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  • Rowe Family History

    Looking for Rowe, Martin, Babbs, Slessor, McKnight, Belrose, Hopkin information to add to my current info not yet posted on geni. also working on my husbands family the mercey, mersy, mercy, marcy family.

  • Harvy Family

    Sheep station owner in Broken Hill. Brother of Fanny May Harvy, born 28/07/1877. She married Arthur Enoch Walkerden in WA. Her children are: Arthur Dunstan Walkerden born 16,11 1903 Joel Walkerden born 25/05/1906 Jean Harvy Byrne (nee Walkerden) born 29/09/1907 William john Walkerden born 22/03/1909 Elizabeth Mytle May Walkerden Thomas Livingstone Walkerden born 05/10/1914 Amy Janet Wal...

  • Casinabe-Mansikiabo

    These are the descendants of Angel Casinabe and Antonia Moreno of the Casinabe - Mansikiabo Clan.

  • The Middleton clan from Kincardineshire

    Middleton is one of those surnames derived from a place, and it is also one which, at an early date, appears in many localities both in England and Scotland. The Middletons treated of in this project descend from a family who settled in the Mearns or Kincardineshire, and assumed the style of Middleton *de eodem,' or of that Ilk. They are said to have obtained their lands in the time of David I....

  • 아버지 생신

    아버지 생신 준비 1. test test 2. test test [ ]

  • Chmielnik - Harris

    The Chmielnik - Harris tree . Add the Chmielnik/Harris profiles you manage, so we can perform merges and build the tree together!

  • Ancient Planter Captain William Powell Family

    Special thanks go to the 1999 and the Powell research team of Roger Alex Powell of Texas, Joann Rhome Herring of Alaska and Flo DeFoor of Missouri whose combined six decades of prior Powell family research led to an assemblage of a vast bulk of Powell documented evidence of which this biography is based. THE POWELL SURNAME From Family Surname History and Coat of Arms is on the Internet at ,...

  • Westfries Museum ‧ Hoorn ‧ Nederland

    Westfries Museum ‧ Hoorn ‧ Nederland

  • Second group of settlers to New Mexico, Dec. 24, 1600

    Scope of project This project identifies those who came with the second wave of settlers to New Mexico, who arrived at San Gabriel on December 24, 1600 Overview Within the first year of settlement, don Juan de Oñate made a request of the Viceroy of Nueva España for additional reinforcements in New Mexico. Those recruited for this second wave of settlement included soldiers, ...

  • Gemäldegalerie Berlin ‧ Deutschland

    Gemäldegalerie Berlin - Deutschland - since 1830 äldegalerie alfabetisch e/o chronologisch —A— —B— —C— CARAVAGGIO ‧ ‧ • Petrus CHRISTUS ‧ c.1470 Lucas CRANACH ‧ ‧ • —D— Albrecht DüRER ‧ ‧ • —E— ...

  • ⓓ ◦ HOOFT

    ⓓ ◦ HOOFT

  • Pilven Family

    PILVEN In Australia in the 1800's they were mainly located in Western Victoria in places like Edenhope and Portland, and over the Sth. Australian border in Naracoorte and surrounds. Today, they are still generally based in these same locations, and also in major cities like Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong. Pilven is believed to be of French origin.

  • Musea in België

    Musea in België provincie Antwerpen ANTWERPEN : ‧ Etnografisch Museum - Hessenhuis - Letterenhuis ‧ Museum aan de Stroom‧MAS ‧ Museum Mayer van den Bergh - Museum Ridder Smidt van Gelder ‧ Stampe en Vertongen Museum ‧ Museum Vleeshuis ‧ Nat.Scheepvaart-museum in het Steen ‧ Beeldenpark Openluchtmuseum voor beeldhouwkunst Midde...

  • The two Lujan Sisters

    Maria Juana Lujan was born in 1679 in San Ildefonso, New Mexico (Herencia vol. 9, issue #4 p.6). She married Pedro Sanchez de Inigo in Jan.1698 he was the son of Fray Francisco Munos and Juana Lopez de Aragon. In her will Dated 13 Dec.1734 she named her 11 children, Antonia, Manuela, Antonio, Maria, Olaya, Joseph, Juana, Efigena, Lugarda, Francisca Xaviera and Cristobal. 9 of them used Sanchez ...

  • Howard Family of Massachusetts

    (An interesting project - a sub-project of the African American Master project). A project on New England slaves. Descendants of Fortune Howard Fortune was one of Isaac Royall, Jr.'s slaves and the genealogy of his descendants has been thoroughly researched by Frank Dorman, the results of which are published in his book, Twenty Families of Color in New England, 1742-1998 . The Howar...

  • ~~~~~fugitives~~~~~

    FBI's wanted fugitives: 1. Thomas James Holden 2. Morley Vernon King poster 2. Morley Vernon King 3. William Raymond Nesbit 4. Henry Randolph Mitchell 5. Omar August Pinson 6. Lee Emory Downs 7. Orba Elmer Jackson 8. Glen Roy Wright 9. Henry Harland Shelton 10. Morris Guralnick 11. William Francis Sutton 12. Stephen William Davenport 13. Henry Clay Tollett 14. Frederick J. Tenuto 15. Thomas...

  • Ⓓutch ◦ Nederduits Gereformeerden ◦

    Ⓓutch ◦ Nederduits Gereformeerden ◦ ... Dutch Reformed Church ~ NGK: Nederduits Gereformeerden - topography South Africa : NGK = neder.... Namibia Swaziland Botswana Zimbabwe historical origin - religions locality Die Groote Kerk - Cape Town

  • Nathaniel Daggett

    by DOROTHY Daggett JOHNSTON In 1781, Capt. Nathan Daggett was called from his home in Holmes Hole on "a secret mission of vital importance to the Colonies". He had already served the revolutionary cause well on French and American vessels. This secret mission proved to be his last, for it directly contributed to the defeat of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, and the end of the Revolutionary War. ...

  • Pearce Family Project

    This is a place where we can share information on the John & Henrietta (Morgan) Pearce Family.

  • Nederlands Dans Theater ‧ the Hague

    Nederlands Dans Theater since ... Contemporary DANCE & THEATER in the Netherlands. alfabetisch --ABC-- chronologisch since 1959 topografisch founders NDT in 1959 Benjamin HARKARVY Aart VERSTEGEN Carel BIRNIE plus: 18 members Dutch National Ballet - directed by Sonia Gaskell 1961 NDT got subsidy from the city of The Hague & the government In the sixties re...

  • с.Сигнаевка, Шполянского р-на, Украина

    Цели проекта Создание всеобщего генеалогического дереC...

  • Amsterdams ‧ Historisch ‧ Museum

    Amsterdam Museum v/h Amsterdams Historisch Museum - Amsterdam - Holland collectie ©1642 - WIE : Officieren en andere schutters van wijk V in Amsterdam o.l.v. kaptein Cornelis de GRAEFF en luitenant Hendrick Lauwrenszn. OF Officieren en manschappen van de compagnie van kapitein Cornelis de Graeff en luitenant Hendrick Lauwrensz. OF Officieren en manschappen van de Compagnie Kloveniers...

  • Global Tree Projects - Historic Tree Validation - Profiles under construction

    Sub project for : Global Tree Projects - Historic Tree Validation Initiative Participants are invited to add profiles here when they start a review as a way to inform interested users - and particularly (hopefully) invite any specialists who may want to join the effort..

  • Genootschap Amstelodamum ‧ sinds 1900

    Genootschap Amstelodamum ‧ sinds 1900 ereleden Wim VROOM alfabetisch chronologisch historisch bestuurlijk W.J. van BENNEKOM - vz - P.H.M. GERVER 1e secr. - H.F.K. van NIEROP -2e secr - G. van der PLAS - pecunia - G.S. HOOGEWOUD - W.D.J. van de PUT - M.J. BOK - J.C.E. BELINFANTE - publicisten & re...

  • Gen. Saturnino Echavez

    Fought in both the Spanish American war and later the Pilipino American war. A major street in Cebu has been named after him. Searching for further documentation and history to him and his descendants.

  • Oemisch Family

    Would love to hear from anyone with any ties to Oemisches

  • Potgieter Ancestry

    My grandfather was Johannes Hendrik Petrus Potgieter born 5 November 1914, died February 1971. My grandmother was Susanna Aletta Sophia Potgieter nee de Bruin, born 4 August year unknown. SEE ALSO : date of death unknown'

  • Vaudeville Acts

    Wikipedia - Vaudeville Acts Acrobats and Tumblers The Nelson Family Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Seventh Day Adventist, Screamersville Camp, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA

    Official Seventh Day Adventist Web Site Return to Historic Spotsylvania Churches Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Holiness Association, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA

    American Holiness Movement Web Site In the 1920's several local Methodist churches sponsored "Camp Meetings" that were a part of the Holiness Association Movement. Return to Historic Spotsylvania Churches Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • I Tysk krigsfangenskap Polen 2. verdenskrig

    Norske krigsfanger i tysk krigsfangenskap i Polen under 2. verdenskrig: Jeg har startet ett forskningsprosjekt med tema; påvirkningene menneskene (offiserer og polititjenestemenn) ble utsatt for følte og opplevde under sitt krigsfangenskap og veien tilbake til familien og livet etter krigen. Håper det er noen som er villige til å bidra med informasjon, historier an...



  • õilme lillmaa

    rein lillmaa abikaasa Tiina volensi ema

  • sugu võsa kokku tulek

    Suvel saaks kokku sugu võsa te saaks rohkem tutavaks ja koraltaks ürituse kus oleks ka mingi ansambel kes mängiks lõbusaid ja lustakaid lugusi. Se võik toimuda kuskil kaunis isamaa pinna peal kus oleks ka vajadusel ööbimis koht.

  • Off Family

    We are trying to trace the origins of the Off family name. So far we have gone back as far as Carl Fredrick Off who was born near Stuttgart, Germany in mid 1800s.

  • Aleksandro Kandroto giminės (Pečiauskai)

    Aleksandro šeima (dar žinoma, kaip Girniaus) gyveno prie ežero Pečiauskų kaime Prienų raj.

  • Duggirala Family

    Duggirala Family of Nakkapalli

  • Circle of USA ‧ Nevada ❜s

    Circle of USA ‧ Nevada ❜s see-e/o-create also other Circle❜s of the USA ‧ to communicate with family-genealogists ——Alabama——Alaska——Arizona——Arkansas——Californië——Colorado——Connecticut——Delaware——Florida——Georgia&#x...

  • Global Tree Projects - Historic Tree Validation - Profiles Reviewed and Validated

    sub Project for the Historic Tree Validation Initiative This is a concept Project. Objectives: Somewhat of a stamp of quality as it signifies that a particular profile has been reviewed and validated. Exactly what that means and how we will use this project will still be determined. Way of tracking some project progress and impact and as a way to communicate and notify others ...

  • Schmitt - Hecht

    Louise Schmitt married Frank Hecht and had four children Donald Hecht, Robert Hecht - Frank Hecht and Louise Hecht Bowman. Donald Hecht is married to Marcia Kalata - Zytnowski - Hecht and Robert Hecht is married to Marilyn Hecht and Louise Hecht Bowman is married to Charles Bowman

  • Que? In onderzoek....

    Tijdelijke plaats voor de profielen die uitzoek op juiste data cq plaatsing in de boom. Oftewel hangen ze in de juiste tak?

  • Gerrit Rietveld Academie ‧ Amsterdam ‧ since 1924

    Gerrit Rietveld Academie ‧ Amsterdam afgezwaaid met-o-zonder diploma 2007 Niels GERSON LOHMAN - Amsterdam - svp profielen toevoegen, dan weten we straks meer.... alumni : the Rietveld Society for all alumni now Bas Jan ADER Ben van BERKEL Phil BLOOM - die van hoeplaala? Jet BOEKE - Peter te BOS Jan des BOUVRIE - timmert nog steeds tafels en aan de weg ...

  • List of those who prepared for the discovery of the New Kingdom of Granada with General Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada in the year 1538

    This project will gather all the profiles for the men who participated in the expedition to the New Kingdom of Granada with General Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada in 1538. It is based on the list included in the book "Libro primero de las genealogias del Nueuo Reyno de Granada..." (1674) by Juan Flórez de Ocariz

  • Girjotienė Family

    Ieškau savo senelės Salomėjos Girjotienės giminaičių. Net jos mergautinės pavardės nežinau:(. Ji palaidota Kaune, Senavos kapinėse. Žinau tik tiek, kad ji kažkada gyveno Kaune, Žaliakalnyje, netoli Sporto halės. Dirbo Tulpės kavinėje. Manau, kad po II Pasaulinio karo gyveno Kurš...

  • gersonlohman

    Can anyone explain how I can attribute to a project like these without an explanation of aims e/o goals? Is it about someone called Geron Lohman and if so, what is his age now? Is he/she related to the photografer [ Lise Gerson Lohman} ? If so, maybe it's only about a whole family with surname GERSON LOHMAN? and if so, what is the first name of the anciest profile to be found in this tree? In H...

  • the GUGGENHEIM ‧ Foundation & Musea ‧ since 1937

    the GUGGENHEIM ‧ Foundation & Musea ‧ since 1937 topografical chronological 1937 Solomon R. GUGGENHEIM - starts collection-preservation-research Modern-& Contemporary Art. Peggy GUGGENHEIM - Venetie? collections USA-New York - EU-Italia-Venezia - Peggy Guggenheim EU-Espanje-Bilbao EU-Deutschland-Berlin coninent.. -UAE~United arab emirates-Abu Dhabi .....

  • Museum Mayer van den Bergh ‧ Antwerpen ‧ BE

    Museum Mayer van den Bergh ‧ Antwerpen ‧ BE Museum Mayer van den Bergh spullekes om te bekiek'n schilderijen beeldhouwwerken wandtapijten tekeningen glasramen en nog veel meer … chronologisch -N.B. nog weg-redigeren i.v.m. plagiaat- Fritz MAYER van den BERGH - FMvdB - 1858-1901 - zv Henriëtte MAYER van den BERGH - HMvdB - In dit muse...

  • Concha Family

    VIVEN UN SAN MIGUEL DE TUCUMAN, ARGENTINA Algunos Concha tienen meterse aqui para empezar llenar el arbol como collaboradores.

  • Stedelijk Museum ‧ Amsterdam

    Stedelijk Museum ‧ Amsterdam collection

  • Wilsnach Family

    Wilsnach family

  • Sinnaeve Family

    ik start dit project op 03 september 2011.

  • William Sly Family

    as far as I am aware this is possibly my great grandfather

  • Children's Hospital BOSTON - Massachusetts - USA

    Children's Hospital BOSTON born~geboren~nee 2011-09-06-06:46 GMT/// - Maria Belen XXX - grand-daughter of geni-friend e.r. A.B.C..... topografical cured~healed~etc. - famous patients doctors&saints other patients directions - board etc. Co-Workers etc.

  • family Hooghoudt

    Hooghoudt from Groningen. Famous for the Hooghoudt dubbele graanjenever. op internet gevonden:

  • Koninklijke Haagse Cricket & Voetbal Vereniging ◦ Holland

    Koninklijke Haagse Cricket & Voetbal Vereniging ◦ Holland historical~chronological De Koninklijke Haagsche Cricket & Voetbal Vereeniging begon haar activiteiten als een cricketclub in mei 1878. In die tijd ontstond reeds de bijnaam ‘De Groote Haagsche’. In 1881 was ook de cricketclub ‘Olympia’ actief in Den Haag; zij begon in 1883 met voetballen. Zowel H.C...

  • Viool-bouwers in de familie

    Viool-bouwers in de familie specifitisch violen alt-violen celli nog meer snaar- & strijkinstrumenten moet u elders zoeken... bouwen repareren restaureren .... vuren esdoorn ebben en natuurlijk de plastic speelgoed-soorten... chronologisch afva-bethisch STRADIVARIUS G... England- West-Sussex-Chicester : West Dean College - nou ja...

  • Valino Family, Aduas, Cabanatuan City, Philippines

    From the book of Valino ~1965 The clan Valino, Ferrer and Soriano were the first families to establish the town (nayon) of Aduwas. The three families were found by the families Diaz, Tumangan, Batisan, Mauricio, Concepcion and others. The name of the first Valino can not be remembered. No one can say as to his origin or his wife. The couple had a son whose name also can not be remembered, b...

  • Valino Family from Aduas, Cabanatuan City, Philippines

    From the book of Valino ~1965 The clan Valino, Ferrer and Soriano were the first families to establish the town (nayon) of Aduwas. The three families were found by the families Diaz, Tumangan, Batisan, Mauricio, Concepcion and others. The name of the first Valino can not be remembered. No one can say as to his origin or his wife. The couple had a son whose name also can not be remembered, b...

  • Utrecht ‧ city ◦ Where did they live?

    Utrecht, the city - Where did they live?

  • Stempel Tree

    I'm just looking to find the Stempel line of my second great-greatmother Leokadija Giedroyc, nee Stempel. She was born in what was the Duchy of Courland, probably near a town that is today called Zarasai (in Lithuania). She may have been Jewish -- also quite possibly one of the "Tsar's loyal Baltic Germans." Any assisstance would be much appreciated.

  • Dolland Family Reunion 2012

    Kathy Dolland Holder is seeking suggestions and recommendations for a family reunion in 2012 . The proposed location/country is Grenada Venue is open for discussion The exact time of year is also open for discussion Check your calendars and post any dates/times that you might be unavailable I am looking forward to working with all of you on this exciting event. Let's do this! Th...

  • Lords of Biscay (Bizkaiko Jauna)

    Scope of project This project identifies the Lords of Biscay (Basque: Bizkaiko Jauna, Spanish: Señor de Vizcaya). A historical title of the head of state of the autonomous territory of Biscay, Basque Country. Links Wiki - Lords of Biscay


    This past summer I thought a family bbq where everyone could get together would be great, however I was planning 2 weddings at the time. I would like to organize a family reunion bbq for the summer of 2012. We can share food, games and memories. If those who are out of town would like to try to come, I hope 1 year is enough time to plan. I propose to hold this bbq sometime in July. I will s...

  • Kusnetz Family

    seeking to put together geneological study of in Russia the name was Kusnetzsky from Babruisk, near Keiv. Shortened to Kusnetz on Ship manifest (Ellis Island.Org) , the later changed to Smith in about 1920's)..Great grandfather Pincus Kusnetz came from Belruse in 1912 on SS Lappland. He had 4 children with him, 2 were here and 4 left in Russia. (10 in all). There may have been 3 wives. Two, chi...

  • a tribute to Ivan

    alfabetical —A— —B— —C— —D— —E— —F— —G— —H— —I— —J— —K— —L— —M— —N— —O— —P— —Q— —R— Ivan RENTA ‧ Pue...

  • a tribute to Philip

    alfabetical —A— —B— —C— Philip CATHERINE -guitar- 20##-where? —D— —E— —F— —G— —H— —I— —J— —K— —L— —M— —N— —O— —P— —Q— —R— —S...

  • Pruiken-makers in de familie

    Pruiken-makers -o- -haters in de familie op internet Pruiken-maker Johan BOON - Haarlem - anno 1940 Ned.Ver.Haarwerk Ondernemers Kon.Alg.Ned.Kappers-organisatie makers anno NU Johan BOON makers anno TOEN

  • Radke/Koenig/Schultz/Pirk frrom Prussia

    The Radkes came from Klutzkow, Germany in 1877. The Koenig and Pirk families came from Teschen, Rummelsburg, Germany, nka Cieszyn, Poland in 1892. The Schultz family came from Teschenvoys, Pomern, Germany (Prussia) from family records. Both the Radke and Koenig families endured hardships to come to the United States of America. The 4th child of Carl Radke and Johanna Schultz, William, was bor...

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