehfeld m. Caroline Dreyfuss sons: Siegmund and Felix I am trying to look for information on the ancestors of Alfred Rehfeld as well as the descendants or any family of Felix Rehfeld. Felix Rehfeld was married to Grete Levin and had two children Walter and Erich Rehfeld. They are very close relatives of mine and really would love to ...

  • FSU Visit - Proposed - Summer 2011

    Phil Chapkovsky Nuptials & family Boris Kapilevich - Minsk - need address Rita Kapilevich - Lithuania - need address Arkady Danichev - Moscow Logoysk-Pleschenitsy Pilgrimage Find Asya's address in St Petersburg

  • Chicago Projects - in Progress

    Chicago Visit - Winter 2011 Scan Lois Koppel Archives w/ Serna Sheridan Scan Levine Archives w/ Bill Levine Scan Weinstein/Feit Archives - w/ Judy Levinson Photograph Levine Graves - Kalvaria Section, Waldheim Cemetery

  • Genealogía Mancera

    Empiezo este proyecto con la finalidad de conocer más acerca de las conexiones de la familia Mancera de México. Quien desee añadir textos, información, anécdotas... o plantear preguntas interesantes, es bienvenido a este foro. Bienvenidos.

  • Khandker Family

    I am a banker & a citizen of Bangladesh & a MBA graduate.

  • Salley`

    Jean Salle: born near the beginning of the 17th century in Courteid, France. He is the first Salle' family member traced back to on record. ] Jean married Suzanne Mestey , they had a son name Jean also, he was baptised on March 28, 1625. The family were protestants, known then as, " French Huguenots". These French protestants were persecuted by the catholic church and they left France and in St...

  • Claassen

    Relatives welcome! More to follow!

  • Břeň, Mřeň, Bren

    Surename Mrzen

  • Pullampallil Family

    Glimpses of the root families of the Pullampallil During the 3rd century A.D a gentleman of Kalli illam( a Brahmin family of Kuravilangadu) embraced Christianity. His Christian name was Itty. When he faced non co-operation from his kith and kin, he decided to sell his immovable property and moved to another state. His younger brother who was still a Brahmin, decided to accompany the Christi...

  • Holtzclaw Family

    John Jacob Holtzclaw , who immigrated from Prussia to Virginia. is my 7th great grandfather. There is a lot of clean up work to do in this area, and I'd love help from any interested parties. About Holtclaw The HOLTZCLAWs were among the GERMANNA Colonists of Virginia. Branches later went into KY and beyond, a common migration pattern. For an overview of the Germanna colonies and the settler...

  • The Onsbach Gerwitzes

    Researching the pedigree and descendants of the Gerwitzes (Gorrwitzes, etc.) of Önsbach, Germany. Eldest discovered is Gottfried (b. 1747). Emigrants include Simon (b. 1842) to Missouri and Gerhard (b. 1832) to New York.

  • Kubr

    rychtáři v Ruzyni a okolí, statky, hostince Kubrův statek - Ruzyně Bílý Beránek - Stodůlky protestanti Stanislav Kubr - zakladatel agrární strany

  • Clan Ruthven

    The purpose is to sort out the lines and connect the different Ruthven lines throughout the tree. Online sources: The Peerage Stirnet

  • Heskins Family

    I am drawing up a time line of the Horsley/Nailsworth HESKINS individals. Marriages can be identified from parish records but births/baptisms and burials pre-1837 can only be ascertained from the records of Shortwood Baptist Church, Dr Williams' records and records of the Overseers of the Poor,wills and marriage licemnces. Further information can be gleaned from Land Tax records, the Horsley 18...

  • Ģimenes koks

    Lielais ģimenes koks

  • Brinsdon Family

    Geni page for research into Brinsdon surname (and variants)

  • William Henry Morgan Family, Americus, Georgia

    Trying to piece together the family history of William Henry and Leila Morgan. Leila Morgan died in 1918 and William Morgan gave their four children up for adoption. The youngest, Jessie Willard Morgan, born in 1918 in Americus, Georgia, was my grandfather, Robert Dean. Aside from the names of his brothers and sister, we don't know much else.

  • The Chandler One-Name Study

    There is free help available to Chandler family history researchers from the Chandler One-Name Study (ONS) and the Chandler Family Association (CFA) . Both organizations have been in existence for more than 20 years, and in that time we have helped more than a thousand people with their research. The ONS began with British records, then went international. The CFA began with American records, t...

  • Hinton Family

    Researching the ancestry of Addison Litt Hinton, grandfather of Carol Elise Johns, daughter of Calvin Edward Johns and Annie Mae Belle Hinton.

  • Kashmoula Project

    هذا المشروع لبناء شجرة عائلة كشمولة , ونرجوا اضافة كل المعل&#...

  • Kālis

    Sveiki! Nezinu, kā tas ir iespējams, bet vajadzētu apvienot ciltskokus! + man doma, ka salikšu fotogrāfijas no 19.-20. gs. (ģimenes arhīva)

  • Chayka Family - Ukraine

    This project is to connect Chayka family memebers from around the world. If you have a ancestor that was named Chayka or even have a Ukrainian relative and want to see if the Chayka family might be related, please share your story in the discussion.

  • Thathiah Family

    Just want to start a small Project on the History of our name. Lets see how far we cn get from here.

  • Goon Family

    Goon Family from Bangladesh, Moimonsingh

  • Pitta Family

    Planning to start the Pitta family Tree from Bethany Bhimavaram, Andhra pradesh.

  • Lesieutre Family

    Would like to collaborate to get this all completely accurate.

  • Jesse Charles Overton and Anna Moore Overton

    Both born in Kansas or Missouri and Married in approximately 1904, parents of Jesse Everett Overton in 1905.

  • Fogde Family

    1 Fogde Carl Fredrik 1892-12-24 1 son 2 döttrar 2 Fogde Per Olov 1921-04-19 1 son 2 döttrar 3 Fogde Mats Peter 1952-05-02 1 son 2 döttrar 4 Fogde Carl Fredrik 1985-09-15

  • Taggar Family


  • Kerala Mudali/Muthali/Muthaliar

    Kerala Muthali (Mudali) belongs to various Mudaliar communities. They are predominantly found in the Trivandrum and Palghat Districts of Kerala and Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. They migrated to these places in the late 17th Century onwards for various purposes including Agriculture, coconut oil extraction, coir Trade and as specialized fighters and reliable spies. They were given special...

  • Operation Guillermo

    The purpose of this operation is to gather as much information as we can about the Guillermo family so that we can start working on a more definite forest and/or tree.

  • Kirpekar Family

    I am Subhash Shivram Kirpekar, My father was doctor, sfter having served in Indian Medical Services with British Army before India,s independance he started his practice at Nagpur. He expired in 1955. My eldest brother is Chintaman, then Sanjeev kumar and after me Viswas. We hhad one sister who was doctor married to Krisnarao Sapre. Both have expired about two years back. I want to search for g...

  • Nigro / Gold Family Tree

    Add family members to the Nigro or Gold side of the family

  • Arastu Family

    i am trying to figure out what a Genealogy Project is...

  • Jakubovics Family

    There is another project about this family at Descendants of Aaron Jacobowitz

  • Tiit Joost

    Olin aastatel 1949- 1956 represeeritud ja küüditamise kohaks oli Krasnojarski krai, Sharypovi rajoon küla Kadat . On tekkind mõte külastada neid kohti 60.aastat hiljem. Sharypovi ümbruse külades oli palju eestlastest represeerituid. Huvitav, kas on mõttekaaslasi, et seda projeki proovida teoks teha? Võidolla on inimesi, kes on juba ...

  • Ancestors of Richard Arthur Norton that emigrated to the United States

    These are genetic ancestors of Richard Arthur Norton that emigrated to the United States. These include direct ancestors such as grandparents and great-grandparents as well as their siblings and cousins. All the people would have a shared genetic link to Richard Arthur Norton.

  • Hattfjelldalinger

    Mål Målet med dette prosjektet er å samle personer som har bodd i Hattfjelldal, og øke kvaliteten på disse. Aktivt bruke bygdebøkene og legge inn bilder av personer, finne kilder og historier om dem. Kilder Kirkebøker (-1860) Kirkebøker (1860-) Gravsøk Folketelling 1801 Folketelling 1865

  • McMahon/Karpp/Naum family reunion-get together

    Everyone who is getting this at one point or another has thought about holding some form of family reunion. We have discussed the idea it seems for years. I finally decided that nobody is getting any younger and we need to do this ASAP! After much research to where to go, a resort near Deep Creek, MD has been chosen for many reasons. Cost, accessibility, features, etc.. We initially wanted to r...

  • Tengku Khadijah Family




  • Fienburgh Family

    Any help with identifying the names fienburgh, which could have quite a few spelling would be great thankyou

  • DePass family

    I want to trace my DePass ancestors from the time of their move from England to Jamaica in the 18th or 19th century.

  • Benevides Family

    Hi Mario, I'm soliciting your online colloration to build the research of Ancestory of the Benevides Clan if you have information on the Family Tree please share.

  • Descendants of Hans Makeléer, 1st Baronet of Scotland and Sweden

    Descendants of Hans Makeléer, 1st Baronet of Scotland and Sweden

  • Melouney Family

    HI there as you all may have noticed i've dont the family tree for all of you to look at and if there is any more information on any other children and if any1 knows if it goes back beyond edward whos at the top please fill me in.

  • Arzamendi Rivera Family

    I am the youngest of four brothers and sisters. Juan de Dios, Enrique R.I.P, Gloria Elvira and Maria de Lourdes. I live in Tampico Tamaulipas in México

  • Spoth

    I'm trying to find out more about my dad's side of the family.

  • Milnor/Miller Family

    Morris Miller came to Chicago from Berezovka, Russia, (now Ukraine) about 1903. The family name in Russia was Milnor. He was married to Ida Seidman and had two sons, Edward (Isaac) and Louis when he left Russia. Two daughters, Anne and Shirley, were born in Chicago. Morris's father, Reuven, and mother joined them in Chicago briefly, then went to Palestine, returned to Chicago, then returned to ...

  • Eesti kodundustöötajad läbi aegade.

    Palun siia kirjutada võimalusel meie emade, vanaemade- vanavanaemade õpingud erinevates kodundusklassides, koolides ja kursustel, kus omandati kõik vajalikud oskuse talupidamiseks, laste kasvatamiseks, põhiväärtuste arendamiseks peres ja palju muud väärtuslikku infot. Eesmärk: leida need toimetulekumehhanismid, mis aitasid Eesti nai...

  • Pant Family

    Persons holding Pant surname,are Hindu brahmins mostly from Uttarakhand,India and some from Maharashtra,India.In Uttarakhand they are supposed to have migrated from Maharashtra and Gujarat,India during Mughal period.

  • Zemeckis Family

    From Pagramantis, Lithuania. See and search from "Zemeckis" surname. I have uploaded quite a bit of info.

  • Nileshwar Family

    Develope an online version of the Nileshwar family tree to improve the version developed by Kanara Saraswat

  • Ahlsdorf

    Ahlsdorf (and nearby Zigelrode) communities in Germany. Ahlsdorf is a municipality in the Mansfeld-Südharz district, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Available at Family History Centers (see ): Parish register transcripts of baptisms, marriages and deaths for Ahlsdorf (Kr. Schweinitz), Sachsen, Preußen, Germany; earlier called Wendisch Ahlsdorf. Includes Hohenkuhnsdorf, Schmielsdor...

  • Featherstone and Related Surnames

    A project to record all Featherstone and variant names

  • Couch Family

    couch family name:


    It was believed that a young Namboori (Malayali Brahmin) brought 2 young ladies from Thirumandhamkunnu to Pallavoor, assumably some time in the 17th century. From there the Pallavoor Perinchery family came in to being. Family hierarchy is strictly matriarchal in nature. Also it was the time the warriors and lieutenants of Pallava Dynasty and merchants migrated to settle and farm in the fertile ...

  • William Dodson

    Looking for any information about William Dodson and his (unknown) parents.

  • عائلة البشير

    عائلة المرحوم محمد البشير أحمد الفكي محمد باكر الأنصاري

  • Syed Family

    This Project is for any body and everybody belonging to Syed Clan in the Muslim Community.

  • Boghani Family

    to track back roots of Boghanis of Khamba origin of Gujrat India. some Hints bogha>rouji>soomer

  • Normann Family

    Ole Olsen Normann

  • Franz Family

    Add information about the early Franz Family history

  • Clevenger Family

    befiore 1633 in england

  • అజ్జరపు ఇంటి పేరు గురించి

    నాకు మా అమ్మ గారు నాన్న గారు చెప్పిన దాని ప్రకారం అజ్జరపు &#x...

  • D'Arcy Family

    The D'Arcy / Dorsey/Darsey/Darcy/Dawsey/Dossey/ Surname Project website: Established 2002 - This project is organized, administered, and paid for by family members for the purpose of linking ourselves to the past. The purpose of this project is to analyze Y chromosome DNA of males with the surnames Dorsey, Darsey, Darcy, Dawsey, Dossey, and D'Arcy to learn more about the interconnections ...

  • Cherry Tree

    The Cherry tree has many branches. For information see:-

  • Van Beek stamboom

    Van Beek stamboomgegevens zoals deze zijn opgetekend door Kees van Beek, aanvuld en bijgewerkt met recente gegevens.

  • Satyajitsinh's Wedding

    My Wedding Project

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