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  • Reyes de España

    Para las convenciones de nomenclatura, consulte Reinos medievales de Europa Occidental . The Kingdoms of Spain were eventually united by the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. Although their kingdoms continued to be separate, with their personal union they ruled them together as one dominion. Ferdinand also conquered the southern part of Navarre and annexed it to wh...


    RECETTES DE CUISINE ************************* xôi dua bac ca² nêp$noix de coco surgelé thailande sésame grillé == bà Dang trinh Ky : 1KG GAO NEP 350 .400 G DAU XANH NGAM 1 DEM . DE VAO RO². 1CS RASE MUOI. 3CS HUILE DE COLZA. HAP 20MN. METTRE UN TORCHON. FIN DE CUISSON AVANT DETEINDRE LE FEU .+ CREME DE COCO + 3CS DUONG LA...

  • Storm Family of South Africa

    This project is designed to collect Research Information, Discussions, Queries etc on the Storm family of South Africa. Please also come and join us on our Facebook Group

  • Build Athanassoulis family tree

    Μια προσπάθεια να καταγράψουμε όλους τους συγγενείς που ...

  • USA Online Databases


  • Krakow Family

    Please see

  • Global Tree Projects - Project to Structure Projects

    This project is to help explore issues around project structure and use. Project Objectives: Explore ideas: To assist to bring some planning and organisation to how we use projects. Consider approaches in naming projects so as to group them appropriately Consider how we approach links and a cascading tree structure: Provide a framework to help guide users on what to use projects f...


    Find children of SIR JAMES DOUGLAS: )

  • HAAKMEESTER ❦ family ‧ genealogy

    HAAKMEESTER ❦ family ‧ genealogy in geni on the internet bruid = Haakmeester R.W. HAARHENDRIKS & Gezina Johanna H. J.W.J. HAARHENDRIKS &1928 Gezina Johanna H. bruidegom = Haakmeester Cornelia AUKES & Pieter H. Maria Elisabeth BRUGMAN & Martinus H. vind hier Gezina Johanna H. - te Hengelo - c.1922:huishoudster bij J.W.J. HAARHENDRIKS Ma...

  • ppp

  • Symbolen van het ambt

    2011-08-31-09:32GMT-jMu-join-create-etc. later please, we are under construction of this new dutch construction. ambtskleding voor: rechters -metbef e/o pruik- officieren van justitie-griffiers-advocaten toga-tabbaard-soutane ambtsketen burgemeesters kroonjuwelen ambtskeramiek kerk..

  • American Opium Merchants

    * Hon’ble John’s Band "When we sold the Heathen nations rum and opium in rolls, And the Missionaries went along to save their sinful souls." --The Old Clipper Days, Julian S. Cutler from The Boodle Boys RA Kris Millegan©2000 Many historians discount the American activity in the opium trade, generally concentrating on the British and their mercantilist trading ...

  • Descendants of Cecil Lusky

    Explore details of Cecil's descendants, especially her children.

  • Mõigu Kalmistu

    Olete teretulnud kõik need kes soovivad oma lähedased seoses selle rahupaigaga ära märkida ja projekti lisada. Projekt "Mõigu Kalmistu" koondab neid, kes on aegade jooksul seal oma rahu leidnud. Pilte Mõigu Kalmistult Jaanus Kalju ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

  • Roxanna Braaksma

    I am searching for my family

  • Golden Ages - Leiden: Art & Culture

    < BACK Leiden: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) . Kunstschilders (painters) Quiringh van Brekelenkam (ca. 1622 - ca. 1669), genre stukken (genre scenes) Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), genrestukken (genre scenes) Frans van Mieris de Oudere (1635-1681), genrestukken (genre scenes) Jan Steen (1626-1679), genrestukken (genre scenes) Willem van de Velde (1633-1707), zeegezichten (marine sc...

  • Oury, Uhry, and Related Families of Alsace

    I highly recommend Jacque's excellent genealogical site covering the Jews of Alsace:

  • Eesti prohvetid

    Siiani oleme kuulnud prohvetlusest võõrsil ,kuid meile teada olevate andmete alusel hakkasid prohvetlikud hääled XVI -ndal sajandil kõlama ka Eestis , võimalik et isegi varasemal perioodil omasid nn. metsatargad nägemise võime . Kes on üldse Prohvet? Prohvetite esmaseks ülesandeks on olla jutlustaja, sõltumatult om...

  • In de bak beland? waarom eigenlijk...

    ---2012-06-24-02:20+GMT-summer-time-jMu---aanvullen-meewerken-corrigeren? welkom! In de bak beland? waarom eigenlijk... ... 'n verkeers-overtreding? Zoek-Sleutel-Woorden : ‧ Gedetineerde ‧ Bajes-klant ‧ Penitentiaire inrichting ‧ Tuchthuis ‧ Cachot ‧ in hechtenis ‧ Gijzeling ‧ Cel ‧ Lik ‧ Nor~Norrius=gevangenis Ȃ...

  • Gamle Ryfylke

    Det er mange nordmenn som har aner i de gamle slektene fra Ryfylke - som den gang omfattet store deler av det som i dag er Rogaland fylke. Dette prosjektet tar sikte på å rydde og kvalitetssikre informasjonen og profilene i de eldste delene av disse linjene. Profiler for folk født før omkring 1600 bør markeres som prosjektprofiler. NB: Noen har endret na...

  • Newlove Family

    Newlove Family Tree project

  • The Wesleyan Society

    Mary Bower is profiled in this story about The Wesleyan Society in the Salisbury (UK) Circuit.

  • Michigan

    The Great Lake State, The Wolverine State, The Mitten State, Water, Winter Wonderland are a few nicknames for the '''State of Michigan'''. State Motto: If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. State Rock: Petoskey State Bird: Robin State Mammals: Wolverine and the Whitetail Deer State Tree: Eastern White Pine''' When you ask a Lower Peninsula "Michigander" where we are from, do n...

  • Norge i Krig

    Norge i Krig. Det har alltid vært mange med interesse rundt dette emnet. Dette prosjektet "Norge i krig" er ett sted å samle alle krigsprosjekter på et og samme sted. -- Norway at War. There has always been many with interest around this subject. This project is one place / internet-site to gather all the war projects in one and the same place. -- The di...

  • House of Windsor

    Scope of project This project identifies members of the House of Windsor, 1917 to present. Overview The House of Windsor came into being in 1917, when the name was adopted as the British Royal Family's official name by a proclamation of King George V, replacing the historic name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It remains the family name of the current Royal Family. Links The Official Website of...

  • Oppu Ready Panggabean

    Silsilah keluarga Oppu Ready Panggabean

  • Swedish relatives visit to Canada.

    This would be an area we could plan the visit & family reunion and everyone can look at the planning and contribute.

  • Rough Riders- TROOP L

    TROOP L Richard C. Day Captain Vinita, I. T. Shot through left shoulder on line of duty at San Juan. Left shoulder and arm, severe; Mauser rifle. John R. Thomas 1st Lieutenant Muscogee, I. T. G. S. wound in right lower leg at Las Guasimas, June 24th. G. S. right leg. Frank P. Hayes 2d Lieutenant San Antonio, Tex. Elhanan W. Bucklin 1st Sergeant Jam...

  • Rough Riders

    The Rough Riders is the name bestowed on the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, one of three such regiments raised in 1898 for the Spanish-American War and the only one of the three to see action. The United States Army was weakened and left with little manpower after the American Civil War roughly thirty years prior. As a result, President William McKinley called upon 1,250 volunteers to ass...

  • Ghost Towns of Florida

    We will pinpoint the citizens of these towns; places mentioned in the book "Ghost Towns of Florida," by James R. Warnke, as well as other related books. Chapter I - For The Want Of A Railroad Chapter II - The Fury Of The Winds Chapter III - A Suwanee River Saga Chapter IV - Green Monuments On a Rocky Isle Chapter V - The Wild, Wild East Chapter VI - Others That Have Been Forgotten ...

  • United States Federal government portal

    United States Federal government portal==This project was established to provide a portal to other projects that cover the elements of the U.S. Federal government both past (e.g., "Continental Congress") and present. government of the United States of America is the federal government of the constitutional republic of fifty states that constitute the United States of America, as well as one cap...

  • Familien Marckmann

    Kære Jørgen og Anne Marie Jeg prøver, om vi på denne måde nemmere kan se hvad hinanden laver. kh Bella.

  • Sturtz

    Sturtz History Sturtz family in Louisiana

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated Nu Chapter Immortals

    In this project I will be searching for the 14 founding members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Nu Chapter at Lincoln University. Additionally, I will be searching for Brothers of Nu Chapter, who pledged before 1950.

  • Peckett Family of Bristol and northern England

    Welcome! This project is intended to facilitate genealogical and historical collaboration among all interested in the Peckett Family of northern England, and to create a universal family tree containing all known branches of the family. We are in the process of entering a Peckett family tree into Geni that contains several thousand names. It is very likely that your branch is included, and ...

  • 't Geslacht COYMANS

    't Geslacht COYMANS bedoelt u die ECHTE jeneverstokers uit SCHIEDAM soms of zijn er nog andere takken bekend? Misschien ook aliassen: COOYMANS, COEYMANS, KOYMANS, KOOIJMANS zoeken we op met de zoekfunctie op spraak of timbre, hebben ze ook in geni gemaakt, die slimme ICT-ers uit California. -schrijf je net zo als bij ons de soep-

  • Anak Jawang

    Projek ini bertujuan untuk mengumpulkan salasilah setiap penduduk Kampung Jawang, 31050 Salak Utara.

  • Jæren prosti

    Jæren prosti Gjesdal Ålgård Time Bryne Undheim Nærbø Ogna Varhaug Klepp Orre Bore Frøyland og Orstad

  • J-M241, DYS455=8 Cohanim (Y-DNA)

    The J2b2e haplotype is distinguished from related J2b2 haplotypes by possessing a highly unusual STR at position DYS488. it is estimated that the present group of individuals possessing this unique feature are descended from a single individual who lived 1,000 years ago. Every single person that we have found thus far possessing this haplotype carries a tradition of being a Cohen. Using the...

  • Sandnes prosti

    8. Sandnes prosti Høyland Gand Hana Sandnes Lura Riska Høle Bogafjell

  • Gobernadores de Puerto Rico

    Lista de gobernadores Gobernadores bajo la corona española 1508-1511 : Cap. Gral. Don Juan Ponce de León 1511-1513 : Juan Cerón 1513-1514 : Rodrigo Moscoso 1514-1515 : Cap. Gral. Cristóbal de Mendoza 1515-1519 : Cap. Gral. Don Juan Ponce de León 1519 : Sánchez Velázquez 1519-1521 : Antonio de la Gama 1521-1523 : Pedro Moreno ...

  • Gro Norli Gundersen

    Terjesen slekta i Grimstad

  • Ploos van Amstel

    Ploos van Amstel family in the Netherlands. They were important in Loosdrecht, Utrecht and Den Bosch. Cornelis Ploos van Amstel (1726 - 1798) Art collector. Painting at Mauritshuis The Hague. Mr Adriaen Ploos van Amstel (Utrecht 1585 - The Hague 1639) was French knight since 1621 and knight in the order of Saint Michael (1629). He was one of the rich people of his time in the Netherlands. ...

  • Young Generation

    einfach mal zum Testen

  • Booklist compiled by Amitav Ghosh on Indentured Labour in the Indian Diaspora

    Anderson, Clare: Convicts and Coolies: Rethinking Indentured Labour in the Nineteenth Century, Slavery and Abolition, Vol 30/1, 93-109, 2009. Archer, W.G. & Sankta Prasad: Bhojpuri Village Songs, Jrnl of Bihar and Orissa Research Soc., pp. 1-48, 1942. Archer, W.G.: Songs for the Bride: Wedding Rites of Rural India, ed. B. Stoler Miller & Milfred Archer, Columbia Univ. Press, New York, 1985....

  • Lewknor Family

    The Lewknor family takes its name from the village of the same name in Oxfordshire. The village takes its name from from the Old English name of its owner Leofeca, recorded in a lawsuit in 990 CE. The first recorded bearer of family name was Geoffrey de Leweknore, who appears in 1273, in the "Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire", during the reign of King Edward I. The Lewknors of West Dean and Tangm...

  • Top 50 Greatest Screen Legends

    Top 50 Greatest Screen Legends The following list includes the top 50 greatest actors in the history of film, according to the American Film Institute. The American Film Institute defines an American screen legend as “an actor or a team of actors with a significant screen presence in American feature-length films whose screen debut occurred in or before 1950, or whose screen debut occu...

  • Jewish Families from Dolejší Krusec/Unterkörnsalz

    Current Czech name : Dolejší Krušec Other names/spellings : Unterkörnsalz [Ger], Krusecdolejsi Location : Dolejší Krušec is a small village located 49°10'54"N, 13°28'27" E ., part of the city Hartmanice in the Klatovy district, about 2 km northeast of Hartmanice. Dolejší Krušec is also the name of the cadast...

  • Digioia of SanGiovanni

    I have been searching for the Nicolas Digioia (b.1865) family for quite some time. I started in Bari, then Troia, and on to Croia(?), and now the San Giovanni area of Molise. There might be a connection to Spain. Nicolas was married to Lucia Stanga. They settled in Western Pa. in the late 1890s, around 1912 traveled to Troia where Nicolas died about 2 years later. Lucia and kids returned to Pa....

  • Bassett Family

    Many Bassetts in the United States can trace their ancestry to one of five early Bassett immigrants who arrived in New England during the seventeenth century. Little is known of the origins of these five early New England families. The immigrants were: William Bassett of Plymouth, Massachusetts, who arrived on the Fortune in 1621 William Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts, who arrived on the ...

  • Sheinfeld family, originally from Putsuntei, Moldova

    A project to collect information regarding the Sheinfeld family, originally from Putsuntei, Moldova. Immigrated to Canada between 1916-1925, and now has descendants throughout Canada and the United States. The main point of interest of this project is that it collects family documents relating to the extended Sheinfeld family (click on the project documents field to see). To see photos of indiv...

  • Sunsets

    The aim of this project is to form an album of sunsets that we have seen over the years. Over the time of our lives, we each have different views of what sunsets mean to us. Their beauty, their form, their meaning to the end of another day.Please share your pictures that you have taken of sunsets so we may all enjoy their splendor.

  • CookJarrellEakinsCrawford

    Cook and Jarrell Lines

  • fred stoutnburg

    fred stoutenburg

  • Star Wars Universe

    Mark Hamill ... Luke Skywalker Harrison Ford ... Han Solo Carrie Fisher ... Princess Leia Organa Alec Guinness ... Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi Anthony Daniels ... C-3PO Kenny Baker ... R2-D2 Peter Mayhew ... Chewbacca David Prowse ... Darth Vader James Earl Jones ... Darth Vader (voice) Denis Lawson ... Wedge Antilles

  • Place Holder project

    This project is a place holder for profiles while working on German Jewish family trees.

  • Comic book character actors

    Comic book character actors are actors who have portrayed comic book characters, either in movies or in live-action television shows.

  • Aarden Genealogie

    Aarden, Adriaan X Anna Maria van Vugt ( ) Aarden, Aadriaan X Pietronella Trommelen Aarden, Willem X Adriana van Kuijk Aarden Jean Baptist X Johanna van Veldhoven. Gijsbert Aarden X Maria Somers. Familie Aarden in Oosterhout (156) selectie: 1. Petrus Aarden, ±1889-? (x1920) 2. Pieter Aarden (x1874, 1k) 3. Pieter Aarden, 1818-? 4. Willem van Wanrooij (x1888) 5. Cornelia...

  • Kaufering IV Concentration Camp (Subcamp of Dachau)

    Kaufering concentration camps were a network of subsidiary camps of the Dachau concentration camp.With the intensification of the Allied air war against German industrial and military enterprises after 1943, the German Armaments Ministry and the Schutzstaffel (SS) agreed to accelerate construction of massive underground factories, using large numbers of conscripted laborers and concentration ca...

  • Bolaños

    familia bolaños inmigración de España a America Central

  • Soule/Sowle/Soole Family Project

    The goal of this project is to clean up the Soule/Sowle/Soole family tree and the descendants of George Soule. Books 1) Life of Joshua Soule (1911) [ ] Author: Du Bose, Horace M. (Horace Mellard), 1858-1941 Subject: Soule, Joshua, 1781-1867 Publisher: Nashville, Tenn., Dallas, Tex. : Publishing house of the M. E. Church, South, Smith & Lamar, agents Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYR...

  • Golden Ages - Amsterdam: Trade & Industry

    < BACK Amsterdam: Handel & Nijverheid (Trade & Industry) . Protagonists Dirck van Os

  • Golden Ages - Utrecht: Art & Culture

    < BACK Utrecht: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture) . Jos de Meyere, 2006: Utrechtse Schilderkunst in de Gouden Eeuw. Honderd schilderijen uit de collectie van het Centraal Museum te Utrecht. Uitgeverij Stichting Matrijs. ISBN 90 5345279 6 Dit boek bevat beschrijvingen van de stamboom en levensverhalen van de schilders die geboren zijn in Utrecht in de Gouden Eeuw. . Kunstschilders (painter...

  • Sorodstveno drevo družine Maček

    Živijo! Ne vem, če se je kdo od vas že kadarkoli lotil pisanja družinskega drevesa, samo je to en enostavnejših načinov, da to naredimo skupaj. Torej: Vnesite čimvečih podatkov: prava uradna imena, rojstne datume, kraje rojstva, dekliške priimke, sedanji naslov prebivališča, email, stare starše, skratka �...

  • geringer family

    the geringer family came from Zalescikia, austria. other links:

  • Golden Ages - Antwerpen: Arts & Culture

    < BACK Antwerpen: Kunst & Cultuur (Art & Culture)

  • Mariehamn / Åland 1861-1900

    Är den enda staden på Åland, där också hälften av befolkningen bor. som tidigare hört till Jomala, grundades 1859 och fick sina privilegier 1861. Endast dom Första Mariehamnarna har Mariehamn Logo resten är bara med Mariehamn 150 år Mariehamn/Wiki

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