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  • Romulo Family of the Philippines

    Romulo is a derivative of the Greek name Romulus, which means "he who is full of strength". This surname was included in the alphabetical catalog accompanying the Claveria Decree of 1849, requiring Filipinos to "select" new last names. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Romulo Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentr...

  • Fajardo Family of the Philippines

    Fajardo is a Galician topographic name for someone who lived by a beech tree or in a beech wood, from Latin "fagea" (arbor), a derivative of classical Latin "fagus". This surname was included in the alphabetical catalog accompanying the Claveria Decree of 1849, requiring Filipinos to "select" new last names. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Fajardo Family of the Phil...

  • Castillo Family of the Philippines

    Castillo is a Spanish word for "castle," tracing back to the Latin word "castellum". It was a regional surname, given to those who lived in areas of Spain named Castillo. This surname was included in the alphabetical catalog accompanying the Claveria Decree of 1849, requiring Filipinos to "select" new last names. This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Castillo Family of th...

  • Kings of Osraige

    Sources Stewart Baldwin, Kings of Osraige (Ossory)

  • aaa

  • Pioneers Sports in Johannesburg

    I am doing new research on Pirates Sports Club for the 125th anniversary next year. I want to find out more about the subject through collaboration here.

  • Black Africans in Costa Rica

    A project about the history and genealogy of Blacks in Costa Rica. What can you do here? Ask questions. Collaborate on your research. Share knowledge you have gained as you've done your own research in a specific area. Problem finding an ancestors, open a discussion here and we all try to help Start your own related project. Add your profiles. Start or take part in a discussio...

  • project walden

    This project is devoted to finding the members of Harry Walden's family tree

  • Gilberts of Lixnaw

    At one time there were many Gilbert families in the Ballinagare area of Lixnaw.

  • Gurfinkel and Lubliner Families from Warsaw

    The Gurfinkel family lived in Warsaw. Itamar died in 1936 and His wife Hannah (nee Lubliner) died in the Holocaust with her sons. The only surviver of the immediate family was Yona, who came to palsetine (israel) in the 1920's. We are looking for any on inforamtion on the families, thier origins and relatives.

  • emlaktasonhaber yayın hayatına başladı.. Gayrimenkul sektöründe referans noktası olma vizyonuyla yayın hayatına başlayan tecrübeli haber kadrosuyla gayrimenkul sektörünün nabzını an be an okuyucuları ile paylaşacak. Okuyucular en yeni ve...

  • Cabezarrubias, cortijo

    Fotos del cortijo Cabezarrubias Mi abuela [Jacinta Landa Vaz] tenía recuerdos del Fresnal/Cabezarrubias muy bonitos. De las encinas, de comer con los pastores (algo de cuchara y paso atrás), de cuentos que le contaba la casera de Cabezarrubias. Los cuentos están grabados. Jacinta Palerm Viqueira The Cortijo The family cortijo (country estate) was at Talavera la Real. ...

  • Relationshio between Charles Pritchard and Piet Retief

    Relationship between the Hon Charles Pritchard - married to Johanna Hermina de Villiers, the daughter of Anna Retief . Anna Retief was the cousin of Piet Retief the Voortrekker leader

  • Seven Lineages of Brussels

    Zeven Geslachten van Brussel Sept Lignages de Bruxelles . Work in progress. More info on Wikipedia in... English - Dutch - French - German ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sleeus Roodenbeke t'Serroelofs Coudenbergh Steenweghe t'Serhuyghs Sweerts -----------------------------------------------------------------------...

  • Niels Jørgen Nilsen

    Født 13/10-1836 døpt 13/11-1836 Konf 11/7 -1852 Omkom på melfjorden 3.feb.1862 (26 år), sammen med Peder Klippe Andersen, Foreldre Niels Olsen Stensland, gift 20.juli 1828 ,36 år +29/6-1844 (55år) far Ole Christensen Oldervik Karen Boletha Johnsdatter, Store Selsøy, gift 28 år,+ 22/2-1855 (52 år) Søsken Karen Birgit...

  • Sira Family

    john czerw

  • Präster

    Präster I dette prosjektet tar vi for oss prester i Sverige og Norge opp gjennom tidene.

  • Thiruvickal

    To bring all our relatives belong to Thiruvickal Ancestry under one tree. Dear group members please update your contact detail and current status to (Also please suggest to add our relatives belong to Thiruvickal Family to this group) All of you can send request to this mail id :

  • Slægten fra Astrupgaard

    Efterlyst om Søren Kierkegaards og des familie. Søren Kierkegaards slægt på mødrene side kan sandsynligvis spores tilbage til en en gård i landsbyen Videbæk, der før hørte til Vorgod sogn, indtil den ved resolution af 23. marts 1916 sammen med dele af Herborg og Vorgod sogne blev oprettet til selvstædigt sogn. Ur boken Sl...

  • Burd Family

    The Burd family has lost the major part of it during the Holocaust. It is important that those who survived, their children and grandchildren will know more about the family and each other. משפחת בורד אבדה בשואה חלקים גד&#...

  • blah


  • Metaphysics - Transcendentalism

    "Transcendentalism is a group of ideas in literature and philosophy that developed in the 1830s and 1840s as a protest against the general state of culture and society, and in particular, the state of intellectualism at Harvard University and the doctrine of the Unitarian church taught at Harvard Divinity School. Among the transcendentalists' core beliefs was the belief in an ideal spirituality...

  • Keluarga Besar R. Ngt. Sosrodihardjo Pare-Kediri

    R. Ngt. Sosrodihardjo Pare Keluarga Eyang R. Ngt. Sosrodihardjo Pare (Eyang Putri Rr. Sriatoen wafat sekitar th 1962) sebenarnya dikemudian hari bukan menjadi keluarga "besar" karena 3 orang putrinya wafat dan hanya meninggalkan 3 cucu yg masih kecil-kecil: R. Soeripto , R. Soedjarwo , R. Soekaton (dari Rr. Soesinik dgn R. Ardjono) hanya dari 3 orang cucu ini yang kmd meneruskan keturunan...

  • Baranovsky Family

    Baranovsky be united. Inviting all Baranovsky's here to connect and share your stories. I wonder how many of us are related here. Sincerely, Oleg.

  • Klimek Family

    I´m interested about informations of surname KLIMEK and about informations beeing connected with our family tree. Till now we made up family tree of our branch from 9 generations (more than 3 043 people a 999 family), form of the year 1760. Our knowledges, fakts, fotos are partly accessible after marking icon of tree on this page.

  • Hinkelmann Family Branch in Argentina

    Ein Projekt um den Falk/Hinkelmann Teil des Familienbaumes zu ergänzen mit der Hinkelmann Familie, die 1948 nach Argentinien ausgewandert ist.

  • J. Boman

    Kerstin Boman 060-15 63 22 076-115 63 22 Södra Järnvägsgatan 21 B 852 37 SUNDSVALL Kerstin Boman Södra Järnvägsgatan 21 B lgh 1202, 852 37 Sundsvall Fyller 71 år om 325 dagar, född den 20 januari 1942

  • Black Africans of Guatemala

    Garifuna People

  • Black Africans of Belize

    Garifuna People

  • Black Africans of Honduras

    Black Africans of Honduras Garifuna People Roatán and 6 other [ ) Bay Islands], Honduras

  • Søskenbarntreff etter Klara og Nils Standal

    Årlig treff for barnebarna etter Klara og Nils Standal

  • R-L165 (S68) Project FTDNA R1b1a2a1a1b5b

    The SNP defining R-L165/S68 was discovered in 2007 by Jim Wilson of Ethno Ancestry. It was originally thought to be a "Private SNP", but later found in another individual with a different surname and haplotype; Ethno Ancestry designates the SNP as S68. FTDNA found the same SNP independently in 2010 and initially thought it to be "Private" until more unrelated samples showed up. The FTDNA design...

  • Linda Brandt-Adkins

    wish to find anyone to add to my tree

  • family meeting

    The family meeting will take place on 23/3/2012 Old generation & new generation family members will travel together to historic houses of the family

  • Fix Leibish-Teomim-Frankel

    This is a temporary project to repair damage cause by merging two profile at [Leibish Teomim-Frankel ]. It seems (though I am not 100% sure) that a person and his grandfather (with the same name) were merged by accident. Anyone with any input, please help out. Thanks. Following 'The Unbroken Chain' it would seem that the problem may be that there arae two Isaac Meir Teomim Frankel. One ...

  • Greta Safarzada

    Justin Bieber Family Tree

  • Zytryn Family

    click here for the family project

  • Zilver uit Zutphen

    -2012-02-18-11:13-jMu-meewerken & aanvullen welkom, graag via profiel- e/o documentlink en discussiebijdrage Zutphense Zilversmeden ▶ —A— Wilhelm ABBING ‧ 1688 ‧ Berent ALBERS ‧ w: Groningen 1600-1650 ‧ Johannes ARNTZEN ‧ w: Arnhem c.1732-na1807 ‧ Jacob ARISSEN ‧ 1698-na.1739 ‧ Johannes AURIFABER Ȃ...

  • Zabezpieczenie danych naszego drzewa

    Export GEDCOM lub inny sposób zabezpieczenia danych naszego drzewa

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